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Seth’s BioDecember 8, 2017“I finally updated my biography on my personal website. The CV found there is a month out of date (it's missing a number of recent interviews) but for those looking for more biographical information—and I've gotten some queries lately—it should do for now” (contribute to Seth) [1]Seth AbramsonFavorite
October ConspiracyJune 17, 2018“Schiff confirms the Inspector General is still working on an # OctoberConspiracy report, and Chuck Todd says what all of America is thinking: "good, whistle-blowing FBI agents" don't illegally leak information within hours of getting it, as there's nothing to "whistle-blow" about.” [2]Schiff, Horowitz, Nunes, Josh Marshall, Chuck ToddTrue Pundit HoaxTPM, FBI, NYPD
Well-placed sourcesJune 17, 2018“Trump advisor Prince said he had "well-placed NYPD sources" telling him the info on Weiner's PC would lead to *indictments* against Clinton, and that Comey was blocking those indictments. Guess what? the man in charge of Weiner's PC was a huge Trump donor.” [2]Trump, Prince, Clinton, Comey, Weiner, Horowitz, Mueller, Giuliani, OsgoodTrue Pundit HoaxBreitbart, NYPD
No connection..WTF!June 17, 2018“A big piece missing from the # OctoberConspiracy: that NYPD appears to have been the source of some of the false leaks about what was on Weiner's PC and leaks to Giuliani. Fortunately there's no connection between Trump and the cop investigating Wein— WTF!” [3]Weiner, Giuliani, Trump, Osgood, Abedin, ClintonTrue Pundit HoaxNYDaily, NYPD, Chief Leader
Russia contactsJune 17, 2018“BREAKING:” (unrolled) [17]Trump, Stone, Caputo, Greenberg, Sater, Page, Gates, Manafort, ClintonBack Channels, Ukraine, Russia Sanctions, Clinton kompromat, Gates PleaWaPo, FBI, Kremlin, Congress
Forever. Wrap it up.June 15, 2018“Today, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that Bob Mueller—who's been on the job about a year—has been investigating Trump-Russia ties "forever" and needs to "wrap it up." Here's what he said about Bill Clinton FIVE YEARS into the Whitewater case:” [3]McConnell, Mueller, Trump, Bill ClintonSC InvestigationCNN, Senate
Trump-Russia updateJune 15, 2018“TRUMP-RUSSIA UPDATE Flynn: CONVICTED Gates: CONVICTED Papadopoulos: CONVICTED Manafort: INDICTED and JAILED Cohen: READY TO COOPERATE Sater: READY TO COOPERATE Nader: COOPERATING Prince: CAUGHT in PERJURY Sessions: CAUGHT in PERJURY Trump Jr.: CAUGHT in PERJURY Trump Sr.: # MAGA” [2]Flynn, Gates, Papadopoulos, Manafort, Cohen, Sater, Nader, Prince, Sessions, Trump Jr., Trump Sr., Van der Zwaan, Stone, Kilimnik, Page, Ivanka, KushnerIRA
Rudy Giuliani liedJune 15, 2018“Rudy Giuliani lied to the FBI when he told them he never received any leaks via active FBI agents in 2016. The chances this lie is revealed by Horowitz or someone else in the coming weeks and that Giuliani faces federal felony charges are larger than you think, if still modest.” [5]Giuliani, Horowitz, Trump, DiGenova, Clinton, McCabe, ComeyIG Report, True Pundit HoaxFBI, NYFO
Rogue agentsJune 14, 2018“As I wrote in December 2016, rogue pro-Trump agents in the NYC FBI office did all they could to make FBI leadership fear an illegal leak of confidential information about the Clinton investigation in October of 2016 *so Comey would violate FBI regs and intercede in the election*.” (unrolled) [12]Clinton, Comey, Trump, Weiner, diGenova, Horowitz, Baker, Giuliani, LynchEmails, TruePundit HoaxFBI, NYFO, Congress, NYT, FNC
10 about IG ReportJune 14, 2018“(THREAD) The Inspector General of the Department of Justice, Michael Horowitz, will release his much-anticipated report on the Clinton email probe today. Here are 10 things you need to remember/understand BEFORE the report is released this afternoon. I hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled[15]Horowitz, Clinton, Trump, Lisa Page, Strzok, McCabe, Mueller, Comey, Giuliani, Rosenstein, SessionsEmail, True Pundit Hoax, IG ReportFBI, NYFO, Congress, NYT, FNC
A good pointJune 9, 2018“A good point someone made yesterday I hadn't thought of before: say Horowitz finds McCabe and Comey avoided having the NYC FBI work on the Clinton email case after October 3—wouldn't that be due to fears pro-Trump leakers would violate FBI election interference regs pre-election?” [4]Horowitz, McCabe, Comey, Clinton, TrumpEmail, True Pundit Hoax, IG ReportFBI, Congress, NYFO
Sudden left turnJune 7, 2018“Everyone see what Ryan does here? Takes a sudden left-hand turn at the end: "In all of this—in any of this—there has been no evidence that there is any collusion between the Trump campaign and...President Trump and Russia." The media misreported it as a denial of *any* collusion.” [3]Ryan, TrumpJournalismCNN
Big pivot pointJune 7, 2018“Tonight's Weldon-Vekselberg news could be a big pivot point in the Trump-Russia probe—especially when coupled with the news Cohen (who ferried Putin's so-called "peace plan") is about to "go nuclear" and make some kind of major move. Please read and share.” [2]Weldon, Vekselberg, Trump, Cohen, Putin Peace Deal, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Back Channels, Russia SanctionsAtlantic, Senate
Digital info transferJune 6, 2018“When I posted the thread below, some said it was empty crowing. In fact, I tweeted the below so that when I catch a buried lede from The Daily Caller, tweet about it virally, and then the Post writes about the same thing, everyone can see how digital information transfer works.” [3]Seth AbramsonJournalismTwitter, Daily Caller, WaPo
Run w/ buried ledeJune 6, 2018“Yesterday The Daily Caller deliberately buried its lede on Papadopoulos' wife—you had to dive deep to see Mueller was investigating Papadopoulos as an Israeli agent. I found the buried lede, tweeted about it, and the tweet went viral. Today the Washington Post is running with it.” (unrolled) [15]Papadopoulos, Mangiante, Trump, MuellerJournalism, Back Channels, IsraelDaily Caller, WaPo, National Enquirer, FBI
An Israeli agentJune 5, 2018“In May, I looked at Flynn-Papadopoulos-Zamel links. Now Papadopoulos' wife says he was facing charges of being an Israeli agent and The Daily Beast says "Zamel apparently wanted former national security adviser Michael Flynn to be a member of his [Israeli] firm’s advisory board."” [5]Flynn, Papadopoulos, Zamel, Manafort, Putin, Barrack, Trump, Mueller, ClintonBack Channels, Israel, Hacked Emails, Clinton kompromat, Dinner with PutinDaily Beast, FBI
Defense litmus testJune 4, 2018“What I'd say to @ ChrisCuomo and other journalists I admire is that every statement by Trump's lawyers must pass the "Would this defense be permitted a poor black man?" test. E.g., could a poor black man be caught giving false answers under oath, cry "mistake!" and not be charged?” [4]Chris Cuomo, Trump, GiulianiJournalism, LegalCNN
Bail revocationJune 4, 2018“Sounds like a bail revocation—and new indictment—are coming for Manafort. A defendant sitting in jail pre-trial is far more likely to flip on a Big Fish than one lounging in his living room. This could be a big deal, especially if this case—and/or the new one—drags on for months.” (unrolled) [11]Manafort, Trump, Howard Fineman, Dowd, MuellerSC Investigation, Pardon, LegalNBC
Self-pardoningJune 4, 2018“(THREAD) The Constitution doesn't allow a president to pardon himself—or any person with whom he has illegally conspired. No serious scholar believes "self-pardoning" is legal. This thread discusses why Trump's latest claim is false and dangerous. I hope you'll read and share it.” (unrolled) [27]Trump, King GeorgePardon, Impeachment, Legal, SC InvestigationLegal ListLegal Top PickSCOTUS, OSC, Congress
Lying, we know whyJune 3, 2018“Paul Manafort was hired by Trump in February 2016. He ran Trump's campaign until August 2016, and was an unofficial advisor for at least five months after. Trump had known Manafort for years. They lived in the same building. Trump is lying about Manafort and we *all* know why.” [2]Manafort, Trump, Trump Jr., Flynn, BarrackCampaign
"God Manifesto"June 2, 2018“In Trump's "God Manifesto," he asserts his right to cancel—at his pleasure—any federal law enforcement investigation into his own actions, the actions of his family, or the actions of his associates. It is, in short, the bald claim that he and his are beyond the reach of the law.” [6]Trump, GodCongress
Smells criminalMay 30, 2018“Smells like a new crime. (As if Cohen needed *more* legal trouble.)” [3]CohenFBI raid, NYC Corruption Investigation, Hush Money
Underdog / HeroMay 30, 2018“DER SPIEGEL: "Abramson threads connections like an astronomer weaving points of light into a constellation. As a defense attorney, he chose the side of those who can't afford expensive lawyers. He's a very American archetype: an underdog who—against his own wishes—became a hero."” [4]Seth Abramson, TrumpLegal, JournalismDer Speigel, France24
Values we loveMay 30, 2018“"Some of the heroes of the opposition don't identify as Resistance. Resisters look to Abramson, but he avoids the term 'because it minimizes what those opposing the president are doing—not just resisting practices we detest, but promoting values we love."” [2]Seth Abramson, TrumpJournalismFrance24
Rybolovlev…Hm.May 30, 2018“2008: Rybolovlev overpays Trump by $54 million for home. 2016: Rybolovlev parks his plane near Trump's in multiple cities. 3/2017: Trump financier Mercer docks his yacht beside Rybolovlev's. 12/2017: Pro-Trump Saudi Prince overpays Rybolovlev by $323 million for painting. Hm.” [4]Rybolovlev, Trump, Mercer, SteeleSteele Dossier, Rosneft DealRosneft, GOP
Be willing to speakMay 30, 2018“My tweets yesterday about Dems' midterm strategy *didn't* argue that impeachment is what Dems should "run on"—I don't know why some people read that into them. I was saying all pols must be willing to speak clearly and publicly about Trump's transgressions and protecting America.” [2]Trump, DukakisImpeachmentDems
RDIF and RosneftMay 29, 2018“(THREAD) Putin created the Russian Direct Investment Fund in 2011. It set up a tiny cadre of international advisors: one has since loaned Kushner hundreds of millions; one hangs out with Kushner socially; one orchestrated the Rosneft deal Steele's dossier says Trump got a cut of.” (unrolled) [11]Putin, Kushner, Trump, Steele, Manafort, Deripaska, Dmitriev, Page, Prince, Ivanka, Trump Jr., Mueller, RykovTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Miss USA Las Vegas 2013, Back Channels, Steele Dossier, Moscow, UAE, Rosneft Deal, Prince Testimony, SF-86
Why not speak outMay 29, 2018“Look at what happened today in the world of entertainment—ABC's cancellation of Roseanne—then explain to me why Nancy Pelosi has taken the position, in the political arena, that no Democrat should speak publicly of the impeachment of a much more dangerous and influential figure.” [5]Roseanne Barr, PelosiImpeachmentABC, Dems
Stupid takeMay 29, 2018“It's been widely reported the Mueller probe will continue into 2019, but this guy says a federal prosecutor running the most complex investigation in a generation will artificially wrap it up in a month or two to avoid affecting the midterms. Stupid take.” [4]Mueller, GiulianiLegal, JournalismPolitico
We let them beMay 28, 2018“Trump Jr. lied to Congress. And if he were you or me, no one would be saying it's a tough case to prove, or he should get a chance to amend his answers, or his state of mind wasn't clear in-context. Here's what's clear: the Trumps are criminals because *we let them be criminals*.” [2]Trump Jr., TrumpsTrump Jr. TestimonyCongress
Does, not thinksMay 27, 2018“THEN REPORT WHAT HE DOES, NOT WHAT HE THINKS” [2]Haberman, Trump, MuellerJournalismNYT
Law cares notMay 27, 2018“Shits U.S. Law Gives About "How Trump's Ignorance and Mendacity Interact": 0” [4]Haberman, TrumpLegal, JournalismLegal ListLegal Top PickNYT
Revised headlineMay 28, 2018“Here's how I would have headlined this: Alleged Trump Co-Conspirator Elliott Broidy Argues in Court That Cyber Attacks on U.S. Citizens By Foreign Governments Are "Acts of War," a Legal Theory That Could Clear the Way for His Future Co-Defendant Trump to Be Charged With Treason” [5]Trump, BroidyHacked emails, Russia Cyberattack, Pardons, TreasonPolitico, GOP, SCOTUS
Everyone admitsMay 27, 2018“Everyone—even House Republicans—admits that the DOJ-FBI investigation first led by Comey, now by Mueller, was initiated when one of Trump's top NatSec aides got drunk in London and revealed that Trump's campaign had been offered stolen goods by the Kremlin and was considering it.” (unrolled) [35]Comey, Mueller, Trump, Papadopoulos, Giuliani, Clinton, Strzok, Horowitz, diGenova, Trump Jr., Prince, Flynn, Bannon, Kushner, Ivanka, Stone, Cohen, Clovis, Page, Nunes, Dershowitz, McConnellBack Channels, London, True Pundit Hoax, Clinton kompromat, ImpeachmentHouse, GOP, DOJ, FBI, NatSec, Kremlin, WH, Trump Campaign, Congress, Dems, NYT
Ask me anythingMay 26, 2018“(THREAD) This is an ASK ME ANYTHING thread by a former criminal attorney and criminal investigator who has been following the Trump-Russia case daily for 16 months. I'll answer as many Trump-Russia questions in the thread as I can for an hour. Please share this tweet with others.” [3]
Spanish wiretapsMay 25, 2018“The Yahoo! Don Jr./Torshin story makes it sound like Spanish authorities got their wiretaps in 2013. Perhaps the article is poorly written and that's not the case, but I'll say that if the wiretaps Jr. "should be worried about" are from 2013, this is about to get *interesting*.” [4]Trump Jr., Torshin, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Trump, IsikoffTrump Tower Moscow, NRA Meeting, Spanish WiretapsYahoo, NRA, MSNBC
A gift to PutinMay 25, 2018“Trump's Russia policy was—from its 2013 inception during Trump Tower Moscow negotiations—a gift to Putin, not a policy position. A policy position requires *bilateral concessions*—Trump's policy was free money. And it became a crime once Trump knew Russia was aiding his campaign.” [6]Trump, Putin, Trump Jr., Eric Trump, MuellerTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Russia SanctionsTrump Org, GOP
Lawyer assuredMay 23, 2018“I want everyone to know that Mark S. Zaid, the lawyer who assured (for attribution) *both* The Washington Post and the NYT that Jared Kushner was almost certainly in the clear now, is best known in the Trump-Russia case for being the lawyer (at one time) for... ...Louise Mensch.” [2]Mark Zaid, Kushner, Trump, Mensch, MuellerJournalismWaPo, NYT
No.May 23, 2018“No. Not what this means. It means he cleared existing and known deficiencies, not that the Mueller investigation leaked highly confidential investigative intel to the White House or to other agencies so they could process this one application. Mueller's case is far too important.” [5]Mueller, Kushner, TrumpJournalism, SC InvestigationWaPo, WH
Calm Papa fearsMay 23, 2018“(THREAD) There's been some very good—and also very bad—analysis on Twitter today about the upcoming Papadopoulos sentencing. This thread separates the wheat from the chaff—and in so doing aims to calm fears Papadopoulos "didn't pan out" as a witness. I hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [23]Papadopoulos, Mueller, Bill Clinton, Trump, Alex Whiting, Clovis, Trump Jr., Kushner, Stone, Prince, Page, Hicks, Bannon, Cohen, SaterBack Channels, Greece, Italy, London, Moscow, Egypt, Israel, Journalism, Impeachment, Papadopoulos Plea, LegalPapadopoulos Plea List, Legal ListTwitter, Dems, House, Senate, GOP, HLS, NatSec, WaPo
Papa's sentencing hearingMay 23, 2018“1) Papadopolous gave Mueller a year of assistance, including testimony, debriefings, maybe a wire. 2) Papadopoulos is locked into his grand jury testimony. 3) If June 22 is just a status hearing on the pre-sentence report, we're 2+ months from sentencing.” [2]Papadopoulos, Mueller, TrumpPapadopoulos Plea, JournalismWaPo
Media's skisMay 23, 2018“A fellow HLS attorney comes to the same conclusion I have, after U.S. media gets way out over its skis regarding the Papadopoulos plea. The simple fact is that we can't draw any conclusions from Bob Mueller commencing Papadopoulos' sentencing. We don't have *nearly* enough info.” [2]Alex Whiting, Papadopoulos, MuellerPapadopoulos Plea, JournalismHLS, Politico
Papa's disagreementMay 23, 2018“This is wrong. The judge can/will make a condition of/clause in any probation, suspended sentence, deferred sentence, or sentencing order that Papadopoulos comply with all prior orders and/or agreements regarding his cooperation with the Trump-Russia probe. A very bad take here.” [5]Joyce Vance, Papadopoulos, MuellerLegal, Papadopoulos Plea
Proving perjuryMay 23, 2018“Proving perjury against Don Jr. won't be as hard as some say. Him answering "none" and "no" to questions on whether non-Russia foreign governments or persons offered to help Trump's campaign contrasts with him saying "I don't recall" over and over. He prepped to testify—and lied.” [2]Trump Jr., TrumpTrump Jr. Testimony, Legal
20 things guilty doMay 22, 2018“Six months ago, I published the two-page 20 THINGS GUILTY PEOPLE DO THAT TRUMP DOES DAILY on Twitter—drawing from my years as a defense attorney. Today's a good day to check in on how Trump is doing at ticking every box in the list. (Please see the note at the end of pg. 2, too.)” [1]TrumpLegal
Un-American as hellMay 21, 2018“I never use the word "un-American" but will make an exception here as this is un-American as hell” [2]Pruitt1st Amendment, JournalismEPA, CNN, AP, WH
Zamel MeetingMay 21, 2018“BREAKING: Don Jr. Likely Lied to Congress on Zamel Meeting In the meeting "Zamel extolled his company’s ability to give an edge to a campaign [with] a multimillion-dollar proposal for a social media manipulation effort to help elect Trump." (NYT) Don's Congressional transcript:” [5]Trump Jr., Zamel, Podesta, Guccifer, Trump, MuellerBack Channels, UAE, Dubai, Zamel Meeting, WikiLeaks Leaks, Hacked Emails, Social Media Attack, Trump Jr. TestimonyTrump Jr. Testimony ListCongress, NYT, DNC, WikiLeaks, FBI, Trump Org, Golf Magazine
Could it be…?May 21, 2018“Wait... could it be...? Trump slept with a Playboy bunny and... ...lied about it, pinned it on someone else, smugly bought everyone's loyalty and silence and didn't feel guilty about even a *second* of it because f*ck everything and everyone including family, aides, and America?” [2]Trump, Cohen, Broidy, DavidsonStormy Liaison, Hush MoneyPlayboy, RNC
Startling possibilityMay 21, 2018“(THREAD) BREAKING: A new look at intersections between Trump's campaign and key Israelis reveals a startling possibility: that Michael Flynn was behind George Papadopoulos joining Trump's campaign—and Papadopoulos' meetup with Kremlin agent Josef Mifsud. I hope you'll read/share.” (unrolled) [51]Trump, Flynn, Mifsud, Prince, Papadopoulos, Mueller, Manafort, Putin, Barrack, Clovis, Trump Jr., Ben Carson, Mangiante, Cohen, Alptekin, Landau, Nader, ZamelMideast Nuclear Deal, Back Channels, Italy, Israel, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Dinner with Putin, Papadopoulos Plea, Flynn PleaBack Channels ListKremlin, GOP, RNC, Buzzfeed, JPo, Ratio, NatSec, ECFR, FBI, Israel's Begin-Sadat Center, WikiStrat, AIPAC, desmogblog
Sacrosanct dateMay 21, 2018“It's getting new attention now, but this feed has always treated August 17, 2016 as a sacrosanct date in the Trump-Russia timeline because it establishes the latest day on which, legally speaking, Trump was responsible for knowing that Russia was a hostile actor in the election.” (unrolled) [20]Trump, Sessions, Kislyak, Papadopoulos, Clovis, Cohen, Mifsud, MuellerKislyak contacts, Back Channels, Italy, Russia Sanctions, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Mayflower Meeting, Russia Cyberattack, RNC Meeting, Sessions Testimony, Senate Office Meeting, Classified BriefingNBC, FBI, Senate, SASC, Kremlin, RNC
Ignore thisMay 20, 2018“Ignore this. Media previously said the obstruction probe would end in February, even as lawyers were saying the justice system doesn't work that way and these things *can't* be predicted like that. The same thing applies now. And Mueller's larger probe *will* continue into 2019.” [2]Mueller, Giuliani, TrumpSC Investigation, JournalismHill, CNN
Stupid tweetsMay 20, 2018“I know people want me to comment on Trump's stupid Sunday tweets. So here's my comment: like most of his tweets, today's are mere brain farts with no force in law whatsoever. Trump has just made up facts and thinks the justice system will bend to his reality. It can't and won't.” [2]Trump, Nunes
Historic villianMay 19, 2018“I've always said Erik Prince is a villain of historic proportions—and will end up being a top Mueller target and key to Trump and his campaign's pre-election crimes. Today we took another significant step toward that end. My big December thread on Prince:” [8]Prince, Mueller, Trump, Weiner, DeVos, Nader, Putin, Crown Prince Muhammed, Sessions, DiGenova, Horowitz, KislyakPrince Testimony, Fake News, True Pundit Hoax, Back Channels, Seychelles, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Moscow, Kislyak contacts, Sessions TestimonyCongress, NYPD, Breitbart, GOP, NYT, NatSec, SASC
Hilarious failMay 18, 2018“I'm perfectly happy to have Trump and his lawyers use as their defense to allegations Trump committed federal felonies that Trump is being framed by the FBI. I was a criminal defense lawyer—you don't even use that defense when you have nothing else. It's hilarious and will fail.” [2]TrumpLegalFBI
FBI-to-ex-FBI leaksMay 18, 2018“BREAKING: The FBI is illegally leaking to Team Trump once again—just as it did pre-election. Giuliani told CNN he heard from people "gone from the FBI" that the FBI had two Trump campaign sources. This looks to be the *same* FBI-to-ex-FBI leak chain Giuliani used in October 2016.” [4]Trump, Giuliani, diGenova, Clinton, Horowitz, Strzok, ComeyTrue Pundit HoaxCNN, FBI
Sham vacationMay 17, 2018“BREAKING: Buzzfeed has a bigger story than it realizes—if Cohen told a friend he was going to Moscow right before the Republican National Convention, it confirms that his Italy "vacation" was a sham and he went to Prague or Moscow. His alibi in Capri has *already* fallen through.” [7]Cohen, Trump, Sater, Steele, MuellerTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Back Channels, Steele Dossier, Prague, Moscow, Russia CyberattackBuzzfeed, RNC, GOP, FBI
Junior's testimonyMay 16, 2018“(THREAD) BREAKING: The Senate has released the transcript of Donald Trump Jr.'s testimony—and it confirms he lied to Congress just has he's lied to the American people about his contact with Kremlin agents. This thread is an analysis of his testimony—I hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [220]Trump Jr., Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Chaika, Veselnitskaya, Goldstone, Kaveladze, Trump, Putin, Manafort, Kushner, Papadopoulos, Mifsud, Sessions, Page, Dearborn, Kushner, Kislyak, Deripaska, Comey, Flynn, Bannon, Graff, Clinton, Davis, Foster, Magnitsky, Scavino, Epshteyn, Eric Trump, Barrack, Gates, Cohen, Steele, Simpson, Strzok, Sater, Ivanka Trump, Sapir, Lavrov, JFC, Gorkov, Sechin, Peskov, Privor, SawyerKislyak contacts, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Back Channels, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Steele Dossier, Italy, Russia Sanctions, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, I Love It Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromat, Legal, Kushner Calls Kislyak, Kislyak Calls, Hacked Emails, Sessions Testimony, Trump Jr. Testimony, SF-86, Journalism, Impeachment, Dinner with PutinI Love It List, Legal List, Trump Jr. Testimony ListI Love It Top Pick, Legal Top Pick, Trump Jr. Testimony Top PickSenate, Congress, Kremlin, NatSec, FBI, Trump Org, SJC, Forbes, NYT, Dems, Campaign, Transition, Admin, DNC, HuffPo, Fusion GPS, DOJ, Golf Magazine, MFA, Bayrock, RIA Novosti
Confirmed analysisMay 15, 2018“Here's my analysis from four months ago (an excerpt of a thread "unrolled" on Reddit in January). It appears to have just been confirmed by the New York Times (see last tweet). Link to full thread:” [4]Papadopoulos, Trump, Misfud, Putin, Clinton, Mashburn, MuellerBack Channels, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Clinton kompromat, Emails, Papadopoulos PleaReddit, NYT, NatSec, Kremlin, WaPo, Congress
Research confirmedMay 17, 2018“BREAKING NEWS: Research I did a year ago—which included information from Russian websites and obscure interviews with Russian developers—has now been confirmed by McClatchy. If you've been reading this feed, nothing in this breaking news will surprise you.” (< a href="">unrolled) [12]Trump, Trump Jr., Emin Agalarov, Putin, Kozhin, Aras AgalarovTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013Tower Moscow ListTower Moscow Top PickMcClatchy, Sberbank, Forbes
Closing the circleMay 14, 2018“It's clear Cohen lied to the press about his dealings with Artemenko—so one wonders who else he lied about this to. Sater was involved in the deal also—and as a federal asset we should assume Mueller has the truth from him. This begins to close the circle.” [8]Cohen, Artemenko, Sater, Mueller, Trump, Putin, Flynn, Kushner, Sessions, KislyakKislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Mayflower Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Russia Cyberattack, Peace Deal, Flynn calls KislyakPeace Deal ListPeace Deal Top PickPolitico, Kremlin, Reuters, NYT
QIA at Trump TowerMay 13, 2018“(THREAD) BREAKING: Steele's dossier says Putin gave Trump a brokerage fee from the sale of 19% of Rosneft—Russia's oil giant. Today @ MichaelAvenatti said a top agent of QIA—which bought the Rosneft stock—was secretly at Trump Tower 48 hours after the sale.” (unrolled) [28]Steele, Putin, Trump, Avenatti, Cohen, Ahmed Al-Rumaihi, Flynn, Gorkov, Kushner, Kislyak, Page, Sechin, el-Sisi, Papadopoulos, Barrack, Gates, McFarlane, DershowitzFavorite, Kislyak contats, Mideast Nuclear Plants Deal, Back Channels, Steele Dossier, Moscow, Mayflower Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Banker Meeting, Dinner with Putin, Papadopoulos Plea, Flynn Plea, Gates Plea, QIA MeetingDossier ListDossier Top PickRosneft, QIA, Reuters, NYT, CNN, Youtube, Kremlin, RT, Eni, Business Insider, Haaretz,
Nunes distractingMay 13, 2018“Every day we argue about Nunes' investigation of Trump's investigators is a day we're not talking about how Trump and his cronies coordinated with Russia—and thus is a good day for Trump. Remember too that Cohen's graft matters *because* it gets him to flip on Trump over Russia.” [3]Nunes, Trump, CohenSC Investigation
Fate in kids' handsMay 10, 2018“Either kids will save this country or no one will. Thirty years of far-right radio and Fox News have so poisoned the minds of 30% of this country that their values are barely recognizable as American anymore—if we view those values as being the ones enshrined in our Constitution.” [2]Acosta, TrumpJournalismCNN, FNC
Nunes is a witnessMay 10, 2018“Last fall, Nunes met Erik Prince to discuss his upcoming HPSCI testimony; Prince then repeatedly perjured himself. So either Prince lied to Trump agent Nunes about the work he did for Trump or Nunes was part of a conspiracy to mislead Congress. Either way, he's a Mueller witness.” [2]Nunes, Prince, Trump, Mueller, Rangappa, RajuPrince TestimonyCNN, Congress, HPSCI, DOJ
Why signature line?May 6, 2018“Then why did Michael Cohen put a line for Trump to sign on the hush agreement? If you know you haven't told your client about the agreement, (a) under what legal authority do you enter into an agreement that binds your client, and (b) why do you pretend your client might sign it?” [2]Cohen, Trump, Daniels, Conway, DanielsHush Money, Stormy LiaisonsPolitico
Expect Rudy to knowMay 6, 2018“BREAKING: Giuliani implies the remaining $1.1 million Cohen mysteriously accrued—from Trump and loans—in the last 90 days of the campaign may well have gone to other Trump mistresses. If it'd only been Daniels and McDougal, you'd have expected Rudy to know that as Trump's lawyer.” (unrolled [10]Giuliani, Cohen, Trump, Daniels, McDougal, Stephanopoulos, Bannon Hush Money, Stormy Liaisons, LegalABC
Barrack interviewedMay 5, 2018“Whatever the leaks say, the chances Mueller spent more time asking about Gates (who is already a cooperating witness) than Barrack's Middle East/Russia-implicating lobbying efforts during the transition are, from an investigative standpoint, close to zero.” [2]Mueller, Gates, Trump, BarrackChicago Tribune
European vacationMay 5, 2018“(THREAD) BREAKING NEWS (h/t DM): TASS report confirms Konstantin KOSACHEV—the man the STEELE dossier says secretly met with COHEN in Europe in summer 2016—was in Italy either right before or *while* COHEN was on "vacation" in Italy from July 9 to 17, 2016:” (unrolled) [12]Kosachev, Steele, Cohen, Daniels, Putin, Papadopoulos, TrumpBack Channels, Steele Dossier, Prague, Italy, Moscow, Stormy Liaison, Hush MoneyTass, RNC, USA Today, Buzzfeed, WaPo, GOP, Kremlin
?s for BarrackMay 5, 2018“Those who follow this feed will know I wrote a thread about Barrack several days ago urging Mueller to speak with him if he hadn't already. Now we get breaking news revealing that conversation recently happened. A link to my Barrack thread is in the second tweet in this thread.” [3]Barrack, Mueller, Trump, Flynn, Manafort Mideast Nuclear Deal, HPSCI Minority ReportAP
$ for hackers?May 5, 2018“COHEN received from TRUMP or acquired himself $1.24 million during the last 90 days of the 2016 election—only $130,000 of which went to DANIELS. The STEELE dossier says (1) COHEN was running TRUMP-Russia coordination, and (2) the operation COHEN was running paid off the hackers.” (unrolled) [22]Cohen, Trump, Daniels, Steele, Ivanov, Giuliani, Hannity, Manafort, PapadopoulosFavorite, Steele Dossier, Back Channels, Prague, Italy, Moscow, Hacked Emails, Stormy Liaison, Hush MoneyDossier List, Back Channels ListDossier Top Pick, Back Channels Top PickHill, Buzzfeed, McClatchy, Kremlin, RNC
Judge's angerMay 4, 2018“Judges don't like to be made fools of, or used, or asked to take political risks—as doing so can destroy their professional careers. Judge Ellis' anger here is about Judge Ellis—there's no way he believes that Paul Manafort gets to escape prosecution on multiple federal felonies.” [5]Judge Ellis, Manafort, Mueller, TrumpLegalCNN
An answer to the ?May 3, 2018“An answer to the question I've been asking more and more these last few months.” [2]Mueller, IvankaPolitico
ShorterMay 3, 2018“Shorter this week (for Trump): his lawyers are incompetent; his lawyers (and he) are daily making public admissions that will create criminal liability for Trump; the wheels are completely off the wagon within Trump's legal team and the White House Counsel's Office; all is chaos.” [2]Trump, Mueller, CohenLegalWH Counsel's Office
Prepare to jettisonMay 3, 2018“Rudy says this because Trump expects Jared to be indicted, so his aides must prepare the nation for Trump jettisoning him. By comparison, Mueller has kept close to the vest any leads on Ivanka because he knows—and Rudy here implies—that they'll get him fired when they go public.” [5]Giuliani, Trump, Ivanka, Kushner, Mueller, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Putin
FAR WORSEMay 3, 2018“Republicans impeached Clinton 3 presidents ago and I've never heard anyone in the GOP apologize for it or say that the supposed "standard" they used to impeach the POTUS no longer applies. Now tell me how what we learned of Trump's campaign lies over the last day isn't FAR WORSE.” [2]Bill Clinton, TrumpStormy Liaison, Hush Money, Fake NewsCNN, GOP
Planted complaintsMay 3, 2018“Remember how Cohen "complained to friends" he was never reimbursed for the 130K? Turns out he was paid *over 400K* by Trump and those complaints were a planted story to mislead American voters and confirm Trump's claim he knew nothing of the 130K. Was Trump in on *that* lie too?” [2]Cohen, TrumpStormy Liaison, Hush Money, Fake News
2-month delayMay 2, 2018“To those asking why Mueller sought a 2-month delay for Flynn's sentencing: either (1) he still wants Flynn as an active source, and worries Flynn could be less pliable, cooperative and available post-sentencing, or (2) facts will be revealed at sentencing he doesn't want out yet.” [2]Mueller, Flynn, TrumpLegal
Proving likelyMay 2, 2018“For starters: Manafort offered him secret campaign briefings; met him secretly in NYC with a Russian intel officer; asked Russian contacts how he could use being Trump's campaign boss to get "whole" with Deripaska. A witness says she has Deripaska on tape discussing aiding Trump.” [5]Manafort, Trump, Deripaska, Putin, MuellerLegal, Russia Sanctions, Back ChannelsNBC
Damn transparentMay 2, 2018“Rusal's head is Oleg Deripaska, a likely Trump co-conspirator. Late last year it was reported he'd step down and cash out, right when Rusal sanctions were announced. Now we hear Trump will give Rusal a pass and Deripaska won't step down. How damn transparent can these people be?” [3]Deripaska, TrumpRussia SanctionsWSJ, Rusal
Re: the interviewMay 1, 2018“Remember how Dowd allegedly quit because he didn't want Trump being interviewed but Trump did, and I said even though Dowd quitting therefore should've meant Trump would be interviewed, it wouldn't—as Trump never intended to be interviewed? OK, read this:” [3]Dowd, Trump, Mueller, CohenCNN
DebatedMay 1, 2018“(THREAD) Per LA Times reporting—sourced by a meeting attendee—and Sessions' Congressional testimony, on March 31, 2016 Trump and his NatSec team debated for "10 minutes" whether to "negotiate" with Russia. And we know that after that meeting, Papadopoulos began negotiating.” Unrolled [21]Sessions, Papadopoulos, Trump, Gordon, Clovis, Putin, Mifsud, Mueller, Kislyak, ClintonFavorite, Kislyak contacts, Trump Tower Moscow, Back Channels, London, Russia Sanctions, RNC Platform Change, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Mayflower Meeting, Emails, Clinton kompromatBack Channels ListLA Times, Congress, NatSec, FBI, Trump Campaign, CNN, Daily Caller, GOP, RNC
Per Trump's viewMay 1, 2018“BUSINESS INSIDER (3/3/17): J.D. Gordon told CNN Trump expressed his views on "arming Ukrainians against pro-Russian rebels" during a March 31, 2016 national security meeting at Trump International Hotel—and that Gordon felt *directed by these comments* to change the RNC platform.” [2]Trump, Gordon, Acosta, Papadopoulos, PutinRNC Platform Change, TIHDC NatSec Meeting
This could be bigMay 1, 2018“BREAKING: This could be big. Tom Barrack and Flynn lobbied Trump to give Saudi Arabia nuclear tech—which enriches Russia, as they'd build the facilities. Barrack got Manafort atop Trump's campaign just as Flynn joined. Now Mifsud is in a Saudi delegation?” [6]Barrack, Flynn, Manafort, Trump, Misfud, Prince, Mueller, WeinsteinMideast Nuclear Deal, Back Channels, LegalBuzzfeed, Town and Country Magazine, Weinstein Company
On ?s for TrumpApril 30, 2018“I disagree with my old professor—Mueller's questions vary by topic, but also in what they seek to capture: Trump's thoughts, or his actions, or his "responses" to an event—which may include thoughts and/or actions. Mueller knows different types of questions get different results.” [2]Mueller, Dershowitz, TrumpLegalCNN
Some media behindApril 30, 2018“This Guardian quote underscores that some folks whose names we regularly encounter in media are still behind the story on Russia. Manafort offered Deripaska private briefings; lied on TV about the RNC platform change; had secret meetings with "ex"-Russia intel officer Kilimnik...” [3]Manafort, Deripaska, Kilimnik, Wittes, Papadopoulos, Clinton, Priebus, Steele, Kislyak, Trump, MuellerKislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Moscow, Steele Dossier, RNC Platform Change, Mayflower Meeting, Clinton kompromat, JournalismGuardian, RNC, NYT, Brookings Institute, Russia MFA, NPC
Campaign outreachApril 30, 2018“It's about his one-on-one meeting with Papadopoulos—and how he responded to what Papadopoulos told him on March 31, 2016. It's about what he told Jr. to do at the June '16 meeting. It's about Manafort offering private briefings. Telling Sessions to negotiate sanctions. And more.” [3]Papadopoulos, Manafort, Sessions, Trump, Prince, Barrack, Flynn, Mueller, Gates, Kushner, KislyakTIHDC NatSec Meeting, Russia Sanctions, Mayflower Meeting, Back Door MeetingMSNBC, Trump Campaign
Two possibilitiesApril 30, 2018“TWO POSSIBILITIES: (1) Trump gives an interview to Mueller and *definitely* gets impeached in 2019. (2) Trump refuses to give an interview to Mueller and *likely* gets impeached in 2019. I don't see a third possibility—at least with respect to Trump sitting down with Mueller.” [1]Trump, MuellerImpeachment, SC Investigation
Mueller's questionsApril 30, 2018“BREAKING: The Questions Mueller Wants to Ask the President About Obstruction Are Now Public” (unrolled) [11]Mueller, Trump, Rogers, Pompeo, Coats, Putin, Flynn, Sessions, Gates, Gordon, Kushner, Prince, ManafortBack Channels, Seychelles, Russia Sanctions, RNC Plaform Change, I Love It Meeting, Back Door Meeting, SC Investigation, Gates Plea, Peace DealNYT
Hoped. Instead, this.April 29, 2018“When it became clear that Trump was a threat to American values and global security, I dared to hope there would be a movement among Republicans to temporarily switch their registrations from Republican to Independent or Democratic to protest GOP leaders' inaction. Instead, this:” [2]TrumpGOP, Dems
Sessions knewApril 28, 2018“Sessions knew. He always knew. And those paying attention always said that he always knew. And Mueller knows that he knew. And Sessions will ultimately have to answer for what he knew and what he did with what he knew in a court of law.” [3]Sessions, Mueller, Papadopoulos, Erickson, Page, Gordon, Phares, SchmitzBack Channels, HungaryRolling Stone, HPSCI, NRA
Minority ReportApril 28, 2018“(THREAD) Yesterday I discussed all the bombshell revelations deeply damaging to Trump in the HPSCI Majority Report. But there are just as many in the HPSCI Minority Report—and I discuss them here in a deep dive into the timeline of Trump-Russia events. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [90]Papadopoulos, Trump, Mifsud, Mueller, Putin, Clinton, Trump Jr., Goldstone, Aras Agalarov, Emin Agalarov, Steele, Manafort, Kushner, Clovis, Kislyak, Sessions, Toensing, diGenova, Torshin, Dearborn, Butina, Page, Flynn, Barrack, Gates, DaripaskaFavorite, Kislyak contacts, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Back Channels, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Steele Dossier, Greece, Moscow, NRA Meeting, Russia Sanctions, RNC Platform Change, I Love It Meeting, Back Door Meeting, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromat, Speech Mention Timing, Legal, RNC Meeting, Senate Office Meeting, Banker Meeting, WikiLeaks Communications, Clovis TestimonyBack Channels List, Dossier ListBack Channels Top Pick, Dossier ListHPSCI, Russian MFA, GOP, Dems, Kremlin, Forbes, NYT, NatSec, NRA, FSB, GRU, RNC, FBI, WikiLeaks, Trump Admin
Election - Key FactsApril 28, 2018“Some key facts: (1) Trump has willfully done *nothing* to protect America from Russian interference with the 2018 elections. (2) Trump has studiously avoided doing anything that would anger Putin. (3) Trump is unaccountably confident the GOP will do well in the 2018 elections.” [1]Trump, PutinVoting Hack, Election System DefenseGOP, NYT, House, Senate
Majority ReportApril 27, 2018“(THREAD) There are bombshell revelations deeply damaging to Trump in the just-released HPSCI report written by Trump's allies and agents in the House. This thread discusses them via a deep dive into the timeline of events the GOP now seeks to obscure. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled-36) [96]Trump, Sessions, Kislyak, Papadopoulos, Mifsud, Flynn, Kushner, Veselnitskaya, Obama, Mueller, Page, Phares, Gordon , Gates, Nunes, Barrack, Manafort, Putin, Clovis, Ivanka, Toensing, diGenova, Prince, Cohen, Goldstone, Emin Agalarov, Kozhin, Jesus Christ, Trump Jr., Aras Agalarov, Sater, ComeyFavorite, Kislyak Contact, Trump Moscow Deal, Back Channels, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, True Pundit Hoax, Greece, Italy, Russia Sanctions, RNC Ukraine Platform Change, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Mayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Russian Cyberattack, Flynn Calls Kislyak, Senate Office Meeting, SF-86 Form, Dinner with Putin, Gates Plea, Papadopoulos Plea, Flynn Plea, Comey MemosBack Channels ListHPSCI, GOP, NatSec, SASC, Congress, Kathimerini, Kremlin, UN, House, Dems, RNC, DNC, Propublica, True Pundit, NYPost, HuffPo
Easier to hackApril 26, 2018“But also, at least as our electoral infrastructure stands now, easier to hack. A whole election could turn on whatever the state with the weakest infrastructure is. It'd be a dream come true for the Russians—again, at least until we really focus as a nation on election security.” [2]TrumpElection System Defense, Voting HackHill
Pre-Russia probeApril 25, 2018“Turn on annotations and watch as, *pre-Russia probe*, a Hungarian businesswoman describes Trump "dragging" her toward him at the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow and asking her back to his Ritz hotel room—a room he now claims he didn't have that night.” [3]Sarka, Trump, Schiller, SteeleSteele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatYoutube, HuffPo
Poll-tested messagesApril 25, 2018“So in... *squints* ...2014... Trump's... *squints* ... future Campaign CEO poll-tested messaging on Putin on American citizens. Got it. Definitely doesn't support the theory Trump decided to run in late 2013 and built a Russia policy while trying to make business deals in Russia.” [2]Putin, Wylie, Bannon, CruzCA PsyOpsWaPo, CA
One-on-oneApril 25, 2018“(1 of 2) Asha may be right. But I'd note Trump asked for this one-on-one; had just been told of a pending probe in which his name arose; then began discussing it with the lead investigator. His knowledge of the law would be established by his involvement in Flynn's situation.” [6]Rangappa, Trump, Flynn, Mariotta, ComeyComey MemosFBI
Hasty exit?April 24, 2018“The Washington Post credulously says Trump made a "hasty exit" from Moscow the night of November 9, 2013 (after staying overnight November 8). But the after-party started at 1AM at the latest, and he left at 4AM—and somewhere in there *asked Kata Sarka to come to his hotel room*.” [2]Trump, Sarka, PutinMiss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatWaPo, Google News
Sarka, CEOApril 24, 2018“(CLARIFICATION) Reports have called Kata Sarka "Miss Hungary"—possibly because Trump thought she was a contestant when he propositioned her for sex the night of November 9-10, 2013—but she was CEO of Magyarország Szépe Kft., which ran MU 2013 in Hungary.” [2]Sarka, TrumpMiss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatMagyarorszag Szepe, Yahoo, NY Daily News
Why did he askApril 24, 2018“ATTENTION MEDIA: If Trump was telling Roberts the truth when he said he planned to leave Moscow directly from the Miss Universe after-party on the night of November 9-10, 2013, why did he ask Miss Hungary Kata Sarka to come to the Ritz for sex that night?” [2]Trump, Sarka, RobertsMiss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatUS Magazine
PretendedApril 24, 2018“BREAKING: Thomas Roberts (NBC) confirming Trump was in Moscow the night of November 8-9, 2013—but told Roberts he was leaving Moscow right from the Miss Universe after-party November 9—explains Trump's lie to Comey: he pretended the pee incident *had* to have been November 9-10.” [2]Thomas Roberts, Trump, Comey, Emin AgalarovMiss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromat, Comey MemosNBC
FBI eyedApril 24, 2018“Another reason the FBI would have eyed the Trump campaign for treacherous collusion long before it saw the Steele dossier—not only had the FBI previously interviewed Trump's Campaign Manager, it had deleterious Russia-related intel on 40% of the first adds to Trump's NatSec team.” [2]Trump, Steele, ManafortSteele DossierFBI, NatSec
Hit-piece gremlinsApril 24, 2018“I'll admit I get cheesed when I consider that, after everything this feed has been saying for 15 months comes to be accepted—as much of it already has been—the hit-piece gremlins who defamed me (and others) for a year-plus will melt into the digital tundra with zero consequences.” [2]Seth AbramsonJournalism
Recovering skepticsApril 24, 2018“Retweeting this February thread for the folks from @ theintercept and other (now recovering) skeptics:” [2]Trump, Glenn GreenwaldJournalismIntercept
Trolled for saying itApril 24, 2018“What's that? I got trolled by writers for The Intercept for a year for saying the collusion case was strong, and now Jim Risen writes, "As I’ve dug deeper into the evidence, I've become convinced the case for collusion is much stronger than I thought"? OK.” [2]Seth Abramson, Jim Risen, TrumpIntercept
Same dayApril 24, 2018“I just noticed something: the *same day* then-candidate Trump had his first classified briefing on Russian crimes, Politico reports he "put in place a new leadership structure that appeared to minimize Manafort’s role." But Trump *wasn't briefed on Manafort*—so what did he know?” [2]Trump, ManafortNBC, Politico
Still waitingApril 24, 2018“I'm still waiting for someone to offer an explanation as to why Trump lying to the FBI on a fact material to a pending investigation is not a violation of federal criminal law. Mueller has already indicted several Trump compatriots for less egregious versions of the same conduct.” [8]Trump, Mueller, Steele, Flynn, Comey, Papadopoulos, Van der ZwaanComey Memos, Legal, Impeachment, Trump kompromatFBI, DOJ
Kompromat storyApril 23, 2018“(THREAD) A U.S. media outlet has FINALLY published in-depth reporting on the story I began researching 15 months ago: the Steele dossier's "kompromat" allegation. I break down the news and add significant context to the story in this thread—hope you'll RT.” (unrolled) [31]Trump, Comey, Steele, Schiller, Sarka, Mueller, Obama, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Klyushin, Rykov, Paul Wood, Putin, RosensteinTrump kompromat, Comey Memos, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Steele Dossier, LegalMiss Universe List, Dossier List, Comey Memos ListMiss Universe Top Pick, Dossier Top Pick, Comey Memos Top PickBloomberg, Congress, BBC, Guardian, Trump Org, CIA, Holland & Knight, Cornell Law, DOJ
A mixed bagApril 23, 2018“(1 of 2) Sessions' recusal was appropriate, his actions during the campaign inappropriate—possibly criminal. He post-recusal DOJ conduct—on Russia—has been a mixed bag, while his testimony post-campaign/post-recusal unethical at best and criminal at worst.” [3]Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller, Clinton, TrumpDOJ, USA Today, FBI
Continued crimingApril 23, 2018“I learned from years in courtrooms that certain criminal defendants will continue criming until someone stops them. The GOP *chose* to stand aside while Trump sold America's foreign policy for clandestine financial gain, and that's the "but for" cause of this criminal presidency.” [2]Trump, PutinRussia Sanctions, LegalGOP, Hill, US Treasury, Kremlin
Case ranked firstApril 22, 2018“Of all the Obstruction cases I ever worked, the current Obstruction case against Donald Trump would rank first by volume, quality, and duration of inculpatory evidence. The day Dan Henniger tries even a single Obstruction case is the day I care one whit for what he says on this.” [2]Trump, Dan Henniger, Kim Strassel, Comey, MuellerComey Memos, LegalWSJ
Foreclosure fuhrer April 22, 2018“Sean Hannity: The Foreclosure Führer. "Führer" just means "ruthless, tyrannical leader," so it fits here. Hannity presented himself as an all-American, blue collar-conscious guy, when in fact he was making tens of millions via shell corporations and foreclosures on poor people.” [2]HannityFNC
Into the next stageApril 22, 2018“(THREAD) As the Trump-Russia investigation moves into its next stage, America must change the way we think about and talk about the investigation. This *isn't* just a news story anymore, and that means media and non-media alike need a paradigm shift. I hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [51]Trump, Mueller, Comey, KushnerJournalism, LegalUNH, Pratt Institute, FBI, DOJ, Dems, NYT, Twitter
Ask me anythingApril 22, 2018“(THREAD) Ask me anything—on any topic. I'll try to answer as many questions as I can in an hour. If your question isn't answered, check the thread to see if I answered it there. Hope you'll RT this tweet for anyone you think might be interested. See my Twitter profile for my bio.” [3]Seth AbramsonTwitter
In a bad spotApril 21, 2018“(1 of 3) Sessions is in a bad spot, as his Congressional testimony confirms he was talking sanctions policy with Kislyak in a secret meeting (9/8/16) after Russian crimes had been revealed to Team Trump. So him standing by Rosenstein carries an implicit message: I will cooperate.” [3]Sessions, Kislyak, Trump, RosensteinBack Channels, Kislyak contacts, Senate Office MeetingSASC
Peddling a storyApril 21, 2018“As shocking as anything here is the revelation that—even as he was busy paying off Stormy Daniels—Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen was peddling a story to Trump (and possibly others) that Bill Clinton had had an affair and child with an African-American woman.” [2]Daniels, Trump, Cohen, Bill Clinton, StoneStormy Liaison, Hush Money, Fake NewsNYT
Maddow interviewApril 20, 2018“Great Comey interview by Maddow. Comey says he commissioned a probe of leaks to Giuliani by the NYC field office but was fired before he learned the result. Now he needs to explain who told the NYT that the leaks factored into his reasoning—he now says no.” [4]Comey, Maddow, Giuliani, Comey, Clinton, McCabeTrue Pundit Hoax, Comey Letter, Comey Book, Emails, Comey FiredMSNBC, FBI, Youtube, Congress, NYFO
Significant passagesApril 19, 2018“(THREAD) This thread discusses the most significant passages in the just-released Comey Memos. I hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [51]Comey, McCabe, Baker, Rybicki, Trump, Steele, Priebus, Pence, Obama, Clinton, Giuliani, Melania, Flynn, Putin, Abedin, Weiner, Kellogg, Schiller, Millian, SarkaMiss Universe Moscow 2013, Steele Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromat, FISA, Impeachment, Emails, Comey MemosComey Memos ListComey Memos Top PickFBI, BBC, NYFO, WH, Guardian, Trump Org, GOP
Hired a witnessApril 19, 2018“So Trump has just hired, as his new attorney, an almost certain witness in the Mueller probe. That means he will be paying money to, and sharing his own confidential testimony with, a fellow Mueller witness. This is both Obstruction and Witness Tampering. But hey, who's counting?” [2]Trump, Mueller, Giuliani, ClintonTrue Pundit Hoax, Legal
Excellent newsApril 19, 2018“This is excellent news. It gives Rosenstein some job security (possibly short-lived) even as it means *absolutely nothing* for the certainty that Donald Trump will eventually face impeachable offenses.” [3]Rosenstein, Trump, MuellerLegalAxios, FBI, DOJ
More backchannelsApril 19, 2018“Yep. Also *two* Trump business partners: Sater The Agalarovs And the list could go on. Torshin sought to build a backchannel. Perhaps Schmitz or Gordon, if—and we don't know this, by any means—either/both met a Russian via the Hungarian ambassador while in Hungary, as Page did.” [2]Trump, Sater, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Schmitz, Gordon, Page, Stone, Manafort, Guccifer 2.0, Cohen, Virginia Heffernan, TorshinBack Channels, Hungary, WikiLeaks CommunicationWikiLeaks, Guccifer 2.0
Interviewing ComeyApril 19, 2018“Were I interviewing Comey, I'd focus entirely on his contradictory answers on what he did after learning in early October (a) there were Clinton emails on Weiner's PC (b) FBI agents were reviewing them. It was a case of national—*generational*—importance: why did never follow up?” [3]Comey, Clinton, WeinerEmailsFBI
Illicit backchannelsApril 19, 2018“(1 of 2) Here's what's odd about the Bloomberg report on Manafort working on a illicit "backchannel" to the Kremlin. We know for certain Jared Kushner sought to do that (December 2016 at the latest). We know Flynn did (December 2016 at the latest). Papadopoulos did. Don Jr. did.” [2]Manafort, Kushner, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Trump Jr., Page, Sessions, KislyakBack ChannelsBloomberg, Kremlin, DOJ, SASC
One justice systemApril 19, 2018“I told a group of students and faculty at The Pratt Institute on Tuesday that in nearly a decade of representing criminal defendants in three state and federal jurisdictions, I almost never represented one who didn't want to fire their prosecutor and move on from the prosecution.” [2]TrumpPratt Institute, GOP, Hill
Crimes anywhereApril 19, 2018“On MSNBC, @ AlanDersh says "you can find crimes anywhere, if you look hard enough. Money laundering, bank fraud..." This is Exhibit A of a lawyer who's represented so few average Americans lately he forgets crimes of the SORT we're discussing now CAN'T be found for almost ANYONE.” [4]DershowitzLegalLegal ListLegal Top PickMSNBC
Lies yet to processApril 19, 2018“We've yet to process how many times Cohen—with Trump's knowledge—lied to us. 2/19/17: Cohen tells NYT "the Trump Org received a letter of intent for a project in Moscow...but determined that the project was not feasible." 8/28/17: Cohen admits Trump signed the letter of intent.” [2]Cohen, TrumpTrump Tower MoscowNYT, Trump Org
Infested / breedingApril 19, 2018“A day before the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, a U.S. president messaged 50 million people to complain that certain "infested" areas of his country are serving as "breeding" sites for a minority population he disfavors. That's exactly how the Germans saw Warsaw.” [2]Trump, Jerry Brown, HitlerCA
Besides to ABCApril 18, 2018“Besides to ABC, here's Comey telling NPR that "I think it was McCabe" who told "[me] in the first week of October that there may be some connection between Weiner's laptop that was seized in a criminal case in New York and the Clinton email investigation."” [4]Comey, McCabe, Weiner, Clinton, Terry Gross, HorowitzABC, NPR
Quoting ComeyApril 18, 2018“(1 of 2) To all who asked: I was quoting Comey: "Somebody in the beginning of October sometime mentioned to me that there may be a connection between emails found on Weiner's laptop and the Clinton email investigation....I think it was Andy McCabe, but I'm not certain."” [2]Comey, Weiner, Clinton, McCabe, HorowitzEmail
Comey ignored him?April 18, 2018“THE MOST IMPORTANT WORDS Comey has said in the past year are the ones no one's talking about: ProPublica was right, McCabe *did* tell Comey there were Clinton emails on Weiner's PC *36 days before the election*. And Comey *ignored him* because "how could that be possible." (WTF?)” [6]Comey, McCabe, Clinton, Weiner, HorowitzEmailProPublica, FBI
McConnell's standApril 18, 2018“Q: Why won't McConnell let the Senate vote on a bill to protect Mueller, given Trump tried to fire him last summer, said he wanted to fire him in December, asked for legal advice on firing him, and commended people who said he should fire him? A: A Trump veto proves he's guilty.” [4]McConnell, Mueller, Trump, Coons, TillisSC InvestigationSenate, DOJ
Flipper worriesApril 18, 2018“Remember that, according to NBC (Fineman), Donald Trump has told friends that if Paul Manafort were to flip on him he would be *very* worried. So we've already crossed the bridge at which certain of these villains have made clear that people who flip on them can do great damage.” [3]Trump, Fineman, Manafort, ScaramucciNBC, MSNBC
"Now" against itApril 18, 2018“Trump is "now" against being interviewed by Mueller Wish I'd called this in June of 2017 Oh wait” [2]Trump, Mueller, CohenCohen FBI RaidWaPo, FBI
Hannity chat ASAPApril 17, 2018“QUESTION: The Post says Hannity and Trump talk several times a week and often discuss the Trump-Russia probe. Trump can't claim his conversations with Hannity are privileged, as Hannity isn't an immediate advisor within his government. So why doesn't Mueller talk to Hannity ASAP?” [3]Hannity, Trump, MuellerWaPo, FNC
Case-in-pointApril 17, 2018“CASE-IN-POINT: Hannity's lawyer Cohen brought a key piece of Trump-Russia evidence—his passport—on-air. Hannity didn't open it or ask for an accounting of its contents. Any other media personality would've—but Hannity knew if Cohen went down it'd hurt him.” [5]Hannity, Cohen, MuellerSteele Dossier, Back Channels, PragueCNN, Youtube, Buzzfeed, FNC
A *tiny* victoryApril 16, 2018“The judge declined a motion for special master, declined at TRO motion, put off a motion for injunctive relief, and will let Cohen—and Trump via Cohen—review docs to see if/where they'll assert privilege. Then the judge makes the call. So—a *tiny* victory.” [4]Judge Kimba Wood, Cohen, Trump, Broidy, DanielsStormy Liaison, Cohen FBI Raid, NY Corruption Investigation, Hush MoneyCNN, GOP, SDNY
Hannity's fell swoopApril 16, 2018“In one fell swoop, Hannity: 1 Says Cohen lied to a federal court about being his lawyer 2 Says any docs about him the feds seized aren't privileged 3 Makes himself a witness for Mueller 4 Revealed an undisclosed on-air conflict of interest 5 Contradicts what he said on the radio” [1]Hannity, Cohen, MuellerFNC
Has to fire HannityApril 16, 2018“Fox News has to fire Hannity. You can't have a host who interviews his own lawyer on TV without disclosing it, and who interviews a politician he's regularly advising on policy without disclosing it, and not become state television rather than a "news outlet" measured by Nielsen.” [3]Hannity, CohenFNC, Neilson
Deport or jailApril 16, 2018“(h/t DM) Nastya Rybka was first charged with a status offense whose worst punishment was deportation. Then, per CNN (April 5), a mystery person came forward with allegations of prostitution, and now—mirabile dictu!—Putin's "problem" is facing 2 to 6 years.” [2]Rybka, PutinCNN
Mystery deathApril 16, 2018“BREAKING: An agent of the Kremlin, or else someone seeking to curry favor with the Kremlin, appears to have murdered a journalist investigating "allegations made by a Belarusian escort known as Nastya Rybka" about a Manafort-Deripaska-Putin backchannel.” [3]Rybka, Manafort, Deripaska, Putin, Maxim Borodin, Vyacheslav Bashkov, NavalnyKremlin, BBC
Comey confirmsApril 16, 2018“In December 2016, I published three long articles on the NYC FBI ("Trumplandia") conspiracy that Comey *finally* acknowledged last night. Everything I wrote was confirmed yesterday. To read the original essays, start here and see the links in paragraph 3:” [3]Comey, Trump, Prince, Giuliani, Trump Jr., Bannon, FlynnTrue Pundit Hoax, Clinton kompromat, Fake News, EmailsHoax ListFBI, HuffPo, Breitbart, NatSec, Twitter
Interview takeawaysApril 16, 2018“5 COMEY INTERVIEW TAKEAWAYS 1 McCabe told Comey of the Clinton emails ASAP. 2 Pro-Trump FBI agents sat on the emails for 24 days. 3 Email review would've ended 10/12 if not for these rogue agents. 4 Comey wrote Congress under duress from these agents. 5 The IG knows all of this.” [1]McCabe, Comey, Clinton, Trump, HorowitzTrue Pundit Hoax, Comey LetterFBI, Congress
Known shenanigansApril 15, 2018“It's clear that James Comey KNOWS there were shenanigans going on at the FBI between October 3 and October 27, because for his team to sit on *650,000 emails* for *24 days* and then (by the way, *falsely*) say "we can't review these by Election Day" is 100%, straight-up insanity.” [6]Comey, Weiner, Lynch, Clinton, Trump, StephanopoulosTrue Pundit Hoax, Comey Book, Emails, Clinton kompromatHoax ListFBI, NYFO
Where likely ends upApril 15, 2018“Comey: "If you've been investigating something for almost a year and you don't have a general sense of where it's likely to end up, you should be fired because you're incompetent." I was an investigator—and Comey here succinctly explains why my feed is as it is. Very grateful.” [3]Comey, Seth Abramson, Mueller
Five pithy Comey ?sApril 15, 2018“FIVE PITHY COMEY QUESTIONS 1 When did you learn of the emails on Weiner’s PC? 2 Why not ask Huma for permission to search? 3 Why did you doubt the FBI could check the emails by 11/8? 4 Why did your pledge to Congress trump FBI rules? 5 Did field office leaks inform your actions?” [2]Comey, AbedineEmails, Comey LetterFBI, Congress
Apples and orangesApril 15, 2018“I think Asha's right. I also think Comey and Lynch's disagreement over the language in a press release isn't analagous to the President of the United States asking Comey to "let go" a criminal investigation into matters for which the POTUS was a chief witness. Apples and oranges.” [2]Maria Bartiromo, Asha Rangappa, Comey, Lynch, Trump, Clinton
Concealment?April 15, 2018“I like Comey, but what I struggle with is stuff like this: "[my] concern about making her an illegitimate president by concealing the restarted investigation..." When did following longstanding FBI protocol about not discussing ongoing investigations become "concealment"? What?” [3]Comey, Clinton, TrumpEmailsFBI, Clinton Foundation
Comey defends FBI 2April 15, 2018“(THREAD) In Part 2 of my thread on Comey's efforts to the defend the FBI, I explain how the just-released IG report confirms that Comey's defense of the FBI *wrongly* implies a pro-Clinton—rather than pro-Trump—FBI conspiracy to influence the election. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [32]Comey, Trump, Clinton, Horowitz, McCabe, Giuliani, Flynn, Trump Jr., Lynch, Garner, Weiner, Prince, BannonTrue Pundit Hoax, Fake News, Emails, Clinton kompromat, Comey Letter, McCabe IG Report, Comey BookMcCabe IG Report List, Hoax ListMcCabe IG Report Top Pick, Hoax Top PickFBI, OIG, NYFO, Congress, True Pundit, Judicial Watch, WSJ, Clinton Foundation
Comey defends FBI 1April 15, 2018“(THREAD) The timeline of events leading up to the 2016 election confirms that Jim Comey's account of why he wrote the now-infamous "Comey Letter" on October 28, 2016 is untrue. But it's the FBI, not himself, Comey is protecting. This thread explains. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [57]Comey, Clinton, McCabe, Weiner, Trump, Giuliani, Kallstrom, Horowitz, Leahy, Abedine, Prince, Bannon, Trump Jr., FlynnComey Book, Comey Letter, True Pundit Hoax, Emails, Comey Testimony, Comey Firing, Fake News, Clinton kompromatHoax ListHoax Top PickFBI, Congress, NYT, ProPublica, Judicial Watch, WSJ, NYFO, True Pundit, Trump Campaign, NYPD
Libby pardonApril 14, 2018“The message Trump is sending via the Libby pardon ISN'T a message to Flynn, Papadopoulos or Gates. People realize those men have already dished to Mueller, right? The message he's sending is to Hicks, Clovis, Lewandowski, Cohen, other aides: you can lie to Mueller with impunity.” [2]Trump, Libby, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Gates, Mueller, Hicks, Clovis, Lewandowski, Cohen, diGenova, Toensing, Boris and Natasha, PrincePardonCongress
Friendship & $ offerApril 13, 2018“BREAKING: The president just offered friendship and—I think it's clear—*money* to Russia in a statement that was supposed to unambiguously condemn Russia for its significant culpability in the commission of a war crime. I'm speechless.” [3]Trump, Putin
Syrian wag-the-dogApril 13, 2018“Syria needs to be dealt with. But any military decisions Trump makes under these circumstances will be presumed fraudulent by the nation and the world. This is wag-the-dog shenanigans and everybody knows it.” [2]Trump
Same intel unitApril 13, 2018“BREAKING: The Trump Tower Moscow deal that Trump was negotiating with Russia *while running for president* was being negotiated with agents of the same Russian intelligence unit that declared cyberwar on the 2016 election and whose aid Trump later solicited at a press conference.” [2]Trump, Cohen, SaterTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Russia CyberattackGRU
Two basic premisesApril 13, 2018“Hey, guess what? Everything that's happened over the last year makes sense if you accept two basic premises that Mueller already has: (1) Trump is a criminal; so is much of his crew. (2) Trump's crew did all they did involving Russia not randomly but with Trump's knowledge.” [1]Mueller, Trump
Treasonous conductApril 13, 2018“BREAKING: Remember how Trump said he confronted Cohen about the alleged trip to Prague and Cohen showed him his passport and confirmed he'd never gone? Either Cohen lied to the president or the president lied to the nation about an allegation of treasonous conduct by his lawyer.” [2]Trump, CohenBack Channels, Prague
Gravest dangerApril 13, 2018“Trump sees Cohen flipping as the biggest possible threat to him of any of the threats out there, and Cohen is in more *immediate* danger from SDNY than Robert Mueller. That's all this is. Trump well knows that the gravest danger to *him* (and his presidency) comes from Mueller.” [3]Trump, Cohen, MuellerNY Corruption Investigation, Trump kompromat, Hush MoneySDNY, NYT, FBI
Journalists followingApril 13, 2018“The MINIMUM number of journalists from the following publications that follow this feed (from a Twitter-profile review): CNN: 62 NBC: 50* BBC: 49 The New York Times: 30 CBC: 28 The Washington Post: 27 NPR: 20 CBS: 18 The Wall Street Journal: 18 AP: 16 Reuters: 13 *All networks.” [6]JournalismCNN, NBC, BBC, NYT, CBC, WaPo, NPR, CBS, WSJ, AP, Reuters, FNC, WH, Bloomberg, VICE, Buzzfeed, Irish Times, Atlantic, Quartz, Forbes, Politico, Sky News, USA Today
Phones tapped?April 13, 2018“I'm getting asked a lot of questions about whether the FBI may have tapped Cohen's phones. I'm guessing that the answer is no, as under these circumstances that would require a filter team (not the attorneys prosecuting Cohen) to monitor Cohen's calls for an indeterminate period.” [2]Cohen, TrumpNY Corruption InvestigationFBI, SDNY
Particularly unhingedApril 13, 2018“This is... like... *particularly* unhinged? Am I right?” [2]Trump, Comey, McCabe, ClintonMcCabe IG ReportDOJ
Trolls out in forceApril 13, 2018“The right-wing trolls are out in force today as America slowly comes to the realization that—as the CIA told the BBC in January '17 (see below)—there are multiple compromising tapes of Donald Trump, from multiple locations in Russia, in Putin's possession.” [4]Trump, Putin, Paul Wood, Comey, Sarka, SchillerMiss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatCIA, BBC, FBI,Trump Org
Getting readyApril 12, 2018“Trump's lawyers were "getting ready" to make a proposal to Mueller about an interview—after Trump freely offered one A YEAR AGO—in the same way Trump was "thinking about" asking Comey to investigate the dossier. Some bad, over-credulous reporting tonight.” [9]Trump, Mueller, ComeySteele Dossier, Comey Book, JournalismCNN, FBI
Thinking of askingApril 12, 2018“(MISLEADING HEADLINE) This story says Trump was "thinking" of asking Comey to investigate the allegation, which is what you'd do if you knew it was true but wanted to pretend you didn't. Be wary of media reporting that Trump *did* ask Comey to investigate.” [4]Comey, Trump, Melania, SteeleComey Book, Steele Dossier, Trump kompromat, JournalismNYPost, FBI
Man behind runApril 12, 2018“NOTE: Michael Cohen was, in 2011, called "the man behind Donald Trump's 2012 presidential campaign." So in 2013, when Trump decided he'd run in 2016, Cohen was presumably the "man behind" that run also. That's why he had polls in the field in May of 2013.” [3]Trump, Cohen, Obama, Mueller, Trump Jr., IvankaFBI Cohen RaidDems, ABC, CNN, CBC
Knew when?April 12, 2018“Trump agents and enablers AMI catching and killing a story about Trump having an illegitimate child from a doorman for $30,000 in LATE 2013 is further confirmation that when Trump went to Moscow in November 2013 his closest allies knew he was running. We will learn Putin did too.” (unrolled) [11]Trump, Putin, Cohen, Bannon, MuellerTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Trump kompromatAMI, FNC, CA
Historic swindleApril 11, 2018“One day someone will do an accounting of the *total* amount we Americans paid Donald Trump and his fat-cat cronies to continue living (and on the public dime) in "the manner to which they had become accustomed," and it will be a *nine-figure* sum. One of history's great swindles.” [2]Trump, Mnuchin, Melania
Ready yourself, USAApril 11, 2018“Ready yourself, America. When Donald Trump declares himself above the law, it will not be with a public declaration saying so in those terms, but an AP report announcing that Rod Rosenstein and/or Bob Mueller has been fired, putting Trump above any oversight by law enforcement.” [2]Trump, Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey, Sessions, diGenovaSC InvestigationAP, FNC
Fully vindicated?April 11, 2018“I can't express to anyone reading this the lack of experience in criminal law and criminal investigation a person would have to have to write an article that posits a scenario in which Donald Trump is "fully vindicated." What follows is comedy writing, not a political editorial.” [2]Trump, Mueller, Rosenstein, ComeyJournalism, Legal, Comey FiringPolitico, GOP, Dems
GOP cared not at allApril 11, 2018“When the Access Hollywood tape came out, I said to my wife that Trump was done and the election over, as there was no way the GOP would stand by Trump after *that* tape and *19 credible allegations* of sexual misconduct. But they did. The GOP cared *not at all*, as it turned out.” [2]Trump, CohenTrump kompromatGOP
Suppress release?April 11, 2018“BREAKING:” [2]Cohen, TrumpTrump kompromatCNN, NYT, FBI
On FBI's Cohen raidApril 11, 2018“I spoke to the CBC for this story on the raid on Michael Cohen's hotel room and office. Hope you'll check it out.” [7]Cohen, Trump, Jim Trusty, Putin, FlynnFBI Cohen Raid, Legal, Russia Sanctions, Peace DealCBC, FBI, Trump Org
Why so worried?April 11, 2018“Trump says he never had any relationship with Stormy Daniels, and that he had no knowledge of any contact between his lawyer and Daniels, so why in the world does he have any concerns whatsoever about any documents relating to Daniels the FBI may have taken from Cohen's office?” [4]Trump, Daniels, Cohen, McDougal, Comey, MuellerFBI Cohen Raid, Stormy Liaison, Trump kompromatFBI, DOJ
Proximity privilegeApril 10, 2018“This is a man who cares *so* much about attorney-client privilege that his family has infamously produced the most hilariously wrong interpretation of the privilege ever (which *any* attorney could have told them): anything anyone says with an attorney in the room is privileged.” [2]Trump
Re-upped threadApril 9, 2018“I'm re-upping this 2017 thread on whether Trump can fire Mueller, and what we should do if he does. Notes: (1) Brand has since resigned, likely to avoid the situation I describe here; (2) this was written as a rumor was going through Congress that Trump was about to fire Mueller.” [1]Trump, Mueller, BrandSC InvestigationOSC, Congress
Keep it downApril 9, 2018“MEDIA: Get on this already. "I've wanted to keep it down" is another Lester Holt moment for Trump, and I can't find any media coverage of it. The man just admitted to trying to "keep down" the Mueller investigation, which no jury in America would much distinguish from "obstruct."” [5]Lester Holt, Trump, Mueller, CohenFBI Cohen RaidWH, Axios
Implicated by thenApril 9, 2018“The GOP is missing an opportunity to investigate and impeach Trump on a matter—conspiracy to commit bank fraud and violate election laws—that doesn't implicate the RNC. If they wait for Mueller to report on Russia to support impeachment, the RNC may have been implicated by then.” [2]Trump, Mueller, Cohen, Gates, BroidyImpeachmentGOP, RNC, NRA
Not privilegedApril 9, 2018“IMPORTANT: 3 days ago, Trump said Cohen set up the Daniels agreement without telling him. Cohen thus wasn't acting as Trump's lawyer in that matter. That means any documents relating to the agreement may not be attorney-client privileged. And that's *most* of what the FBI wanted.” [2]Trump, Daniels, CohenStormy Liaison, LegalFBI
What you say whenApril 9, 2018“This is what you say when your sightline has never been obstructed by a book on the law” [2]Trump, IngrahamLegal, FBI Cohen Raid
Televised confessionApril 9, 2018“BREAKING: How is this NOT a televised confession of Obstruction of Justice by a U.S. president? "It's a total witch hunt. I've been saying it for a long time. I've wanted to keep it down." "I've wanted to keep it down"? WHAT? This happened this hour.” [3]Trump, SessionsCohen FBI RaidGOP
Referred by MuellerApril 9, 2018“Contra CNN, MSNBC says this was a new SDNY case, i.e. referred by Mueller but possibly not part of his primary investigation.” [8]Mueller, Cohen, Daniels, Bill Kristol, Matthew MillerStormy Liaison, Cohen FBI Raid, PardonCNN, MSNBC, SDNY
Compel diGenovaApril 8, 2018“A reader makes a FASCINATING point: diGenova said he has a conflict and can't represent Trump, so presumably any conversations they're having aren't privileged. So—this reader was asking, and wisely, I think—why couldn't Bob Mueller COMPEL diGenova to reveal what Trump told him?” [3]diGenova, Trump, Mueller, Daniels, Clovis, Corallo, PrinceLegal, Stormy Liaison
Rhetorical questionApril 8, 2018“My question was rhetorical. I'm a former criminal attorney and investigator, I know Bronston v. U.S., and I was kicking off a thread about the very bad perjury analyses on Lawfare. I apologize for being too cute in my wording, but the simple fact is that Lawfare is wrong on this.” [3]Susan Hennessey, SessionsLegal, Journalism, Sessions TestimonyLawfare
How not perjury?April 8, 2018“Someone please explain this statement to me: "Sessions' Senate testimony probably wasn't actual perjury." Sessions twice prepared to be asked about Russia meetings by Congress, got asked direct questions on that very topic, and lied. What do Lawfare editors think "willful" means?” (unrolled) [20]Susan Hennessey, Sessions, Kislyak, Papadopoulos, Page, Mueller, Comey, Trump, Bharara, Franken, ChristKislyak contacts, Back Channels, Moscow, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Comey Firing, Legal, Sessions Testimony, JournalismLegal List, Sessions Testimony ListLegal Top Pick, Sessions Testimony Top PickHill, Senate, Congress, Lawfare, Kremlin, CNN, SASC, Twitter, NatSec
LaBella & CohenApril 7, 2018“To summarize this poorly written article: 1. Chuck LaBella may have information about Trump's 2013 contacts with Putin and Russian prostitutes in Moscow. 2. Trump's lawyer Cohen used another attorney, Davidson, as he did with Stormy Daniels, to try to kill the story via payoff.” [5]LaBella, Trump, Putin, Cohen, Davidson, Daniels, MacDougalMiss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Trump kompromatHill, CIA, BBC
Peddling fake emailsApril 6, 2018“(THREAD) Erik Prince—former business partner of Joseph Schmitz—was peddling fake Clinton emails via Steve Bannon's Breitbart 96 hours before Election Day. We just learned an hour ago that Schmitz spent the summer of 2016 peddling fake Clinton emails, too.” [14]Schmitz, Prince, Clinton, Bannon, Weiner, Peter Smith, Comey, Orban, Putin, Mueller, Giuliani, Flynn, Trump, SteeleTrue Pundit Hoax, Fake News, Hacked Emails, Clinton kompromat, WikiLeaks Leaks, Prince TestimonyTrue Pundit Hoax LisTrue Pundit Hoax Top PickBreitbart, NYPD, Hill, Congress, Campaign, FBI, State, NatSec, HuffPo, WikiLeaks
Schmitz strange storyApril 6, 2018“BREAKING: Two days ago I said we'd soon hear much more about Joe Schmitz. I didn't know it'd be *this* soon. This is a strange story we'll eventually get more details on. There's clearly much more to this—and it may yet involve Peter Smith and Erik Prince.” ( ) [11]Schmitz, Smith, Prince, Trump, Clinton, Comey, Flynn, Putin, Gordon, Papadopoulos, KislyakKislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Hungary, Mayflower Meeting, Russia Cyberattack, Legal, Hacked Emails, Fake NewsFBI, Hill, NatSec, FSB
Prince a top targetApril 6, 2018“This feed live-tweeted Prince's lies to Congress months ago; now those chickens are coming home to roost. Mueller may see a benefit in waiting to bring (first) charges against Prince, but I'm not sure what it'd be. Prince looks to be a top Mueller target.” [2]Prince, Mueller, TrumpPrince TestimonyPrince Testimony ListPrince Testimony Top PickCongress, Daily Beast, Blackwater
Fow what does he repApril 5, 2018“So Cohen doesn't work for Trump Org; he's not on Trump's Russia-probe legal team; but Trump *really* wants to be sure you know that Cohen is his attorney. Is he just underscoring his belief anything he ever said to Cohen is privileged? If not, what is Cohen representing Trump on?” [4]Cohen, Trump, Daniels, MuellerLegal, Stormy LiaisonTrump Org
Trading intelligenceApril 5, 2018“(BREAKING) OMG. It may not be immediate, or anything like it, but I don't know how Jared doesn't go down for this eventually. Especially as there's reason to think he believed he would benefit financially from giving classified intelligence to the Saudis.” [4]Kushner, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS)Intelligence SharedDaily Mail
RIP GOP law-&-orderApril 5, 2018“RICH LOWRY of NATIONAL REVIEW: "President Trump’s Attitude Toward Special Counsel Mueller Should Be, 'Come and Get Me, Copper'" RIP GOP, self-described "law-and-order" party (1964—2018).” [3]Rich Lowry, Trump, Mueller, RosensteinNational Review, GOP, WH, Politico
Manafort pipelineApril 5, 2018“This article is relevant in a few ways: it ties Manafort to fake news campaigns; ties him to oppo Clinton research; and confirms a Manafort-Breitbart pipeline. Putin likely knew all this when Trump showed up in Moscow in 2013 wanting to run for president.” [2]Manafort, Clinton, Putin, Trump, Deripaska, KilimnikFake News, Clinton kompromatGuardian, Breitbart, Kremlin
Weapons dealsApril 4, 2018“In 2012, George NADER was brokering a weapons deal in which Russian arms would go to Iraq. In 2013, Trump NatSec adviser Joe SCHMITZ was brokering a weapons deal in which Russian arms would go to Syria. I hope Mueller's looking at any possible connections.” (unrolled) [11]Nader, Schmitz, Mueller, Trump, Putin, Page, Orban, Papadopoulos, Sater, ClovisBack Channels, Hungary, UAE, Mayflower MeetingNatSec, Quartz, NYT, FSB
Virtual dinner?April 4, 2018“Has anyone considered the possibility Roger Stone communicated with Julian Assange on August 3, 2016 by means other than direct contact, e.g. Skype? A sharp reader points out that the popular fixation with Stone having to physically be in a room with Assange is very last century.” [3]Stone, AssangeBack Channels, WikiLeaks CommunicationSkype
Trump not targetApril 3, 2018“To be clear, there are no circumstances under which Mueller could have named Trump as a target right now; it'd be as good as saying Mueller thinks Trump committed a crime (and given the present menu of crimes, an impeachable one) months before he's ready.” (unrolled) [21]Mueller, Trump, Rosenstein, FlynnLegal, SC Investigation, ImpeachmentWaPo, DOJ, HJC, WH, OSC
Doctored image?April 3, 2018“Either this is a doctored image or Stone's passport-"proven" claim he never left America between 2010 and 2017 except to go to the Bahamas (2010) and Romania (2017) is false. It's no wonder Mueller is investigating Stone and—per Nunberg—considering criminal charges against him.” [6]Mueller, Stone, Nunberg, AssangeBack Channels, WikiLeaks Communication
Passport alibiApril 3, 2018“UPDATE: Roger Stone has provided an 8/3/16 ticket for an LA-Miami flight that says "Roger" on it and a page from his passport (2010, Bahamas; 2017, Romania). Do I think Stone met Assange? No. Do I think he was involved in dirty tricks and may have lied to investigators? Possible.” [2]Stone, Assange, Cohen, ManafortBack Channels, WikiLeaks Communication
Dinner with AssangeApril 3, 2018“PLEASE RT if you'd like Roger Stone—who *loves* to post videos, record editorials, and tweet about the Russia probe—to publicly offer America an alibi for his whereabouts on August 3, 2016. He emailed a close friend to say he dined with Julian Assange that night—now he denies it.” [3]Stone, Assange, NunbergBack Channels, WikiLeaks Communication
VdZ sentencedApril 3, 2018“This is a good reminder that federal sentencing is more draconian than state sentencing. It is very hard for a first-time nonviolent offender to get jail or prison time, even "just" a month, in most states.” [3]Van der Zwann, Kilimnik, Gates, MuellerVan der Zwann Sentencing, Legal
Subjective POVsApril 3, 2018“What @ jeffzeleny gets wrong here—and many in media forget—is CNN is a journalistic enterprise that does more than hard news reporting. So yes, reporters like Jeff are objective. But CNN has every right/responsibility to have non-reporter journalists with subjective perspectives.” [4]Jeff Zeleny, TrumpJournalismCNN
Floated as AGApril 3, 2018“Scott Pruitt looks to be incompetent and corrupt. Yet Trump is encouraging him and offering him his support. Wondering why? Well, don't forget Pruitt was floated as a replacement for Sessions if Trump fires him. Think Trump would benefit from (another) incompetent, corrupt AG?” [9]Pruitt, Trump, Sessions, Mueller, Shulkin, McMasterSC InvestigationPolitico
Caveat lectorApril 2, 2018“ThinkProgress isn't a reliable outlet—as I know from firsthand experience. If this story is followed up on and reported as accurate from an actual media outlet, it will be significant and confirm that Sessions is indeed a primary target for Bob Mueller. Until then, caveat lector.” [3]Mueller, Sessions, Papadopoulos, Mangiante, Wilson, BertrandThinkProgress
Mueller's authorityApril 3, 2018“This breaking news from CNN means two things: first, Paul Manafort's argument that Mueller has no authority to investigate him is dispelled; second, the argument that Mueller has exceeded his authority is now made impossible by a redacted addendum to Mueller's authorizing letter.” [3]Manafort, Mueller, Rosenstein, TrumpCNN
FSB's European HQApril 2, 2018“FSB's European HQ is in Hungary. Hungary's leader is a Putin pal who gave an unusual campaign endorsement of Trump. Erik Prince was in Hungary. Trump NatSec advisers Page & Schmitz met the Hungarian ambassador in Hungary—& Sessions met the ambassador too?” [5]Putin, Trump, Prince, Page, Schmitz, Sessions, Kislyak, Gorka, Gordon, PapadopoulosKislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Greece, Hungary, Page TestimonyFSB, NatSec, Atlantic, Congress, Kremlin
Who orchestrated?April 1, 2018“A question no one ever answers for me: if Trump DIDN'T orchestrate all the bizarre events no one would have randomly thought up themselves—Kushner, Kislyak, and the Russian SCIF; Prince seeking a Trump-Putin backchannel in the Seychelles; Don Jr. hunting for Clinton dirt—who DID?” [3]Trump, Kushner, Kislyak, Putin, Prince, Trump Jr., ClintonKislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Seychelles, I Love It Meeting, Clinton kompromat
Something oddApril 1, 2018“(1 of 2) Here's something odd: Trump linked to a Fox News article—which was a re-publication of a Washington Examiner article—on the day Comey wrote his letter to Congress that changed the course of the election. Fox News has deleted the article; so has The Washington Examiner.” [4]Trump, Comey, ClintonComey LetterFNC, Washington Examiner, Congress, FBI
T-R ExhaustionApril 1, 2018“(THREAD) If you or someone you know suffers from Trump-Russia exhaustion, please read and RT this. Trump's strategy is to get us to cease caring about his coordination with Russia because investigating it takes too long. A long thread may seem an unusual antidote, but try it out.” (unrolled) [69]Trump, Mueller, McGahn, Clinton, Putin, George Bush, Steele, Nunes, Papadopoulos, Flynn, Gates, Manafort, Page, Clovis, Nader, Kushner, Trump Jr., Sessions, Gordon, Benedict Arnold, Deripaska, @Khanoisseur, @SkeddyRuxypin, @MoreLes101, Aras Agalarov, ObamaMiss Universe Moscow 2013, Steele Dossier, RNC Platform Change, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Mayflower Meeting, Legal, Journalism, Impeachment, Miss USA Las Vegas 2013, EmailsPolitico, Congress, WH, FBI, NYT, Buzzfeed, SSCI, HPSCI, HCOGR, SJC, GOP, Senate, House, WaPo, Dems, DOJ, Kremlin
McCabe not leakerMarch 31, 2018“Judicial Watch has the McCabe-Comey emails, and they suggest candor on McCabe's part—which may be why Comey is equivocal on what McCabe said. (And understand that McCabe is *not* the FBI leaker Comey was worried about when he wrote his letter to Congress.)” [4]McCabe, Comey, Manu Raju, WeinerTrue Pundit Hoax, Comey LetterCNN, FBI, Judicial Watch, Congress
In investigative lullMarch 31, 2018“I gave an interview with Columbia Univ. researchers yesterday and said all indications are that Trump's 2019 impeachment will be (by DC standards) bipartisan. Right now we're in an investigative lull; on the other side of this are months of revelations that will rock the country.” [2]Trump, AbramsonImpeachmentColumbia University
Malloch subpoenaedMarch 31, 2018“Mueller Subpoenas Roger Stone-linked Academic Ted Malloch, a Former Trump Campaign Advisor Described As a Trump "Insider" and "Favorite"” [3]Stone, Mueller, Malloch, Trump, Farage, Assange, Guccifer 2.0
In plain sightMarch 29, 2018“On July 8, 2016, Carter Page put Trump's campaign on notice—in writing—that Russia supported Mr. Trump, telling Trump aides Russia's Deputy Prime Minister had said so to him directly. 3 weeks later, Trump publicly asked Russia to release stolen documents.” [3]Page, Trump, Chris Hayes Russia Sanctions, Hacked EmailsMSNBC, Kremlin, Youtube, GOP
Good probe analysisMarch 29, 2018“This is a good analysis of where Mueller is at in his probe, bolstered by the leaked news that Mueller has started asking questions about the RNC (Ukraine-related) platform change Gates and J.D. Gordon oversaw, which Gordon says Trump ordered in March '16.” [3]Mueller, Gates, Gordon, Trump, Justin Hendrix, Papadopoulos, ManafortRNC Platform Change, TIHDC NatSec MeetingRNC, emptywheel, Kremlin
Now Mueller's askingMarch 29, 2018“I began writing about J.D. Gordon's presence and role at (a) RNC meetings, and (b) Trump's April '16 "Mayflower Speech," in March 2017; now Mueller is asking the same questions. I said Gordon would be a Mueller witness; a year later, he is or soon will be.” [3]Gordon, Trump, Mueller, Acosta, Manafort, Sessions, Kislyak, Kubic, PapadopoulosKislyak contacts, RNC Platform Change, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Mayflower Meeting, Senate Office Meeting
Client control issueMarch 28, 2018“To those digging on Trump's new attorney because he's a state-level litigator who also has a Ph.D. in another subject (ahem): maybe take a step back and realize that *client control* is a primary issue here and Trump's previous high-powered federal attorneys failed on that score.” [3]Trump, MuellerLegal
Definitely hit it offMarch 26, 2018“FACTS: NYT—Trump has known Bannon since 2011, when Trump was considering a run. Bossie made the intro. "They definitely hit it off," he said. WP—Bannon, Wylie, Nix and the Mercers met in fall 2013—striking a deal in which Bob Mercer would fund the creation of Cambridge Analytica.” [4]Trump, Bannon, Bossie, Wylie, Nix, Bob Mercer, Rebekah Mercer, CruzCA PsyOpsCA, NYT, WaPo
More than terrifyingMarch 26, 2018“More than terrifying, this actually makes one wonder how the company continues to operate without being subject to a significant and immediate public investigation.” [2]Arstechnica, FB
Giuliani's cyber jobMarch 26, 2018“An attorney at Giuliani's law firm told Trump's digital marketing company that CEO Alex Nix couldn't "substantively manage" Trump without violating U.S. law. Nix then met with Trump "many times," according to his claims. Trump then gave Giuliani a government job in cybersecurity.” [2]Giuliani, Trump, NixCA PsyOps, Social Media AttackCA, ABC, Kremlin
Face bar disciplineMarch 26, 2018“The content of a lawyer's client file is almost entirely the client's property (though lawyers must retain copies for their records). Cohen tried to recruit Daniels' old lawyer into a conspiracy to withhold documents from her—he should face bar discipline.” [2]Cohen, Daniels, Trump, Keith DavidsonTrump kompromat, LegalLegal List
Greek Indy DayMarch 26, 2018“Trump should have celebrated Greek Independence Day by answering questions publicly about whether he directly or indirectly authorized George Papadopoulos to travel to Greece in May 2016 to meet not only with Putin pal and Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos but Kremlin agents.” [2]Trump, Putin, Papadopoulos, KammenosBack Channels, Greece, Russia SanctionsKremlin
Tweet countdownMarch 26, 2018“GOP legal superstar Ted Olson didn't just turn Trump down—he's adding insult to injury by ripping him publicly on a cable network Trump absolutely detests. Initiate Trump tweet calling Olson a "loser" in 3... 2... 1...” [1]Ted Olson, TrumpLegalHill, MSNBC
Seth's news "breaks"March 26, 2018“Very exciting news! BUZZFEED has just picked up—as breaking news—my reporting on Putin, Papadopoulos, and Kammenos from last October and November (which, to be very clear, I got by translating Greek news articles and speaking to Greek reporters directly):” [5]Seth Abramson, Putin, Papadopoulos, Kammenos, Trump, MuellerBack Channels, Greece, JournalismBuzzfeed, YouTube, Politico
Complex versus clearMarch 26, 2018“This is an important story that is being reported, unfortunately, through some *terrible* journalistic writing that fails to *clearly* explain to Americans where the illegality lies and *why* this all matters. This is a textbook case of complex facts obstructing clear reporting.” (unrolled) [34]Chris Vickery, Dell Cameron, Bannon, Trump, Rebekah Mercer, Robert Mercer, Kushner, Nix, Parscale, Mueller, Abramson Back Channels, I Love It Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Trump kompromat, Legal, Social Media Attack, Journalism, Alfa Bank Pinging, CA PsyOpsGizmodo, UpGuard, Alfa Bank, CA, Channel 4
Broidy in the newsMarch 25, 2018“Elliott Broidy: subject of a long thread of mine several days ago. Scroll down in the feed to find it or see the tweet attached to this one.” [2]Elliott Broidy, Trump, Ken Vogel, GatesNYT
Has no lawyersMarch 25, 2018“THREAD/ Trump effectively has no lawyers: (1) McGahn is a witness against him. (2) He no longer trusts Cobb and discusses firing him. (3) Dowd resigned. (4) DiGenova and Toensing chose not to join the team. (5) Sekulow is more activist than lawyer. (6) Cohen is mired in scandal.” (unrolled) [21]Trump, McGahn, Cobb, Dowd, diGenova, Toensing, Sekulow, Cohen, Bolton, Mueller, Comey, Sessions, Wray, Emmet Flood, Ted Olsen, Kasowitz, Corallo, Trump Jr., Artemenko, Daniels, Tillerson, McMaster, Kelly, HicksLegal, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, I Love It Meeting, Comey Firing, SC Investigation, Stormy Liaison, Peace DealLegal ListLegal Top PickOffice of the President
Self-serving storiesMarch 25, 2018“Nope—we mustn't repeat as fact, as Kyle (who I love) does here, self-serving stories told by the White House. The claim Trump doesn't know DiGenova whatsoever comes from Team Trump, and is almost certainly *false*. DiGenova helped Trump win the election by facilitating FBI leaks.” [2]Kyle Griffin, Trump, diGenovaJournalismMSNBC, FNC, WH, FBI
Happy out in worldMarch 23, 2018“You read all about this on this feed back in September (and again in October, and again in November) and now you, me, and everyone can read about it as breaking news in The Washington Post. Honestly, I'm just happy all this is getting out into the world.” [6]Papadopoulos, Kammenos, Putin, Priebus, Trump, ClintonBack Channels, GreeceWaPo, Kremlin, Interfax
Plea more RussianMarch 23, 2018“(THREAD) New evidence suggests Rick Gates' plea has much more to do with Russia than we thought. And that's because it may have more to do with Trump advisor Erik Prince and Trump fundraiser/RNC deputy finance chair Elliott Broidy than we thought. Hope you'll read on and share.” (unrolled) [45]Gates, Trump, Prince, Elliot Broidy, Mueller, Putin, Manafort, Nader, Robin Rosenzweig, Kushner, Flynn, Barrack, McFarlane, Salman, Steele, DiGenova, Comey, Toensing, Bolton, Clinton, Clovis, CoralloMideast Nuclear Deal, Steele Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, RNC Platform Change, Mayflower Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Gates Plea, Uranium One, Testimony, Russia Sanctions, UAE, Seychelles, Back ChannelsRNC, WH, Trump Campaign, McClatchy, Trump Victory Committee, HuffPo, MJ, Al-Jazeera, VTB, Kremlin, Hollywood Reporter, ProPublica, Congress, NYMag, Trump Inaugural Committee, Bloomberg, NYT, GOP, CNN
Russian Guccifer 2.0March 22, 2018“So, uh, Trump advisor Roger Stone was in contact with Russian intelligence pre-election and called himself a fan of their work (all federal crimes), then lied about it to Congress? That's what this breaking news about Guccifer 2.0 means.” [2]Trump, Stone, Guccifer 2.0Hacked emailsCongress
Media being playedMarch 22, 2018“Media—you're being played by the president daily because you haven't adapted your principles/practices to the digital sphere. Until you adapt to new technologies, journalistic modes and readership models, you'll keep misinforming us and aiding/abetting Trump's orchestrated chaos.” [2]Trump, MuellerJournalism
Not newsMarch 22, 2018“Sorry, but this is not news, Josh. The president has given every possible answer on this question—multiple times—over the last 300 days, with no meaningful movement on a meeting with Mueller. So you guys need to stop this nonsense of pretending this story has shape or direction.” [3]Trump, Mueller, Josh Dawsey, Dowd, DiGenovaJournalismCNN, WH
Dowd resignsMarch 22, 2018“BREAKING: DOWD RESIGNS Cobb will be gone soon too. That'll leave Trump with only radicals—Sekulow, DiGenova, and perhaps, soon, Kasowitz again—working on this legal team. These are men who'll encourage and facilitate Trump's worst instincts, including his desire to fire Mueller.” [2]Dowd, Cobb, Sekulow, Kasowitz, DiGenova, Trump, Mueller, Eric Tucker, McGahn, ComeySC InvestigationAP
Epic tiltMarch 21, 2018“(THREAD) Tonight's CNN tilt between @ JeffreyToobin and my former professor @ AlanDersh was epic. What Alan says matters more now than ever, given that Trump—whose behavior is increasingly contemptuous of the rule of law—cites him as an authority. But Alan is wrong—and here's why.” (unrolled) [25]Toobin, Dershowitz, Trump, Bill Clinton, Mueller, Sessions, Rosenstein, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Jeffrey EpsteinLegal, ImpeachmentLegal ListCNN, Congress, OSC, DOJ, Executive, WH, House, Senate, FBI
Perjury, FBI believedMarch 21, 2018“BREAKING: We Were Right, Sessions Committed Perjury (or So the FBI Believed)” [6]Sessions, McCabe, Mueller, RosensteinLegal, Testimony, McCabe FiringLegal ListFBI, ABC, Congress
Blowing a Putin opMarch 21, 2018“As of March 2016, Rykov either was participating—or wanted people to think he was participating—in a conspiracy with Trump (2013 Moscow trip) associate Klyushin. If he was lying—even if he was telling the truth—he'd be blowing a Putin op, and he's a Putin pal. So what's the deal?” [2]Rykov, Trump, Klyushin, Putin, ClintonCA PsyOps, Miss Universe Moscow 2013CA, FB
Worth investigatingMarch 21, 2018“Here's one of my many threads on Putin/Kremlin agent Konstantin Rykov—who has credibly claimed to have worked with Trump and Cambridge Analytica pre-election. Can his claims be 100% confirmed? Not yet. Is there enough to make them worth investigating? Yes.” [2]Rykov, Trump, Manafort, Putin, Schiller, Emin Agalarov, Artem KlyushinCA PsyOps, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Fake News, Social Media AttackCA, NatSec, Kremlin
Cannot enforce itMarch 20, 2018“Understand that the "lawyer" on the left is saying a bunch of things that literally have nothing to do with contract law. Trump was not a party to the NDA and cannot enforce it; Michael Cohen (as EC, LLC) was a party but cannot show damages. Also, Cohen has violated the contract.” (unrolled) [14]Trump, Cohen, Daniels, Harder, Karen MacDougal, Summer ZervosTrump kompromat, Stormy LiaisonEC, LLC, CNN
Watch, Trump votersMarch 20, 2018“The people who REALLY need to watch the three undercover Cambridge Analytica videos compiled by @ Channel4News aren't Trump critics, but Trump VOTERS. These three videos—under an hour, total, in length—explain EXACTLY how the Trump campaign hoodwinked Republican voters nationwide.” (unrolled) [14]Trump, voters, Trump Jr.CA PsyOps, I Love It Meeting, True Pundit Hoax, WikiLeaks, Fake News, Social Media Attack, EmailsCA PsyOps ListCA PsyOps Top PickCA, Channel 4, WikiLeaks, FBI, Kremlin, WH, FB
Third must-watch vidMarch 20, 2018“BREAKING:” [3]Trump, Alexander NixCA PsyOpsCA, CNN, Channel 4
DiGenova threatenedMarch 20, 2018“1/ On January 5, 2016, new Trump attorney Joe DiGenova threatened AG Loretta Lynch over the Clinton probe, saying the FBI would "revolt" against the DOJ if it didn't prosecute Clinton. DiGenova said that the revolt against the AG would be "massive."” (unrolled) [16]DiGenova, Trump, Clinton, Lynch, Comey, Bernie Sanders, Jane Sanders, Toensing, McCabe, Nate Silver, Corallo, Clovis, Prince, Mueller, IngrahamTrue Pundit Hoax, Impeachment, Uranium One, EmailsHoax ListHoax Top PickFBI, Media Matters, Dems, FNC, Free Beacon, NYT, Judicial Watch, FiveThirtyEight, DOJ
Implied mid-2013March 20, 2018“I've said that Michael Cohen implied to The New York Post in mid-2013 that Trump would run, and that Trump was letting Russians know he'd run by late 2013. Since I said that, the confirmed latest date for Trump deciding to run has been pushed back from June 2015 again and again.” [3]Cohen, Trump, Christopher WylieCA PsyOpsNYPost, CA, CNN
Ordered his attorneyMarch 19, 2018“BREAKING NEWS (NYT): Two Sources Tell New York Times That Trump Ordered His Attorney John Dowd to Publicly Call for Mueller's Firing” [2]Trump, Dowd, Mueller, HabermannSC Investigation, JournalismNYT
Watch CA videoMarch 19, 2018“To understand Trump's 2016 campaign, you have to watch this video about Cambridge Analytica. Remember that it was former Cambridge Analytica VP Steve Bannon who ran Trump's campaign in October, and used his media outlet—Breitbart—to spread disinformation.”Trump, BannonCA PsyOps, Journalism, Fake News, Social Media AttackCA, Breitbart, Channel 4
March 19, 2018“(FACT) The reason Trump has declared war on the FBI is to obscure—even frame as preposterous—the truth of what occurred in October 2016: rogue, pro-Trump FBI agents who hated Clinton illegally blackmailed Comey into reopening the Clinton probe and throwing the election to Trump.”Trump, Clinton, ComeyTrue Pundit HoaxFBI
If hadn't reopenedMarch 19, 2018“*KEY FACTS* 1) Clinton wouldn't have lost if Comey hadn't reopened the FBI probe of Clinton's emails on 10/27/16 (538). 2) Comey reopened the probe over a fear of leaks (NYT). 3) Trump, his campaign and his allies engineered the leaks (Daily Caller). 4) Trump stole the election.”Clinton, Comey, TrumpTrue Pundit Hoax, EmailsHoax ListFBI, NYT, Daily Caller, FNC, Lars Larson Radio Program, InfoWars, LifeZette, Laura Ingraham Radio Program, Washington Times, True Pundit, 538
Prep for IG reportMarch 19, 2018“THIS is the story you need to understand before the IG report comes out. And check Trump's tweets from October 23 and October 24: it's clear he was getting regular updates on the illegal FBI leaks his pal Joe DiGenova was helping to facilitate—and which cost Clinton the election.”Trump, Joe DiGenova, Clinton, Horowitz, Toensing, PrinceTrue Pundit Hoax, TestimonyHoax ListFBI, Breitbart, NYT, IG, Congress
Must let idea goMarch 18, 2018“This is stupid. Democrats, stop doing all you can to turn McCabe into a political hack. He's *not*. And if he's going to be an effective witness against Trump, he can't be seen as having *ever* been a political operative. Wake up, Democrats. America needs you to act like adults.”Democrats, McCabe, TrumpMcCabe FiringHill
Sessions' behaviorMarch 18, 2018“Hm. So maybe @ JonathanTurley can explain how or why J.D. Gordon, were he to have repeated to Mueller what he told the press about Sessions' behavior on March 31, 2016, or were he to do so in the future, would *not* be charged with Making False Statements?”Jonathan Turley, Gordon, Sessions, Trump, Acosta, Bertrand, MuellerTIHDC NatSec Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Back ChannelsReuters, CNN, BI
Subpoena = red lineMarch 17, 2018“Listen: Trump's *actual* "red line" for Mueller is a subpoena. Trump will refuse to speak to Mueller and force him to issue a subpoena. A subpoena is a perjury trap for Trump, so at that point Trump will have to fire Mueller. In other words, things are coming to a head soon.”Trump, MuellerLegalLegal List
Right way to readMarch 17, 2018“The right way to read a Donald Trump tweet: (1) Understand that Trump did *absolutely everything* he is accused of doing—and *worse*. (2) Read the tweet again and ask yourself what kind of sociopath would act this way knowing that he's 100% guilty of everything he's accused of.”Trump, Mueller, ClintonSteele Dossier, SC Investigation, FISADNC, FISC, SCO
Firing celebratedMarch 17, 2018“McCabe is a *Republican* who was pretextually fired for actions that hurt the *Clinton campaign*. And Trump is celebrating. That tells you all you need to know about the prospective rather than retrospective motivation behind this firing. This is all about a future impeachment.” [2]McCabe, Clinton, Trump, SessionsMcCabe Firing, ImpeachmentGOP, DOJ
Not the first timeMarch 17, 2018“This isn't the first time Dowd has made statements that should lead to bar oversight and discipline. He secretly composed an inculpatory tweet on behalf of a client, and now makes a statement like this as part of his representation of that client. What the hell is wrong with him?” [2]Dowd, TrumpLegal
Entertaining journo?March 16, 2018“Acting as a trash receptacle for leaks, slanders, and innuendo from the Right's radical fringe isn't "breaking news," Sean. HANNITY is entertainment journalism that—at its best—aspires to advocacy journalism. On its worst days, it's libelous, cruel, and grotesquely unpatriotic.” [3]Hannity, Shepard Smith, Trump, ClintonFISA, Journalism, Steele DossierFNC
Legal analysesMarch 16, 2018“Thanks to @ Slate for this—but I need to add that when covering an attorney's legal analyses, s/he should be identified as an attorney. I'm an attorney; non-practicing attorneys (e.g. professors) often go on temporary "inactive/retired" status to avoid higher dues and costly CLEs.” [2]Abramson, Jeremy Stahl, Daniels, TrumpJournalism, Stormy LiaisonSlate
Cannot enforce NDAMarch 15, 2018“This article misquotes me—I didn't say "unenforceable"; that's a term with legal meaning—and misconstrues my point: my point is that Cohen's in breach of the arbitration clause and Trump isn't a party to the contract at all, so Trump can't enforce the NDA.” [4]Abramson, Cohen, Trump, Daniels, Clifford, Professor SuperLegal, JournalismLegal ListSlate, EC, LCC
b4 his pension vestsMarch 14, 2018“BREAKING: Trump, through Sessions, is trying to exact punishment against a 21-year FBI veteran he knows will be a witness against him in a criminal case by trying to have him fired days before his pension vests—a decision that may cost McCabe untold hundreds of thousands or more.” (unrolled) [11]Trump, Sessions, McCabe, Comey, Mueller, RosensteinLegal, ImpeachmentLegal ListLegal Top PickNYT, FBI
Co-conspiratorMarch 13, 2018“Amazing we're covering Trump's Twitter firing of Tillerson and his idea for a "Space Force" and not the news Mueller witness Papadopoulos claims Jeff Sessions was a Trump co-conspirator on Russia beginning in March 2016 at the latest. He knew Trump sought to meet Putin secretly.” [5]Trump, Mueller, Papadopoulos, Sessions, Putin, Daniels, CohenTIHDC NatSec Meeting, Stormy Liaison, Back Channel, Journalism, Papadoupolus PleaTwitter, Congress
Poisoning updateMarch 13, 2018“UPDATING a previous tweet: CNN reports that the Tillerson decision was made while Tillerson was in Africa, and therefore could not have been made because of Tillerson's comments about the Skirpal poisoning. But Tillerson apparently *found out* about the decision on Twitter today.” [2]Tillerson, Skirpal, TrumpTillerson firingTwitter, CNN
Suicide pactMarch 13, 2018“BREAKING: Did Tillerson's firing trigger the October 2017 "suicide pact" between Tillerson, Mattis, and Mnuchin? And if not, why not? The three agreed to all quit *together* if any one of them was fired. Media needs to check in with Mattis and Mnuchin now.” [3]Tillerson, Mattis, MnuchinTillerson firingDaily Mail, BuzzFeed, Hill
Now a book says soMarch 12, 2018“BREAKING: Readers of this feed know I wrote about this last fall—how the men at the 3/31/16 meeting lied about what happened, and how Trump and Papadopoulos had previously undisclosed contacts—but now a book says so, so it can be accepted as breaking news.” [6]Trump, Papadopoulos, Putin, Mangiante, Seth AbramsonTIHDC NatSec Meeting, Back Channels, Greece, Russia SanctionsYahoo, WH, Kremlin, WaPo
Prince never namedMarch 12, 2018“BREAKING:” [2]Hamad al Mazroie, Mohammed Dahlan, bin Zayed, Prince, NaderBack Channels, Seychelles, UAE, MaldivesDaily Mail
Love and scared forMarch 12, 2018“I want people to know I'm doing this work because I love and am scared for my country—and think far too much news (and too many investigative connections) are slipping through the cracks because of problems in our media ecosystem. I don't do this for love of any party/politician.” [2]Trump, Pence, Seth Abramson
Facts and expertiseMarch 12, 2018“That's exactly correct: I don't exaggerate and I don't make things up. I rely on public reports (including many that have slipped through the cracks) as part of a concerted effort to *not* normalize what is abnormal. And because I rely on facts and expertise, I'm usually correct.” [3]Seth Abramson, TrumpJournalism
With active FBI agentMarch 12, 2018“BREAKING: It turns out that Donald Trump was conspiring with an *active* FBI informant while he was secretly leveraging his presidential run in 2015 and 2016 to get a business deal with Russian nationals. Do I need to point out how *hard* that's going to come back to bite him?” [4]Trump, Sater, Cormier, Leopold, MuellerBuzzFeed, FBI
Letter to PutinMarch 9, 2018“BREAKING: Trump wrote a letter to Putin before traveling to Moscow in November 2013—and in it he mentions wanting to see Moscow's "beautiful women." What I don't know is why WP doesn't include that Trump told FNC he spoke to Putin by phone while in Moscow.” [4]Trump, Putin, Steele, Aras Agalarov, Emin Agalarov, Gref, Kozhin, SchillerSteele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Trump kompromat FNC, WaPo, Sberbank, Congress
No assurancesMarch 9, 2018“I hope this goes without saying, and no one feels a thread is necessary: prosecutors make one assurance only to potential defendants, which is that they won't charge them with an offense after the statute of limitations for that offense is up. Beyond that, nobody gets assurances.” [3]Trump
Chilly day in hellMarch 9, 2018“This is a lawyer telling you it will be a chilly day in the land of eternal damnation when Mueller agrees to this” [2]Rebecca Ballhaus, Trump, MuellerWSJ
Seedy,venal,criminalMarch 8, 2018“Isn't Trump friends with Jeffrey Epstein? And 100+ mobsters? I think we're past the point at which stories about the moral character of the men whose company Trump keeps are interesting. Trump's milieu is, at base, seedy, venal, and criminal. This story only deepens that picture.” [2]Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, George Nader, Natasha Bertrand, Jesus, ManafortAtlantic
Twitter and MSMMarch 8, 2018“December 5, 2017: SLATE—calling me a "writing professor"—publishes an article titled "Please, Please Stop Sharing Seth Abramson's Very Bad Tweets" March 8, 2018: SLATE—calling me an "attorney"—publishes an article (see below) recommending my Twitter feed” [3]Seth Abramson, Trump, DanielsTrump kompromat, Journalism, Stormy LiaisonSlate, Twitter
Maybe Papa's tripMarch 8, 2018“There's a reasonable chance that the New York Magazine excerpt below is referring to George Papadopoulos' campaign-approved trip to Greece in December 2016. Papadopoulos had previously met Putin allies (and possibly Russians too) during two May 2016 trips to Greece. So this fits.” [2]Papadopoulos, Putin, Kushner, Flynn, Kislyak, Trump, MuellerBack Channels, Greece, Seychelles, Back Door MeetingNew York Magazine, WaPo
Great. Please explainMarch 8, 2018“1/ To @ DavidCornDC and @ Isikoff: you guys are doing great work. But you're going to have to explain why the Trump Org claims the Trump-Agalarov Trump Tower Moscow deal was "killed" by Ivanka in February '14, while the Agalarovs say it died in February '17.” [5]Corn, Isikoff, Trump, Emin Agalorov, Aras Agalorov, IvankaTrump Tower MoscowTower Moscow ListRussia Construction, Trump Org, Sberbank, State
Kremlin agents knewMarch 8, 2018“ A few major reveals here, including the fact that, at the very latest, Kremlin agents knew or had very strong reason to believe (via Trump himself) Trump would be running for president by January 2015—6 months before Trump made his announcement to America.” [2]Trump, Putin, Schiller, Nunberg, Emin AgalarovMiss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Trump kompromatKremlin, Yahoo
Re-up Prince threadMarch 7, 2018“ Tonight seems like the night to re-up this thread on Erik Prince from... three months ago.” (unrolled) [11]Prince, Trump, Bannon, Giulinai, Clinton, Comey, Mueller, Kushner, Manafort, Gates, Trump Jr., Ivanka, Flynn, Sessions, Clovis, Page, Papadopoulos, Cohen, Sater, Hicks, Nunberg, Gordon, Spicer, Priebus, Lewandowski, DeVos, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Putin, MagnitskyTrue Pundit Hoax, Back Channels, Seychelles, Russia SanctionsBreitbart, NYPD, FBI, WaPo
Confusing hedMarch 7, 2018“ This hed needs to be changed, as it contains a key error: COHEN got the restraining order, and indeed TRUMP's attempts to evade involvement in the case are *precisely* what the parties will be litigating over the next few weeks and months. So this hed really will confuse readers.” [2]Cohen, Trump, Jesse Rodriguez, DanielsTrump kompromat, Stormy LiaisonNBC, EC, LLC
Publicly tamperedMarch 7, 2018“ As much as I want to congratulate the NYT for its journalism—finding Trump tampered with two witnesses—we all realize that he's PUBLICLY tampered with, or already been REPORTED as having tampered with, like, 20, right? Yates, Comey, Flynn, Trump Jr., Hicks, Bannon, Lewandowski...” [2]Trump, Yates, Comey, Flynn, Trump Jr., Hicks, Bannon, Lewandowski, McGahn, PriebusLegalLegal ListNYT
Hicks' emails hackedMarch 7, 2018“ BREAKING: Hicks Says Her Campaign and Personal Email Accounts Were Hacked (Obvious question: if important campaign or personal emails were permanently deleted—or if there's an email Hicks wants to disavow—will she somehow say this "hack" was the culprit?)” [2]Hicks, TrumpTrump kompromat, Hacked emails, EmailsNBC, HPSCI
Hush AgreementMarch 7, 2018“ (THREAD) I'm hearing some strange legal analyses of the Daniels-Trump lawsuit. I think it's important we understand the ways in which Trump's "Hush Agreement" with Daniels was nonstandard—and why these deviations from common practice could harm Trump. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [47]Daniels, Trump, Avenatti, Cohen, Paul Callan, Jeffrey Toobin, Obama, SandersTrump kompromat, Stormy LiaisonKremlin, CNN, Essential Consultants (EC, LLC), MSNBC
Scaramucci DmitrievMarch 7, 2018“ I think anyone who's been following the Trump-Russia probe *suspects* Scaramucci discussed sanctions with Dmitriev in Davos—then lied about it just like Erik Prince did. That said, nothing in the recent NYT story on George Nader confirms Scaramucci talked sanctions with Dmitriev.” [2]Trump, Dmitriev, Prince, Nader, Tom Frank Back Channels, Davos, Russia SanctionsNYT, CNN
Papa, Putin, RybkaMarch 6, 2018“ BREAKING NEWS: Deripaska Mistress Nastya Rybka Was in Athens on the Same Day As George Papadopoulos and Vladimir Putin (Papadopoulos was there on a secret, as-yet unexplained trip for the Trump campaign, and Putin was there to talk sanctions with men we know Papadopoulos met.)” [6]Papadopoulos, Putin, Rybka, Deripaska, Mueller, Goldstone, Trump Jr., ClintonI Love It Meeting, Back Channels, Greece, UAE, Clinton kompromatInstagram, Kremlin
Man of mysteryMarch 6, 2018“ BREAKING NEWS: Among many other things, this "man of mystery" news means that Erik Prince lied repeatedly to Congress and can likely be charged with a felony. He said his trip had nothing to do with Trump and left George Nader entirely out of his testimony, clearly deliberately.” (unrolled) [14]George Nader, Prince, Trump, Dmitriev, Deripaska, Kushner, Carl Icahn, Manafort, Mueller, Gates, Trump Jr., Papadopoulos, Cohen, Sater, Hicks, Bannon, Nunberg, Gordon, Spicer, Priebus, Lewandowski, Sessions, Flynn, McFarlane, Kislyak, Ivanka, Giuliani, ComeyKislyak contacts, Mideast Nuclear Plants Deal, Back Channels, True Pundit Hoax, Seychelles, UAE, Dubai, Russia Sanctions, Legal, TestimonyLegal ListCongress, RDIF, CNN, FBI, Breitbart, HuffPo
Both audio & visualsMarch 6, 2018“ BREAKING (CNN): Nastya Rybka tells CNN she witnessed "Putin's favorite oligarch," ex-Manafort boss Oleg Deripaska, meet with several Americans in 2016 to discuss "a plan for the [2016 presidential] election." She says she has both audio and video.” [3]Rybka, Manafort, Deripaska, Alex LeslieBack ChannelsCNN
Criminal firingMarch 5, 2018“ So Trump is saying that the investigation of his campaign initiated by James Comey in June 2016 was an Obama conspiracy and a scandal "bigger than Watergate." This tweet is now evidence in the Mueller probe, as it's further proof of Trump's criminal intent when he fired Comey.” [3]Trump, Comey, Obama, Mueller, ClintonComey FiringComey Firing ListComey Firing Top PickTrump Campaign, FBI, Congress
Interesting slipMarch 5, 2018“ Interesting slip by Sam Nunberg on MSNBC with Ari Melber: he (clearly inadvertently) revealed that he *knows* Trump saw his (Nunberg's) interview last week saying Nunberg was complying with and respected Mueller's probe. Makes you wonder how or why Trump got that information out.” [3]Sam Nunberg, Ari Melber, Mueller, Trump, Stone, BannonMSNBC
Who's he protectingMarch 5, 2018“ Nunberg says he's never spoken to Gates or Manafort—ever—and never spoke to Hicks or Lewandowski during the period Mueller is looking at, so we've narrowed down who he's now protecting to: * Himself * Stone * Bannon * Cohen * Page * Schiller * The President of the United States” [6]Nunberg, Gates, Manafort, Hicks, Lewandowski, Mueller, Stone, Bannon, Cohen, Page, Schiller, Trump, MelberEmails
Two "watches"March 5, 2018“ Two Trump-Russia "watches" intensified today: (1) ROGER STONE INDICTMENT. With the revelation Stone lied to Congress—and a subpoena to his friend Nunberg—it seems Mueller could be closing in on Stone. (2) MUELLER FIRING. If there are damaging Nunberg-Trump emails, Trump may act.” [2]Stone, Nunberg, Mueller, TrumpWikiLeaks, EmailsCongress, WikiLeaks
Will defy subpoenaMarch 5, 2018“ (THREAD) BREAKING: In a stunning development in the Trump-Russia investigation, former top Trump aide Sam Nunberg says he will defy a Mueller subpoena, thereby risking incarceration. I discuss the context and implications of this development here. Hope you'll read on and share.” (unrolled) [30]Trump, Nunberg, Mueller, Trump Jr., Bannon, Stone, Clinton, Page, Jake Tapper, Bertrand, John Harwood, Gates, Manafort, Hicks, Lewandowski, Cohen, Schiller, MelberTrump Tower Moscow Deal, I Love It Meeting, Legal, Russia Sanctions, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emails, EmailsI Love It ListI Love It Top PickKremlin, MSNBC, Atlantic, NBC
What she knowsMarch 5, 2018“ So: (1) Go to her Thai jail cell. (2) Establish proof the recordings exist. (3) Give her temporary asylum. (4) If the recordings aren't what she says, deport her to Russia. The only reason for Trump not to act is he doesn't want us to know what she knows.” [1]Rybka, TrumpNYT
Carefully credulousMarch 5, 2018“ Let's be careful about how credulous we are with reports like this. Trump is leaking—via friends and aides—that he's ASTONISHED his daughter and son-in-law may have acted inappropriately. He's "asking" aides if they think it's possible. Let's grow up and see what he's doing here.” [2]Trump, Ivanka, KushnerMSNBC, AP
November memoMarch 5, 2018“ Reuters reported many months ago that Jared Kushner had a call of unspecified duration on an unspecified topic with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in November of 2016. Given the November 2016 Steele memo uncovered by the New Yorker, one wonders if Mitt Romney was discussed.” [2]Kushner, Kislyak, Romney, Steele, TrumpSteele Dossier, Russia SanctionsDossier ListReuters, New Yorker
UAE-U.S. connectionMarch 3, 2018“ See my prior threads on Trump Jr.'s secret trip to the UAE, Erik Prince's multiple ties to the UAE, and, days ago, my thread on the UAE and U.S. aluminum policy. Regular readers of this feed will not be surprised to see this New York Times story or the UAE-U.S. policy connection.” [2]Trump Jr., Prince, Mueller, Dmitriev, PutinBack Channels, Seychelles, Russia SanctionsNYT, RDIF
Missing cite foundMarch 3, 2018“ Ah, found it! My missing cite! Many thanks to @ chicken_afraido for searching the archive for this.” (Addendum to thread below) [1]Stanislav BelkovskySteele Dossier, Trump kompromatDaily Beast, Rain TV
Nastya RybkaMarch 3, 2018“ (THREAD) It's time to talk about Nastya Rybka—the sex worker from Belarus who has plausibly claimed to have intel on Trump's ties to the Kremlin and is seeking asylum to tell her story. No longer a sideshow, this developing story is now in major media. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [53]Nastya Rybka, Trump, Manafort, Deripaska, Navalny, Steele, Sarka, Cohen, Daniels, Schiller, Klyushin, Rykov, Obama, PutinSteele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromat, Stormy LiaisonDossier List, Miss Universe ListKremlin, NBC, CIA, BBC, MI6, Trump Org, Guardian, Google, CNN, Twitter
GOP inquiring? Wild!"March 2, 2018“ That it's the GOP inquiring about this is wild as hell. The month delay in notifying Comey about the Weiner emails or getting Abedin/Weiner permission to view them or getting a search warrant kept the issue alive to blow up right before the election. The FBI's delay hurt CLINTON.” [4]Comey, Weiner, Abedin, Clinton, McCabe, TrumpTrue Pundit HoaxHoax ListFNC, FBI, GOP
Dumping aluminumMarch 2, 2018“ It's not just Trump advisor Carl Icahn dumping steel stock like he knew Trump would be issuing a surprise announcement on steel—it's the man Manafort offered Trump updates to getting out of aluminum under a week before the surprise announcement on aluminum.” [4]Carl Icahn, Trump, Manafort, DeripaskaRusal, CNBC, Reuters
Aluminum PrinceMarch 1, 2018“ 1/ This is just a note to say Erik Prince a) is known to secretly lobby Trump, b) is a Trump "shadow advisor," c) had a secret Russia meeting on Trump's behalf, d) is a Russia-probe witness, e) said the following to Congress (apropos of Trump's sudden, bizarre aluminum tariff):” (unrolled) [10]Prince, Speier, Kushner, Deripaska, Manafort, Trump, PutinBack Channels, Seychelles, TestimonyCongress, Rusal, NBC, RDIF
CaterwaulingMarch 1, 2018“ This is what I was caterwauling about yesterday. We *must* view every act of Obstruction on the president's part in the context of repeated, unambiguous, forceful advice from an army of attorneys telling him not to raise the Russia investigation *even for a second* with *anyone*. [3]Trump, Hicks, Mueller, Bill Clinton, Bettie Currie, Monica LewinskyLegalLegal ListPolitico, Congress, WH
Addicted to uppersMarch 1, 2018“ BREAKING NEWS: Kurt's reporting is worthy of significant national discussion. Others must look into this story so it can be confirmed or denied by 3+ news streams. A president addicted to uppers with his hand on the nuclear button, *if* that's the case, would be a global danger.” [7]Kurt Eichenwald, Trump, Hicks25th AmendmentNewsweek, scribd
Blast from the pastMarch 1, 2018“ Blast from the past (January 11, 2017, THE DAILY BEAST): “First they took a compromising video of [Trump] with prostitutes, then they recruited him. It seems obvious,” Echo of Moscow radio Deputy Editor-in-Chief Olga Bychkova said.” [2]Trump, Olga BychkovaTrump kompromatDaily Beast, Echo of Moscow
Journalistic modesFebruary 28, 2018“ My journalism students learn on Day 1 of the semester that there are 25 journalistic modes now in popular practice in America—and even more submodes. So when Maggie uses the term "non-reporters" as synonymous with "non-journalists," I get worried. Hard news reporting is one mode.” [3]Haberman, Hicks, TrumpJournalismNYT
Didn't age wellFebruary 28, 2018“ This tweet didn't age well. Maggie's gloss has now been superseded twice by CNN: 1) A report Hicks began considering leaving weeks (not months) ago—after her Mueller interview. 2) A report Trump's attack on her yesterday was a proximate cause of her resignation. That's reporting.” [2]Haberman, Trump, HicksJournalismNYT, CNN
Trump's beratingFebruary 28, 2018“ I just missed getting a chance to correct Charles during the CNNI segment I just completed, but the NYT reporting he cited as conclusive on Hicks has since been superseded by CNN reporting that in fact Trump's berating of Hicks *was* the straw that broke the camel's back for her.” [2]Charles, Trump, Hicks, HabermanNYT, CNNI, CNN
Berate for truthFebruary 28, 2018“ (THREAD) In America, if you know an employee who you have the power to fire or punish is a witness in a pending criminal investigation—and you angrily berate them for giving truthful testimony in a mid-probe interview with the intent to change their future testimony—it's a CRIME.” (unrolled) [13]Trump, Hicks, FlynnLegalLegal ListLegal Top PickWH, CNN, Congress, NYT, Hill, HPSCI
A really bad lookFebruary 28, 2018“ And now this. A *really* bad look for both Hicks and the NYT.” [2]Hicks, Mueller, Trump, AcostaJournalismNYT, CNN, SCO
Not how this worksFebruary 28, 2018“ The source doesn't get to write the story, Maggie. That's *not* how this works. Hope, having just admitted to *habitual white lies*, can say whatever she wants now about why she's leaving Trump's side, and no one is obligated to believe her given the exigencies of her situation.” (unrolled) [11]Haberman, Hicks, Mueller, Porter, TrumpJournalism, ImpeachmentNYT, Congress, MSNBC, HPSCI, OSC, CNN
HOLY WTFFebruary 28, 2018“ HOLY WTF” [3]Haberman, HicksNYT, WH
Talk to DiGenovaFebruary 28, 2018“ (THREAD) The Trump investigation no one is discussing is the one that could prove—via direct evidence—that Trump stole the presidency. Inspector General Horowitz needs to talk to Joseph DiGenova, a Trump supporter who may well be the man whose actions threw the election to Trump.” (unrolled) [42]Trump, Horowitz, DiGenova, Comey, Clinton, Giuliani, Nostradamus, Nate Silver, Clovis, Toensing, Laura Ingraham, Weiner, McCabe, Carmen Katz, Cynthia Campbell, Prince, Bannon, Stone, Flynn, Trump Jr., bots, Eric Trump, Lara TrumpTrue Pundit Hoax, Comey Letter, Fake News, JournalismHoax ListHoax Top PickHill, FBI, GOP, Congress, Daily Caller, DOJ, Senate Rules Committee, SJC, Senate Government Affairs Committee, SSCI, WMAL, True Pundit, NYT, Judicial Watch, FNC, Rolling Stone, NYPD, Blackwater, Conservative Daily Post, YourNewsWire, Breitbart, Trump Foundation, Youtube, NYPost, fivethirtyeight, Godlike Productions, WaPo
Collusion times 20February 28, 2018“ (THREAD) TWENTY TIMES TRUMP COLLUDED WITH THE RUSSIANS PLEASE RETWEET THIS LIST so that we can stop reading think-pieces in which Trump allies—or journos who don't follow the Trump-Russia story—sagely advise us that America has absolutely *no* evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.” (unrolled) [34]Trump, Steele, Lavrov, Clinton, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Putin, Cohen, Daniels, Mueller, Fedorova, Sessions, Page, Sater, Papadopoulos, Gordon, Manafort, Kislyak, Kushner, Trump Jr., Bannon, Comey, Nunes, Flynn, Gates, Mifsud, MuellerSteele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, RNC Platform Change, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Mayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Comey Firing, Nunes Unmasked, Legal, Favorites, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russian Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromat, Tweet timing, Speech Mention Timing, Journalism, WikiLeaks communications, Hacked emails, Social Media Attack, Testimony, Miss Universe 2002, Stormy LiaisonDossier ListKremlin, OSC, Congress, GOP, WikiLeaks, NatSec, NSA, Hill
Hard to watchFebruary 27, 2018“ It's hard for me to watch Anderson Cooper ( @ AndersonCooper/ @ AC360), who I like very much, ask a valid legal question to a lawyer on his panel, get an answer that's wildly wrong on the law, and be forced to go on without any attorney present to correct the lawyer who misled him.” [4]Anderson Cooper, Hicks, Bannon, LewandowskiLegalCNN, WH, Congress
If this Congress caredFebruary 27, 2018“ NEW: Rep. Quigley says Hicks is refusing to answer certain questions *without* asserting executive privilege, which, as with Bannon and Lewandowski, is grounds for a subpoena and then (if the refusals continued) Contempt if this Congress cared about the truth, which it doesn't.” [2]Quigley, Hicks, Bannon, Lewandowski, RajuLegalLegal ListCongress, CNN
Catching up, finally!February 27, 2018“ There's no other way to say this, but I feel like I *can* say it, given that tonight my DMs are flooded with people saying it: this feed has been *all over* the story below for a year now. Mueller has it, and now CNN is catching up. That's all to the good.” [2]Trump, Mueller, AbramsonTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, JournalismCNN
Friend of LavrovFebruary 27, 2018“ BREAKING NEWS: Top Trump Aide George Papadopoulos' Kremlin-Agent Contact Josef Mifsud (Who Has Disappeared) Is Revealed to be "Friend" of Sergei Lavrov, the Man the Steele Dossier Said in 2016 Was Running Trump-Russia Coordination and Trump Blackmail:” [2]Trump, Papadopoulos, Mifsud, Lavrov, Steele, Jonathan TurleySteele Dossier, Trump kompromatHill, Kremlin
Stone knows a lotFebruary 27, 2018“ BREAKING: Per Atlantic Story, Roger Stone Could Now Be Charged With a Federal Felony at Any Time for Lying Under Oath to Congress (In other words, Mueller has him if/when he wants him—it's only a question of the timing and manner of the indictment, now. And Stone knows a *lot*.)” [4]Stone, Mueller, Trump, Trump Jr.Legal, Twitter, WikiLeaks communicationsCongress, Atlantic, WikiLeaks, Twitter
FISC "Abuses" ProbeFebruary 27, 2018“ BREAKING NEWS: AG Sessions Announces Probe into FBI FISA Court "Abuses" * * Of which there were none, or at least no evidence of any thus far.” [3]Sessions, TrumpFISAFISC, FBI, DOJ
Whoa #2February 27, 2018“ Whoa #2.” [1]Virginia Heffernan, Nastya Rybka, Manafort, Deripaska, Luke Harding, Tom Steyer, Patrick Reevel, Alex LesliMiss Universe Moscow 2013
More & less criticalFebruary 27, 2018“ (THREAD) In this brief thread, I try to dispel some of the misinformation surrounding White House Communications Director Hope Hicks' closed-door testimony today before the House Intelligence Committee. It's more—and less—critical than you might think. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [22]Hicks, Ivanka, Conway, Trump, Trump Jr., Corallo, Mueller, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Papadopoulos, Page, BannonI Love It Meeting, Legal, Journalism, TestimonyWH, HPSCI, Congress, ABC, Trump Org, GOP
Legalized obstructionFebruary 26, 2018“ This is why I tweeted earlier about the clear direction of the Mueller probe being Trump-Russia coordination via money laundering: so that when you read the story below, you see that GOP obstruction on Trump's finances is legalized Obstruction of Justice.” (unrolled) [13]Mueller, Trump, Burr, Conaway, Gowdy, Schiff, Sarka, Wood, Steele, Schiller, Klyushin, Rykov, Alferova, Ruffin, LaBella, Daniels, Cohen, MacDougal, Clinton, Kaveladze, PutinMiss Universe Moscow 2013, Steele Dossier, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromat, Stormy LiaisonGOP, CNN, Congress, BBC, CIA, Trump Org
Dear anonymousFebruary 26, 2018“ Dear anonymous Twitter account @ counterchekist: On April 11, 2017, The Washington Post reported that the FBI secured a FISA on Page in June 2017. I quoted that reporting; I didn't make my own "claim." Much later, the Washington Post issued this correction, which I'll also quote:” [5]Page, counterchekist, Abramson, Mensch, TrumpFake News, JournalismWaPo, FBI, NYT
A stunning sentenceFebruary 26, 2018“ NEW YORK TIMES: "The presumption in Mr. Trump’s circle is that Mr. Manafort...could threaten Mr. Trump." That's a stunning sentence. It suggests that Trump's circle knows he committed crimes and knows that Paul Manafort knows about those crimes. And Manafort is likely to flip.” [6]Trump, Manafort, Bannon, SteeleSteele DossierNYT, NBC, Politico, NRO, Buzzfeed
Too stupid to colludeFebruary 25, 2018“ "A Man Who's Been Defrauding People for Four Decades Is Too Stupid to Collude With Russia By Simply Agreeing to a Pro-Russia Policy for Money" This is the last argument Trump dead-enders have. Pathetic—and a sign that, while a ways off, the end is coming.” (unrolled) [14]Trump, Putin, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Goldberg, Arnold, LaBella, Cohen, DanielsTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Russia Sanctions, Journalism, Hacked Emails, Stormy LiaisonNational Review, HuffPo, GOP
What's with PoliticoFebruary 25, 2018“ I've no idea what's going on at POLITICO. First its editor-in-chief wrote a piece calling himself a "Russiagate skeptic"—relying wholly on misstatements of fact in the Trump-Russia probe. Now we get this. The reality: Trump won't be on the ballot in 2020.” [4]Trump, MuellerMiss Universe 2002, JournalismPolitico
The Demo MemoFebruary 24, 2018“ (THREAD) BREAKING: This thread is a live-read of the House Intelligence Committee's just-released "Democratic Memo." The new memo torches the so-called "Nunes Memo" that Trump and his allies recently used to try to undermine or halt the Mueller probe. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [57]Nunes, Mueller, Trump, Steele, Papadopoulos, Page, Horowitz, Comey, Clinton, Giuliani, Manafort, Gates, Gowdy, Ned Price, Flynn, Rosenstein, Boente, Obama, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Strzok, Lisa Page, Greg Sargent, Prince, Trump Jr., PutinDemo Memo, Steele Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, Comey Firing, Favorite, Nunes Memo, Back Channels, Moscow, FISADemo Memo List, Nunes Memo List, Dossier List Demo Memo Top Pick, Nunes Memo Top Pick, Dossier Top PickCNN, GOP, Dems, FBI, DOJ, FISC, MI6, NYT, Fusion GPS, HPSCI, DOJ, NYPD, NatSec, Campaign, Kremlin, Congress, Yahoo, WaPo
Gates' guilty pleaFebruary 23, 2018“ (THREAD) This thread includes all you need to know—including key context others aren't reporting—about today's breaking news: Rick Gates' guilty plea. This is the third guilty plea by a major Trump campaign figure—putting Mueller on Trump's doorstep. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [41]Gates, Trump, Mueller, Manafort, Putin, Melania, Deripaska, Papadopoulos, Flynn, Lewandowski, Stone, Guccifer 2.0, Caputo, KushnerGates Plea, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Mayflower Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Favorite, Russia Sanctions, LegalCNBC, NBC, FBI, Reuters, GOP, RNC, Just Security, Kremlin, NYPost, WaPo, Guardian, CNN, NYMag, Vox, BI, WH
Suspiciously free feeFebruary 23, 2018“ I'd add that Manafort—despite being in financial trouble—offered his services to Trump as Campaign Manager FOR FREE. That means he expected to get money in the job by other means—a possible smoking gun that his direction of Trump's Russia policy was part of a criminal conspiracy.” [2]Manafort, Trump, DilanianMayflower Meeting, Russia SanctionsNBC
February 23, 2018“ There's no question the Gates plea puts enormous pressure on Manafort to cut a deal or else spend the rest of his life in prison. And remember that Trump told friends—per NBC—that Manafort could hurt him if he flipped. So this breaking news is a big deal.” (unrolled) [11]Gates, Manafort, Trump, Mueller, CobbRNC Platform ChangeNBC, NYT, RNC, MSNBC, WH
Threatening tweetsFebruary 23, 2018“ Yesterday, former Trump Communications Advisor @ MichaelRCaputo tweeted at dozens of Trump critics that Gates would never plead and any intimation he might was fake news. His tweets to me were *threatening*. Took less than 24 hours for you to be revealed for what you are, Caputo.” [2]Caputo, Trump, Gates, Abramson
What LaBella knowsFebruary 22, 2018“ Someone in the media needs to find out who "caught and killed" the Chuck LaBella story Trump attorney Michael Cohen so desperately wanted buried. Thus far there's only one credible source on what LaBella knows, and he's saying it's about a Trump-Putin phone call in November 2013.” [2]LaBella, Trump, Cohen, PutinTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatNYT
Understand, right?February 22, 2018“ Does everyone reading this feed understand that Donald Trump has *admitted on live television* that while in Moscow in November 2013 he had a conversation with Putin about U.S.-Russia relations? That's something everyone understands is a *fact*, right?” [5]Trump, Putin, Arnold, Mueller, Emin AgalarovTrump Tower Moscow DealTower Moscow ListQuartz, Forbes
Trump's puppetsFebruary 22, 2018“ As a teacher, I'm so glad we're talking about some half-cocked idea a man with yellow hair sh*t out about arming teachers INSTEAD OF how the same man refuses to IMPOSE THE SANCTIONS ON RUSSIA passed 517-5 by Congress. Armed teachers can be DISARMED by a disturbed student, moron.” [3]TrumpJournalismCongress, CNN, MSNBC, FNC
Over-hyped angleFebruary 22, 2018“ (1) There's no such thing as a "plea lawyer." Gates can use whatever lawyer he has to strike a deal. The Green angle has been greatly over-hyped. (2) Someone check to see if Trump or Manafort have gotten to Gates, because if I'm Mueller I'm thinking that.” [2]Gates, Green, Manafort, Trump, MuellerLegalHill
He'll eventually flipFebruary 22, 2018“ Perhaps the most telling item in the new Manafort/Gates indictments: only one of the co-defendants *opted* to face cases in DC *and* Virginia. I'm guessing the defendant was Manafort—and Gates making the unusual decision to waive a venue challenge is a sign he'll eventually flip.” [2]Manafort, GatesLegal
RNC pays SchillerFebruary 21, 2018“ Months ago, I made the case for disbelieving Keith Schiller's Congressional testimony—especially his claim he abandoned his post on Trump's door despite knowing there was an active blackmail threat against his principal. Now we learn the RNC is paying a Schiller op $180,000/year.” [5]Schiller, Trump, Steele, PutinMiss Universe Moscow 2013, Steele Dossier, Trump kompromatRNC
Don Jr. tweets PaineFebruary 21, 2018“ BREAKING: "Thomas Paine" anonymously authors the True Pundit fake news site, which tried to blackmail Comey into reopening Clinton's case pre-election. Don Jr. retweeted Paine's blackmail, then quietly deleted his RT. Now he's interacting with Paine again.” [3]Paine, Comey, Clinton, Trump Jr., David HoggTrue Pundit HoaxHoax ListTrue Pundit, Kansas City Star, FBI
13 RussiansFebruary 21, 2018“ (THREAD) I've not done a thread about Mueller's indictment of 13 Russians this week, as I'm oddly—for a Trump-Russia analyst—ambivalent about it. I'd like to explain how—while important—it's caused more confusion than clarity in Trump-Russia reporting. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [23]Mueller, Trump, Comey, Clinton, Horowitz, Flynn, Bannon, Trump Jr., Prince, Giuliani, PutinSteele Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, SC Investigation, Fake News, Social Media Attack, Journalism, Voting Hack, Election System Defense, Alfa Bank PingingHoax ListDOJ, FBI, Kremlin, True Pundit
Withdrawing a pleaFebruary 20, 2018“ Defendants request—and prosecutors must supply—this sort of evidence in all cases. An IG report has been prepared that *may* produce evidence previously unknown to and undiscovered by Flynn—so the judge ordered the evidence produced. Withdrawing a guilty plea is *extremely* hard.” [5]Flynn, Mueller, Brady, Napolitano, Trump, Susan SimpsonLegalHill, GOP
Can incriminateFebruary 20, 2018“ (THREAD) Per NBC, Trump has told friends he'd be in trouble if Paul Manafort "flipped" on him—clearly signaling that Manafort can incriminate him and get him impeached. By that measure, today's events have brought Trump closer than ever to impeachment. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [22]Trump, Manafort, Mueller, Gates, Comey, FlynnLegal, ImpeachmentLegal ListNBC, DOJ
Not so far afieldFebruary 20, 2018“ The lawyer Mueller charged with a federal felony today is the son-in-law of a Putin ally. That ally is connected to a Russian oil company and Alfa Group—whose pinging of Trump Tower systems during the campaign was never explained. So this charge isn't as far afield as some think.” [2]Mueller, PutinAlfa Bank PingingAlfa
LaBella shut upFebruary 19, 2018“ One of several buried ledes: Tom Arnold—a long-time Trump friend and a witness in the Mueller investigation—appears to have been correct in saying that Chuck LaBella can confirm damning information about Trump-Russia negotiations in Moscow. Cohen worked to get LaBella to shut up.” [2]Tom Arnold, Trump, Mueller, Chuck LaBella, Cohen, PutinTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatNYT, WaPo
Mueller closing inFebruary 19, 2018“ BREAKING NEWS (and further proof that, as predicted, Special Counsel Bob Mueller is closing in on a sanctions policy-for-money/aid Trump-Russia coordination plot):” [7]Mueller, Kushner, Trump, Kislyak, Putin, Gorkov, Eric Trump, Trump Jr., ManafortI Love It Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Kislyak Call, Banker MeetingCNN, Kremlin, Trump Org, Reuters
Trump-Russia skepticFebruary 18, 2018“ How many straw men does it take to make a Trump-Russia skeptic? I see at least 25 here, and could refute all of them in a single lengthy thread if I cared enough to convince Blake of basic facts he'd already know if he followed Trump-Russia news as closely as he implies he does.” [2]Trump, Blake Hounshell, Page
Again and againFebruary 18, 2018“ In September 2013, as he was expressing hope of meeting Putin in Moscow, Trump said that his politics talk would be a waste if he weren't going to run for POTUS in 2016. 60 days later, he went to Moscow and, per Kremlin agent Yulya Alferova, discussed politics "again and again."” [3]Putin, Trump, AlferovaMiss Universe Moscow 2013, Tweet TimingKremlin
Yulya confirmsFebruary 17, 2018“ (THREAD) Yulya Alferova—ex-wife of Russian oligarch Artem Klyushin and a member of Trump's entourage in Moscow in 2013—is yet another witness who confirms, albeit inadvertently, Trump lied about what happened at the Ritz Moscow. The list of such witnesses is now very, very long.” (unrolled) [21]Alferova, Klyushin, Trump, Steele, Emin Agalarov, Phil Ruffin, Schiller, Obama, Aras Agalarov, Rykov, Stanislav BelkovskyMiss Universe Moscow 2013, I Love It Meeting, Steele Dossier, Trump kompromat, JournalismDossier ListKremlin, Daily Beast, BuzzFeed, Rain TV, Guardian
You told RussiansFebruary 16, 2018“ Mr. Trump, you told the Russians you'd be running for president in Moscow in November 2013—and indeed it was that declaration that led to the anti-U.S. campaign in early 2014. Cohen had made clear by mid-2013 you were running; you confirmed it to the Agalarovs and Yulya Alferova.” (unrolled) [21]Trump, Cohen, Alferova, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Kaveladze, Klyushin, Putin, Sater, Khozin, Trump Jr., Ivanka, Schiller, Rykov, Mueller, Harding, Pence, Giuliani, Comey, ClintonI Love It Meeting, True Pundit Hoax, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Russian Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Miss USA Las Vegas 2013NYPost, SVB, Forbes, Buzzfeed, FNC
Corallo spokeFebruary 16, 2018“ Mark Corallo, former spokesperson for Trump’s legal team, spoke with Robert Mueller’s team on Thursday for over two hours, two people familiar with the matter told The Daily Beast.” [2]Corallo, Trump, Mueller, Hicks, Trump Jr., TrumpLegalDaily Beast, NYT
Don't listen to WHFebruary 15, 2018“Don't listen to the White House on what the Gates deal means. Don't listen to pundits who say Gates can only provide information on the Manafort case. Gates would be given a deal because of what he knows about the Russia investigation. Remember he helped change the GOP platform.” [6]Gates, Manafort, Papadopoulos, Flynn, Mueller, Trump, PenceLegal, RNC Platform Change, ImpeachmentLegal ListWH, GOP
Already provenFebruary 15, 2018“TRUMP-RUSSIA COLLUSION IS ALREADY PROVEN 1) Swear an oath to protect America in 2017. 2) Get told by your own government that the nation you swore to protect is under threat of Russian cyberattack in 2018. 3) Do nothing. 4) Admit you're doing nothing out of self-interest. {fin}” [4]TrumpRussia Sanctions, Russian Cyberattack, Hacked Emails, Voting HackWH
Misusing privilegeFebruary 15, 2018“It's time to return to this executive privilege primer from a month ago. Trump is now misusing executive privilege in a way I didn't even contemplate in my consideration of the topic last month: he's deciding what specific questions people can answer. I've never seen that before.” [3]Trump, BannonLegal
So easily blackmailedFebruary 14, 2018“I said it over a month ago, and will repeat it now: that Mr. Trump can be so easily and *successfully* blackmailed—with almost no effort expended by his blackmailer—and will lie and enlist others to lie about it, is a national security issue and relevant to the Trump-Russia case.” [2]Trump, Stormy Daniels, Melania, Rob PorterTrump kompromat, Stormy Liaison
Suspicious paymentsFebruary 14, 2018“Maybe these suspicious payments from Trump's campaign to Trump in late 2016—mere weeks after Michael Cohen paid Stormy Daniels an "unreimbursed" $130,000—will turn out to be outsized transition-period rent costs. Or maybe they won't. Media should investigate it. (h/t @ScottMonty)” [5]Trump, Cohen, Daniels, Scott MontyTrump kompromat, Stormy LiaisonEssential Consultants, Donald J. Trump for President, Trump Tower Commercial
About that sentenceFebruary 13, 2018“So @ CNN just wrote this sentence: "Trump has been skeptical about the intelligence assessment that Russia meddled ever since he was first briefed on the issue during the presidential transition." That's GREAT—given his first comprehensive briefing on this was on August 17, 2016.” (unrolled) [10]Trump, Mueller, Kennedy, PorterRussia Sanctions, Russian Cyberattack, JournalismCNN
Nothing to prepareFebruary 13, 2018“On the same day we learn that Trump has done nothing to prepare America for the 100% certain Russian cyber-attack predicted by all U.S. intelligence agencies, Sean Hannity would like you to search for hidden sperm in President Obama's Smithsonian portrait.” [2]Trump, Hannity, ObamaRussian Cyberattack, Voting HackFNC, Twitter
CIA already briefedFebruary 13, 2018“BREAKING: It appears when Trump used a recent NYT story to attack the FBI, he likely had already been briefed on it by his CIA Director and told it (the NYT story) was false. Which means Trump knowingly spread a story about the CIA he knew was false. Media should cover that now.” [5]Trump, Pompeo, Mueller, Clinton, PorterRussia Sanctions, SC Investigation, Fake NewsCIA, NYT, FBI, HuffPo, Senate
Analysis, a yr behindFebruary 12, 2018“If you're looking for an analysis of Steele's dossier that's a year behind—current as of mid-January '17—this is your article. If you're looking for a current assessment, sadly it can only be found on social media. And I mean it: that's sad. But also true.” (unrolled) [14]Steele, Trump, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Kozhin, Schiller, Sarka, Klyushin, Rykov, Cohen, Ivanka, Trump Jr., Bump, ComeySteele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, I Love It Meeting, Trump kompromat, Journalism, Miss USA Las Vegas 2013Dossier ListWaPo, Kremlin, Bloomberg, Forbes, Sverbank, Trump Org, BBC, CIA, HuffPo, FBI
Exemplary conductFebruary 12, 2018“Yet another example of President Obama acting exactly as a president should, asking exactly the right questions, and putting America's interests ahead of his own. It's sad that we've come to the point at which exemplary conduct of this sort is the subject of an oversight inquiry.” [2]Obama, Grassley, Graham, Trump
NewsworthinessFebruary 10, 2018“(THREAD) @ AllMattNYT, I teach journalism at University of New Hampshire. One of the first topics we cover is how to determine newsworthiness—including the 10 primary markers of newsworthy information. I think this story is a misreading of those and will explain why I say so here.” (unrolled) [31]Matt Rosenberg, Trump, Putin, Giuliani, Comey, Clinton, Nunes, Mueller, SteeleSteele Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromat, Journalism, Nunes MemoNYT, UNH, Congress, FBI, NYFO, CIA, NSA, CBS
Edit "proof"February 8, 2018“Max, I agree it's poorly worded. I referred to: "Navalny shows footage of Deripaska with Russian deputy prime minister Prikhodko on his yacht in Norway in August 2016. Based on that footage, he alleges that information about the Trump campaign must have passed between the two."” [7]Max de Haldevang, Navalny, Deripaska, Trump, Manfort, Victoria Nuland, Nastya Rybka, PrikhodkoBack ChannelsKremlin, Quartz
The Navalny tapeFebruary 8, 2018“(THREAD) BREAKING: The just-released "Navalny Tape" gets us *much* closer to seeing the whole of the Trump-Russia coordination narrative. In this thread I explain how a dozen Trump aides fit into the narrative—with Manafort and Papadopoulos as the stars. Hope you'll pass this on.” (unrolled) [103]Navalny, Trump, Manafort, Papadopoulos, Trump Jr., Kushner, Gates, Sessions, Page, Clovis, Lewandowski, Hicks, Flynn, Prince, Cohen, Sater, Phares, Gordon, Bannon, Kislyak, Mueller, Putin, Artmenko, Ivanka, Christie, Gorkov, Kammenos, Goldstone, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Veselnitskaya, Clinton, DeripaskaFavorite, Kislyak contacts, Trump Tower Moscow, Back Channels, Steele Dossier, Greece, Hungary, Seychelles, Moscow, Russia Sanctions, RNC Platform Change, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Mayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, WikiLeaks Leaks, Clinton kompromat, Speech mention timing, Rosneft, Senate Office Meeting, Banker Meeting, Kislyak Call, WikiLeaks Communications, Dinner with PutinRNC, Trump Campaign, CA, NatSec, RDIF, WikiLeaks, Politico, WaPo, NYT, Reuters, BBC, Guardian, GOP, FBI, RIAC, RISS, Institute of Geopolitical Studies
Porter scandalFebruary 8, 2018“ORDER OF EVENTS IN THE PORTER SCANDAL 1. White House discovers serial domestic abuser in West Wing. 2. FBI denies security clearance to said serial domestic abuser. 3. White House promotes serial domestic abuser to top level of government. 4. White House lies about what it knew.” [6]Porter, Hicks, Kelly, Trump, Bill Clinton, Hillary ClintonTrump kompromatFBI, WH
Major breaking newsFebruary 7, 2018“MAJOR BREAKING NEWS:” [4]Trump kompromatNBC
What a leader doesFebruary 7, 2018“The Trump government is a farce. We're now being told that the previous administration wanting to be kept apprised of efforts by federal law enforcement to protect the homeland against aggressive digital incursions by Russia is a scandal. No, Mr. Trump—it's what a *leader* does.” (unrolled) [13]Trump, Obama, McConnell, Clinton, WeinerRussian Cyberattack, Fake NewsDems, GOP
Pleading the FifthFebruary 6, 2018“(THREAD) If you're wondering when Donald Trump can—or can't—plead the Fifth Amendment to avoid answering Mueller's questions, this is the thread for you. It's a complicated issue, so as an attorney I'll try to unpack it in a digestible way. I hope you'll share this with others.” (unrolled) [52]Trump, Mueller, Trump Jr.I Love It Meeting, LegalLegal ListLegal Top PickDOJ
Unmuddle befuddledFebruary 5, 2018“(BRIEF THREAD) Many are befuddled tonight by news that Trump's White House lawyer, Ty Cobb, is advising Trump to let Mueller interview him, while his personal lawyer, John Dowd, is not. Having been in their shoes—as a former criminal defense attorney—I think I can un-muddle this.” (unrolled) [11]Trump, Cobb, Mueller, Dowd, CoralloLegalLegal ListLegal Top Pick
Potentially tellingFebruary 5, 2018“BREAKING (this is potentially very telling):” [2]Papadopoulos, Simona Mangiante
Shearer MemoFebruary 5, 2018“(THREAD) We now know that there's a *second* memo—one members of the media and law enforcement have seen—that alleges clandestine and possibly illicit behavior by Trump. This thread contains everything you need to know about the Shearer Memo. I hope you'll share this with others.” (unrolled) [46]Cody Shearer, Trump, Steele, Clinton, Nunes, John Kerry, Obama, Jonathon Winer, Giuliani, Sarka, Schiller, Daniels, Putin, Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Sater, Simpson, Natasha Bertrand, Grassley, Graham, MuellerSteele Dossier, Shearer Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, Trump Tower Moscow, Trump kompromat, Fake News, Stormy LiaisonDossier List, Shearer ListShearer Top PickFBI, MI6, The Guardian, HPSCI, State Dept, Congress, Trump Org, Ritz Moscow, FSB, CIA, Fusion GPS, GOP, The Atlantic
No oversight roleFebruary 5, 2018“BREAKING: Though his committee has NO OVERSIGHT ROLE as to the State Department, Nunes now seeks to attack Obama's envoy to Libya—alleging he passed a memo on Trump to Steele. Is the "Shearer Memo" accurate? Well THAT'S a question Nunes never dares to ask.” [1]Nunes, Obama, Steele, Shearer, TrumpSteele Dossier, Shearer DossierDossier List, Shearer ListState Dept, Atlantic
Reminder re: PapaFebruary 5, 2018“In light of Nunes' comments today, I think it's a good time to remind everyone that Papadopoulos helped write Trump's first major foreign policy speech in April 2016 and told Greek media he met Trump on at least three occasions, once receiving from him a "blank check" job offer.” [7]Nunes, Papadopoulos, Trump, Priebus, Sessions, PutinMayflower MeetingTrump Campaign, NatSec Team
Money launderingFebruary 3, 2018“KEY POINT: The main allegation in Steele's dossier *isn't* that Putin has blackmail on Trump. It's *money laundering*. The claim is Trump took Russian money via shell corporations in exchange for a more favorable Russia policy. And what's Mueller looking at now? Money laundering.” (unrolled) [11]Steele, Putin, Trump, Mueller, Bannon, Christie, Kushner, Nunes, Trump Jr., Eric TrumpSteele Dossier, Nunes Memo, Trump kompromatDossier ListHouse, FBI, CIA, BBC, NYT
D-lister definitionFebruary 3, 2018“Hi Ian, we have different definitions of what a "D-lister" is. In every field I've ever worked in, being under suspicion of being a Russian spy, having no significant accomplishments in your field, and being almost preternaturally awkward puts one somewhere below a "D-lister."” [2]Ian Bremmer, Trump, PageGOP
A Kremlin advisorFebruary 3, 2018“BREAKING NEWS: In August '13, Carter Page bragged he was a Kremlin advisor—two and a half months before Trump traveled to Moscow and met with Kremlin agents. Page would mysteriously appear on Trump's NatSec team in January '16. Are the two facts connected?” [2]Page, TrumpNatSec, FBI, Time
Yet he kept tryingFebruary 2, 2018“In 2013, three Russian spies tried to recruit Carter Page as a Kremlin asset. The FBI charged all three, deporting two with diplomatic immunity and imprisoning the third. Page was told what happened, and yet he kept trying to get in touch with the Kremlin.” (unrolled) [11]Page, Trump, Papadopoulos, Steele, SessionsSteele Dossier, Back Channels, Moscow, Russian CyberattackFBI, NYT, CIA, GOP
Challenge the claimFebruary 2, 2018“I challenge the claim of a "political motivation" for Chris Steele in September 2016, as opposed to just fears engendered by what he'd learned about Trump, but it sounds like the FBI acted with an abundance of caution anyway.” [2]Manu Raja, Jake Tapper, Swalwell, Schiff, Steele, Page, TrumpSteele Dossier, Nunes MemoCNN, FBI
Memo analysisFebruary 2, 2018“(THREAD) BREAKING: Over DOJ and FBI objection, the Nunes Memo—compiled by GOP staffers of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence—has been released by Trump and Nunes. Here's my analysis of it—as an attorney and someone who's researched the Steele Dossier for a year.” (unrolled) [72]Nunes, Trump, Steele, Hoover, Carter Page, Wray, Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe, Yates, Boente, Asha Rangappa, Orin Kerr, Clinton, Simpson, McCain, IsikoffSteele Dossier, Nunes Unmasked, Nunes Memo, True Pundit Hoax, Legal, Rosneft, Back Channels, Moscow, Trump kompromat, FISA, Fake NewsDossier List, Nunes Memo ListNunes Memo Top PickDOJ, FBI, GOP, HPSCI, MI6, CIA, House, Dems, Congress, NatSec Team, Just Security, Lawfare, Fusion GPS, DNC, WSJ, Perkins Coie, MI6, Yahoo!, NYT, FIFA, NYFO
Flipping fearFebruary 1, 2018“BREAKING: Less than 48 hours ago, an NBC report few noticed revealed that Trump thinks Manafort has info that could incriminate him. (Were that not the case, Trump wouldn't—per aides and friends—fear Manafort "flipping" on him.)” [3]Trump, Manafort, MuellerLegalLegal ListNBC
Hicks miscalculatingFebruary 1, 2018“Hicks is miscalculating here—Corallo didn't just quit after this happened, he told friends he quit because he was being "lied to." Those two facts will be treated as corroboration of his present claims. Hicks has no such evidentiary support for her denial.” [2]Hicks, Corallo, TrumpI Love It MeetingWaPo
Find result appealingFebruary 1, 2018“What's concerning is that the president might find this result appealing.” [4]Wray, Nunes, Trump, Mueller, RosensteinNunes MemoNunes Memo ListCNN, FBI, WH, NYMag, HJC
Nor will TrumpJanuary 31, 2018“Nor will Trump, who I continue to believe was behind the changes Nunes made to the memo, as that's the only rendering of this extraordinary narrative that makes any sense whatsoever.” [3]Shumer, Nunes, TrumpNunes MemoNunes Memo ListHill, WH
Holy sh*t NunesJanuary 31, 2018“holy sh*t Nunes” [3]Nunes, Schiff, TrumpNunes MemoNunes Memo ListNunes Memo Top PickWH, HPSCI
Hicks in the gameJanuary 31, 2018“What's being missed in the Times' breaking news: if Hicks committed a crime, Mueller will roll her in a New York minute. I don't think she'll go to federal prison for this man. So that—to me as a former criminal defense attorney—is the real story here: Hicks is *in the game* now.” [5]Hicks, Mueller, Trump, Corallo, Bannon, WolffI Love It Meeting, LegalI Love It List, Legal ListTimes
Six monthsJanuary 31, 2018“six months (see third tweet in pinned thread)” [2]Seth Abramson, Corallo, mediaI Love It Meeting, Journalism, NYT
Why Corallo quiteJanuary 31, 2018“BREAKING NEWS: Trump Spokesman Quit Because He Believed Criminal Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice Was Afoot” [5]Mueller, Corallo, Trump, Trump Jr.I Love It Meeting, Legal, Fake NewsI Love It List, Legal ListNYT, AF1
Dead theoriesJanuary 31, 2018“*FAR-RIGHT THEORIES THAT DIED TODAY* 1. Peter Strzok was a pro-Clinton zealot. 2. Donald Trump had no corrupt purpose in seeking loyalty oaths from employees he knew were witnesses in a criminal investigation. 3. The Nunes Memo is a legitimate and accurate critique of the FBI.” [1]Strzok, Clinton, Trump, NunesNunes MemoFBI
How criminals actJanuary 31, 2018“A professional observation: this is how criminals act, and someone who repeatedly acts this way—over many months—is almost certainly a criminal. I know this from many years working in the criminal justice system, and most of you know it from common sense.” (unrolled) [10]Trump, Rosenstein, Brand, MuellerLegal, SC InvestigationLegal ListCNN, GOP
Political stuntJanuary 31, 2018“The Trump-Nunes Memo is a political stunt. Its truth-value without the context the Schiff Memo would have provided is nil—as the FBI Director has already told the White House. It's that simple.” [3]Trump, Nunes, Schiff, Wray, KellyNunes MemoNunes Memo ListFBI, WH, DOJ, Dems
Deceit and theaterJanuary 30, 2018“As predicted from the jump. Everything Trump ever said about interviewing with Mueller was pure deceit and theater.” [2]Trump, MuellerLegalWH
Hit MainstreamJanuary 30, 2018“BREAKING NEWS at The Washington Post is the story I wrote over a year ago about the FBI sitting on Comey's request to review the Clinton emails on Weiner's PC. It took a year, but I promised everyone this would eventually hit the mainstream—and now it has.” (unrolled) [18]Comey, Clinton, Weiner, Giuliani, Horowitz, Prince, McCabe, Flynn, Bannon, Trump Jr., Devlin Barrett, NunesTrue Pundit Hoax, Comey Firing, Fake NewsWaPo, FBI, NYFO, HuffPo, NYPD, Guardian
Second dossierJanuary 30, 2018“BREAKING NEWS: The FBI is in possession of a SECOND dossier of Trump-Russia intelligence, known colloquially as the "Shearer Dossier," and it may confirm the already-known Steele Dossier. Per the Guardian, there are indications that the FBI thinks so.” [1]Cody Shearer, Trump, SteeleSteele Dossier, Shearer DossierDossier List, Shearer ListFBI, Guardian
Hannity poserJanuary 29, 2018“BREAKING: This exchange, between a Twitter user posing as Sean Hannity and WikiLeaks, confirms WikiLeaks has been in contact with Hannity—a Trump advisor. This is the second WikiLeaks-Trump contact we know of; the other are pre-election contacts between WikiLeaks and Trump's son.” [3]Hannity poser, Trump, Trump Jr., Mueller, Pirro, Assange, WarnerWikiLeaks CommunicationsTwitter, WikiLeaks, OSC, FNC, DailyBeast
Troubling pictureJanuary 29, 2018“This is bad. The picture of what happened today is slowly becoming clear, and it's a very, very troubling picture.” [2]Nunes, Wray, Trump, McCabeTrue Pundit Hoax, SC InvestigationHill, FBI
What I don't getJanuary 29, 2018“Here's what I don't get: how did the Inspector General report lead to McCabe facing demotion but *not* to any consequences for the FBI illegally leaking to Rudy Giuliani in October '16—an effort to pressure McCabe and Comey into re-opening the Clinton probe under false pretenses?” [3]McCabe, Giuliani, Comey, Clinton, WeinerTrue Pundit HoaxFBI, NYFO
Now McCabe is goneJanuary 29, 2018“50 days ago, I wrote about a pre-election McCabe-Comey email in which McCabe warns Comey that True Pundit—a fake news site pushed by Trump advisors Trump Jr., Bannon, Flynn and Prince—was preparing to leak false information on the Clinton email investigation. Now McCabe is gone.” [5]McCabe, Comey, Trump Jr., Bannon, Flynn, Prince, Clinton, Mueller, HorowitzTrue Pundit Hoax, Fake NewsTrue Pundit, Judicial Watch, FBI, HJC, Dems
Forced retirementJanuary 29, 2018“BREAKING: All indications are that Trump—via agents in Congress—has forced the retirement of a key witness against him in an Obstruction case that could lead to impeachment. Worse, it's part of a coordinated, illegal effort to intimidate, punish, and discredit adverse witnesses.” (unrolled) [16]Trump, McCabe, Nunes, Rosenstein, Mueller, Nixon, Comey, Steele, Sessions, Baker, WraySteele Dossier, Comey Firing, Nunes Memo, SC InvestigationNunes Memo ListMemo Top PickCongress, FBI, Foreign Policy, CNN, Fresno Bee, DOJ, NYT
Bet one FISA elementJanuary 29, 2018“I bet one element of the December 2016 FISA application to extend the surveillance warrant on Carter Page was his on-video confession at a Moscow conference that he had been (that week) talking with top Rosneft executives in Moscow—the same ones he earlier lied about speaking to.” [5]Page, Steele, Rosenstein, Nunes, Mueller, TrumpSteele Dossier, Rosneft Deal, Nunes Memo, Back Channels, Moscow, FISARosneft List, Nunes Memo ListMemo Top PickRosneft, FISC, House
Transparent ployJanuary 29, 2018“The Nunes Memo is a transparent ploy to get Rosenstein fired so Trump can replace him and illicitly order his replacement (likely Pruitt) to fire Mueller "of his own accord." The GOP says there's no need to protect Mueller, even as Trump is in the middle of a plot to fire him.” [2]Nunes, Rosenstein, Trump, Pruitt, Mueller, PageNunes Memo, SC InvestigationNunes Memo ListGOP, DOJ
Good for Trump?January 29, 2018“This is amazing. Trump allies now say the Nunes Memo will prove the Department of Justice thinks the mysteriously under-qualified former Russian gas consultant Trump hired for his national security team is a Russian agent. Moreover, they claim this revelation is *good for Trump*.” [2]Trump, Nunes, Page, PapadopoulosNunes MemoNunes Memo ListDOJ
Probe will extendJanuary 29, 2018“BREAKING: Top Senate Democrat Says New Documents Submitted to Congress Raise New Trump-Russia Questions and Will Extend Congressional Probe Significantly” [2]Warner, Trump, Mueller, Natasha Bertran, FlynnCongress, Newsweek, SSCI
Bots retweetingJanuary 28, 2018“September 8, 2016: Sessions has a secret meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in which the two men discuss the dropping of U.S. sanctions on Russia. September 9, 2016: Russian bots begin a 60-day campaign of retweeting Donald Trump 500,000 times.” (unrolled) [10]Sessions, Kislyak, bots, Trump, Trump Jr., Papadopoulos, VeselnitskayaI Love It Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks leaks, Russian Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Tweet timing, Speech Mention timing, WikiLeaks communications, Senate Office MeetingDaily Mail, SJC, Twitter, WikiLeaks
Way, way, way awayJanuary 26, 2018“We're way, way, *way* away from having this kind of evidence—but yes, if anyone in the Trump White House deliberately leaked classified intelligence on a Dutch operation in order to protect a Russian hacking operation that had interfered with the U.S. election, it'd be Espionage.” [2]Trump, Lavrov, SteeleSteele DossierWH
McCabe targetedJanuary 26, 2018“WOW. This is what I've been saying with respect to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe—that he was targeted because he's a witness against Trump—but Foreign Policy now reveals that it's part of a broader scheme Trump himself devised to obstruct justice and tamper with witnesses.” [3]Andrew McCabe, Trump, Comey, Sessions, Wray, Mueller, Seth Abramson, John VauseComey Firing, SC InvestigationFBI, Foreign Policy, CNN, UNH
ObstructionOfJusticeJanuary 26, 2018“(THREAD) Last June, I and some others said Mueller had a "prima facie" case on Trump for Obstruction—that is, a case that's evidently correct unless proven otherwise. Today, that's the consensus. But Obstruction is more confusing than some realize. Here's a thread on why that is.” (unrolled) [59]Mueller, Trump, Dershowitz, Comey, Flynn, Kislyak, Sessions, Renato, RosensteinComey Firing, Legal, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, SC Investigation, FISAComey Firing List, Legal ListComey Firing Top Pick, Legal Top PickNYT, Cornell Law, Vox, Executive, FBI, FISA, DOJ, NBC, Congress, Politico, OSC, SCOTUS,
Three Burck clientsJanuary 25, 2018“BREAKING: Bannon and Priebus, Bill Burck's two other Trump-Russia clients—besides McGahn—were *also* involved in keeping Trump from firing Mueller, ensuring all three Burck clients are key witnesses in the Obstruction case Mueller may well refer to DOJ.” [2]Bannon, Priebus, Bill Burck, McGahn, Trump, MuellerSC InvestigationDOJ, WaPo, WH
Tried 7 months agoJanuary 25, 2018“(THREAD) BREAKING NEWS (New York Times): We now know Trump already tried to fire Special Counsel Mueller—7 months ago. Many believed such an attempt would be a "red line" that would lead to impeachment. So what do we do now? I analyze that question and what this news means here.” (unrolled) [7]Trump, Mueller, McGahn, Bill Clinton, Comey, Sessions, Kasowitz, Bannon, Priebus, Bill BurckComey Firing, Legal, ImpeachmentComey Firing List, Legal ListComey Firing Top Pick, Legal Top PickNYT, WH, OSC, DOJ, HJC, GOP, House
Trump does 180January 25, 2018“BREAKING (CNN): Trump does 180 on Mueller interview, goes from offering to talk under oath to having his lawyer say that lawyers will decide if Trump talks to Mueller at all. I'm not going to say I told you so, only because everyone who reads this feed knows that I told you so.” [6]Trump, MuellerCNN
Leak false infoJanuary 24, 2018“(THREAD) On November 4, 2016—96 hours before the presidential election—Trump advisor Erik Prince went on a radio network controlled by Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon to say that an anti-Clinton cabal at NYPD was conspiring to leak false information about Clinton pre-election.” (unrolled) [18]Trump, Prince, Bannon, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Comey, Giuliani, Trump Jr., McCabe, Weiner Abedin, Betsy DeVos, KallstromTrue Pundit Hoax, Clinton kompromat, Fake NewsTrump Campaign, NYPD, Breitbart, FBI, Congress, True Pundit, NYT, NYFO, Trump Cabinet, WH
Secret society jokeJanuary 24, 2018“Turns out the "secret society" comment from Lisa Page that was supposed to be Devin Nunes' "smoking gun" was a joke. A joke at the time, and a joke now, in the sense that it's political theater. So now let's talk about something real: the fully confirmed # Trumplandia Conspiracy.” [2]Lisa Page, Devin Nunes, Rudy Giuliani, Erik PrinceTrue Pundit HoaxABC, NYFO, FBI
Obvious, it's a crimeJanuary 24, 2018“Hate to state the obvious, but, former public defender here, if you're being investigated by the feds for major crimes and you "fight back against it" by trying to get those investigating you fired/arrested, lying to them, hiding evidence, falsely accusing others... it's a CRIME.” [2]TrumpLegalLegal ListLegal Top Pick
FBI conspiracyJanuary 24, 2018“FACT: There *was* an FBI conspiracy to help elect one of the two candidates in the 2016 presidential election. It was a pro-Trump conspiracy in the New York field office of the FBI. PLEASE RT this summary of the conspiracy that gave Trump the presidency.” (unrolled) [16]Trump, Prince, Giuliani, Flynn, Trump Jr., McCabe, Comey, Clinton, Strzok, Page, Horowitz, Nunes, Mueller, SteeleTrue Pundit Hoax, Steele Dossier, Fake NewsFBI, NYFO, NYT, NYPD
Secret societiesJanuary 23, 2018“FBI and DOJ shouldn't have "secret societies" that favor certain pols. It's even worse if such groups openly generate biased work-product. This occurred at the NYC FBI field office—which was known as "Trumplandia," and worked to win the election for Trump.” [2]Trump, Wyden, Strzok, Horowitz, GiulianiTrue Pundit HoaxFBI, NYFO, DOJ, Hill
Mueller's two topicsJanuary 23, 2018“(THREAD) BREAKING: We now know two topics Mueller plans to ask Trump about: the Flynn firing and the Comey firing. And Trump is demanding that he be able to answer some questions in writing—an obvious attempt to get most or all of the questions in advance.” (unrolled) [11]Mueller, Trump, Flynn, Comey, SessionsComey FiringComey Firing ListWaPo, DOJ, Congress
Pressuring to fireJanuary 23, 2018“(THREAD) The Attorney General pressuring the FBI to fire Andrew McCabe is *much* bigger news than many think. I explain why—and it's not very complicated, either—in this brief thread. Hope you'll pass it on.” (unrolled) [13]McCabe, Wray, Comey, Sessions, Trump, Clinton Comey Firing, ImpeachmentComey Firing ListFBI, Axios
Attempt to fireJanuary 23, 2018“For most of the day, US media has covered Sessions' attempt—likely at Trump's direction or encouragement—to fire Deputy FBI Director McCabe *without* noting that McCabe is a *major* witness in the Obstruction case against Trump (an impeachable offense). *That's* the story here.” [6]Sessions, Trump, McCabe, Clinton, Dana Bash, Comey, Asha RangappaJournalism, Impeachment, McCabe FiringFBI, DOJ, CNN
Sessions interviewedJanuary 23, 2018“(THREAD) BREAKING NEWS: A major event has occurred in the Trump-Russia investigation: Special Counsel Bob Mueller has interviewed one of his primary targets, Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This thread analyzes what it means for Trump and the nation. I hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [52]Trump, Mueller, Sessions, Comey, Trump Jr., Kushner, Flynn, Manafort, Pence, Papadopoulos, Gates, Gordon, Putin, Page, Clovis, Kubic, Dearborn, Lewandowski, Kislyak, Steele, Clinton, McCabe, Coats, Hicks, Kellogg, McFarland, McGahn, Miller, Priebus, Rogers, Rosenstein, Spicer, Bannon, Richard Ben-VenisteSteele Dossier, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Mayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Comey Firing, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Rosneft, Senate Office Meeting, ImpeachmentComey Firing ListNYT, FBI, Congress, DOJ, GOP, NatSec, RNC, WH, Kremlin
Great questionJanuary 22, 2018“NORAH O'DONNELL, CBS: "What's being done to make sure [Russian election interference] doesn't happen in 2018, and in the next presidential election in 2020?" MIKE POMPEO, CIA: "It's a great question, Norah—it's a very important question. I can't answer it."” [5]Norah O'Donnell, Pompeo, TrumpCBS, CIA, Trump's Cabinet, RT
Badge of honorJanuary 22, 2018“Lost 1000 followers over the last two days after this man came after me on Twitter. Now I'm thinking that it might've been a badge of honor. If Glenn Greenwald wants you to shut up, you must be on to something as far as the Trump-Russia story is concerned.” [2]Seth Abramson, Glenn Greenwald, Trump, MuellerJournalismNYMag
Archive good startJanuary 21, 2018“Short answer: this POLITICO archive is a good start. Longer answer: it's only OK; there are people missing/miscategorized—try to find the two Sessions lieutenants who met with Kislyak in Sessions' office on 9/8/16—and those here are only broadly summarized.” (unrolled) [33]Sessions, Kislyak, Flynn, Kushner, Bannon, Trump Jr., Panos Kammenos, Jacob Heilbrunn, Kislyak, Richard Burt, Bud McFarlane, K.T. McFarland, Alexis Tsipras, Putin, Priebus, Papadopoulos, Mark Corallo, Victoria Toensing, Joe diGenova, Leon Black, Wendi Deng, Kata Sarka, Stormy Daniels, Cohen, Artem Klyushin, Konstantin Rykov, Nunes, Jordan, Crowley, Victor Pinchuk, Oxana Fedorova, Vladimir Golubev, Lev Leviev, Viktor Medvedchuk, Dmytro Firtash, Andrey Rozov, Len Blavatnik, Serhiy Lyovochkin, Phil Ruffin, Tevfik Arif, Arkady Dvorkovich, Semion Mogilevich, Alexander Yakovenko, Dmitry Rogozin, Yuri Vanetik, Serhiy Rybalka,Christodoulos Vassiliades, Pete Brownell, Torshin, Sebastian Gorka, Schmitz, Gordon, Page, Sean Hannity, Arthur Finkelstein, Viktor Orban, Roman Abramovich, Dasha Zhukova, Rex Tillerson, Yuri Chaika, Wilbur Ross, Stalbek Mishakov, Sergey Gorkov, Dmitry Rybolovlev, Preet Bharara, Dana Boente, Mike McSherry, Eric Schneiderman, Rudy Giuliani, Thomas Paine, Rebekah Mercer, Robert Mercer, Jeanine Pirro, Viktor Vekselberg, Rotem Rosen, Alex Sapir, Tamir Sapir, Vadim Trincher, Josef Ackerman, Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov, David Clarke, Alisher Usmanov, Ruslan Stoyanov,Sergei Mikhailov, Kirill Shamalov, Katerina TikhonovaMayflower Meeting, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, True Pundit Hoax, Senate Office Meeting, Miss Universe 2002, Stormy LiaisonPolitico, CNI, Gazprom, FNC, GOP, RDIF, Trump Foundation, NRA, FSB, True Pundit
The Nunes MemoJanuary 21, 2018“The "Nunes Memo" is simply a redux of Tom DeLay's "evidence room" from the Clinton impeachment. Today, members of Congress can go to a "secure room" to see evidence every bit as unfounded as the crap DeLay was peddling. This GOP tactic is 20 years old.” [5]Nunes, Tom Delay, Bill Clinton, Trump, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Burr, Conaway, GowdyNunes Memo, SC Investigation, FISAGOP, Congress, Dems, DOJ, FBI, FISC
MisinformationJanuary 20, 2018“(THREAD) There's misinformation about me going around today, and since I'm just one person, there's no easy way for me to defend against it except to direct folks to the bio in my profile and answer any questions anyone has here—which I'm happy to do. Bio:” (unrolled) [21]Seth Abramson, George Papadopoulos, Eric Garland, Bernie Sanders, PutinBack Channels, Greece, Seth Abramson, JournalismPolitico, IRE, Twitter, Congress, ABC
Mere speculationJanuary 19, 2018“At this point it's mere speculation, but Michael Wolff has said that a paragraph toward the back of FIRE AND FURY reveals who Trump's current mistress is (an affair that opens the president up to blackmail) and many online are insisting that THIS is the paragraph Wolff refers to:” [2]Michael Wolff,Trump, Nikki Haley, Ivanka, Hope HicksTrump kompromatTimes of London, UN, WH
Extramarital affairJanuary 19, 2018“BREAKING NEWS: Michael Wolff Says Trump Is Having An Extramarital Affair in the White House Right Now (WARNING: NSFW language)” [3]Michael Wolff,Trump, Bill MaherTrump kompromatWH
Polls punditsJanuary 19, 2018“The CBC regularly polls pundits to see what they think the chances are Trump will be impeached—not immediately, but *ever*. While this graphic is misleading—saying there's a >50% chance of impeachment *at some point* doesn't mean "brace for impact"—I say time will prove me right.” [2]Trump, Jeet Heer, Lisa Goldman, Parker Molloy, Paul McLeod, Heather Timmons, Dahlia Lithwick, Seth Abramson, Darren SamuelsonImpeachmentCBC
AproposJanuary 19, 2018“Apropos of (a) the publication, today, of a 2011 Stormy Daniels interview, and (b) Trump's speech today for the "March for Life": a married man who has unprotected sex with a mistress is clearly not pro-life. And Pence just called Trump "the most pro-life president in history."” [2]Stormy Daniels, Trump, Pence, MelaniaStormy LiaisonMarch for Life
Panel argumentJanuary 18, 2018“I appreciated @donlemon putting my argument to his panel—the idea Trump committed Obstruction by inducing aides to withhold testimony from an official proceeding without invoking privilege—and wasn't surprised at the reply: yes, what Trump did was wrong, but we can't explain why.” [5]Don Lemon, Trump, Bannon, Lewandowski, Coates, Mariotti, Ben-VenisteLegalLegal ListCNN
House SimpsonJanuary 18, 2018“(THREAD) BREAKING: The second Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS) transcript—this one from House, rather than Senate, testimony—has just been released. In this thread, I'll note any major news, statements, or developments the new transcript reveals. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [66]Simpson, Gowdy, Trump, Steele, Conaway, Schiff, Sater, Manafort, Tokhtakhounov, Taiwanchik, Putin, Cohen, Millian, Kukuts, Rohrabacher, Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Rooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Molly Bloom, Mueller, Artemenko, Assange, Farage, Hillary Clinton, Dimitri Simes, Jesus, Finkelstein, Kislyak, Orban, Gordon, Rybolovlev, Sechin, Ivanka, Kushner, Ted Cruz, Veselnitskaya, McFarlaneSteele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, True Pundit Hoax, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Mayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Hungary, NRA, WikiLeaks Leaks, Rosneft, TestimonyDossier ListDossier Top PickFusion GPS, House, Senate, Free Beacon, Dems, Perkins Coie, GOP, DNC, MI6, RIA, Russian mafia, Russian government, Orbis, Russian Foreign Ministry, Belarussian Foreign Ministry, Minsk State, Moscow State, Congress, HPSCI, Trump Organization, Kremlin, Bayrock, WikiLeaks, Equadorian Embassy, NYFO, FBI, NYT, CNI, NPC, GRU, Rosneft, KGB, NRA, SJC, Dems
Lazy languageJanuary 18, 2018“John, how is legal analysis from a trained criminal attorney "speculation"? How is it not "fact-based"? How is it not "solid"? What did I "make up"? Why are progressives using such lazy language to dismiss expert opinions that generously cite statute, reporting, and known facts?” [2]Trump, John Brown, Seth AbramsonLegal, JournalismTwitter
Plea to progressivesJanuary 18, 2018“This is how Trump wins: he violates the law so frequently that when an attorney lays out in detail how he did it this time, non-attorneys in armchairs can say, "Yeah, seems unlikely he'd commit so many crimes. That guy's just a crank or a grifter." Progressives: STOP DOING THIS.” [2]Trump, Seth AbramsonLegal
Caused to withholdJanuary 18, 2018“(THREAD) Trump committed Obstruction as to Bannon and Lewandowski, as he did the following WITHOUT invoking privilege: "Whoever knowingly corruptly persuades another person with intent to cause any person to withhold testimony from an official proceeding [violates 18 USC 1512]."” (unrolled) [22]Trump, Bannon, Lewandowski, Sessions, MuellerLegal, SC InvestigationLegal ListLegal Top PickCongress, WH, GOP, WH Counsel's Office, House GOP, Hill, HPSCI, Daily Beast
Trump-Nunes nexusJanuary 18, 2018“Yesterday, I wrote: "Without instruction from WH Counsel, Lewandowski—who's in touch with Trump—knew he wasn't supposed to answer questions on post-June '16 chats with Trump. The picture emerging is of a Trump-Nunes nexus snaking behind the scenes to deep-six the Russia probe."” [3]Lewandowski, Trump, Nunes, Bannon, McGahnLegalLegal ListWH Counsel, Hill, HPSCI
Gorka, a wanted manJanuary 18, 2018“BREAKING NEWS: Sebastian Gorka Was a Wanted Man in Hungary—on Gun Charges—the Whole Time He Was a Top Advisor to President Trump (Note: this again raises the question of how he secured a White House role—and renews queries on a Trump-Russia-Hungary nexus.)” [2]Gorka, Trump, Gordon, Schmitz, PageBack Channels, HungaryWH, NatSec
Torshin at NRA eventJanuary 18, 2018“Alexander Torshin has referred to himself as a "long-time acquaintance" of Trump. Not Don Jr.—Trump. The two men met at an NRA event not long before Trump announced his candidacy.” [3]Torshin, Trump, Trump Jr., KushnerBack Channels, National Prayer Breakfast, NRA MeetingNRA
The plot thickensJanuary 17, 2018“The plot thickens: Lewandowski pulled the same stunt today Bannon pulled yesterday—a false assertion of privilege for post-firing conversations—and House Intel Committee Republicans did nothing. Schiff noted the difference, and clearly found it suspicious.” [6]Lewandowski, Bannon, Schiff, Trump, Dearborn, Mueller, NunesLegal, SC InvestigationLegal ListLegal Top PickHPSCI, GOP, Dems, FNC, MSNBC
Frantic subpoenaJanuary 17, 2018“Assuming for a moment that this news is true, is Rachel implying that Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee frantically subpoenaed Bannon in mid-testimony (having never done that before in their Trump-Russia probe) in order to *mess up* Bannon's testimony for Mueller?” [2]Mueller, Bannon, Maddow, Trump, NunesTestimony, SC InvestigationHPSCI, NBC, WH
No formal assertionJanuary 17, 2018“Absent a *formal* invocation of one of the four executive privileges, this is true. Bannon consented to being directed by an informal assertion of privilege coordinated by another one of his attorney's clients. So yes, v. bad. Had there been a formal assertion, it'd be different.” [2]Renato Mariotti, Bannon, Trump LegalLegal ListWH, Trump Administration
Executive privilegeJanuary 16, 2018“(THREAD) "Executive privilege" is about to become the most important term in U.S. political discourse. This thread—written by an attorney—offers a basic primer in executive privilege that'll help you navigate the Trump-Russia story in the days ahead. I hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [67]Trump, Trump Jr., Mueller, McGahn, Bannon, Sessions, Schiff, Wolff, Kushner, Miller, Rosenstein, Comey, Ivanka, Eric Trump, Priebus, HicksComey Firing, Legal, SC Investigation, Impeachment Legal ListLegal Top PickCongress, NatSec, GOP, WH, Office of the President, Dems, Brennan Center, SCOTUS, OSC, HJC, DOJ, Daily Beast,
Trial-competentJanuary 16, 2018“Good news—today a military doctor effectively ruled Donald J. Trump competent to stand trial. While he didn't receive a full psychiatric evaluation, the screening he did have—and his performance on it—would make it very hard for him to ever claim to be incompetent to stand trial.” [2]TrumpLegalLegal List
Model fair-mindedJanuary 16, 2018“I think we progressives have to model for our peers what it means to be fair-minded and evidence-based. Given the thorough physical and cognitive evaluation Trump had—and the report from his nonpartisan military doctor—I don't see any path forward on the mental fitness argument.” [3]Trump, Dr. Ronny Jackson25th Amendment
Regretful measureJanuary 16, 2018“The "other measures [to combat the drug epidemic]" that Trump said regretfully can't be used in the U.S. include the *open murder of citizens* by the government (see Duterte, who Trump seemed to be referring to). This is actually one of the scariest things Trump has ever said.” [2]Trump, Duterte
Racist policyJanuary 16, 2018“What happened between 10AM, when Trump told Sen. Graham he'd compromise on immigration, and noon, when he raged about "shithole" countries? Simple: he talked to a white supremacist by the name of Stephen Miller. And what came out of that talk was a *racist* immigration policy.” [5]Graham, Trump, Miller, Comey, TapperMayflower Meeting, Comey FiringCNN, WH
Subpoenas BannonJanuary 16, 2018“BREAKING NEWS: Mueller Subpoenas Bannon” (unrolled) [14]Mueller, Bannon, Trump, KushnerLegalLegal ListLegal Top PickNYT, OSC
Sater cooperating?January 16, 2018“With the recent BuzzFeed story on possible Russian money laundering at Trump properties, there's new buzz on a possibility I discussed two weeks ago: that Trump business partner and ex-Russian mobster Felix Sater is cooperating with Bob Mueller. You can see the evidence below.” [2]Trump, Sater, Mueller, MaddowBuzzFeed, WH
Flake gets itJanuary 15, 2018“Flake gets it.” [3]Flake, Trump, Stalin, Congress, Senate, GOP, Dems
Use campaign funds?January 13, 2018“Here's a question for U.S. media to ask Donald Trump: "Did you use *campaign funds* to pay off the women accusing you of sex crimes a month before the 2016 presidential election?" As I recall, politicians have gotten in serious trouble for misusing funds in this way.” [2]TrumpTrump kompromat
Secretly payingJanuary 13, 2018“Really easy to miss the big picture after the Daniels, Drake, and Evans allegations against Trump from the past two days: at the *same time* Trump was telling American voters in October 2016 that he was being falsely accused, he was secretly paying the women off via his lawyers.” [2]Daniels, Drake, Evans, TrumpTrump kompromat, Stormy LiaisonAccess Hollywood
S*#^hole liarJanuary 13, 2018“BREAKING: Trump privately is admitting he called every African nation, El Salvador, and Haiti "shitholes" whose residents should not be allowed to immigrate to the United States, thus casually admitting he lied to American voters—yet again—about his words on an important subject.” [2]Trump, SteeleSteele Dossier
Have a signed letterJanuary 12, 2018“Mark, you really don't understand how paying someone off works, do you? You don't leave the room until you have a signed letter like this. Grow up, man, and—while you don't have to go to law school or get training as a investigator—at least watch The Bourne Identity or something.” [5]Mark Dice, Daniels, Trump, Cohen, Kasowitz, BannonTrump kompromat, Stormy Liaison
Trump-Russia testJanuary 12, 2018“This is a good test of how closely someone is following the Trump-Russia story. Is the excerpt below from: a) a Trump-Russia crank you've been demanding your followers never RT into your feed; or b) The Washington Post (12/10/17). P.S. Papadopoulos is working with Mueller now.” [5]Trump, Papadopoulos, Mueller, Putin, Kammenos, Trump, Blumenthal, MuellerBack Channels, Greece, Russia SanctionsWaPo, Russian TV
Many adulteries MOJanuary 12, 2018“BREAKING NEWS (h/t @justinhendrix): Trump's Modus Operandi for His Many Adulteries Revealed: Luring Multiple Women to His Hotel Room to Party and Have Sex, Just As Alleged in the Steele Dossier” [3]Trump, Stormy Daniels, Hendrix, Steele, Wood, Bannon, KasowitzSteele Dossier, Trump kompromat, Stormy LiaisonDaily Beast, BBC, Spectator, Business Insider
Trump cheatedJanuary 12, 2018“(THREAD) The BREAKING NEWS that Trump cheated on Melania with porn star "Stormy Daniels"—then used his lawyer as a "fixer" to pay six-figure hush-money a few weeks before the 2016 election—is relevant to the Russia inquiry. I hope you'll read on to see how, and share with others.” (unrolled) [22]Trump, Melania, Daniels, Cohen, Steele, Putin, Ivana, Bill Clinton, WoodSteele Dossier, Trump kompromat, Stormy Liaison
Hush moneyJanuary 12, 2018“BREAKING: Trump Cheated on Melania With Porn Star "Stormy Daniels," Paid Six-Figure Hush-Money 30 Days Before the 2016 President Election to Cover It Up, Using Russiagate Figure Michael Cohen As a Fixer:” [2]Trump, Daniels, CohenTrump kompromat, Stormy LiaisonHill
Interview termsJanuary 11, 2018“3 days ago, Trump's lawyers said Trump wanted to negotiate the terms of a Mueller interview. I said it was a stunt—Trump wouldn't sit for an interview. 1 day ago, Trump said an interview "seemed unlikely." It's not about me specifically—defense attorneys just know defendants.” (unrolled) [11]Trump, Mueller LegalLegal ListLegal Top PickDOJ, OSC, Congress, SCOTUS
About StrzokJanuary 11, 2018“(THREAD) This thread has everything you need to know about Peter Strzok—the FBI agent who Mueller demoted, Trump wants prosecuted for Treason, and Trump's agents in Congress say led a Deep State coup attempt. Please read and share to end Trump's disinformation campaign on Strzok.” (unrolled) [67]Strzok, Mueller, Trump, Hillary Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Horowitz, SessionsLegalLegal ListCongress, FBI, Georgetown, DOJ, HuffPo, GOP
Transcript, page 195January 9, 2018“Incorrect, Jim. See page 195 of the transcript. Simpson told Congress, under oath, that he didn't know whether the FBI source in the Trump campaign was "Trump campaign" or "Trump organization"—which means that, on August 22, 2017, Simpson wasn't referring to George Papadopoulos.” [5]Sciutto, Simpson, Trump, Papadopoulos, Hillary Clinton, SteeleSteele Dossier, Simpson TestimonyCongress, FBI, Trump Org, GOP Senators, GOP, Dems, Trump Campaign
Referring to PageJanuary 9, 2018“I know the story. I tweeted it out that day. Brennan a) was speaking of contact between "Russian officials and US persons" (so he doesn't mean Papadopoulos, as Papadopoulos didn't talk to Russian officials directly) and b) he doesn't say it was pre-July. He was referring to Page.” [3]Brennan, Papadopoulos, Page, Dilanian, Steele, Simpson, TrumpSteele Dossier, Back Channels, Moscow, Brennan TestimonyNBC, FBI, GOP, NYT, Congress
When did GOP learnJanuary 9, 2018“What I'm confused about is Simpson told Congress—under oath—Steele told him, in September 2017, that the FBI source was (a) in the Trump campaign, and (b) picked up a phone to call the FBI. He had to have been wrong. So when did the GOP learn it was really Papadopoulos? Not 2018.” [3]Simpson, Steele, Trump, Papadopoulos, Bertrand, HendrixSteele Dossier, Simpson TestimonyCongress, FBI, GOP, Trump Campaign, NYT, Dems
Thought a moleJanuary 9, 2018“Okay, Ken, so what did the GOP do with this information when it received it in August? They didn't have Simpson's clarification yet—that came today. So they thought there was a mole in the Trump campaign who started the whole Russia investigation. What did they do next? Ask that.” [4]Dilanian, Simpson, Papadopoulos, TrumpSteele Dossier, Simpson TestimonyGOP, Fusion GPS, Dems, NYT
A catch-22January 9, 2018“Hi Asha: I addressed this in another thread. I'm no Tribe—no one is!—but as an attorney I fear Trump may try to claim Mueller's work was authorized under a reg Trump can revoke, putting him in a catch-22 if he's subpoenaed: he must choose between executive powers and rule of law.” [2]Rangappa, Tribe, Trump, Mueller, StarrLegalLegal ListDOJ, Independent Counsel, OSC
Feinstein’s moveJanuary 9, 2018“(THREAD) BREAKING: In an extraordinary move, Sen. Feinstein (D-CA) has *unilaterally* released the transcript of Fusion GPS's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. What follows is a live-read of the transcript by a former criminal defense attorney. Hope you'll share.” (unrolled) [204]Feinstein, Simpson, Grassley, Steele, Bannon, Davis, Levy, Magnitsky, Browder, Hillary Clinton, Trump, Sater, Cohen, Rangappa, Manafort, Paul Wood, Miller, Callum Borchers, Akhmetshin, Veselnitskaya, Trump Jr., Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Kaveladze, Scott Stedman, Goldstone, Samochornov, Deripaska, Wasserman Schultz, Blumenthal, Sawyer, Page, McCain, Papadopoulos, Epshteyn, Millian, Nate Silver, Prince, Giuliani, Comey, BertrandSteele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, True Pundit Hoax, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, I Love It Meeting, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russian Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emails, Fake News, Simpson TestimonyDossier List, Simpson Testimony ListDossier Top Pick, Simpson Testimony Top PickFusion GPS, SJC, Orbis, MI6, Senate, GOP, Dems, WSJ, Roll Call, Prevezon, Baker Hostetler, DOJ, MI6, Russian mafia, FSB, Breitbart, WH, Mother Jones, FBI, CIA, BBC, WaPo, HRAGI, NYT, Kremlin, Crocus Group, Daily Beast, DNI, NSA, DNC, Twitter, House, Senate, CNN, WH, BuzzFeed, Business Insider, Trump Campaign, Trump Org,
Trump under oathJanuary 9, 2018“It's imperative Mueller put Trump under oath, and not fall for the argument that Making False Statements (an unsworn falsification) is the same as Perjury. The GOP well knows that Perjury is universally known to be an impeachable offense, while Making False Statements may not be.” [4]Mueller, TrumpLegalLegal ListLegal Top PickGOP, FBI
Questions for TrumpJanuary 8, 2018“(THREAD) So Mueller wants to question Trump. Here are 20 questions he'd likely ask about the possibility of a pre-inauguration conspiracy involving Trump and Russia—one of many topics he'd inquire about. (Other topics, like Obstruction or Money Laundering, are a separate matter.)” (unrolled) [24]Trump, Mueller, Sater, Putin, Fedorova, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Klyushin, Rykov, Peskov, Deripaska, Page, Papadopoulos, Lavrov, Kislyak, Prince, Stone, Flynn, Cohen, Artemenko, Sessions, Bannon, Clovis, Schmitz, Kushner, Gordon, Trump Jr., McFarland, Burt, McFarlaneTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Mideast Nuclear Deal, Mayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Legal, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Greece, Moscow, Russia Sanctions, Trump kompromat, Miss Universe 2002Legal ListLegal Top PickKremlin, Trump Org, MMA, Rosneft
25th the remedyJanuary 8, 2018“Incompetence to stand trial would only come into play post-removal, at a criminal trial post-indictment. At the impeachment stage, use of the 25th Amendment would be the remedy for a mental incapacity. That said, Trump would never allow this defense—and he seems to run the show.” [2]TrumpLegal, 25th AmendmentLegal List
A gaggle of agentsJanuary 8, 2018“So now we're supposed to believe Ivanka was coincidentally entering Trump Tower at the *exact moment* a gaggle of Kremlin agents was leaving? (And moreover, even with *that* coincidence, they could only have recognized each other if Ivanka knows Rob Goldstone well.) Sorry, *no*.” [2]Ivanka , Goldstone, Veselnitskaya, TrumpI Love It MeetingKremlin
Plans interviewJanuary 8, 2018“(THREAD) BREAKING: NBC reports that Mueller plans to interview Trump about his ties to Russia. This thread—by a former a criminal defense attorney—breaks down this major news. I hope you'll read and share, as this could be the single most consequential interview of our lifetimes.” (unrolled) [37]Mueller, Trump, Cohen, Pence, Rosenstein, Flynn, Bill ClintonLegal, SC Investigation, ImpeachmentLegal ListLegal Top PickNBC, DOJ, GOP, House, WH, Chicago Tribune
Stop booking MillerJanuary 7, 2018“Please RETWEET if you want TV networks to stop booking Trump policy advisor Stephen Miller, whose media appearances—as Jake Tapper correctly stated on-air today—are intended for the exclusive consumption of President Trump and contain no new, honest, or accurate information.” [2]Miller, Tapper, TrumpJournalismCNN, BI
Fiery read-along 2January 6, 2018“(THREAD) This is Part 2 of a live-read of Michael Wolff's FIRE AND FURY. The thread includes brief excerpts from the book and analysis of what each may mean for the Russia probe. A link to Part 1 of the live-read is in the thread. Hope you'll check it out and share with others.” (unrolled) [79]Wolff, Hicks, Trump Jr., Trump, Kushner, Comey, Bannon, Putin, McConnell, Mueller, Priebus, Ryan, Kislyak, Gorkov, Parscale, Malcolm Nance, Pence, Dan Quayle, Sessions, Gorka, Page, Schmitz, Gordon, Richard Spencer, Brian Ross, Clovis, Hillary Clinton, Michael Smerconish, ComeyMayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Comey Firing, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Hungary, Russia Sanctions, Russian Cyberattack, Banker Meeting, Kislyak Call, RNC Meeting, SF-86, ImpeachmentGOP, FSB, NatSec, CPAC, WH, Executive, WaPo, ABC, Congress, Dems, Ind, DNC, NYFO, FBI
Fox on impeachmentJanuary 6, 2018“(THREAD) In crowing over Brian Ross's permanent demotion for erroneous reporting on Flynn, Fox News just conceded that impeachment talk needs to begin immediately—as Trump already *did* (if not necessarily with Flynn) what Ross's report alleged. I hope you'll read and share this.” (unrolled) [23]Brian Ross, Trump, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Putin, Clovis, Manafort, Kushner, Miller, Trump Jr., Kislyak, Page, Sessions, GordonMayflower Meeting, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Greece, Moscow, Russia Sanctions, Hacked Emails, RNC Meeting, Senate Office Meeting, ImpeachmentPlatform ListFNC, Kremlin, NatSec, FBI, GOP, RNC, Twitter, NYT, Politico, WaPo
Twitter concedesJanuary 5, 2018“BREAKING: Twitter Concedes (More or Less) That Trump Is Routinely Violating Its Terms of Service and It Will Do Nothing, Claiming a Different Standard for World Leaders” [3]Trump, Yates, ComeyTwitter, CNN
Left, center, rightJanuary 5, 2018“To those on the left, center, and right interested in finding out whether the President of the United States was compromised by a hostile foreign power, then sought to cover it up via federal crimes: don't worry about push-back from far-right media. This is what they're bringing:” [2]Seth Abramson
Fiery read-alongJanuary 5, 2018“(THREAD) I'm doing a live reading of FIRE AND FURY in this thread, offering some analysis of just a few short passages that seem of importance to the Trump-Russia investigation specifically or the Trump presidency generally. I hope you'll follow along and share with others.” (unrolled) [80]Wolff, Trump, Kushner, Bannon, Mnuchin, Stone, Kislyak, Flynn, Ailes, Gorkov, Putin, Kislyak, Papadopoulos, Priebus, Hallie Jackson, Boehner, Trump Jr., Prince, Barrack, McFarlane, Mueller, Dmitriv, Manafort, Lewandowski, Ann Coulter, Ivanka, Billy Bush, Steele, Paul Wood, Kissinger, George W. Bush, Spicer, Joe Scarborough, Deng, Giuliani, Conway, Christie, Steele, Sater, Page, Barack Obama, Kozhin, Aras Agalarov, Emin Agalarov, Mattis, Mike Anton, Hillary ClintonSteele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Greece, Seychelles, UAE, Dubai, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russian Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Banker Meeting, Kislyak Call, Miss Universe 2002, Hacked EmailsTrump Campaign, FNC, ABC, RNC, WH, MSNBC, NatSec, RDIF, Henry Holt, Orbis, MI6, NYT, WaPo, CNN, Yahoo, New Yorker, BBC, CIA, GOP, Breitbart, MSNBC, WH, ABC, Trump Org, SCOTUS, NYPD, FBI, DNC, Kremlin, Bloomberg, CIA, NSC, Russian mafia
A core truthJanuary 5, 2018“A core truth we've learned from the Wolff book that many are overlooking: the fact that Trump didn't want or expect to be president means he didn't want or intend to help ANY of those he claimed to want to help, and instead intended to leave them with Clinton as their president.” (unrolled) [12]Wolff, Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bannon, Kelly, McConnell, Kushner, MnuchinJournalismGOP, Trump Campaign
Real news buriedJanuary 4, 2018“The real news in this story is buried: we now have confirmation that the White House is perfectly willing and able to issue a final decision on executive privilege when it helps obstruct the Russia probe. They refused to do so when Sessions was under oath.” [2]Sessions, Ryan, NunesWH, DOJ, GOP, HPSCI, FBI
Trump orderedJanuary 4, 2018“BREAKING: Trump Ordered White House Counsel to Keep Sessions From Recusing Himself, Said Sessions Was Obligated to Protect Him From the Russia Probe” (unrolled) [11]Trump, Sessions, McGahn, Comey, Flynn, Manafort, Kushner, Trump Jr., Gordon, Dearborn, Corallo, Papadopoulos, Laurence Tribe, MuellerComey Firing, ImpeachmentComey Firing ListComey Firing Top PickWH, GOP, Congress, NYT, ABC, FBI, OSC, DOJ
Cease-and-desistJanuary 4, 2018“I'm so glad someone said this. I've been thinking it all day and assumed I was missing something. The reference to the "Company" in the cease-and-desist letter was bizarre, as is the idea people subject to FOIA and other oversight would be violating a private contract to comply.” [2]TrumpLegalLegal ListLegal Top PickWH, Congress
Course of insanityJanuary 4, 2018“This is insane, and insane-looking, and part of a broader course of insanity the country can't long submit to.” [2]Sanders, TrumpJournalismWH, Mediate
Scavino Ru contactJanuary 4, 2018“This may be what the recent news on Dan Scavino having contact with a "Russian national" was all about. The story below is from four weeks ago. We'll see if there are new developments in the days ahead.” (unrolled) [7]Dan Scavino, Sidorkov , Trump, Prince, Jesus, Giiuliani, Gorsuch, WolffTrue Pundit Hoax, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Clinton kompromat, Fake News, Social Media AttackWaPo, VK, FB, True Pundit, Breitbart, SCOTUS, Kremlin,
Contacted by mediaJanuary 4, 2018“Read the replies to this tweet by Maggie Haberman. I really want to know who the "we" is here, because I was contacted by many in major media when I began writing about the Mayflower Hotel—and again when I wrote about the "TIHDC" meeting—precisely because they had *not* done so.” [2]Haberman, Bannon, mediaMayflower Meeting, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, JournalismNYT, Twitter
FIRE AND FURYJanuary 4, 2018“NOTE TO READERS: My copy of FIRE AND FURY arrives in 5 days. If Henry Holt stops publishing it, I'll publish on Twitter a 500-tweet thread with EVERY SINGLE key passage in the book, so that all America can read what the president insists you not know about him and his presidency.” [4]TrumpHenry Holt
From inside the WHJanuary 4, 2018“BREAKING: A new Michael Wolff article (out just this morning from The Hollywood Reporter) describes—from inside the White House—a president who is no longer mentally competent and who some aides believe could end up being removed under the 25th Amendment:” [3]Michael Wolff, Trump25th AmendmentHollywood Reporter, WH
He’d have to testifyJanuary 3, 2018“Trump is doing this to send a message to other former (or current) employees who would try to "Bannon" him. But there's no way Trump sues Bannon, for the obvious reason that he'd have to testify and Lord Jesus there's *no way* even *he* is stupid enough to allow that to happen.” [1]Trump , Bannon, Lord JesusLegalLegal ListLegal Top PickABC
Tried with this feedJanuary 3, 2018“This. This is exactly what I've tried to do with this feed from Day 1. Find news that was previously reported but since forgotten, and see how it informs the news we're getting today. Big media isn't doing this work itself—so it's left to independent journalists on social media.” [1]Seth Abramson, Trump, journalistsJournalism
Believed a crimeJanuary 3, 2018“BREAKING NEWS: Trump Spokesman Mark Corallo Quit in July 2017 Because He Believed Trump Committed a Crime—Obstruction of Justice—Aboard Air Force One” [1]Trump, Corallo, Michael WolffI Love It MeetingCNBC, Trump Admin
Stupidly, not cannilyJanuary 3, 2018“A month ago, The Washington Post asked me to explain why those involved in a conspiracy would act stupidly, as I've repeatedly noted here—and Bannon and Wolff now also aver—that all of the co-conspirators in the Trump-Russia scandal acted stupidly rather than cannily. My reply:” [2]Bannon, Wolff, Trump, Nixon, Team TrumpLegalLegal ListLegal Top PickWaPo, NYM
Dossier shenanigansJanuary 3, 2018“Bannon, as quoted by New York Magazine, appears to have confirmed the central thesis of this feed—given that the event Bannon is referring to is clearly Trump's 2013 trip to Moscow, and the "kept trying" is the 2015 Trump Tower Moscow deal and (likely) Steele Dossier shenanigans.” [1]Bannon, Steele, Putin, TrumpSteele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow DealNYM
Bannon dealJanuary 3, 2018“One thing should be, and evidently is, perfectly clear to Donald Trump after today: either Steve Bannon has already cut a deal with Bob Mueller, or he is—and with *great* enthusiasm—100% ready to do so. The only question now is whether Mueller asks him—or *already* asked him.” [1]Trump, Mueller, BannonLegalLegal List
Wasn’t trying to winJanuary 3, 2018“BREAKING: Author Michael Wolff—Who Interviewed Scores of White House Staff and Trump Himself—Says Trump Wasn't Trying to Win the 2016 Election, But to Make Money Via New Business Deals (Including, Per Steve Bannon's Comments on Trump and Putin, in Russia)” [1]Michael Wolff, Trump, Bannon, PutinWH
Bannon’s claimJanuary 3, 2018“MAJOR BREAKING NEWS:” [8]Bannon, Trump, Trump Jr., Michael Wolff, Manafort, Kushner, HillaryI Love It Meeting, ImpeachmentI Love It ListWH, Kremlin, Congress
Clovis cautionJanuary 3, 2018“(THREAD) An August Washington Post report contains evidence Trump's campaign knew as early as early as May 2016 that the Russians wanted to negotiate U.S. policy with Trump, the campaign *knew* such negotiations were illegal, and it conducted them anyway.” (unrolled) [31]Trump, Papadopoulos, Trump, Clovis, Timofeev, Kushner, Burt, Sessions, Manafort, Miller, Trump Jr., Barack Obama, Kislyak, Putin, Simona Mangiante, Kammenos, Mueller, Page, Brian Ross (ABC)Mayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Legal, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia SanctionsLegal ListLegal Top PickWaPo, NatSec, GOP, Kremlin, DOJ, RNC, ABC, Rosneft
Earned a tripJanuary 3, 2018“Holy cow. Click on the link below and see who sent the tweet, what it says, when it was written, and where it came from. Given the recent New York Times story about Papadopoulos, this should definitely earn Scavino a trip to Congress. And Mueller's office.” [2]Dan Scavino, Papadopoulos, MuellerWikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat NYT, Trump Campaign
Calls it TreasonousJanuary 3, 2018“BREAKING: Bannon Calls Trump Jr. Meeting With Kremlin Agents "Treasonous" and Says the Trump-Russia Investigation Is a "Category 5 Hurricane"-Level Threat to the Trump Administration, Countering GOP Claims It's a Hoax (IOW, he says what *this feed* says.)” [2]Bannon, Trump Jr., Trump, Michael Wolff, MuellerI Love It MeetingI Love It ListKremlin, GOP, Guardian
Other sourcesJanuary 2, 2018“BREAKING NEWS (New York Times): Fusion GPS Founders Say They Told Senate It Was Other Sources Besides Steele's Dossier—Including a Traitor Within the Trump Campaign—Who Fed Trump-Russia Intel to the FBI in Summer 2016 and Initiated the Russia Investigation” [3]Steele , Trump, Mueller, Fusion GPSSteele DossierDossier ListNYT, FBI, Fusion GPS, GOP, Senate
Stop saying brokeJanuary 2, 2018“Jesus, media, stop saying the House Intelligence Committee Russia probe "broke down." Trump agents in the House GOP caucus ENDED IT, and after they ENDED IT they continued on with the FAKE-ASS investigation of the FBI we have now. Just call it like it is.” [2]TrumpJournalismHPSCI, House, GOP, FBI, CNN, Dems
If Felix flippedJanuary 2, 2018“(THREAD) The evidence that Trump business partner Felix Sater is a cooperating individual in the Mueller probe is now overwhelming—and if he is, he's the most dangerous witness against Trump Mueller has (and that *includes* Flynn and Papadopoulos). I hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [56]Sater, Mueller, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Paul Wood (BBC), Ivanka, Bill Clinton, Trump, Luke Harding, Cohen, Trump Jr., Putin, Arif, Fedorova, Steele, Scott Stedman (Medium), FeinsteinTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Miss Universe 2002, ImpeachmentBayrock, BBC, Washington Monthly, McClatchyDC, SJD, Trump Org, NYM, FBI, Russian mafia, Kremlin, ABC, GOP, DOJ, RT, VTB, WaPo, HuffPo, WH, Yahoo, State, Obama Admin, Vanity Fair, Medium, UC Irvine, NYT, HPSCI, Senate
Fallaciously usesJanuary 2, 2018“Andrew McCarthy's Russia "coverage" is Russia for Idiots—literally. He doesn't understand how probable cause works; he fallaciously uses a process story to negate the substance of an FBI probe; he wildly misstates what we've learned about Page since 2016.” [5]Andrew McCarthy (NR), Page, Trump, SteeleSteele Dossier, Rosneft Deal, Back Channels, Moscow, JournalismNR, FBI, NYT, Kremlin, Rosneft, Trump Campaign
Papa tells AussiesDecember 30, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING: The NYT has published a bombshell report on George Papadopoulos—the biggest Trump-Russia news since Flynn's plea. This thread dissects the new revelations—as well as some major implications for the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. I hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [17]Papadopoulos, Flynn, Steele, Page, Mueller, Trump, Mifsud, Putin, Hillary Clinton, Kislyak, Trump Jr., Veselnitskaya, Kammenos, Egypt’s president, Sessions, Bannon, Brennan, Clovis, Millian, Carson, Lieu, Timofeev, Burt, Manafort, Miller, Aras Agalarov, Rozov (IC Expert), Prince, Christie, Favorite, Steele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Mayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Greece, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emails, Brennan Testimony, Sessions Testimony, ImpeachmentNYT, FBI, Kremlin, NatSec, WaPo, FNC, Politico, Kathimerini, Wisconsin Badgers, WH, HPSCI, CIA, House, GOP, Independent, RIAC, CNI, Daily Beast
Have to get this rightDecember 30, 2017“I'm glad The Washington Post is keeping tabs on how often Trump lies and what he lies about, but this article undercounts the lies in his recent NYT interview and incorrectly explains several of them. Still, it's worth reading.” [3]Trump , ManafortWaPo, NYT
Papa follows SethDecember 28, 2017“Hmm. I'm 1 of 92. What does it mean?” [2]Papadopoulos, Seth Abramson, DworkinTwitter
Losing its mindDecember 28, 2017“Mainstream media losing its mind over the popularity of independent journalists on Twitter while Maggie Haberman blithely defends the NYT ghosting on journalism in its recent one-on-one with President Trump is as 2017 as 2017 has been so far.” [2]Maggie Haberman, TrumpJournalismTwitter, NYT
Sir Lies-a-LotDecember 28, 2017“Said "no collusion" 16 times; claimed "absolute right" to "do what he wants" at DOJ the second he feels he personally isn't being treated "fairly" (i.e., is accused of anything); said protecting a president is part of an Attorney General's job (it's not).” (unrolled) [14]Trump, Manafort, Comey, McCabe, Flynn, Trump Jr., Hillary Clinton, Reagan, McCain, Dole, Mueller, Feinstein, O’Reilly, Steele,Steele Dossier, Comey Firing, SC InvestigationDOJ, NYT, GOP, Dems, House, FBI, SJC, HPSCI
Prospectively funnyDecember 28, 2017“No, it's *prospectively* funny, i.e. it'll be really funny when Cohen talks to the FBI, repeats his story, and gets charged with a federal crime for being the. worst. liar. ever. in the history of FBI interrogations. So it's funny in a criminal-idiot-gets-comeuppance kind of way.” [2]Cohen , Trump, PutinTrump Tower Moscow DealFBI
Wants to partyDecember 28, 2017“This is what white privilege in the criminal justice system looks and sounds like. The poor, Latinos, and African-Americans usually can't even get out—when detained on bail—if a parent dies and they want to attend the funeral. Gates wants to go to a party.” [2]GatesLegalLegal List
Getting fed up w/ itDecember 28, 2017“I don't think they're fools, though—or "missing" anything. I think they're terrified of what Trump and his GOP allies will say or do if ever they seem even a second "ahead of" the story, so instead they trail behind it by about 30 to 60 days. Americans are getting fed up with it.” [2]TrumpJournalismGOP
Don Jr. likely will beDecember 28, 2017“(THREAD) This CBS interview all but confirms Don Jr. can—and likely will—be charged with a crime, sometime in 2018, for lying to Congress. In fact, the best-case scenario for Trump is now that his VP—not his son—will be charged. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [31]Trump Jr., Trump, Pence, Flynn, McGahn, Barack Obama, McFarland, Spicer, Brian Ross (ABC), Sessions, Mueller, Christie, Kushner, Ivanka, Manafort, Page, Clovis, Papadopoulos, DowdBack Channels, Russia SanctionsCBS, Congress, Trump Transition, FBI, DOJ, NatSec, Twitter, ABC, Kremlin, WaPo
Digital Op queryDecember 27, 2017“BREAKING: Mueller Asked RNC Staffers About Trump's Digital Op Colluding With Russia—So He's Reason to Think They Did Big "ruh roh" for Kushner, Parscale, and "No Collusion" dead-enders in the GOP. Also would explain why the GOP's full of Trump apologists.” [1]Mueller, Trump, Kushner, ParscaleRussia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromatRNC, GOP, Newsweek
Hacker can prove itDecember 27, 2017“BREAKING: Jailed Russian Hacker Says Kremlin Used Him to Hack the DNC and (Critically) Says He Can Prove It, Too” [1]Konstantine KozlovskyYates' Warning, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Hacked EmailsDNC, Kremlin, McClatchy
Christmas continuesDecember 27, 2017“BREAKING NEWS: The Washington Post reports that Trump's plan is to frantically call Flynn a liar if it's found Flynn gave Mueller any incriminating evidence on Trump or his aides (which, by definition, he did). In other words, CHRISTMAS CONTINUES.” [9]Trump, Flynn, Mueller, ComeyLegalLegal ListLegal Top PickWaPo
Research led to ?sDecember 26, 2017“BREAKING NEWS: The Washington Post snickered at my November 22nd thread referencing Tom Arnold and Scott Stedman, but Congress didn't—REUTERS reports publication of Stedman's research led the House and Senate Intel Committees to question Irakly Kaveladze.” [5]Tom Arnold, Scott Stedman, Kaveladze, Trump, PutinTrump Tower Moscow Deal, True Pundit Hoax, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, JournalismWaPo, Congress, Reuters, HPSCI, SSCI, HJC, Dems
Things the guilty doDecember 26, 2017“(THREAD) 20 Things Guilty People Do That Trump Does Daily As a former criminal defense attorney, I've sat in rooms candidly discussing crime with thousands of criminals. I know what "consciousness of guilt" looks like. Trump exhibits it daily. I hope you'll read and share this.” (unrolled) [24]Trump, Manafort, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Flynn, Yates, Comey, McCabe, Sessions, Trump Jr., Mueller, David Swerdlick (WaPo)Legal, FavoriteLegal ListLegal Top PickFNC, House, WaPo
Has been confirmedDecember 26, 2017“Every part of the dossier that's presently confirmable has been confirmed, and much has already been found indicating future confirmation of that which isn't presently confirmable. This tweet is an attempt to undercut the inevitable future confirmation of nearly the full dossier.” [7]Trump, Hillary Clinton, SteeleSteele Dossier, Trump kompromat, JournalismDossier ListDNC, FBI, CIA, MI6, Congress
Galizia assasinatedDecember 25, 2017“I'm delaying a thread about Ivanka, the Russian mafia, Daphne Galizia, the Panama Papers, Alexandre Nogueira, and ICIJ until I have more time. Until then, a summary: Ivanka was working with Russian mafia; Galizia helped uncover it; Galizia was assasinated.” (unrolled) [14]Daphne Galizia, Alexandre Nogueira, Ivanka, Trump Jr., Trump, Putin, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Bannon, Kushner, Mueller, Eric T., Veselnitskaya, Sater, Dodson (golf), Putin’s girlfriendTrump Tower Moscow Deal, I Love It Meeting, Panama PapersRussia mafia, ICIJ, Reuters, NatSec, FBI, NYPost, Trump Org, RDIF
America mattersDecember 24, 2017“I don't read Eric Garland's feed, so I can't speak to anything said about it one way or another. But if you're in media—or even if you're not—and can't distinguish between my credentials, methods, and analysis and that of a certifiable lunatic like Louise Mensch, please block me.” (unrolled) [10]Eric Garland (guy with a feed), Louise Mensch, Trump, Toobin, Tribe, Painter, Schaub, Mariotti, Schiff, Bertrand, Wood (BBC), Seth AbramsonSteele Dossier, Mayflower Meeting, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Seth Abramson, JournalismBLM, Kremlin, BI, BBC, Guardian, ABC, Politico, CNN, UNH, Twitter
I’m with WarnerDecember 24, 2017“As Twitter cranks tell us the Russia investigation is being overblown and requires no legal experts on social media to analyze and discuss, the ranking Senate Intel Committee Democrat says it's the most important thing he'll ever work on. I'm with Warner.” (unrolled) [10]Warner, Mueller, Trump, Pence, Flynn, Manafort, Sessions, Kushner, Trump Jr., Papadopoulos, Gates, Page, Clovis, McFarland, Priebus, Gordon, Dearborn, Parscale, IvankaLegal, Sessions TestimonyLegal ListLegal Top PickTwitter, SSCI, Axios, Congress,
STOP TAMPERINGDecember 23, 2017“STOP WITNESS TAMPERING” [5]McCabe, Trump, Comey, Hillary ClintonLegal, Uranium OneLegal ListFBI, DOJ
A SolutionDecember 22, 2017“A SOLUTION TO THE TRUMP-RUSSIA PROBLEM 1. Put Trump under oath. 2. Ask him about everything; don't tell him what you know. 3. Let him talk. 4. Refer him to Congress on 200+ counts of Perjury. 5. The nation moves on post-Trump. RT if you agree.” [2]Trump , MuellerCongress
Sick and tiredDecember 22, 2017“How about we just find out if *the dossier is true*? I'm sick and tired of US media writing stories on the Dossier without doing even a *fraction* of the work others—especially independent journalists and UK reporters—have done to confirm its key elements.” [6]Giuliani, Hillary Clinton, Steele, Trump,Steele Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, JournalismPolitico, GOP, FBI, House
Summoned to chatDecember 21, 2017“BREAKING: On Tuesday, Trump summoned Reince Priebus to the White House to chat. On Wednesday, Foreign Policy revealed Priebus lied on national TV on February 19 about what Trump and McGahn knew about Flynn and when—a lie that, if he maintained it in his FBI interview, is a crime.” (unrolled) [11]Trump, Priebus, McGahn, Flynn, Comey, Yates, Trump Jr., Sessions, PenceWH, FP, FBI, WaPo, House, Senate, Cabinet, GOP
Manifest falsehoodDecember 21, 2017“78% of Republicans say the Russia probe is mainly an attempt to discredit Trump—a manifest falsehood no one who reads the news regularly would ever credit. So if you see people freaking out online over Russia-focused Twitter feeds, keep that data in mind.” [1]Trump , MuellerTwitter, GOP, CNN
Handling this wrongDecember 21, 2017“The Democrats are handling this wrong. Polling analyses show Comey swung the election to Trump—and the consequential FBI shenanigans were at the field-office level and involved direct coordination with the Trump campaign. Democrats should go on the attack.” [2]Comey, McCabe, Hillary ClintonSC InvestigationGOP, Dems, FBI, CNN
Stoking fearDecember 21, 2017“A thread is making the rounds in progressive circles stoking fear that Congress can keep Mueller from indicting people. The thread is written by someone who's an excellent Russian Studies scholar but has no background in the law. Fact—Mueller can indict anyone he wants but Trump.” (unrolled) [26]Mueller, Trump, Sessions, Kushner, Pence, Bork, Rosenstein, Trump Jr., Starr, Bill Clinton, Rotunda (WaPo)SC Investigation, ImpeachmentCongress, DOJ, Dems, GOP, Kremlin
Very sanctimoniouslyDecember 20, 2017“The same day (today) that Mike Pence tells Fox News—very sanctimoniously—that he and Trump haven't been at all focused on the Russia investigation, one of the Congressmen pushing to end the investigation admits he's been talking to the White House about it. These people. Jesus.” [1]Pence , Trump, Rep. Jim Jordan.SC InvestigationFNC, WH, CNN
Appears to haveDecember 20, 2017“BREAKING: Trump Appears to Have Known Flynn Violated Logan Act and Statute Prohibiting Making False Statements to FBI {Folks, before this is over we will discover that Trump knew everything—about everything—as it was happening. This is only the beginning.}” [3]Trump, Flynn, McGahn, Priebus, YatesFBI, FP, WH
Two reactionsDecember 20, 2017“Two reactions to this news: 1. That Schiff didn't know of this cabal confirms they know what they're doing is wrong and are acting like conspirators. 2. This is another sign the Dossier is 75%+ accurate and considered a danger by Trump-Russia bad actors.” [4]Schiff, Nunes, Trump, NixonSteele Dossier, SC InvestigationPolitico, GOP, Congress, CREEP, NUNCA, DOJ
10 obvious factsDecember 20, 2017“(THREAD) 10 Cripplingly Obvious Facts About Donald Trump Every American Must Accept” (unrolled) [12]Trump, Gorsuch, Pence, Ryan, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey, Wray, Burr, Conaway, Grassley, Gowdy,Journalism, Impeachment, Tax ReturnsGOP, Congress, FBI, Dems, DOJ
Red line for TrumpDecember 20, 2017“BREAKING VIDEO: Leading Democrat Sets a Red Line for Trump on Russia” [1]Warner , TrumpSC InvestigationYoutube, SSCI, Senate, Dems
Two-bit criminalsDecember 20, 2017“Imagine if *every* two-bit criminal could claim investigation of his crimes constitutes a government coup. These *are* two-bit criminals—they just happen to have, unlike most criminals, a constituency of enablers willing to be accessories after the fact.” [1]Trump, Trump Jr.SC InvestigationNewsweek
no exoneration letterDecember 19, 2017“Facts: 1. There will be no exoneration letter. 2. The Mueller probe will continue for most of 2018—maybe beyond. 3. Trump is the probe's target. 4. Mueller will refer at least one impeachable offense—maybe more. All this is clear from the publicly reported information we have.” (unrolled) [12]Mueller, Trump, Comey, Hillary Clinton, Manafort, Flynn, Kushner, Sessions, Trump Jr., Pence, Rosenstein, LynchComey Firing, SC Investigation, Journalism, ImpeachmentWH, DOJ, Congress
Tennis, anyone?December 19, 2017“FYI: 2014—Jared, Ivanka, Putin pal/oil magnate Abramovitch, Zukova (his wife) in Moscow. August 2016—Jared, Ivanka, Wendi Deng (Putin's girlfriend) in Croatia. Guest (likely): Putin pal Rybolovlev. September 2016—Jared, Ivanka, Deng, Zukova at US Open. Guest: Leon Black, RDIF.” [2]Kushner, Ivanka , Putin, Abramovitch, Zukova, Wendi Deng (Putin’s girlfriend), Ryboloblev, Leon Black (RDIF)Back ChannelsRDIF
Not these, this storyDecember 19, 2017“When history looks back on today, it will note not the Jill Stein story, or Don Jr. trumpeting "Deep State" conspiracy theories, or even a destructive tax bill that will either discredit the GOP or be ditched when the Dems take over—or both—but this story:” [1]Stein, Trump Jr., Maxine Waters, Mueller, TrumpGOP, Dems, TheNation, Deutsch Bank
Constitutional crisisDecember 19, 2017“Today Mark Warner, Ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, confirmed the diagnosis I offered in my December 16th thread (below): Trump firing Mueller would trigger a "constitutional crisis."” [2]Warner, Trump, MuellerSC InvestigationDems, SSCI, Congress, Independent
Dinner conversationDecember 19, 2017“The key point on the Jill Stein news is this: it follows hard upon Flynn becoming a cooperating witness in the Trump-Russia probe, and Flynn dined with Putin and Stein in December '15—while advising Trump. Flynn must have relayed to Mueller some interesting dinner conversation.” [1]Stein, Flynn, Putin, Trump, MuellerBack Channels, Moscow, Dinner with Putin
Legal catch-22December 18, 2017“Here's a thread from 5 months ago on how the briefing Trump got August 17, 2016—which NBC writes about today—created a legal catch-22 under which Trump's secret plan to unilaterally drop Russia sanctions became Aiding and Abetting Computer Crimes unless he dropped it (he didn't).” [4]TrumpI Love It Meeting, Russia SanctionsNBC, GOP, Dems
Who? Republicans.December 17, 2017“(THREAD) Hey, want to know who ran the Clinton email investigation? Republicans. Want to know who's running the Trump-Russia investigation? Republicans. Want to know who's prolonging the Trump-Russia investigation? Republicans. Please read and share if you want all the details.” (unrolled) [20]Hillary Clinton, Trump, Mueller, Rosenstein, Wray, Comey, Sessions, Giuliani, Murdoch, Hannity, Pirro, Manafort, Flynn, Trump Jr., Republicans, DemocratsTrue Pundit Hoax, SC Investigation, Fake NewsGOP, FBI, DOJ, HPSCI, SSCI, HJC, House, Senate, NYFO, NYPD, FNC, Twitter, GSA, Trump for America, PTT, WH, Dems
Who was in the roomDecember 17, 2017“Every time Trump and Putin speak on the phone, the only question the media can or should ask that *matters* is, who was in the room on Trump's end? If virtually no one, it's a guarantee the White House readout is 100% false; if lots of people were present, it's only mostly false.” [3]Trump, PutinJournalismWH, Kremlin, CIA
GSA warning screenDecember 16, 2017“Someone needs to ask Trump's Presidential Transition Team whether the GSA computers they used during the transition all had a warning screen at start-up notifying users that all content could be viewed by law enforcement or counterintelligence. I think it's possible they did.” [2]Trump, Trump for America (TFA)SC InvestigationGSA, PTT, USG IS, TFA
Others choose to seeDecember 16, 2017“Those of us who see that Mueller a) is a Republican, b) was praised across the board by top Republicans when appointed, c) is being overseen by a Trump-appointed Republican, and d) has found damning evidence, must realize this is what others choose to see:” [4]Mueller, Jess Watters, Conway, Trump, Comey, Hillary Clinton, Strzok,True Pundit Hoax, SC Investigation, Fake NewsGOP, FBI, True Pundit
All their dirty laundryDecember 16, 2017“Read between the lines of this dispatch from pro-Trump State Media and you'll see the Presidential Transition Team now knows Bob Mueller has all their dirty laundry. (By the way, absolutely nothing that the Special Counsel did was out of the norm for a criminal investigation.)” [4]Trump, Mueller, Trump Jr., Sessions, Kushner, Flynn, McFarland, Papadopoulos, Clovis, Prince, Trump Transition Team (TTT)SC InvestigationFNC, PTT, WH, OSC, NatSec
In case of emergencyDecember 16, 2017“(THREAD) There's now a rumor in Congress that Trump plans to fire Special Counsel Mueller on December 22. If this happens, it will trigger a constitutional crisis. This thread explains what's happening and what to do—please read and share it widely. This is an actual emergency.” (unrolled) [35]Trump, Mueller , Rosenstein, Brand, Bork, Nixon, Cox, Flynn, KushnerSC Investigation, Impeachment, 25th AmendmentCongress, Executive, GOP, DOJ, House, Dems, SCOTUS, WH, HPSCI,
Make a planDecember 15, 2017“In the same way every family must have a fire escape plan for their home, every American must have a plan for the peaceful and legal actions you'll take when Congress shuts down its probe of Trump's illicit ties to Russia—and begins the process of firing Special Counsel Mueller.” [2]Trump, MuellerSC InvestigationCongress
How lawyering worksDecember 15, 2017“This is not how lawyering works. Not even for White House lawyers. You don't get to contradict the Oval Office on a matter of client discretion. You either convince Trump to CHANGE his statement or you SHUT UP. You don't go out publicly and directly contradict the White House.” [9]Trump, Cobb, DowdWH, CNN, DOJ
Effort to fire MuellerDecember 15, 2017“As predicted here (and in many other places besides) many months ago, the Republican effort to fire Special Counsel Bob Mueller is now fully and unapologetically in the open.” [3]Trump, Mueller , Rep. Matt Gaetz, Rosenstein, BrandSC InvestigationCNN, House, GOP
Went to Abu DhabiDecember 14, 2017“(THREAD) Trump advisor Erik Prince met secretly with Putin pal/Russian Direct Investment Fund CEO Kirill Dmitriev, at the request of the UAE. Then Dmitriev and the UAE went to Abu Dhabi—where Prince lives—to cut a deal. And Trump's son was in town. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [18]Prince, Putin, Dmitriev (RDIF), Trump Jr., Trump, Flynn, Barrack, McFarlane, Steele, Mueller, ScaramucciFavorite, Steele Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, Mideast Nuclear Deal, Back Channels, Seychelles, Dubai, Russia Sanctions, Prince TestimonyNuclear ListRDIF, WaPo, Congress, True Pundit, Rostec, Trump Org
A Kremlin agentDecember 14, 2017“BREAKING: Trump pal Emin Agalarov—who Trump was in contact with throughout the campaign—offered to set up a Trump-Putin meeting during the campaign. Six months ago, I said we had sufficient evidence to call Emin a Kremlin agent—now we can shut that case.” [3]Emin Agalarov, Trump, Putin, Goldstone, Aras Agalarov, Cohen, PeskovTrump Tower Moscow Deal, I Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsTower Moscow ListWaPo
Trump was shownDecember 14, 2017“Deep in this bombshell Trump-Russia report: on January 6, Trump was shown "Putin’s specific instructions on the [election interference] operation." Legally, that makes his secret plan to unilaterally drop Russia sanctions a crime and an impeachable offense.” [5]Trump , PutinRussia Sanctions, Russia Cyberattacks, ImpeachmentWaPo
23 more connectionsDecember 14, 2017“(THREAD) It turns out 24 paragraphs detailing 24 discrete Trump-Russia ties isn't enough to encompass how entwined Trump is with Russia, so in this thread—Part 2 in the series—I offer 23 more connections. A link to Part 1 is in the first tweet, below. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [25]Trump, Mueller, Prince, Putin, Flynn, Barrack, McFarlane, Sater, Manafort, Deripaska, Trump Jr., Kushner, Bannon, Mercer, Sanders, Tillerson, Schmitz, Gordon, Page, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Hicks, Ryboloblev, Eric T., Dodson (golf), Team TrumpFavorite, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Mideast Nuclear Deal, Mayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Back Channels, Hungary, UAE, NRA, Moscow, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Fake News, NRA Meeting, Miss Universe 2002, Voting Hack, Dinner with PutinKremlin, NatSec, RDIF, Congress, CA, WikiLeaks, WH, Congress, House, Senate, FSB, NRA, BBC, Rosneft
Summary of tiesDecember 13, 2017“(THREAD) From Russian payments to Trump advisors to failing to register as foreign agents working for Putin allies—from perjury to illegal solicitation of campaign donations from the Kremlin—here's a non-exhaustive summary of known Trump-Russia ties. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [27]Trump, Putin, Papadopoulos, Gordon, Trump Jr., Hillary Clinton, Kislyak, Flynn, Kushner, Page, Steele, Manafort, Sessions, Comey, Cohen, Sater, Bannon, Prince, Giuliani, Pirro, bots, Clovis, Dearborn, Gates, Stone, Eric T., Yates, Pence, Team TrumpFavorite, Steele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, True Pundit Hoax, Mayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Comey Firing, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Greece, Moscow, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks Leaks, Yates' Warning, Russia Cyberattack, Fake News, RNC Meeting, Senate Office Meeting, Banker Meeting, SF-86Platform ListKremlin, GOP, Congress, PTT, FBI, Rosneft, True Pundit, Trump Org, Nazis
Best possible reasonDecember 11, 2017“BREAKING NEWS: My two True Pundit threads (and follow-ups) are now discussed in POLITICO for the best possible reason—because it appears my work was seen by Democrats in Congress. I really hope a solid probe of the 2016 True Pundit Hoax comes out of this.” [2]True Pundit HoaxersTrue Pundit HoaxTrue Pundit, Politico, Dems, Congress
ForeknowledgeDecember 11, 2017“Trump advisor Jeanine Pirro may have had foreknowledge of a 2016 online hoax that tried to coerce the FBI—via fraud—into reopening Clinton's case and indicting Clinton. Pirro now uses her FNC show to coerce an end to a probe that may expose her. FNC and Congress must investigate.” (unrolled) [18]Trump, Pirro, Hillary Clinton, Giuliani, Kallstrom, Comey, Hagmann, Mueller, Flynn, Bannon, Trump Jr., HannityTrue Pundit Hoax, Fake NewsHoax ListFBI, FNC, Congress, True Pundit, NYPD, Newsweek
SubstantiatingDecember 11, 2017“Let's be clear: Flynn is a cooperating witness, so if Mueller is looking into whether Trump told Flynn to lie to the FBI, as NBC reports, it's because Mueller believes that—and if Mueller believes that, it's because Flynn told him that Trump told him (Flynn) to lie to the FBI.” (unrolled) [10]Flynn, Mueller, Trump, Brian Ross (ABC), Trump Jr., McFarland, NixonRussia Sanctions, ImpeachmentFBI, NBC, ABC
VERY EXCITEDDecember 10, 2017“VERY EXCITED—40 days after writing two lengthy threads on my discovery that George Papadopoulos traveled secretly to Athens in May 2016 to meet with the same people Vladimir Putin was then in Athens to meet with, The Washington Post has picked up my scoop.” [4]Papadopoulos, PutinJournalismWaPo
True Pundit HoaxDecember 10, 2017“BREAKING: The pre-election True Pundit story threatening the FBI with fake NYPD Clinton leaks if Comey didn't indict Clinton ASAP reaches the First Family: Donald Trump Jr. retweeted the True Pundit story 96 hours before Election Day, then deleted it (see Trump Twitter Archive).” (unrolled) [21]Hillary Clinton, Comey, Trump Jr., Flynn, Assange, Bannon, Giuliani, Kallstrom, Pirro, Prince, Trump, “Thomas Paine”, Alex Jones’ partner, Anthony Weiner, Bret Baier (media), Hagmann, Veselnitskaya, True Pundit HoaxersFavorite, True Pundit Hoax, I Love It Meeting, WikiLeaks, Fake News, Prince TestimonyHoax ListHoax Top PickTrue Pundit, FBI, Trump Twitter Archive TTA, WikiLeaks, House, GOP, NYPD, HuffPo, FNC, Clinton Foundation
Giuliani teasedDecember 10, 2017“VIDEO: On 10/30/16, 96 hours after Giuliani teased on FNC a big surprise upcoming in the Clinton probe, his "very good friend" (Daily Beast) Jim Kallstrom predicted the same on FNC with "local" (NYPD) leaks—anticipating the "True Pundit" story by 72 hours.” [5]Giuliani, Hillary Clinton, Kallstrom, Pirro, Comey, WeinerTrue Pundit Hoax, Fake NewsHoax ListReal Clear Politics, FNC, Daily Beast, NYPD, Congress, True Pundit, NYFO, FBI,
Threatened to leakDecember 10, 2017“BREAKING: On November 2, 2016—the day True Pundit threatened to leak fake NYPD-held Clinton emails if Comey didn't indict Clinton—ex-FBI asset Doug Hagmann told Alex Jones that Trump advisor "Rudy Giuliani is behind this information coming from the NYPD."” [7]Hillary Clinton, Comey, Hagmann, Giuliani, Alex Jones, Weiner, McCabe, “Thomas Paine”, Horowitz (FBI IG)True Pundit Hoax, Fake NewsHoax ListTrue Pundit, NYPD, FBI
True Pundit 2December 10, 2017“(THREAD) This is Part 2 of a thread on "True Pundit," the fake-news website—launched by a former FBI agent—that helped swing the 2016 election to Trump by blackmailing James Comey into reopening the Clinton email investigation just before Election Day. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [59]Trump, Comey, Hillary Clinton, “Thomas Paine”, Trump Jr., Kushner, Manafort, Flynn, Weiner, Huma Abedin, George Webb, Jason Goodman, Bannon, Prince, Kallstrom, McCabe, Tomi Lahren, Hannity, Giuliani, Mueller, Strzok, Lynch, Pirro, Grassley, Grassley's press secretary, Horowitz, True Pundit HoaxersFavorite, True Pundit Hoax, Fake NewsHoax ListHoax Top PickFBI, Kremlin, Skype, NYPD, Breitbart, NYFO, Daily Beast, WND, Hill, Politico, DOJ, HuffPo, KGB, NYT, Twitter, Guardian
True Pundit 1December 9, 2017“(THREAD) It's time to tell the biggest untold story of the 2016 election: how a cadre of pro-Trump FBI agents and intel officers—some active, some retired—conspired to swing the election to Trump. The story involves Flynn, Prince, Giuliani, and others. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [114]Trump, Flynn, Prince, Giuliani, Trump Jr., Kushner, Manafort, Hillary Clinton, “Thomas Paine”, Omar Mateen (Orlando massacre), Barack Obama, Comey, McCabe, Weiner, Assange, Huma Abedin, Bannon, bots, Horowitz (IG), True Pundit HoaxersFavorite, True Pundit Hoax, I Love It Meeting, Back Door Meeting, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattacks, Fake News, Dinner with PutinHoax ListHoax Top PickFBI, True Pundit, Kremlin, Breitbart, Daily Caller, InfoWars, NYPost, Washington Examiner, Washington Free Beacon, FNC, Daily Beast, WaPo, NYT, LATimes, WSJ, CNN, NBC, ESPN, Reuters, Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, RT, Sputnik, Intel News, Pulse, DNC, Philidelphia PD, FBI, Real Clear Politics, Judicial Watch, FiveThirtyEight, WikiLeaks, Twitter, Kremlin, USA Today, Snopes, FB, Daily Dot, NBC, HuffPo, Trump Campaign, Newsline,
Prince TestimonyDecember 7, 2017“(THREAD) Erik Prince—Trump advisor; ex-head of a murderous mercenary army; would-be head of Trump's private spy agency; would-be head of a privatized U.S. army—is a dangerous liar. He just testified under oath. This is a live reading of the transcript. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [147]Prince, Trump, Schiff, Rep. Rooney, Bannon, Dmitriev, Franklin Roosevelt, Putin, Stalin, Flynn, Weiner, Giuliani, Comey, Nunes, McFarlane, Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ), Mueller, Sessions, Kushner, Barack Obama, Nunes, Jim Hines (D-CT), Page, Kislyak, Gorkov (VEB), Scaramucci, Re. Speier (D-CA), Christophe Charlier, Deripaska, Mikhail Prokhorov, Magnitsky, Cyrus Behbehani, Quigley, Conaway, Swalwell, Trump Jr., Schmitz, Hillary Clinton, Rep. CastroSteele Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, Mideast Nuclear Deal, Rosneft Deal, Back Channels, Hungary, Seychelles, UAE, Russia Sanctions, Russia Cyberattack, Fake News, Prince TestimonyNuclear List, Rosneft List, Prince Testimony ListPrince Testimony Top PickHPSCI, GOP, Dems, Congress, Trump Campaign, Intercept, Breitbart, NYPD, HuffPo, FBI, Kremlin, BI, WaPo, Rosneft, NatSec, House, BuzzFeed
Nuclear MayflowerDecember 6, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING: The Mayflower now returns to prominence as the site of a meet between Flynn co-conspirator Bud McFarlane and Sergey Kislyak, then Russia's ambassador. It turns out Saudi Arabia is almost as key to the Trump-Russia probe as Russia is. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [59]Flynn, McFarlane, Kislyak, Trump, McFarland, Sessions, Kushner, Lewandowski, Trump Jr., Manafort, Gordon, Miller, Heilbrunn (CNI), Burt, Barrack, Gates, Comey, Mueller, Putin, Cohen, Sater, Stone, Page, Bannon, Clovis, Pence, Priebus, Papadopoulos, Oliver North, Rice,Favorite, Mideast Nuclear Deal, Mayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Greece, UAE, Russia Sanctions, Russia Cyberattack, Senate Office MeetingNuclear List, Mayflower List, Rosneft ListNuclear Top Pick, Mayflower Top PickRosneft, CNI, ProPublica, WH, CNN, Market Wired, Fuel Freedom Foundation, WaPo, Kremlin, Trump Campaign, NPC, ACU, Reuters, RNC, Politico, Congress, Times of Israel, NATO, Telegraph, CIA, Daily Mail
WaPo on SethDecember 6, 2017“I spoke to The Washington Post about this feed because the evidence compiled here is now more voluminous and probative than any one article—this one included—can capture. We can—and must—trace how it tracks with events and keep doing so. So far, so good.” (unrolled) [17]Seth Abramson, Avi (WaPo), Tom Arnold,JournalismWaPo, BBC, CNN, UNH, New Republic, Atlantic
Attention PenceDecember 5, 2017“ATTENTION MIKE PENCE: The most conservative jurist of my lifetime, Robert Bork—the one man willing to help Nixon obstruct justice by firing the man investigating him—wrote that a VP CAN be indicted in office and NOTHING from DOJ has changed that since '73.” (unrolled) [25]Pence, Bork, Nixon, Agnew, Flynn, Mueller, Kushner, McFarland, Trump Jr., Trump, Ryan, KislyakBack Door Meeting, Kislyak Contacts, Journalism, Holiday ChatNYT, DOJ, PTT, CBS, Guardian, Daily Beast, Palm Beach Post, Mother Jones, Food Safety News, SC, CBS, CNN
Ukraine PlankDecember 4, 2017“BREAKING: Sessions aide Gordon has AGAIN changed his story on the GOP platform change. First he said Trump ordered the change; then he said he was guided by things Trump said at a NatSec meeting; now he says it was what Trump said "on the campaign trail."” (unrolled) [16]Trump, Gordon, Papadopoulos, Diana Denman (GOP at RNC), Putin, Sessions, Trump Jr., Kushner, Flynn, Pence, Page, Mueller I Love It Meeting, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Russia Sanctions, Kislyak Contacts, Back ChannelsTIHDC List, Platform ListPlatform Top PickGOP, NatSec, NPR, RNC, CNN, BI, Kremlin, FBI,
Logan ActDecember 4, 2017“(THREAD) Republicans are lying about The Logan Act—what it says; why it exists; why it matters—and their lies are perverting discussion of a key element of the Russia probe. This thread explains The Logan Act is and why it matters now more than ever.” (unrolled) [51]Bill Clinton, Trump, Barack Obama, Flynn, Kushner, McFarland, Pence, Trump Jr., Mueller, Tillerson, Noah Feldman, Byron YorkFavorite, Legal, Russia SanctionsLegal ListLegal Top PickGOP, Obama Admin, PTT, ABC, Twitter, KGB, NATO, FBI, BI, DOJ
DershowitzDecember 4, 2017“Folks—Alan Dershowitz is a Trump advisor. When you're one of the nation's foremost legal scholars and you go to a man's house so he can bounce policy-setting legal theories off you and get free advice in return, you're an advisor and must acknowledge it.” [5]Dershowitz , Trump, DowdJournalismForward
Trump / JusticeDecember 3, 2017“Hopefully everyone understands that Trump's recent tweets attacking and seeking to delegitimize law enforcement constitute Step 1 in the plan he's always had to fire Mueller. He's got to build a groundswell for "cleaning house" in federal law enforcement *first*. So here we go.” [6]Trump, Mueller , Nunes, Rosenstein, Wray,SC InvestigationWH, House, GOP, Trump Admin
Three Easy StepsDecember 3, 2017“The Mike Pence Situation, in three easy steps: (1) If what Flynn told Mueller is true, Trump's transition team knew Flynn was negotiating sanctions with Russia. (2) Pence ran the team. (3) Pence lied when he said Flynn never told him he was negotiating sanctions with Russia.” [6]Pence, Mueller, Flynn, Dowd, Trump, Kushner, StrzokRussia Sanctions, ImpeachmentPTT, GOP, Dems
Flynn negotiationsDecember 3, 2017“America needs to understand what Flynn's December negotiations with the Russians *were*: Flynn—Trump's top national security advisor—was negotiating whether the Kremlin would be REWARDED or PUNISHED for violating U.S. national security by trying to steal the election for Trump.” (unrolled) [22]Flynn, Trump, Pence, Trump Jr., Priebus, McFarland, Mueller, Kushner, Manafort, Sessions, Page, Papadopoulos, Cohen, PTT, Comey, Christie, Clovis, GordonFavorite, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Back Door Meeting, Kislyak Contacts, Russia Sanctions, Russia Cyberattack, Holiday ChatKremlin, FBI, PTT, DOJ, Obama Admin, GOP
Trump Jr. / FlynnDecember 2, 2017“(THREAD) The evidence will show that Trump Jr. was the key Presidential Transition Team official Flynn received his Russia marching orders from—thus putting him at the center of a plot to violate the Logan Act. I explain the details in this thread. I hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [22]Trump Jr., Flynn, Kushner, McFarland, Christie, Ivanka, Eric T., Mueller, Brian Ross (ABC)Favorite, I Love It Meeting, Russia Sanctions, Dinner with PutinPTT, LATimes, UN Security Counsel UNSC, FNC, ABC, Hollywood Life, Daily Mail, NatSec, Hill, Politico, CNN, Kremlin
FBI / politicsDecember 2, 2017“WaPo has just run a story saying two FBI agents exchanged texts supportive of Hillary Clinton. That's nice. So does everyone remember that the FBI's New York field office was called "Trumplandia"—and that FBI agents were leaking false info about the Clinton emails to Giuliani?” [3]Hillary Clinton, Giuliani, Horowitz, Trump, Prince,True Pundit HoaxWaPo, FBI, NYFO, NYPD
Legal ComparisonDecember 1, 2017“Was having a conversation with a group of attorneys today and it was agreed that pitting Trump's rag-tag cabal of legal stringers against Bob Mueller's all-star team of the nation's top litigators is like making the Washington Generals play the Harlem Globetrotters without shoes.” [3]Trump, Mueller, Zainab Ahmad, Michael Dreeben, Jay Sekulow, Cobb, Dowd, McGahn, Cohen, KasowitzLegalLegal ListWashington Generals, Harlem Globetrotters, Arthur Anderson, Al Qaeda
Flynn Pleads GuiltyDecember 1, 2017“(THREAD) MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Mike Flynn will plead guilty to Making False Statements at 10:30 AM EST today (Friday). This is the biggest development in the Russia probe so far. This thread explains what it all means, and will be updated throughout the day. Please read and share.” (unrolled) [137]Flynn, Mueller, Papadopoulos, Sessions, Trump, Pence, Nixon, Manafort, Kushner, Kislyak, Clovis, Hicks, Lewandowski, Page, Gordon, Rosenstein, Yates, Trump Jr., Putin, Comey, Gates, Rep. Conaway, Barack Obama, Christie, Ivanka, Luke Harding (Guardian), Roy Moore, Andrew McCarthy (National Review), Flynn Jr., Ron Christie (BBC Newsnight), Ron Christie (pundit), Sekulow, McFarlaneFavorite, Back Door Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Comey Firing, Legal, Back Channels, Moscow, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks Leaks, Yates' Warning, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, SC Investigation, Impeachment, Dinner with PutinRosneft List, Legal ListLegal Top PickFBI, Kremlin, NatSec, DOJ, SC, WH, UN, Georgetown, Harvard, UNH, CNN, WH, ABC, Trump Admin, UNSC, Kremlin, BBC, Sky News, Guardian, GOP, NATO, Congress, FNC, National Review, MSNBC, Bloomberg TV, Quartz Media QZ, Rosneft, FBI, PTT,
Unrelated too?November 30, 2017“BREAKING: Six days after Trump advisor Erik Prince met Kirill Dmitriev—head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund—in a meeting Prince said had nothing to do with Trump, Dmitriev met with Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci. So was that unrelated to Trump too?” (unrolled) [24]Trump, Prince, Kirill Dmitriev, Scaramucci, Mueller, Steele, Kushner, Gorka, Gorkov, Kislyak, Cohen, Sater, Artemenko, Page, Manafort, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Kammenos, Putin, Tsipras, Leon BlackBack Door Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Back Channels, True Pundit Hoax, Greece, Seychelles, Moscow, Davos, Russia Sanctions, Fake News, Banker Meeting, Journalism, Holiday ChatCNN, WaPo, House, Senate, Newsweek, Rosneft, Congress, Trump NatSec, WH, Bloomberg, RDIF
NatSec team(s)November 28, 2017“Oh, Tony. If you want a primer on the *four* different NatSec teams Trump assembled pre-inauguration—as well as the fifth "shadow" team that involved Flynn and Prince—and want info on the 20 NatSec advisors he used publicly and privately, read this feed. You're way behind, man.” [2]Flynn, Prince, Schmitz, Dearborn, Gordon, Harrell, Hoskins, Kellogg, Kubic, Lee, Miller, Mizusawa, Page, Papadopoulos, Phares, Prince, Sessions, Kushner, ChristieNatSec
Schmitz RussiaNovember 28, 2017“In August 2013, future Trump national security advisor Joseph Schmitz was working on a secret, unsanctioned arms deal with Russia: $70 million-plus in Russian arms to Syrian rebels. Six months later, the U.S. sanctioned Russia over its invasion of Crimea.” (unrolled) [20]Schmitz, Page, Papadopoulos, Phares, Flynn, Kellogg, Kammenos, Putin, Assad, Trump, Klyushin, Alferova, Ivanka, Aras Agalarov, Rykov, Emin Agalarov, Luke Harding, Barack Obama, SteeleFavorite, Steele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Back Channels, Greece, Moscow, Russia Sanctions, Trump kompromat, Dinner with PutinWJS, NatSec, Kremlin, GOP
More KARANovember 28, 2017“And Kluyshin tweeted a pic of a geopolitics-oriented "secret meeting" with Rykov in March 2016—as Rykov was posting "it's time to help the old brigand [Trump]." Rykov's first pro-Trump editorial was *published* (not written) 72 hours after Trump announced.” [7]Klyushin, Rykov, Trump, Putin, Schiller, Scott Stedman, Alferova, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Gref, KhozinTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatTower Moscow ListWashington Monthly, FB, Guardian
Shadow PrinceNovember 28, 2017“I've been saying for a while now that before this is over we'll understand that Erik Prince had a bigger role to play in the Russia scandal than we now believe. He was an important "shadow adviser" to Trump, is full-on evil, and no one's talking about him as much as they should.” [2]Prince , Trump, FlynnBlackwater, RDIF
Trumps & AgalarovsNovember 27, 2017“In the 5 months after Trump secretly signed a letter-of-intent for Trump Tower Moscow with Putin's developer Aras Agalarov—November 2013 to March 2014—the Trumps couldn't get enough of the Agalarovs. Must be why, by January 2014, Agalarov friend Alferova knew Trump was running.” [2]Trump, Aras Agalarov, Emin Agalarov, Alferova, Goldstone, Ivanka, Alferova, Klyushin,Trump Tower Moscow DealTower Moscow List
Plot PhotoNovember 27, 2017“Schiller testified under oath that a man in this room (but not Emin) offered to purchase prostitutes for Trump for the night this photo was taken (11/9/13). The only person who fits the description Schiller gave is this man, Artem Klyushin—whose pal runs Moscow's largest brothel.” (unrolled) [25]Schiller, Emin Agalarov, Klyushin, Rykov, Trump, Putin, Tom Arnold, Alferova, Gref, Khozin, Scott Stedman, Flynn, Cohen, Peskov, Papadopoulos, Page, Kushner, Prince, Aras Agalarov, Louise Mensch, bots, Manafort, Sater, Trump Jr., KARA plottersFavorite, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Back Channels, Moscow, Russia Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Dinner with PutinTower Moscow ListTower Moscow Top PickBBC, Kremlin, Democratic Underground, Twitter
Question for TrumpNovember 26, 2017“Trump talked to Putin and several Kremlin agents about his decision to run for POTUS in 2016, and did it 18 months before he announced his intention to even a single American voter unrelated to him or his business. Someone in the White House Press Corps should ask him about that.” [2]Trump, Putin, Emin Agalarov, AlferovaTrump Tower Moscow DealKremlin, WH Press Corps, Forbes
Russians confessNovember 26, 2017“On September 28, 2017, Artem Klyushin tweeted, "Без моего вмешательства Трамп бы не победил." Put that in Google Translate, and you get this: "Without my intervention, Trump would not have won." So both Artem Klyushin and his pal Konstantin Rykov have confessed—when will Trump?” [2]Klyushin , Rykov, Trump,Russia SanctionsGoogle
THESE are CrimesNovember 25, 2017“Collusion is NOT a crime, as Dershowitz says. THESE are crimes: Abetting Computer Crimes Obstruction Witness Tampering Making False Statements Failure to Register As Foreign Agent Espionage Solicitation of Foreign Campaign Contributions Receipt of Bribes” [5]Dershowitz , MuellerLegalLegal ListLegal Top PickMSNBC, FBI
Trump-Putin chatNovember 25, 2017“BREAKING: In February 2014 Trump again confessed to an 11/9/13 Putin call: "If I'm Putin I'm not happy about [Sochi coverage]—& I know for a fact he's not happy about it. When I went to Russia with the Miss Universe pageant, he contacted me & was so nice."” [3]Trump, Putin , AlferovaTrump Tower Moscow DealFNC, ABC
Russia TweetsNovember 25, 2017“TRUMP'S RUSSIA MENTIONS ON TWITTER PRIOR TO THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF HIS PRESIDENTIAL RUN 2009: 0 2010: 0 2011: 1* 2012: 12 2013: 38 2014: 30 2015: 11 2016 (pre-June 16th): 4** * Occurred in late November. ** An annual pace of 8.” [8]Trump, Putin, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama,Trump Tower Moscow Deal, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Tweet timingTwitter, DNC, WikiLeaks, Dems
Trump HedgesNovember 25, 2017“Watch this interview again, knowing—as we do now—Trump spoke to Putin via *speakerphone* (or the equivalent: Skype, FaceTime) at the Miss Universe pageant on November 9, 2013. Once you know what really happened, the evidence you've seen falls into place.” [2]Trump , Putin, StephanopoulosMiss Universe Moscow 2013Skype, FaceTime
Arnold's allegationNovember 25, 2017“BREAKING (h/t DM): In 2014 video, Trump admits speaking "directly" to Putin at the 2013 Miss Universe pageant—confirming allegation by Tom Arnold the two spoke by phone. Arnold alleges Trump revealed plans to run for POTUS and discussed Trump Tower Moscow.” (unrolled) [21]Trump, Putin, Tom Arnold, Alferova, Aras Agalarov, Gref (Sberbank CEO), Khozin, Klyushin, Rykov, Kata Sarka, Mueller, Emin Agalarov, Schiller, Sessions, Page, Papadopoulos, Manafort, Flynn, Hicks, Kushner,Favorite, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Trump kompromat, JournalismTower Moscow ListNational Press Club, Kremlin, Sberbank, CIA, BBC, Spectator, Trump Org, Daily Caller, Congress, FBI, GOP, SCOTUS, Dems
Birtherism & BotsNovember 25, 2017“Interesting, isn't it, that both Trump ("birtherism") and Putin (social media "bots") launched social media campaigns to divide America based on race beginning around 2011-2012? Almost like they were on the same wavelength there.” [2]Trump, Putin, RykovRussia Cyberattack, Fake News, Social Media Attack
125 days laterNovember 25, 2017“It's now been 125 DAYS since Congress passed a bipartisan bill to increase sanctions on Russia as punishment for its 2016 interference in our election. Trump hasn't begun enforcement of the sanctions—no one knows when he will. Unsurprising, given his promises to the Russians.” [2]TrumpRussia SanctionsCongress, Daily Beast, WH
Plot fully revealedNovember 25, 2017“CONFIRMED: The Kremlin got involved with Konstantin Rykov's online ventures at exactly the point Rykov says his plot to help elect Trump (with the assistance of Cambridge Analytica and WikiLeaks) began. And Trump's connected to Rykov's pal, Artem Klyushin.” (unrolled) [12]Rykov, Klyushin, Mueller, Hillary Clinton, Sessions, Trump Jr., Manafort, Papadopoulos, Clovis, Page, Gordon, Putin, TrumpRussia Sanctions, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Hacked emails, Fake News, Social Media Attack, Voting HackKremlin, CA, WikiLeaks, Atlantic, DNC, FB
Trump luredNovember 24, 2017“Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Yulya Alferova and her then-husband Artem Klyushin: these four people, with Konstantin Rykov in support, lured Trump to Moscow to ink a Trump Tower Moscow deal, get kompromat on him via Rykov's Dosug prostitutes, and link him up with Vladimir Putin.” [5]Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Alferova, Klyushin, Rykov, Trump, Putin, KARA plottersTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatTower Moscow List, Miss Universe ListCIA
A Look BackNovember 24, 2017“How long have I been at this? *This* long. (Trump announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015.)” [2]Trump , Ross PerotHuffPo, GOP
NYT article errorsNovember 23, 2017“(THREAD) Here's a brief itemization of the factual errors in the New York Times' breaking news story, below, about Michael Flynn possibly having signed a cooperation deal with Bob Mueller. The errors are inexplicable, and it's important they be called out.” (unrolled) [41]Flynn, Mueller, Trump, Hillary Clinton, Flynn Jr., Putin, Kushner, Christie, Manafort, Gates, Cobb, Kislyak, Prince, ComeyMayflower Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Moscow, Russia Sanctions, Russia Cyberattack, Hacked emails, Journalism, Dinner with Putin, Holiday ChatNYT, Congress, DOJ, CNN, NPR, DIA, NSA, NatSec, RT
Via speakerphoneNovember 22, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING: Allegations Trump spoke to Putin via speakerphone at the 2013 Miss Universe pageant, discussing both his plan to run for president and his desire to see Trump Tower Moscow built with Putin's blessing—implying a quid pro quo—are 90% confirmed. Please read/share.” (unrolled) [104]Trump, Putin, Alferova, Tom Arnold, Chuck LaBalla, Steele, Schiller, Ruffin, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Ronkel, Klyushin, Gref, Kozhin, Sapir, Rosen, Tariko, Kata Sarka, Steven Seagal, Trump Jr., Schiller, Scott Stedman, Kaveladze, Rykov, Mueller, Luke Harding, Kislyak, Paul Wood (BBC), Steele, Mikhail Kovalev, VolfovichFavorite, Steele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, I Love It Meeting, Trump kompromat, Hacked emails, Miss Universe 2002, JournalismTower Moscow List, Miss Universe ListTower Moscow Top Pick, Miss Universe Top PickNBC, CIA, BBC, Bloomberg, NYT, Kremlin, Guardian, IMDB, KGB, FSB, AFIO, Buzzfeed, Financial Times, Sberbank, VICE, Twitter, Forbes, Trump Org, ETurboNews, HuffPo, Daily Caller, Medium, Duma, Dosug, FBI, Vanity Fair, Spectator, MI6, Congress, Irish Examiner, Daily Dot, Daily Mail, Skype, FaceTime, CA, WikiLeaks, NSA, DNI
Kompromat schemeNovember 21, 2017“A tweet from Russian Artem Klyushin, around the time his pal Rykov—pictured here—said it was time to "start helping Trump." There are now credible allegations that Kluyshin and Rykov master-minded the 2013 Russian-prostitute kompromat scheme at the Ritz Moscow (November 9, 2013).” [7]Klyushin, Trump, Rykov, Schiller, Alferova, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Goldstone, Cohen, KARA plottersFavorite, Trump kompromat, Miss USA Las Vegas 2013CIA, BBC, Dosug, Uber, Guardian
2013MUP meetingNovember 21, 2017“So who was the "Russian associate" at the 11/9/13 "morning meeting [involving Schiller, Trump and Emin]" who offered 5 prostitutes? Pics are circulating of such a meeting the 3 men were at. With them is Artem Kluyshin's wife. And we know Artem was there.” [4]Schiller, Trump, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Klyushin, Alferova, Rykov, KARA plottersTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Trump kompromat, Hacked emailsTower Moscow ListNBC, CIA, BBC, Daily Dot, Dosug
Yulya's TweetNovember 21, 2017“One of my working principles re: Trump-Russia has been that Trump went to Moscow in November '13 already planning to run for POTUS (his attorney, Mike Cohen, had implied it). Artem Klyushin's wife tweeting this in January 2014 seems to confirm it. She hung with Trump in November.” [2]Trump , Cohen, Klyushin, Alferova,Trump Tower Moscow DealTower Moscow ListTwitter
Help the old brigandNovember 21, 2017“There's enough here to make it worth looking into. Remember: in March 2016—as Manafort was about to join Team Trump and Trump's NatSec team was coming online—Rykov, a media-savvy Kremlin propagandist, said on FB, "Maybe it's time to help the old brigand."” [9]Manafort, Trump, Rykov, Putin, Hillary Clinton, Jesus ;), Klyushin, Alferova, Emin Agalarov, Volfovich Zhirinovsky, Scott StedmanTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatTower Moscow ListNatSec, Kremlin, FB, Medium, Duma, Quartz, Reuters, CA, DNI, Democratic Underground
Page HungaryNovember 21, 2017“MJ writes a lot about Page's August '16 trip to Hungary here, but given that Orbán took the stunning step of endorsing Trump on July 23, 2016—the only European head-of-state to do so—isn't the bigger question whether Schmitz went to Hungary BEFORE July 23?” [2]Page, Orban, Schmitz, TrumpBack Channels, HungaryMother Jones
Anti-Clinton SchmitzNovember 21, 2017“BREAKING: In Spring 2016, Joseph E. Schmitz simultaneously worked on Trump's National Security team, made a mysterious trip to Hungary, and acted as legal counsel to Wayne Shelby Simmons—an anti-Clinton activist called "the right wing's Benghazi expert."” (unrolled) [12]Schmitz, Wayne Shelby Simmons, Hillary Clinton, Page, Trump, Prince, Trump Jr., Barack Obama, SorosI Love It Meeting, Back Channels, Hungary, Clinton kompromat, Fake NewsNatSec, Capital Gazette, Congress, RT, CIA, al-Qaeda
Schmitz HungaryNovember 21, 2017“Réka Szemerkényi, Hungary's ambassador—who met Page at the RNC, then in Budapest—was with Joseph E. Schmitz at an event a month before Trump announced his run. Schmitz—like Page, a member of Trump's NatSec team—also went to Hungary during the campaign.” (unrolled) [36]Szemerkenyi (Hungary’s ambassador), Page, Schmitz, Trump, Prince, Hillary Clinton, Jeremy Scahill (The Intercept), Papadopoulos, Page, Phares, Soros, Orban, Putin, Kammenos, Sessions, Gordon, Flynn, Kellogg, Manafort, Kubic, McFarlane, Clovis, Steele, Wayne Shelby Simmons, Phil HaneyFavorite, Steele Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, Mayflower Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Back Channels, Greece, Hungary, Moscow, Fake News, RNC Meeting, Senate Office MeetingRNC, NatSec, American Hungarian Federation, Newsmax, Clinton Foundation, CIA, Blackwater, Breitbart, Daily Beast, Intercept, Democracy Now, Congress, FBI, Center for Security Policy, SPLC, Financial Times, GOP, CNBC, RNC, Guardian, GCHQ, Times, NATO, Washington Examiner, Clinton State Dept, Politifact, NYPD
Secretly to HungaryNovember 20, 2017“I first wrote about members of Trump's NatSec team making secret trips to Hungary way back in April. In retaliation, a high-ranking member of the team threatened to have me fired, sued, monitored by the FBI, and arrested. Now, we discover *another* member of that team did this:” (unrolled) [18]Page, Putin, Papadopoulos, Sessions, Gordon, Schmitz, Clovis, Manafort, Gates, Kubic, Trump, Bannon, Prince, Gorka, Flynn, NatSec teamFavorite, RNC Platform Change, Back Channels, Hungary, Greece, Moscow, Russia SanctionsABC, NatSec, FBI, GOP, WH, Kremlin, Breitbart, Congress, Politico, Hungarian Free Press
Exculpatory emailNovember 20, 2017“Nope. All he did was send an exculpatory email to create the paper trail he wanted, while privately continuing to work with his co-conspirator Trump Jr. to ensure that all meetings with Kremlin agents went ahead as scheduled. 65% to 75% chance of indictment as things stand.” [2]Kushner, Trump Jr., TorshinBack Channels, NRA MeetingCongress, Kremlin, Hill
How long?November 19, 2017“(THREAD) In this thread, a longtime criminal attorney analyzes one of the most pressing questions in American life today: how long will the Russia probe go on? Read on for an answer, and please share this thread widely.” (unrolled) [42]Trump, Cobb, Mueller, Comey, Hillary Clinton, Steele, Barack Obama, McConnell, Page, Kushner, Stone, Papadopoulos, Kislyak, Gordon, Manafort, Flynn, Deripaska, Mercer, Yates, Sessions, Miller, Comey, Lavrov, Hicks, Trump Jr., Gates, Putin, Aras Agalarov, Emin Agalarov, Cohen, Sater, Clovis, Dearborn, Mifsud, Millian, Peskov, Schiller, Sarka, Veselnitskaya, Kaveladze, Akhmetshin, Goldstone, Torshin, Rogozin, Clarke, Ivanka, Dodson, Gorka, Kammenos, Orban, Finkelstein, Schmitz , Prince, Giuliani, Hillary Clinton, Rosenstein, Brand, Schneiderman (NYAG)Favorite, Steele Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, I Love It Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Comey Firing, Legal, Back Channels, Greece, Hungary, NRA, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emails, Fake News, Social Media Attack, FISA, Miss Universe 2002, ImpeachmentLegal ListLegal Top PickCongress, Hill, WH, BI, FBI, GOP, FancyBear, CA, Rosneft, NRA, WikiLeaks, Georgetown University, Congress, NYFO, Bayrock, HJC, DNC
TTM 2013 - 2017November 19, 2017“NEVER FORGET: The deal Aras Agalarov and Donald Trump signed at the 2013 Miss Universe pageant to build Trump Tower Moscow—with the help of Putin's banker and permits man—was ACTIVE until Agalarov announced in February '17 (soon after Trump had been inaugurated) that it was dead.” [4]Aras Agalarov, Trump, Putin, Emin AgalarovTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013Tower Moscow ListMoscow Times, Forbes, Russian Construction, Crocus City
Forgot basic factsNovember 19, 2017“Sessions has testified 4 times—under oath—about Earth's biggest scandal. Each time he prepared for many hours, reviewing all relevant materials. Each time he "forgot" basic facts; changed his story on anything that'd make him look bad; and added new info to make him look good.” [8]Sessions, Kushner, Trump, Papadopoulos, Page, Clovis, Manafort, Flynn, Kislyak, LavrovRosneft Deal, Back ChannelsKremlin
Trump-TorshinNovember 17, 2017“BREAKING NEWS: Per an April '17 Bloomberg article, would-be Kushner dinner-guest Alexander Torshin is "an old acquaintance of Trump" who tried to meet the President at a February 2, 2017 prayer breakfast but was mysteriously turned down at the last moment.” [7]Kushner, Trump, Putin, Torshin, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Ted Lieu, Trump Jr.Back Channels, NRA Meeting, National Prayer Breakfast, JournalismBloomberg, NRA, NBC, Congress, NYT, CNN,
PapaThreadsNovember 17, 2017“BREAKING: Mainstream media has picked up my reporting on Papadopoulos from a week ago. I worked closely with Josh Meyer of POLITICO over the past week to ensure this story got into Big Media. A pull-quote or drop-cite would have been nice—but ultimately the story is what matters.” [10]Papadopoulos, Trump, Josh Meyer (Politico), Putin, Sarka, Paul Wood, Sessions, Kislyak, Seth AbramsonFavorite, Back Channels, Greece, JournalismPolitico, ABC, Sky News, Chicago Sun-Times, CIA, BBC
Kislyak “So What?”November 16, 2017“Ex-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak now says "it'd take him more than 20 minutes to name all of the Trump officials he's met with or spoken to on the phone." But what did he say less than two weeks before Election Day? Something ENTIRELY different. Watch:” [3]Kislyak , Trump, SessionsKislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia SanctionsRussian TV
Papa’s offerNovember 16, 2017“BREAKING NEWS (h/t DM): Sessions Revealed Under Oath That Papadopoulos Offered to NEGOTIATE with Russia, not Just Set a Meeting: (This confirms claims—made here and elsewhere—that Team Trump collusion focused on secret sanctions negotiations with Russia.)” [3]Sessions, Papadopoulos, TrumpBack Channels, Russia SanctionsC-Span
Emin’s retractionNovember 15, 2017“This was posted just 3 DAYS after the 2013 Miss Universe pageant—during which Trump hung with Putin's banker, real estate developer (Aras Agalarov), and permits man. Yet when Emin Agalarov told Forbes a deal was struck at the pageant, he rushed to retract it after. Get it now?” [7]Aras Agalarov, Putin, Emin Agalarov, Trump, Kozhin,Favorite, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013Tower Moscow ListForbes, Moscow Times, Sberbank, Crocus City, Russian Construction, Mother Jones
Tweet timingNovember 15, 2017“2013 Trump tweets w/ the word "Russia" BEFORE he met Putin allies Aras/Emin Agalarov on 6/16/13: 0. Tweets w/ the word "Russia" from 6/16 until Trump returned from the Moscow Miss Universe pageant (11/10/13): 37. 2013 Tweets w/ the word RUSSIA after that: 1 (Emin fundraiser).” [2]Trump, Aras Agalarov, Emin AgalarovMiss Universe Moscow 2013, Tweet TimingTwitter
Hotel dealsNovember 15, 2017“(THREAD) Natasha says he's referring to a 2008 real estate deal, and I think he is. I also think he's also referring to the 2013 Trump Tower Moscow deal agreed to in principle at the Miss Universe pageant that year.” [7]Trump, Steele, Putin, Aras Agalarov, Emin AgalarovSteele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013Tower Moscow ListBI, Moscow Times, Sberbank, Crocus City, Russian Construction, MI6
Dossier accuracyNovember 15, 2017“(THREAD) Natasha says he's referring to a 2008 real estate deal, and I think he is. I also think he's also referring to the 2013 Trump Tower Moscow deal agreed to in principle at the Miss Universe pageant that year.” [2]Steele , Trump, Luke Harding, John Kerry, Victoria NulandSteele DossierDossier ListGuardian
Reliable SteeleNovember 15, 2017“America finally gets the truth: Steele is considered "as reliable as the CIA on Russia" by folks in State; wrote 100 reports on Russia/Ukraine before ever writing on Trump; has written many analyses used by the U.S. government; broke the 2018 FIFA scandal.” [3]Steele , Trump, PutinSteele DossierCIA, FIFA, Guardian
Senate office meetNovember 15, 2017“(THREAD) Following Sessions' Congressional testimony, investigators must find out who was in the room with Jeff Sessions when he negotiated sanctions policy with Sergey Kislyak in his Senate office on September 8, 2016. I think we know two of the people. Please read on and share.” (unrolled) [28]Sessions , Kislyak, Gordon, Lenwood Landrum, Sandra Luff, Olivier Knox (Yahoo News), Dearborn, Gordon, PutinRNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Russia Cyberattack, Sessions Testimony, RNC Meeting, Senate Office MeetingSenate Office Meeting ListSenate Office Meeting Top PickCongress, Senate, NatSec, Navy, Army, Montgomery Advertiser, Yahoo, Newsweek, GOP, RNC, CNN, Senate Armed Services Committee, PTT
Sessions’ testimonyNovember 14, 2017“(THREAD) This thread provides live updates on any newsworthy events in Attorney General Sessions' public testimony before Congress today. I hope you'll follow along and share this tweet.” (unrolled) [61]Sessions, Papadopoulos, Trump, Conyers, Hillary Clinton, Page, Clovis, Flynn, Kislyak, Rep. Lee, Roy Moore, Rep. Jim Jordan, Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Comey, Manafort, Trump, Hicks, Gordon, Trey Gowdy, Cilline, Lieu, Lewandowski, Hicks, Miller, GohmertTIHDC NatSec Meeting, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Greece, Russia Sanctions, Russia Cyberattack, Hacked Emails, Sessions Testimony, Senate Office Meeting, SF-86, CHC NatSec MeetingSessions Testimony ListSessions Testimony Top PickCongress, NatSec, GOP, HJC, Kremlin, Fusion GPS, SCOTUS, FBI, DOJ, Capitol Hill Club, Politifact, Trump Campaign, Dems, RNC, CNN
Junior WikiLeaksNovember 13, 2017“(h/t DM) BIG QUESTION: Does anyone believe WikiLeaks "guessed" the password of a left-wing PAC? They hacked the website, folks: a crime. Then they as good as told Trump Jr. they'd done so. What did he do? Accessed the hacked site using the hacked password.” (unrolled) [17]Trump Jr., Flynn, Trump,WikiLeaks Leaks, WikiLeaks CommunicationsWikiLeaks, Atlantic, PutinTrump, Twitter, Mother Jones
Entertaining ideaNovember 13, 2017“I hope he does this. Then Mueller can open up a *new* Obstruction investigation into whether Trump scheduled a lunch with Sessions a few weeks back to try to convince him to do this—likely hoping it'd conflict Mueller out of the Russia probe. So c'mon—*bring it*, Sessions.” [2]Mueller, Sessions, Trump, Hillary ClintonUranium OneClinton Foundation
Computer CrimesNovember 13, 2017“I said it a month ago, and I'll say it again many times: Conspiracy to Commit Computer Crimes is a federal crime punishable at the same level as the underlying offense; Aiding and Abetting Computer Crimes is a federal crime punishable at the same level as the underlying offense.” [4]Trump Jr., Hicks, TrumpLegal, WikiLeaks Leaks, Hacked EmailsLegal ListLegal Top PickWikiLeaks, Daily Beast
WikiPraise timingNovember 13, 2017“Less than 3 weeks after WikiLeaks began secretly messaging the Trump campaign, and less than 3 weeks after Trump's son began secretly sending the notes to Hope Hicks so his non-email-using dad could see them, Trump was using WikiLeaks in his stump speech:” [3]Trump Jr., Hicks, Trump, Hillary ClintonWikiLeaks Leaks, Speech Mention Timing, WikiLeaks CommunicationWikiLeaks, Politifact
Email laundererNovember 13, 2017“Any time you see in the news that an email about Russia was sent to this person—HOPE HICKS—it means that email was seen by TRUMP. Don Jr., Papadopoulos, Page, and others appear to have used Hicks as an "email launderer"—she shows emails to Trump he can later claim he never saw.” [2]Hicks, Trump, Trump Jr., Papadopoulos, Page, MuellerWikiLeaks Leaks, WikiLeaks CommunicationCNN, WikiLeaks, Politico
Who WikiKnewNovember 13, 2017“BREAKING NEWS (via The Atlantic): Donald Trump Jr. Secretly Corresponded With WikiLeaks” [3]Trump Jr., Bannon, Conway, Parscale, Kushner, Hicks, Page, Papadopoulos, TrumpWikiLeaks Leaks, WikiLeaks CommunicationAtlantic, WikiLeaks
Papa Putin in GreeceNovember 13, 2017“In May 2016 Putin went to Athens seeking an end to sanctions. He met with a Greek man connected to his RISS. The same week—maybe same day—Papadopoulos met the same man in the same place. 2 weeks later, RISS gave Putin a plan to influence the 2016 election.” [2]Putin, Papadopoulos, KammenosBack Channels, GreeceRISS, Reuters, RIAC
Case of the CenturyNovember 13, 2017“The Russia probe is hard to keep up with; it's the most complex federal criminal investigation in a century. But now I'm seeing an increasing number of Twitter users who—because they've understandably been unable to keep up with the news—are calling any new Russia stories "fake."” [2]Journalism
Papa’s blank checkNovember 13, 2017“ (THREAD) News that Trump offered Papadopoulos a "blank check" to choose any administration job he wanted after the election, coupled with reports Papadopoulos lied to the FBI a few weeks later "out of loyalty to Trump," suggests the possibility of new Obstruction charges—read on.” (unrolled) [16]Trump, Papadopoulos, Hicks, Putin, Priebus, Mueller, Flynn, ComeyTIHDC NatSec Meeting, Comey Firing, Back Channels, GreeceFBI, ABC, Hill, Independent, WH, Kremlin
Interesting messagesNovember 13, 2017“On April 26, Papadopoulos learned Russia had stolen Clinton’s emails (i.e. had committed federal crimes). The next day he wrote Stephen Miller, “Have some interesting messages coming in from Moscow about the trip…” About 10 days later he went to Athens to establish new contacts.” [2]Papadopoulos, Hillary Clinton, MillerBack Channels, Greece, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emails
Putin in AthensNovember 12, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING: In May '16, after months of selling a Trump-Kremlin meet to Team Trump, Papadopoulos secretly went to Athens to meet a Putin ally. Putin was then in Athens meeting the same man—the only 48 hours Putin was in the EU during the campaign. Please read on and share.” (unrolled) [37]Trump, Putin, Papadopoulos, Kammenos, Pavlopoulos (Pres.), Kotzias, Karamanlis, PAaras Agalarovkevopoulos, Mavroidis, Seth Abramson Cropsey, Hicks, Flynn, Yates, Mueller, Marianna Kakaounaki, Scott StedmanFavorite, Back Channels, Greece, Yates' Warning, Journalism, Russia SanctionsKremlin, Sputnik, CNBC, Youtube, To Vima, Ta Nea, Hudson Institute, NYT, Kathimerini, WH, FBI, RISS, Medium
Papa’s direct contactNovember 12, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING: George Papadopoulos claims to have had direct, significant contact with Trump on two occasions the White House never disclosed—and possibly a one-on-one meeting. His claims prove Trump is lying about his relationship with Papadopoulos. Please read on and share.” (unrolled) [32]Papadopoulos, Trump, Manafort, Marianna Kakaounaki, Kammenos, Clovis, Hicks,TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Back Channels, GreeceNYT, NatSec, Kathimerini, AIPAC, WaPo, Reuters, WH
Valid topicNovember 11, 2017“No one who's been watching the news since January thinks talk of impeachment is just "politics," as Axelrod implies here. In fact, "politics" is the Democratic establishment pretending like what we're seeing on television nightly isn't anything to be AGGRESSIVELY concerned about.” [2]Axelrod, SteyerJournalism, ImpeachmentCNN
Mayflower speechNovember 11, 2017“BREAKING: The New York Times appears to be reporting that George Papadopoulos helped write the April 2016 "Mayflower Speech," in which Trump offered Russia a "good deal" on sanctions, and did so *after* revealing himself to Trump as a Kremlin intermediary.” [8]Papadopoulos, Trump, Putin,Mayflower Meeting, Russia CyberattackMayflower ListNYT, Kremlin
Rigged pageantNovember 10, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING: According to an individual with firsthand knowledge of the judging of the 2002 Miss Universe pageant, Trump tried to rig the outcome of the international contest to award the prestigious “Miss Universe” title to Vladimir Putin’s then-mistress, Oxana Fedorova.” (unrolled) [32]Trump, Putin, Fedorova, Michael Schwandt, Golubev, Seth AbramsonTrump kompromat, Legal, Miss Universe 2002Miss Universe 2002 ListMiss Universe 2002 Top PickRussian mafia, BBC, CIA, Kremlin, Novaya Gazeta, NYPost, Daily Star, Daily Telegraph, FSB, GRU, Express, NY Daily News, Rolling Stone, Our Version on the Neva
Papa talks RussianNovember 10, 2017“Per THE NEW YORK TIMES, in October 2016 Papadopoulos was briefly off the Trump campaign, getting brought back—per Greek media—only just before the election. He believed he was let go because of an interview. Was it the one on Russia Sanctions he gave to Russian media on 9/30/16?” [2]Papadopoulos, TrumpBack Channels, Greece, Russia SanctionsNYT, Kremlin
Changing guardNovember 9, 2017“BREAKING: Team Trump is CHANGING its line on the Ritz Moscow: in JANUARY, a Trump advisor told THE DAILY CALLER that EMIN AGALAROV concocted a 5-woman blackmail plot and Trump had guards posted all night. NOW, Schiller says it WASN'T Agalarov and NO ONE was guarding Trump's door.” [3]Trump, Emin Agalarov, Schiller, PutinTrump kompromatDaily Caller, Congress
Oxana FedorovaNovember 9, 2017“Many of Trump's trips to St. Petersburg were in 2002, when he acted as "handler" for Oxana Fedorova, Putin's then-girlfriend and the soon-dethroned winner of the 2002 Miss Universe pageant. She was Miss St. Petersburg—and from there—as was her *other* boyfriend, Vladimir Golubev.” [2]Trump, Putin, Fedorova, Golubev, Papadopoulos,Miss Universe 2002
CNN bafflesNovember 9, 2017“Reading this, you'd think Schiller's half-denial Trump brought these women to his room—he says he doesn't know what happened after he left his post at Trump's door—is fact. You'd also think that the CIA and BBC HADN'T reported Trump DID bring the women up.” [3]Schiller , TrumpTrump kompromat, Journalism, Schiller TestimonyCIA, BBC, CNN, Spectator, MI6
Celebration nightNovember 9, 2017“(THREAD) You can't understand the night in November of 2013 that Keith Schiller was testifying about on Capitol Hill on Tuesday until you understand that Trump and his Russian business partners were that night celebrating the single biggest day of Trump's career as a businessman.” (unrolled) [23]Schiller, Trump, Aras Agalarov, Trump Jr., Putin, Kozhin, Emin Agalarov, Sarka, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Steele, Paul Wood, Seth AbramsonSteele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Favorite, Schiller Testimony, Trump kompromatTower Moscow ListSVB, Congress, CIA, BBC, MI6, NATO, HuffPo, Spectator
Offer acceptedNovember 9, 2017“BREAKING: As I previously reported, Paul Wood (Chief BBC Russia Correspondent) has written of *multiple* witnesses at the Ritz Moscow who saw those women *with* Trump as he tried to get them up to his room *without* having them sign in. So the offer made to Trump was *accepted*.” (unrolled) [15]Paul Wood, Trump, Schiller, Steele, SarkaSteele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatBBC, NBC, Spectator, MI6, Congress, CiA, Kremlin, HuffPo, Buzzfeed
NatSec quite activeNovember 8, 2017“The Washington Post is wrong. The team met several times; held conference calls; sent out emails all members received; was tasked with changing the GOP platform; spawned outreach to Kremlin agents (Page; Sessions; Gordon; Papadopoulos); had some members who served nearly a year.” [3]Page, Sessions, Gordon, Papadopoulos, Trump, NatSec TeamRNC Platform Change, Back Channels, Greece, Hungary, MoscowPlatform ListWaPo, GOP, Kremlin, DOJ, NatSec
Gordon threatensNovember 8, 2017“J.D. Gordon threatened me repeatedly over my posting of the thread below. He tried to get me fired; he threatened to sue me; he threatened to have me arrested; he reported me to the FBI. All this has been going on behind the scenes. Now we know why he tried to intimidate me.” (unrolled) [18]Gordon, Trump, Lewandowski, Hicks, Page, Clovis, Papadopoulos, Gates, Manafort, Sessions, Gorka, Schmitz, Trump Jr., Flynn, Kushner, GulenTIHDC NatSec Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Back Channels, Hungary, Moscow, LegalPlatform ListFBI, HFP, GOP, Kremlin, NatSec, Washington Times, Budapest Beacon, Heavy, Youtube
Every bombshellNovember 7, 2017“(THREAD) This thread lists EVERY bombshell in Carter Page's Congressional testimony—each summarized in ONE sentence. Hope you'll pass it on.” (unrolled) [29]Page, Trump, Hicks, Gordon, Sessions, Clinton, Papadopoulos, Steele, Clovis, Manafort, Putin, MuellerSteel Dossier, Mayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Legal, RNC Platform Change, Back Channels, Hungary, Moscow, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Page TestimonyRosneft List, Platform List, Page Testimony ListRosneft Top Pick, Platform Top Pick, Page Testimony Top PickCongress, WH, NatSec, Kremlin, Rosneft, FBI, GOP
What Schiller knowsNovember 7, 2017“One thing Trump's body man knows for sure—Trump lied about how many nights he was in Moscow in November 2013, and he used Schiller to do it.” [2]Schiller, TrumpMiss Universe Moscow 2013
Page TestimonyNovember 6, 2017“(THREAD) This thread offers comments on—and analysis of—Carter Page's recent testimony before the House Intel Committee (transcript, 243pp).” (unrolled) [120]Page, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Putin, Papadopoulos, Sessions, Kislyak, Gordon, Trump, Hicks, Manafort, Sechin, Steele, Gowdy, Rooney, Dvorkovich, Rosneft execs, Tera Dahl, Conaway, Jesus, Kubic, Clovis, Schmitz, Bannon, Peskov, Schiff, Mueller,Favorite, Steele Dossier, Mayflower Meeting, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Rosneft Deal, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Greece, Moscow, Dubai, Russia Sanctions, Russia Cyberattack, Hacked Emails, Page Testimony, CHC NatSec MeetingPage Testimony ListPage Testimony Top PickHPSCI, NatSec, GOP, Sky News, WH, FBI, Rosneft, Congress, New Economic School (NES), Kremlin, SSCI, CIA, NSA, NYPD, RT, RNC, FSB, MSNBC, RT, WH
Quid pro quoNovember 6, 2017“The first time a quid pro quo sanctions deal has been cited in big media. It's been a theme of this feed for months.” [2]Trump Jr., Hillary Clinton, Veselnitskaya, Sessions, KislyakI Love It Meeting, Back Channels, Russia SanctionsVanity Fair
Papa Greek contactsNovember 6, 2017“Papadopoulos' first stop post-TIHDC (3/31) was to the AHI (4/1)—which organizes May trips to Greece to meet high-ranking officials. (h/t DM)” [3]Papadopoulos, KammenosTIHDC NatSec Meeting, Back Channels, GreeceAmerican Hellenic Institute (AHI)
Putin’s cultivationNovember 6, 2017“This bolsters my reporting that Putin personally intervened to aid Trump with Trump Tower Moscow in November '13 & was cultivating him then.” [5]Putin, TrumpTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Tweet TimingHill, Democratic Underground
Florida diningNovember 6, 2017“BREAKING: On 3/20/16, Kammenos dined in FL (location unknown) with GP—guess who else was holding a FL dinner 3/20.” [8]Kammenos, Trump, Papadopoulos, SessionsBack Channels, GreeceGreek Reporter, AIPAC, NatSec
Papa SessionsNovember 6, 2017“BREAKING: Sessions may have met Papadopoulos at Jones Day event on March 21, 2016.” [4]Sessions, Papadopoulos, TrumpJones Day, Above the Law, NatSec
Papa TrumpNovember 6, 2017“BREAKING: Trump met/dined with Papadopoulos in person, on-site, right before/after this March 21st, 2016 presser:” [2]Trump, Papadopoulos
Same dayNovember 6, 2017“BREAKING: SKAI TV (Greece) confirms Papadopoulos was in Athens the SAME DAY as Putin. It's ALREADY confirmed he was meeting the same people.” [4]Papadopoulos, Putin, KammenosBack Channels, GreeceSKAI TV, RISS, Kathimerini
Met thriceNovember 5, 2017“BREAKING NEWS: White House Caught in Another Lie; Sessions-Papadopoulos NatSec Team Met At Least 3 TIMES, Not the ONCE Huckabee Sanders Said” [6]Sessions, Papadopoulos, Sanders, TrumpBack Channels, Greece, CHC NatSec MeetingNatSec, Bloomberg, WaPo, CNN, Capitol Hill Club (CHC), WH
Mueller’s targetNovember 5, 2017“Not to beat this drum again, but remember: if Mueller is willing to offer the former NSA of the United States a deal, his TARGET is Trump.” [5]Mueller, Trump , Flynn
Extensive secretNovember 5, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING: Trump Aide George Papadopoulos Had Extensive Secret Contact With Putin Ally, May Have Met Putin in Athens in May of 2016” (unrolled) [69]Papadopoulos, Putin, Tsipras, Kammenos, Trump, Pavlopoulos, Hillary Clinton, Philip Christopher (Pres. of Pancyprian Association), Millian, Kushner, Kislyak, Sessions, Scott Stedman, Gordon, Mifsud, Manafort, Lewandoski, Clovis, TimofeevFavorite, Back Door Meeting, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, GreeceInstitute for Geopolitical Studies (IGS), Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS), BI, Kathimerini, NBC, WH, FBI, Pancyprian Association, Kremlin, WaPo, Sputnik, NatSec, Medium, Kathimerini, Sky News, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Independent, Caller, SKAI TV, Kremlin, WaPo, RAIC
Suspicious sidelinesNovember 4, 2017“This may well go down as the most inappropriately and suspiciously timed meeting between world leaders this century. Just... breath-taking.” [2]Trump, Putin
Same weekNovember 4, 2017“BREAKING: Putin Seems to Have Met Papadopoulos Pal Kammenos in Athens the Same Week Papadoulos Was There Meeting Him” (unrolled) [37]Putin, Papadopoulos, Panos Kammenos, Alexis Tsipras (Greek Prime Minister), Pavlopoulos (Pres of Republic of Cyprus), Gordon, Scott Stedman, Sessions, Mueller, Trump, MillianFavorite, Back Channels, Greece, CHC NatSec MeetingKathimerini, Youtube, Medium, WH, NatSec, CHC, CNN, WaPo, NBC, Sputnik, Google
Moscow meetupsNovember 3, 2017“We will discover this isn't the only key figure he met.” (He = Page) [2]Page , Arkady Dvorkovich (Russian Deputy PM)Back Channels, Moscow
Gordon interviewNovember 3, 2017“(THREAD) This thread details what we learned from Sky News' exclusive interview with Trump NatSec aide J.D. Gordon.” (unrolled) [19]Gordon, Trump, Papadopoulos, Putin, Sessions, Clovis, Lewandowski, Manafort, Gates, Kubic, Mueller, Jim Acosta (CNN), KislyakTIHDC NatSec Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, MoscowTIHDC List, Platform ListSky News, NatSec, WaPo, CNN, BI, GOP, Trump Campaign, RNC, Senate Armed Services Committee
Congress HungaryNovember 3, 2017“I first tweeted about Trump aides going to Hungary in April; now Congress is asking about Budapest (where FSB HQ is). See this thread below.” [2]GordonBack Channels, HungaryCongress, FSB, HFP
Page-ing SechinNovember 3, 2017“The "senior person" Page met was Igor Sechin. He's already said he "may have been in a room with Sechin"—so that full reveal will drop next.” [3]Page , Igor Sechin (CEO Rosneft), Steele, PutinSteele Dossier, Rosneft Deal, Back Channels, MoscowRosneft ListRosneft
Like IC saidNovember 3, 2017“Readers of this feed knew this "breaking news" five months ago, when the intelligence community SAID Page did this.” (unrolled) [11]Page, Trump, Steele, PapadopoulosSteele Dossier, Mayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Back Channels, Moscow, Trump kompromat NYT, House
On firing SessionsNovember 2, 2017“I disagree with Richard Painter; Trump can't legally fire Sessions. Given Sessions' recusal and Trump's own statements, it'd be Obstruction.” [4]Painter, Trump, Sessions, Mueller
Abramson on CBSNovember 2, 2017“Here's video from my CBS appearance; I discussed recent developments involving Sessions, Papadopoulos, and Clovis:” [2]Sessions, Papadopoulos, Clovis, Manafort, (Gates), Seth Abramson, TrumpTIHDC NatSec Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Back Channels, Kislyak Contacts, Sessions TestimonyCBS, NatSec, GOP, Congress, USDA, Trump Campaign
Page skips meetingNovember 2, 2017“BREAKING: CNN: NatSec Team Met More Than Once, Contradicting White House Claims; Second Meeting Was at Private Dinner at Capitol Hill Club” [3]NatSec team, PageTIHDC NatSec Meeting, CHC NatSec MeetingNatSec, WH, CHC
About that plankNovember 2, 2017“Trump told Gordon—NatSec Director for his campaign policy office—the words he wanted in the GOP platform on Ukraine.” (unrolled) [18]Gordon, Trump, Putin, Denman, Rick Dearborn, John Mashburn, Natasha Bertrand (BI), Page, Phares, Papadopoulos, Mueller, Kislyak, Sessions, Manafort, Veselnitskaya, Hillary ClintonI Love It Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Clinton kompromat, Hacked Emails, RNC Meeting, Senate Office MeetingPlatform ListPlatform Top PickGOP, CNN, OANN, Youtube, Trump Campaign, BI, RNC, Kremlin, Newsweek, Dems, DNC
Buried ledeNovember 2, 2017“No, I know you buried it because the headline you gave it had NOTHING to do with your lede and that is EXACTLY how pubs bury their stories.” (responding to a tweet) [2]TrumpDaily Caller
Hiding an offerNovember 2, 2017“(THREAD) CONFIRMED: Top Trump aides lied to Fox News (of all places) to hide what Trump knew of Papadopoulos' offer to set up Putin meeting.” (unrolled) [32]Trump, Putin, Papadopoulos, Sanders, Sessions, Manafort, Gates, Gordon, Jim Acosta (CNN), Mueller, Schmitz, Mizusawa, Hoskins, Phares, Harrell, Kubic, Miller (not Stephen), Mike Lee, unidentifiedTIHDC NatSec Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromatTIHDC List, Platform ListFNC, Kremlin, Daily Caller, WaPo, CNN, FBI, NYT, NatSec
Non-answersNovember 2, 2017“That's right—Sessions moved *expeditiously* toward conducting his *own* secret negotiations with the Russians in April, July, and September.” [7]Sessions, Papadopoulos, Putin, Hillary ClintonKislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Russia Cyberattack, Hacked emailsDNC, FBI
Slow-walkingNovember 2, 2017“So @ mkraju is reporting "concerns" about whether Sessions was "candid" before Congress 5 months after many attorneys said "this is perjury."” [2]Manu Raja (CNN), SessionsJournalismCongress, CNN
Target SessionsNovember 2, 2017“As I've been noting over the past 2 weeks, AG Jeff Sessions is looking like a *primary* target in the Mueller probe.” (unrolled) [36]Sessions, Mueller, Trump, Phares, Papadopoulos, Kislyak, Clovis, Putin, Steele, Burt, Comey, Kushner, Flynn, Trump Jr.Steele Dossier, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Comey Firing, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks Leaks, Clinton kompromat, Hacked Emails, RNC Meeting, Senate Office MeetingCNN, NatSec, Daily Caller, RNC, USDA, GOP
Next domino fallsNovember 2, 2017“BREAKING: The next domino falls. Clovis made the hires for Trump's NatSec committee (including Page & Papadopoulos).” [5]Clovis, Trump, Page, Papadopoulos, Sessions, Hillary ClintonNatSec, CNN, CBC, USDA
Greek media on PapaNovember 1, 2017“BREAKING (h/t DM): Greek media is telling a *very* different story about George Papdopoulos and Trump than we're reading here. Check it out.” (unrolled) [31]Papadopoulos, Trump, Priebus, Kammenos, Hillary Clinton, Philip Christopher (President of Pancyprian Association), Comey, Mueller, MillianTIHDC NatSec Meeting, Back Channels, Greece, Clinton kompromatKathimerini, Trump Campaign, FBI, Kremlin, Pancyprian Association, To Vima, WaPo, WH, FNC, Israel National News, Daily Caller
Short intel chainNovember 1, 2017“BREAKING: The first plausible Putin-to-Trump intel chain is now confirmed: PUTIN to MIFSUD to PAPADOPOULOS to TRUMP.” [3]Putin, Joseph Misfud, Papadopoulos, Trump, Chaika, Veselnitskaya, Goldstone, Trump Jr., Aras Agalarov, Emin AgalarovBack ChannelsWaPo
Contentious pointNovember 1, 2017“Only in the narrowest possible sense is this statement by @ maggieNYT true. It shouldn't have been written. See the pinned thread for more.” (about statement on Manafort charges) [2]Maggie Haberman , Manafort, Gates, TrumpJournalismNYT
Maybe not nothingNovember 1, 2017“(THREAD) The White House line on the Paul Manafort indictment—it has nothing to do with Trump—is a lie. Here's why.” (unrolled) [36]Manafort, Trump, Putin, Gordon, Sen. Burr, Sen. Risch, Mueller, Gates, Papadopoulos, Hillary ClintonTIHDC NatSec Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Clinton kompromat, Hacked EmailsPlatform ListPlatform Top PickWH, FBI, CNN, GOP, FNC, Senate, Congress
End’s very beginningNovember 1, 2017“As I said, it's the (very) beginning of the end for the Trump administration—though we still have many months to go.” [4]Trump, Mueller, Bannon, Stone, Trump AdminImpeachmentVanity Fair
UnforgettableNovember 1, 2017“If Trump was flattered when Papadopoulos said Putin wanted to meet, he remembers the conversation. He then told voters "no Russia contacts."” [3]Papadopoulos, Putin, TrumpBack Channels
Trump flatteredNovember 1, 2017“BREAKING (on 9/29—then buried by FNC): Trump Was Flattered When Papadopoulos Revealed Himself As Kremlin Agent and Said Putin Wanted to Meet” [5]Trump, Papadopoulos, PutinBack ChannelsFNC, Kremlin
Breaking news?November 1, 2017“Here's today's (CNN) breaking news... when it was breaking in mid-August...” [2]Trump, Team TrumpCNN, Daily Caller
Reading assignmentNovember 1, 2017“This was reported by The Daily Caller in August and extensively analyzed by me here in September. You guys need to read one another's stuff.” [4]Papadopoulos, Putin, Trump, Manu Raju (CNN), mediaBack Channels, JournalismDaily Caller, CNN
Wore a wireOctober 30, 2017“(THREAD) It's now almost certain Papadopoulos *wore a wire* during the last 90+ days. Here are the implications. Hope you'll read and share.” (unrolled) [57]Papadopoulos, Mueller, Team Trump, Page, Clovis, Sessions, Manafort, Kislyak, FlynnRNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Legal, ImpeachmentLegal ListLegal Top PickFBI, NatSec, USDA, CNN, GOP, Kremlin
Why house arrest?October 30, 2017“ I want to note that Manafort and Gates getting house arrest upon posting high bails—rather than even *higher* bails—helps Mueller flip them.” [3]Manafort, Gates, MuellerLegalLegal ListLegal Top Pick
Deafening SilenceOctober 30, 2017“Total silence from Trump's Twitter account for SEVEN HOURS now. Ever since the game-changing Papadopoulos news. The silence is DEAFENING.” [4]Trump, Papadopoulos, Sessions, Flynn, KushnerTwitter
Supervisor ClovisOctober 30, 2017“Yahoo! News is confirming what I've said here: Clovis assembled the NatSec team, and Manafort is the person quoted in the footnote on pg. 8.” [3]Clovis, Manafort, Papadopoulos, Isikoff (Yahoo News), SessionsYahoo, NatSec
Sarah’s LiesOctober 30, 2017“(THREAD) This is an *itemized list* of every lie Sarah Huckabee Sanders told America on behalf of the President in her press briefing today.” (unrolled) [57]Sanders, Trump, Mueller, Manafort, Putin, Papadopoulos, Hillary Clinton, Sessions, Gates, Priebus, Clovis, Millian, SteeleSteele Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, TIHDC , NatSec Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Russia Sanctions, Clinton kompromatWH, NYT, FBI, Trump Campaign, FSB, GOP, Kremlin, Daily Caller, Fusion GPS
Manafort GatesOctober 30, 2017“(THREAD) Paul Manafort and Rick Gates are now indicted. This thread analyzes legal and political aspects of their indictment and surrender.” (unrolled) [144]Manafort, Gates, Mueller, Page, Kushner, Putin, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Flynn, Hillary Clinton, Trump Jr., Papadopoulos, god, Trump, Gordon, Millian, Clovis, Lewandowski, Sessions, KislyakFavorite, Mayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Moscow, Russian Sanctions, Clinton kompromat, Platform ListPlatform Top PickCNN, OSC
Ask Me AnythingOctober 29, 2017“(THREAD) As the first indictments in the Russia probe loom, here's an Ask Me Anything with a lawyer—please share this link & ask questions.” [5]
Unhappy targetsOctober 29, 2017“Guess how many *criminal defendants* dislike their prosecutors, think they're being unfairly targeted, and want their prosecution shut down?” [3]TrumpDems
Civil unrestOctober 29, 2017“Trump tweeting on "ANGER & UNITY" as a traitorous criminal conspiracy is unraveling is consistent with predictions he'll stoke civil unrest.” [3]Trump, Hillary Clinton
Stone BannedOctober 28, 2017“BREAKING: Top Trump advisor Roger Stone Has Been Banned From Twitter Due to His Abusive Tweets Responding to News of Mueller Indictments” [2]Trump, Stone, MuellerTwitter, BuzzFeed
Guess whoOctober 28, 2017“Process it: we're debating whether the person in custody on Monday will be Trump's son, son-in-law, campaign manager, or top NatSec adviser.” [2]Trump, Trump Jr., Kushner, Manafort, Flynn, Flynn Jr., Page, Papadopoulos, SaterNatSec
Neither of themOctober 28, 2017“POLITICO: Lawyers in touch with Manafort's and Flynn's attorneys seem to feel the indictment is for neither of them.” [2]Manafort, Flynn, Kushner, MuellerPolitico
Any and AllOctober 28, 2017“As I mentioned yesterday and today, Mueller should now be expected to charge and bring in *any and all* defendants he's ready to charge.” [2]Mueller , KushnerWSJ
Backchannel BuzzOctober 28, 2017“FWIW, all the backchannel buzz—and what clues we have—suggest (a) a Flynn flip and indictment, (b) Jared is closer to arrest than we think.” (unrolled) [15]Flynn, Kushner, Gorka, Trump, Hannity, Stone, Manafort
Flynn indicted?October 28, 2017“Former CIA chief Woolsey choosing this moment to announce he helped in the Flynn probe is the second clue that Flynn may have been indicted.” [3]Woolsey, Flynn, Dana Boente, TrumpCIA
Fusion FreeOctober 27, 2017“All the Dems did was keep checks going to a firm hired by the Right that they wouldn't have come across otherwise.” [2]Trump, Fusion GPSSteele DossierDems, Politico, Fusion GPS, Free Beacon, MI6
Zero to KillOctober 27, 2017“You know Trump is going down hard when his former national security aide Gorka is on TV saying Trump's election opponent should be executed.” [2]Trump, Gorka, Hillary Clinton, Mueller
Phase 3October 27, 2017“Three months ago, I outlined the ten phases of the Trump-Russia investigation. The longest phase (Phase 2) just ended. We're now in Phase 3.” [2]Trump, Mueller
Boente’s resignationOctober 27, 2017“It doesn't take a seer to see that Dana Boente's resignation is tied to whatever is happening tonight. He was overseeing Mike Flynn's case.” [6]Dana Boente , Flynn, Trump
Arrest(s) ExpectedOctober 27, 2017“BREAKING NEWS: First Charges Filed in Trump-Russia Probe, At Least One Arrest Expected Soon” (unrolled) [36]Trump, Mueller, Flynn, Kushner, Trump Jr., Manafort, Sessions, Sater, Papadopoulos, Millian, PageCNN, CA
Computer FraudOctober 23, 2017“(THREAD) This thread shows how Trump aided (18 U.S.C. § 2) Russian computer fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1030)—an impeachable offense. Please retweet.” (unrolled) [55]Trump, Putin, Hillary Clinton, Sessions, Kislyak, Papadopoulos, Flynn, Kushner, Comey, Trump Jr.Favorite, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Russia Cyberattack, Hacked Emails, RNC Meeting, Senate Office Meeting, ImpeachmentNBC, NYT, NatSec, Kremlin, WaPo, Congress, Daily Caller, Interfax, Daily Beast, GOP
Papa Kremlin agentOctober 23, 2017“Just 17 days after his hire, Trump sent self-admitted Kremlin agent Papadopoulos to Israel to talk Russia policy:” (unrolled) [15]Trump, Papadopoulos, Putin, Barack Obama, Millian, Sessions, KislyakTIHDC NatSec Meeting, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Russia Cyberattack, Hacked EmailsKremlin, Jerusalem Post, NATO, NatSec, SigmaLive, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Gazprom, Interfax
House dividedOctober 23, 2017“BREAKING: Though it has proof Trump kept a Kremlin agent on staff to pursue illegal sanctions talks with Putin, the House may say otherwise.” [5]Trump, Putin, PapaRussia Sanctions, Russia CyberattackKremlin, House, Dems, GOP, NYT, WaPo
Papa’s jobOctober 23, 2017“The critical question in the Russia probe right now is whether the president got George Papadopoulos his job on the campaign's NatSec team.” (unrolled) [26]Papadopoulos, Millian, Steele, Trump, Source D, Putin, Page, Sessions, Kislyak, Mueller, ClovisSteele Dossier, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Moscow, Platform ListNatSec, Kremlin, FBI, GOP, Congress
Still StonedOctober 22, 2017“BREAKING: Roger Stone is still advising the president, most recently on the JFK files. The chances his tweet from May '17 is a lie are high.” [4]Stone , TrumpCNN, Axios
Damning StoryOctober 20, 2017“Knowing all we do now, this may be the most damning story *ever written* on Trump and Russia. I hope you'll RT it.” (unrolled) [28]Trump, Gordon, Sessions, Kislyak, Papadopoulos, Putin, Flynn, Millian, Source DSteele Dossier, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Russia Cyberattack, Hacked Emails, Senate Office Meeting, JournalismTIHDC ListTIHDC Top PickBI, RNC, FBI, Kremlin, Daily Caller, WaPo, FNC, WH, OSC, RIA Novosti
TIHDC MeetingOctober 20, 2017“As near as I can tell, every single public statement made by Trump's campaign about this March 31, 2016 meeting at the TIHDC has been a lie.” (unrolled) [10]Trump, Papadopoulos, Sessions, Millian, Page, KushnerMayflower Meeting, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels TIHDC ListNatSec, Trump Campaign, GOP, Kremlin
Buried ledeOctober 20, 2017“The reason this August 2017 Daily Caller article—full of bombshells—got buried is that the DC buried its ledes. Why?” [2]Trump, SessionsTIHDC NatSec Meeting, JournalismDaily Caller
FNC on TIHDC MeetOctober 20, 2017“One week after I first reported on the March 31, 2016 meeting at TIHDC, FNC said the FBI had started to look into it.” [6]Mueller, Trump, Papadopoulos, Millian, Source DSteele Dossier, TIHDC NatSec MeetingFNC, FBI, WH, SC, NatSec, WaPo
Papa’s emailsOctober 20, 2017“Please remember: Congress *has* Papadopoulos' emails. That's why you're seeing such urgency on collusion from Dems.” [5]Papadopoulos, Trump, Steele, Timofeev, Putin, Lewandowski, Trump Jr.Steele Dossier, I Love It Meeting, EmailsNewsweek, WaPo, RIAC
Frequent FlyerOctober 20, 2017“BREAKING: George Papadopoulos—a major person of interest in the Russia probe and a top Trump staffer in 2016—is "not often in the country."” [2]PapadopoulosBuzzFeed, SSCI
Smoking gunOctober 20, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING: The thesis discussed at the link below has been confirmed—and it's a smoking gun on collusion.” (unrolled) [67]Trump, Putin, Papadopoulos, Sessions, Manafort, Gordon, Clovis, Page, Kislyak, Kushner, Kellogg, Mueller, Flynn, NatSec teamSteele Dossier, Mayflower Meeting, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Back Door Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Moscow, Russia Sanctions, Clinton kompromatTIHDC List, Platform ListTIHDC Top Pick, Platform Top PickKremlin, Daily Caller, NatSec, GOP, RNC
Sheds new lightOctober 17, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING: A recent revelation sheds new light on the Trump-Russia timeline—particularly the relationship Flynn had with the Trumps.” (unrolled) [101]Flynn, Trump, Page, Papadopoulos, Putin, Prince, Clinton, Flynn, Hannity, Christie, Pence, Ivanka, Kushner, Trump Jr., McFarlane, Kislyak, MuellerTIHDC NatSec Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Moscow, Clinton kompromat, Kislyak Call, Turkey, Dinner with PutinRosneft ListNYT, NatSec, Kremlin, RT, WaPo, Shadow Cabinet, Breitbart, Intercept, CIA, NYT, FNC, New Yorker, CNN, House, Senate, WH, Rosneft, FBI, Kremlin, NYT, Reuters, New Yorker
Lotta QuestionsOctober 14, 2017“If, as reported, Mueller interviewed Priebus for a *full day*, that make Priebus the longest-questioned witness in the Russia investigation.” [4]Mueller, Priebus, Trump, Page
Letter to AmericaOctober 11, 2017“Shortly after the 2016 election, I wrote—and then later published—an open letter. I read it now with mixed emotions.” [2]Seth, Congress, UNH
About that coup talkOctober 11, 2017“Hayes deleted his prior tweet and issued a clarification—as for Vanity Fair, it says a "former [WH] official speculated this was discussed."” [2]Kelly, Mattis , Chris Hayes (MSNBC)Vanity Fair, WH, GOP, MSNBC
Just the messengerOctober 11, 2017“To be clear, relaying what VANITY FAIR is saying and/or implying about coup and/or removal is *not* the same as me advocating for *either*.” [2]Seth Abramson25th AmendmentVanity Fair
Small talkOctober 11, 2017“If MATTIS and KELLY indeed discussed tackling TRUMP if he elects to launch a first nuclear strike, that means a MILITARY COUP was discussed.” [6]Mattis, Kelly, Trump25th AmendmentWH
Apply your skillsOctober 11, 2017“So many people are asking, "What can *I* do [about Trump]?" Answer: # resist in a [peaceful and lawful] way that uses your native skill-sets.” (unrolled) [11]Trump, ResistersCongress, Amazon
Page to plead FifthOctober 10, 2017“BREAKING: BOMBSHELL. When Page said he'd cooperate with the Senate, I said I expected otherwise. Now here we are.” (unrolled) [24]Page, Sechin, Trump, Clovis, Steele, Putin, Manafort, Flynn, Trump Jr., Mueller, KushnerSteele Dossier, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Back Channels, MoscowRosneft ListSenate, CNN, FBI, Rosneft, NatSec, Congress
Shocked historiansOctober 9, 2017“A century from now, historians will be *shocked* at just how little Republicans *or* Democrats did to stop this monster in the White House.” [3]Trump (madman in the WH)GOP, Dems, WH
The Pee TapeOctober 8, 2017“Please SHARE if your followers don't already have this info: the tape Steele described was of women urinating on a bed, NOT a Trump sex act.” [3]Steele, Trump, PutinSteele Dossier, Trump kompromatCIA, BBC
About the dossierOctober 8, 2017“URGENT: PLEASE READ AND SHARE.” (unrolled) [11]Steele, Trump, Putin, Sarka, Mueller, Paul Wood,Steele Dossier, Trump kompromatFBI, Trump Org, FSB, CIA, BBC, Twitter, Spectator, BuzzFeed
Dark shadowsOctober 7, 2017“GUARDIAN UK—"Reports by former UK intel official Chris Steele are casting an ever darker shadow over the president."” [4]Steele, TrumpSteele Dossier, Trump kompromatGuardian, CIA, BBC
The TapeOctober 7, 2017“(THREAD) The so-called "Trump pee tape" is a subject of major-media and Congressional debate. Please SHARE this exhaustively researched FAQ.” (unrolled) [115]Trump, Steele, Putin, Mueller, Barack Obama, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Gref (Sverbank CEO), Vlad Kozhin (permits), Sarka, Paul Wood, Sater, Epshteyn, Millian, ErovinkinSteele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatDossier ListCongress, BuzzFeed, MI6, Senate, FSB, FBI, KGB, WH, WaPo, Sverbank, HuffPo, SSCI, MI6, Newsweek, Dems, GOP, Rolling Stone
Pardon a CrimeOctober 6, 2017“He can't pardon if it's Obstruction to do it; the USC doesn't let him make a crime to vacate one—that's a nonsense.” [8]Trump, MuellerLegalLegal ListLegal Top PickBI, Congress, DOJ
Burr misquotedOctober 5, 2017“The media fell down BADLY on Burr's presser. CNN—Burr did NOT say "we're still searching for any hint of collusion."” [6]Burr , TrumpJournalismCNN, SSCI, WH
Much proven trueOctober 5, 2017“THIS IS HUGE. Please share this news. A substantial percentage of the Steele Dossier has already been proven true.” (unrolled) [47]Steele , Trump, Sarka, Nunes, Mueller, Putin, Sechin, ErovinkinSteele Dossier, Rosneft Deal, Trump kompromat, SC Investigation, Dossier List, Rosneft ListDossier Top PickCNN, FBI, Dems, Fusion GPS, Orbis, MI6, GOP, Congress, Rosneft, New Republic
Sad summaryOctober 4, 2017“This summary by The Hill badly misrepresents what the article says. There's actually nothing in here about "having trouble proving a crime."” [5]Trump, Mueller, Preet, SallyLegal, JournalismHill
When did they knowOctober 4, 2017“(THREAD) The single most important fact in the Trump-Russia investigation is a never-discussed one. This thread discusses it. Please share.” (unrolled) [46]Trump, Trump Jr., Manafort, Kushner, Mueller, Putin, Veselnitskaya, Ivanka, Sessions, Team TrumpI Love It Meeting, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Platform ListGOP, FBI, DOJ, Congress
Platform guidanceOctober 4, 2017“BREAKING: Senator Burr Says GOP Platform Changes on Russia Were Based on "Guidance" (Evidence Suggests From Trump at March 31, 2016 Meeting)” (unrolled) [11]Burr, Trump, Sessions, Papadopoulos, Putin, ManafortMayflower Meeting, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, RNC Platform ChangePlatform ListGOP, Senate, FSB
Flipping RussiansOctober 4, 2017“FACT: the number of votes Russia needed to flip in Michigan and Wisconsin (out of 7.5 million votes total) to give BOTH to Trump was 16,900.” [6]Trump, MI/WI votersRussia Cyberattack
Query for PriebusOctober 2, 2017“I hope Mueller asked Priebus why Manafort called *him* a week before the inauguration and urged him to have Trump release Clinton kompromat.” [8]Priebus, Manafort, Trump, Hillary Clinton, Veselnitskaya, Comey, Trump Jr., KushnerI Love It Meeting, Clinton kompromat, I Love It ListPolitico, FBI
Putin’s outreachOctober 2, 2017“Bombshell #2. This was Putin's reply to Sater's Trump Tower Moscow plot & proves Putin used conferences—as with Page—to reach Trump aides.” [1]Putin , Sater, Page, TrumpTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Back Channels, MoscowWaPo
Battle for controlOctober 2, 2017“Bombshell. Per earlier reports, Manafort began battling with Lewandowski for control of Trump's campaign within days of hatching this plot.” [8]Manafort, Lewandowski, Trump, Deripaska, PapadopoulosMayflower Meeting, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, RNC Platform ChangePlatform ListAtlantic, GOP
Pence to MuellerSeptember 28, 2017“Did the president know about this, or was this a secret, Pence-arranged meeting designed to be Step #1 of Pence ascending to the presidency?” [2]Pence , MuellerPolitico
About his emailSeptember 28, 2017“BREAKING: Rep. Adam Schiff is on CNN right now *strongly* implying Kushner committed a federal crime by lying about his two email accounts.” [4]Schiff, KushnerEmailsCNN, House, Congress
Dossier HitsSeptember 27, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING: Several Major Revelations About the Steele Dossier Hit Trump All at Once” (unrolled) [26]Steele, Trump , Page, Mueller, Simpson, Nunes, Comey, Manafort, Stone, Millian, Sater, Source D, Source E, PutinSteele DossierDossier ListDossier Top PickIndependent, MI6, HPSCI, SSCI, SC, FBI, NYT, MSNBC, GOP
But their emailsSeptember 25, 2017“The White House confirms Don McGahn "regularly" told Trump aides to use government email only for business. So Jared and Ivanka ignored him.” [4]McGahn, Kushner, Ivanka, Trump, SandersEmailsWH
Private emailSeptember 24, 2017“GRASSLEY on CLINTON (thus KUSHNER): "She was using private email instead of gov't email. It probably violates FOIA and NatSec legislation."” [2]Grassley, Hillary Clinton, KushnerEmailsNatSec, NPR
Daily & cavalierlySeptember 24, 2017“POLITICO: Many in Trump's White House are *daily and cavalierly* doing what Trump said should send Clinton to prison.” (unrolled) [10]Kushner, Trump, Hillary Clinton, MuellerEmailsPolitico, WH, FBI, Congress
NatSec meetingSeptember 22, 2017“(THREAD) This is a picture of one of the biggest moments in the Trump-Russia scandal—and no one has reported on it until now. Please SHARE.” (unrolled) [128]Trump, Putin, Papadopoulos, Page, Sessions, Schmitz, Phares, Kellogg, Harrell, Kubic, Mizusawa, Sechin, Clovis, Hicks, Gordon, Kushner, Kislyak, Manafort, Flynn, Barack Obama, Spicer, NatSec teamFavorite, Steele Dossier, Mayflower Meeting, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Back Channels, MoscowTIHDC List, Platform ListTIHDC Top Pick, Platform Top PickPolitico, WaPo, NYT, Kremlin, NatSec, BI, RNC, GOP, CNN, Breitbart, FNC, Hill, NBC, Circa, NPR, CBS, MJ, Bloomberg, FBI
Best, SethSeptember 21, 2017“An OPEN LETTER to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, who today asked if the FBI warned Mr. Trump about Russia:” [3]Grassley, Trump, Page, Kislyak, Kushner, Papadopoulos, Putin, Dearborn, Trump Jr., Manafort, SessionsMayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Moscow, Russia Sanctions,ussia Cyberattacks, Clinton kompromat, SJC, FBI, Kremlin, DNC, Politico
Tap danceSeptember 21, 2017“The WSJ Manafort news contradicts other reporting suggesting his phone was tapped during the campaign, so we'll see which version's correct.” [2]ManafortWSJ
Reading testSeptember 20, 2017“This is one of those articles that tests your internet reading practices: either you stop at the title, or read on.” [3]MuellerJournalismFP
About secrecySeptember 20, 2017“If the secrecy of Congress' Trump-Russia investigations worries you, you should read this great piece by @ RyanLizza.” [13]Trump, Ryan Lizza (NewYorker), MuellerCongress, New Yorker
Cohen’s statementSeptember 19, 2017“Click below to read Cohen's statement to Congress (keep in mind it's partly lies, partly carefully couched denials):” [10]Cohen , Trump, Putin, SteeleSteele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Cohen TestimonyCongress, SSCI, TPM
About MenschSeptember 19, 2017“FYI: Six months after claiming she blocked me, today Louise Mensch actually did. Why? I proved yesterday she spread fake news on Manafort.” [20]Mensch , ManafortJournalismUS Marshalls, FBI, CBS, Twitter, Kremlin, NSA
Tapping ManafortSeptember 19, 2017“Given the news that the FBI was tapping Manafort *while* he was Trump's Campaign Manager, the odds Trump *wasn't* recorded have *plummeted*.” (unrolled) [12]Manafort, Trump, Aras AgalarovFBI, Trump Campaign, New York Magazine, RNC
Morning raidSeptember 18, 2017“MAJOR BREAKING NEWS via THE NEW YORK TIMES: Special Counsel Mueller Will Indict Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort” (unrolled) [70]Mueller, Manafort, Trump, Carl Bernstein, Dearborn, Kushner, Page, Grassley, Hillary Clinton, Priebus, Ty CobbBack Channels, Clinton kompromat, Legal, FISA, ImpeachmentNYT, Trump Campaign, CNN, FBI, Congress, WH, US Marshalls
Damn big newsSeptember 18, 2017“BREAKING NEWS (and pretty damn *big* news, too, given that we're talking about the President's Campaign Manager for *six months* in 2016):” [6]Manafort, Mueller, Priebus, Trump, Hillary Clinton, Kushner, Trump Jr.,I Love It Meeting, Clinton kompromat, FISACNN, FBI
Legal team rankedSeptember 18, 2017“NEW RANKING of the FIVE WORST Trump or Trump WH lawyers (1 = worst): #5, J. Dowd; #4, M. Kasowitz; #3, T. Cobb; #2, D. McGahn; #1, M. Cohen.” [3]Dowd, Kasowitz, Cobb, McGahn, Cohen, Preet, SekulowWH
Trump’s legal teamSeptember 18, 2017“Ya *think*? (One doesn't have to go to law school, pass the bar, and practice criminal law to call that one.)” [3]Trump, Corallo, KasowitzMSNBC, NYT
live in infamy foreverSeptember 17, 2017“I'm not sure what else digital journalists can be doing right now to underscore that the Trump Administration *will live in infamy forever*.” [3]Trump, Trump enablersWH
Cohen’s planSeptember 17, 2017“If Cohen sticks to his stated plan—do nothing to hurt Trump—and gets the right questions, he *will* perjure himself.” [5]Cohen , Trump, PutinTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Russia SanctionsReuters, Senate, Congress
Ask Me AnythingSeptember 16, 2017“(THREAD) Please FOLLOW and SHARE this thread, starting at 7PM EDT, for a 1-hour Trump-Russia AMA ("Ask Me Anything") by a criminal attorney.” [4]
Since 2013September 14, 2017“(MEGA-THREAD) TRUMP has been in a business arrangement with PUTIN since 2013; publicly available information PROVES it. Please read & share.” (unrolled) [74]Trump, Putin, Aras Agalarov, Trump Jr., Gref, Kozhin, Cohen, Emin Agalarov, SaterFavorite, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, I Love It Meeting, Russia SanctionsTower Moscow ListTower Moscow Top PickRT, RIA Novosti, Atlantic, MJ, Sberbank, Bloomberg, Moscow Times, Crocus City, Page Six, Politico, NYT, Russian Construction, Forbes, WH, The Nation, Kremlin,
Updated contactsSeptember 13, 2017“Here's an UPDATED LIST of Trump campaign, transition, and administration figures with known or suspected undisclosed contacts with Russians:” [2]Trump, Cohen, Flynn Jr., Flynn, Gordon, Kushner, Manafort, Page, Papadopoulos, Phares, Prince, Sater, Sessions, Stone, Trump Jr., Clovis, Dearborn, Kubic, Lewandowski, Schiller, Epshteyn, Hicks, Kellogg, Pence, Schmitz, Ivanka, Bannon, Christie, Conway, Giuliani, Miller, Priebus, Ross, Sanders, Spicer, Eric TrumpCampaign, Transition, Admin, Congress
Trump worked bothSeptember 13, 2017“BREAKING: Evidence Suggests Trump Worked on BOTH Trump Moscow Tower AND Ukraine Sanctions Deal DURING the Election” [2]Trump , Sater, Cohen, PutinTrump Tower Moscow Deal, RNC Platform Change, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emailsGOP, ABC
Undisclosed contactsSeptember 13, 2017“Undisclosed Russia contacts so far: Cohen Flynn Gordon Kushner Manafort Page Papadopoulos Phares POTUS Prince Sater Sessions Stone Trump Jr” [3]Cohen, Flynn, Gordon, Kushner, Manafort, Page, Papadopoulos, Phares, Trump, Prince, Sater, Sessions, Stone, Trump Jr., Ivanka, Dearborn, Flynn Jr.Back ChannelsNBC, Flynn Intel Group
Russian fake newsSeptember 13, 2017“THIS is what it looks like when a top Trump aide spreads Russian fake news on far-right media 96 hours pre-election:” [5]Trump, Prince, Weiner, GiulianiTrue Pundit Hoax, Fake NewsBreitbart, NYPD, NBC, MSNBC, Blackwater
Oily inquirySeptember 12, 2017“An easily lost fact amidst today's breaking news: in March, a senior WH official inquired with State about the effect of sanctions on *oil*.” [2]Steele, senior WH officialSteele Dossier, Russia SanctionsWH, State
Cyber Task ForceSeptember 12, 2017“BREAKING: This is what Putin paid for—and yes, Trump's "cybersecurity task force" was part of the two leaders' plot.” [12]Putin, Trump , Comey, Kushner, KislyakMayflower Meeting, Comey Firing, Kislyak Contacts, Back channels, Russia Sanctions, Russia CyberattackComey Firing ListHill, Buzzfeed
Voted for ClintonSeptember 12, 2017“(MINI-THREAD) A year on, US media still gets it twisted: "Americans"—as a people—"voted for" Clinton; the Electoral College "elected" Trump.” [40]Hillary Clinton, Trump, Bush, voters, Electoral CollegeJournalismWH, State
Already knewSeptember 12, 2017“If Trump's LAWYERS "already knew" of the 2016 meetup in June, why did TRUMP say HE found out just DAYS before July 8?” [5]Trump, Kushner, Mark Corallo (POTUS spox)I Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsI Love It ListWSJ, CNN, The Hill
Inactive memberSeptember 11, 2017“Current member of the New Hampshire Bar (and the Federal Bar for the District of New Hampshire) in good standing. But have it, gentlemen.” [3]Seth Abramson, journalistsJournalism, LegalNH Bar, Fed Bar for District of NH
Wishful thinking?September 11, 2017“Anyone who reads this feed knows I've said impeachment is *12 to 18 months away*. Today, another thinkpiece claiming I say it's "imminent."” [11]Trump, Seth Abramson, media outletsJournalism, ImpeachmentBaffler Magazine, Atlantic, New Republic
Buried ledeSeptember 11, 2017“BURIED LEAD: Trump business partner used Trump's pro-Russia agenda to drum up business for Trump DURING THE CAMPAIGN.” [2]Sater , TrumpJournalismNation
Illegal negotiationsSeptember 11, 2017“BREAKING: Classified Intel Reports Reveal Trump Campaign Illegally Negotiated with the Russians During the Campaign” (unrolled) [10]Trump, Nunes, Barack Obama, Sessions, Manafort, Gordon, Kislyak, DershowitzKislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Russia Cyberattack, Hacked emails, Clinton kompromat, RNC Meeting, Senate Office MeetingReuters, RNC
Not happeningSeptember 10, 2017“Here's a lengthy description and explanation of something that's definitely NOT going to happen in the Russia probe.” [2]Mueller, TrumpDaily Beast
Mucked feedSeptember 10, 2017“. @ LouiseMensch falsely calls me a Russian spy, says I run anonymous accounts and am on NSA watchlists. If you follow her please UNFOLLOW me.” [11]Mensch, Seth AbramsonNSA
Talking businessSeptember 9, 2017“In July, Aras Agalarov's lawyer conceded to RIA Novosti that Trump and Agalarov met to TALK BUSINESS a "number of times" from 2013 to 2017.” [3]Aras Agalarov, Trump, Emin AgalarovTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013RIA Novosti, MJ
Agalarov to ForbesSeptember 9, 2017“What do you think, folks? Was Agalarov lying to Forbes about the 2013 deal the first time, the second time, the third time, or *every* time?” [9]Emin Agalarov, Trump, Aras Agalarov, Trump Jr., Putin, SteeleSteele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Trump kompromat, Tower Moscow ListForbes, Twitter
Did deal fizzleSeptember 9, 2017“Love @ MotherJones, but if the deal fizzled in 2013, Aras wouldn't have waited until 2017 to call it dead because "Trump can't do deals now."” [4]Aras Agalarov, Trump, GrefTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013Tower Moscow ListMJ, Sberbank, Crocus Group, RIA Novosti, Russian Construction
Read the dateSeptember 9, 2017“ATTENTION MEDIA: READ THE DATE* *A week later Sberbank—after MEETING WITH TRUMP—announced $2.4 billion in funding.” [11]Trump, Aras Agalarov, Putin, Kozhin, Cohen, GrefTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013Tower Moscow ListRT, Sberbank, Page Six, HuffPo, WaPo, NYT, Bloomberg
One twitter accountSeptember 9, 2017“. @ truefactsstated, I have a two-decade history of ALWAYS speaking under my own name online. I'm PROUD of it. I've no accounts but this one.” [4]Seth AbramsonTwitter
Proved it last weekSeptember 9, 2017“Months from now, when media "breaks" how Trump DIRECTLY NEGOTIATED with Russians from '13 to '16, recall that this feed PROVED IT last week.” [2]TrumpTrump Tower Moscow Deal
Hope HicksSeptember 8, 2017“Around the time it became clear Hope Hicks was on Mueller's witness list, Trump made her WH Communications Director.” [3]Hicks , Mueller, Trump, DeVosWH, BI
Letter of IntentSeptember 8, 2017“BREAKING—In mere weeks we went from "no collusion with Russia" to "here's a Letter of Intent Trump signed with some Russians while running."” [6]Trump, Andrey Rozov, Aras AgalarovTrump Tower Moscow DealTower Moscow ListI.C. Expert Investment Company, Trump Acquisition, CNN
Lying to CongressSeptember 7, 2017“(THREAD) Today the president's son COMMITTED A CRIME by lying to Congress on a key topic in the Trump-Russia probe—please READ ON and SHARE.” (unrolled) [44]Trump, Trump Jr., Blumenthal, Aras Agalarov, Putin, Goldstone, Emin Agalarov, Cohen, Steele, Gref, MuellerSteele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, I Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsVox, Congress, Kommersant, USA Today, Vanity Fair, Democratic Underground, RT, Kremlin, CIA, Just Security, Sberbank, Moscow Times, Crocus City, Trump Org, Congress, HuffPo, WH, CNN
Receiving stolenSeptember 7, 2017“So the president's son intended to Receive Stolen Property (a felony) and then consult an attorney. Got it.” [2]Trump, Trump Jr., VeselnitskayaI Love It Meeting, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emailsI Love It ListNYT
GAME-CHANGINGSeptember 6, 2017“This is the MOST IMPORTANT Trump-Russia link I've ever tweeted. Please read and share it widely. It's GAME-CHANGING.” [5]Trump, SteeleFavorite, Steele DossierDossier ListJust Security, CIA, FBI, Congress
Generally credibleSeptember 6, 2017“BREAKING NEWS: Steele Dossier Ruled "Generally Credible" After Major Study By Ex-CIA Intel Analyst (ht @ profcarroll)” [5]Steele , former top CIA officialSteele DossierCIA, Just Security
Trump agent NunesSeptember 6, 2017“With today's revelation that Trump agent Nunes is helping Gowdy force Sessions to testify—and resign—the status of this thread is CONFIRMED.” [2]Trump, Nunes, Gowdy, SessionsCNN, HPSCI
Gowdy againSeptember 5, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING: Trump—via Trey Gowdy—is AGAIN attempting to use the House Intel Committee to END the Russia probe. Please read and share.” (This doesn’t appear to be an actual thread.) (unrolled) [91]Trump, Gowdy, Nunes, Mueller, Manafort, Kushner, Grassley, Sessions, Page, Barack Obama, Steele, Paul WoodSteele Dossier, Nunes Unmasked, Trump kompromat, Nunes Search for Steele, FISANunes Unmasked ListHPSCI, FBI, CNN, Congress, Greenville Online, DOJ, Politico, WH, WaPo, FNC, Fitsnews, Washington Examiner, FBI, Guardian, Congress, MI6, BBC
Longest ever threadSeptember 5, 2017“My longest ever Russia thread – on the subject of Trump Tower Moscow, Putin, and the so-called “pee tape” - on one page.” [1]Trump, PutinTrump Tower Moscow DealTower Moscow ListDemocratic Underground
Pump up the volumeSeptember 5, 2017“In case you missed it, the evidence that Putin has blackmail on Trump that is influencing our POTUS increased in volume by 200%+ this week.” [5]Putin, Trump, Aras Agalarov, Paul Wood, Sarka,Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatCIA, BBC
North KoreaSeptember 4, 2017“President Obama told Trump his priority HAD to be North Korea. Trump chose Obamacare, taxes, the Wall, racist dog-whistling. So here we are.” [25]Trump, Barack Obama, Kim Jong Un, Putin, Hillary ClintonCongress
Dossier bombshellsSeptember 3, 2017“How's THIS for a bombshell? It comes from BBC World News Correspondent Paul Wood (and was published in THE SPECTATOR, a weekly UK magazine):” [3]Paul Wood, Steele, Sater, MuellerSteele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatBBC, Spectator, New York Magazine, Senate, MI6, CIA
Trump-Miller letterSeptember 3, 2017“(THREAD) The Trump-Miller letter, reported by THE NEW YORK TIMES Friday, may have a PROFOUND impact on the Russia probe. Read on to see why.” (unrolled) [46]Trump, Miller, Comey, Mueller, Lester Holt, Sessions, Rosenstein, McGahn, Cobb, Pence, Flynn, Ivanka, Kushner, PageComey Firing, Comey Letter, ImpeachmentComey Firing ListComey Firing Top PickNYT, NBC, House
Heart of the scandalSeptember 1, 2017“(THREAD) Trump Tower Moscow sits at the heart the Trump-Russia scandal. This thread reveals the REAL story behind it. Please share widely.” (unrolled) [218]Trump, Aras Agalarov, Putin, Cohen, DeSantis, Emin Agalarov, Olivia Culpo, Alex Sapir, Rotem Rosen, Trump Jr., Kozhin, Goldstone, Sarka, Melania, Paul Wood, Sater, Miller, Flynn, Kushner, Artemenko, Peskov, Page, Papadopoulos, Manafort, Burt, McFarlane, Sessions, Kislyak, Gorkov, DearbornTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Steele Dossier, Mayflower Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Comey Firing, Rosneft Deal, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Comey Letter, Miss Universe 2002, Hacked Emails, RNC Meeting, Senate Office Meeting, Banker MeetingDossier List, Tower Moscow List, Miss Universe ListTower Moscow Top Pick, Miss Universe Top PickRussian Construction, Sberbank, WaPo, Kremlin, MI6, FBI, NYPost, RT, House, BI, Kremlin, Politico, WH, Trump Org, WaPo, Nobu Moscow, Sberbank, Bloomberg, Real Estate Weekly, HuffPo, BBC, CIA, WSJ, NYT, Politico, Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, Seattle Times,
Timeline timelineAugust 30, 2017“I'm working on a comprehensive Trump-Russia timeline. I'm hoping to publish it, link to it here, and regularly update it. Unbelievably hard.” [6]Trump, Seth Abramson
Hid from PutinAugust 30, 2017“Peskov hid from Putin email from the attorney of the U.S. candidate Putin had endorsed and asked to meet with? Nope!” [3]Peskov , Putin, Cohen, SaterTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Russia Sanctions, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromatTower Moscow ListCNN, Kremlin
Millionth timeAugust 29, 2017“Again—for the MILLIONTH TIME—Trump CAN'T legally investigate his own criminal case or deal with witnesses (Assange).” [13]Trump, Assange, Rohrabacher, Yates, Comey, Trump Jr.Comey Firing, Legal, WikiLeaks LeaksLegal ListLegal Top PickWikiLeaks, CNN, Daily Caller
During campaignAugust 29, 2017“Everyone's seen the news that—during the campaign—Trump's attorney emailed Putin's right-hand man to help Trump cut a deal with Putin, yes?” [25]Trump, Cohen, Putin, Flynn, Manafort, Sessions, Gordon, Kislyak, Lavrov, Fedorova, Sater, Trump Jr., Eric Trump, MuellerTrump Tower Moscow Deal, I Love It Meeting, Back Channels, Russia SanctionsWH, RNC
If GOP defundsAugust 29, 2017“If the GOP defunds Mueller, the citizens of America should Kickstarter the HELL out of a citizen investigation led by Mueller and his team.” [3]Mueller, TrumpSC InvestigationGOP, Hill, Congress
Felony perjuryAugust 29, 2017“Never, *ever* forget: Donald Trump committed felony Perjury *on video* in 2013 to hide his ties to Putin ally Sater.” [6]Trump, Putin, Sater, Flynn, SessionsTrump Tower Moscow Deal, RNC Platform Change, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Miss Universe 2002Bloomberg
Taking dictationAugust 28, 2017“As I said when the news Trump "dictated" Don's statement broke, this was Witness Tampering. Mueller has him on that.” [13]Trump Jr., Trump, Mueller, Kushner, ManafortLegalLegal ListNBC
Trump knew dealAugust 28, 2017“BREAKING: Confirmed: Trump Knew of Pending Trump Tower Moscow Deal During Campaign, Lied to America on Russian Deals” [2]Trump, CohenTrump Tower Moscow DealABC
Sater’s promiseAugust 28, 2017“BREAKING: On November 3, 2015 Felix Sater promised Putin would help Trump get elected. A week later Putin's media mouthpiece endorsed Trump.” [4]Putin, Trump, Sater, Ivanka, FlynnTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Dinner with PutinKremlin, WaPo
Once a shillAugust 28, 2017“In case you're wondering, yes, @ AriFleischer well knows that collusive behavior can go far beyond hacking. But, you know, once a shill...” [3]Ari Fleischer , Trump, Podesta, MuellerRussia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromatDNC, WaPo, FBI
Multi-taskingAugust 27, 2017“BREAKING: Trump Was Dealing With Russia on Business While He Ran for President, Including a Putin Backchannel” [40]Trump, Putin, Flynn, Kushner, Kislyak, Steele, Papadopoulos, Fedorova, SaterFavorite, Steele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Mayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Kislyak Call, Miss Universe 2002, Dinner with PutinRosneft ListRosneft Top PickWaPo, Russian mafia, NYMag, FBI
Shot on 5th AveAugust 27, 2017“I think if Trump shoots someone dead in the middle of 5th Avenue he'll lose the support of McConnell but not Ryan. Anybody else seeing this?” [5]Trump, McConnell, RyanGOP
Pardon exerciseAugust 26, 2017“Constitution-loving Donald Trump's first pardon was of a man who flagrantly, repeatedly, and without remorse violated the Fourth Amendment.” [2]Trump, Arpaio Pardon
Pardon meAugust 25, 2017“Because every promise of a pardon mid-investigation would be Obstruction, every request to lie Witness Tampering, and the cover-up, Perjury.” [2]Trump, MuellerPardon
Trump-Flynn nexusAugust 24, 2017“(THREAD) The more one researches the Trump-Flynn nexus, the more it's clear Trump promised Flynn a pardon in an illegal phone call in April.” (unrolled) [82]Trump, Flynn, Putin, Manafort, Sessions, Papadopoulos, Steele, Sechin, Page, Kislyak, Kushner, Phares, Gordon, Pence, Schiff, Trump Jr., Mueller, ComeySteele Dossier, Back Door Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Kislyak Contacts, Dinner with PutinRosneft ListWaPo, RT, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Reuters, Politico, GOP, Rosneft, FBI, Hill, NYMag, Congress, DOJ
Breitbart interviewAugust 24, 2017“Remember the Breitbart interview of Trump adviser Erik Prince 96 hours pre-election that was all Russian propaganda?” [3]Trump, Prince, WeinerTrue Pundit Hoax, Clinton kompromatBreitbart, USA Today, Twitter, GOP, Dems, NYPD
Speaking of loyaltyAugust 24, 2017“This is just your daily reminder that as Trump's impeachment draws nearer, he's begun using the word "loyalty" in *all* his public speeches.” [3]TrumpImpeachmentFBI, Trump Org
Threats of warAugust 24, 2017“BREAKING: Trump Confidant and Adviser Says There Will Be Assassinations and a Second Civil War If Trump Is Impeached” [11]Stone , Trump, ComeyComey FiringYoutube, Congress, GOP, WH
Secret dispatchAugust 24, 2017“18 days after we learned Trump—via Nunes—secretly dispatched agents to find Steele, we now learn Steele has briefed the FBI. No coincidence.” [8]Trump, Nunes, Steele, Mueller, Grassley, Simpson, ClapperSteele Dossier, Russia Sanctions, Nunes Search for SteeleFBI, GOP, Congress
Agrees to releaseAugust 23, 2017“BREAKING (MSNBC): Grassley agrees to vote for release of Simpson transcript, all but ensuring we'll learn EVERYTHING about Steele's dossier!” [5]Grassley , Simpson, Steele, TrumpSteele Dossier, Simpson TestimonyDossier ListFusion GPS, MI6, Orbis
Tangential SessionsAugust 23, 2017“At first I thought Sessions only tangentially involved in Trump's collusion. I've since seen evidence to make me think he was at the center.” [12]Sessions , Trump, Kislyak, Gordon, Page, Manafort, Kushner, Comey, Mueller, McConnellMayflower Meeting, Comey Firing, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, MoscowSSCI, HPSCI, RNC, DOJ
Further confirmationAugust 23, 2017“I'll say more on this later; for now I'll just say this is big—and further confirmation Trump knew about everything.” [20]Trump, Putin, Trump Jr., Kushner, Manafort, Lewandowski, Clovis, Sessions, Dearborn, Papadopoulos, Kislyak, FlynnMayflower Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Kislyak CallCNN, Congress, FBI
Steele OrbisAugust 23, 2017“Simpson wasn't the "researcher" and Fusion didn't "compile" the dossier. That was Steele and "Orbis," respectively.” [4]Simpson, Steele , TrumpSteele Dossier, Trump kompromatFusion GPS, Orbis, Newsweek, FBI, Newsweek, CIA, BBC
Brass tacksAugust 22, 2017“So, brass tacks—per NYT, Trump effectively ended his working relationship with DC's most powerful Republican over RUSSIA. Think he's scared?” [2]TrumpNYT, GOP
Sources divulgedAugust 22, 2017“Steele divulging his Russian sources to the FBI means we're *closer than ever* to the "tapes of a sexual nature" the CIA told the BBC about.” [2]Steele, EpshteynSteele Dossier, Trump kompromatCIA, BBC, FBI
Impeachy skiesAugust 21, 2017“CHANCES OF TRUMP IMPEACHMENT (as of August 21, 2017): 75%” [4]Trump, Akhmetshin, Papadopoulos, SteeleSteele Dossier, ImpeachmentBreitbart
Dangerously ignorantAugust 20, 2017“Trump is unwell, unfit, bigoted, dishonest, corrupt, disloyal, and *dangerously* ignorant—he MUST resign. RETWEET if you agree. # TrumpResign” [3]Trump
Publicly unstableAugust 20, 2017“Russia and racism aside, we're getting *very* close to key Republicans saying publicly they think Trump is unstable.” [2]Trump , Carl Bernstein, mediaCNN, GOP
Cliff’s NotesAugust 20, 2017“SUMMARY: "Trump made a Russian mobster's girl Miss Universe, so Russian mafia saved him from bankruptcy and have helped him since. The End."” [2]Trump, Putin, FedorovaTrump kompromat, Miss Universe 2002Russian mafia
Declining giantAugust 20, 2017“It's sad, watching the decline of a legal giant. No one should be publishing or discussing *anything* Alan says on the Trump-Russia probe.” [25]Dershowitz , TrumpSC Investigation, ImpeachmentHill, GOP
The BarbannonAugust 20, 2017“Who talks like this? "I feel jacked up—free. Got my hands back on my weapons. It's Bannon the Barbarian. I'm going to crush the opposition."” [2]Bannon
Sowing divisionAugust 19, 2017“This was a chance for Trump to laud peaceful protests and counter-protests. *Instead*, he spread disinformation nationally to sow division.” [2]Trump
Mueller’s focusAugust 18, 2017“Mueller is focused on Don, per today's news. I don't think it's just the 2016 meeting, but the 2008 confession of *major* Trump-Russia ties.” [4]Mueller, Trump Jr., TrumpI Love It Meeting
Spectacularly wrothAugust 18, 2017“My first instinct, when I heard Bannon had been fired, was to say, "'Bannon's Revenge' will be a play of Shakespearean scope and dimension."” [2]Bannon , Trump
News you knewAugust 18, 2017“BREAKING NEWS you already knew: Trump ALWAYS stays in touch with people he fires, so he will continue talking to Bannon ON A REGULAR BASIS.” [3]Trump , Bannon, Lewandowski, Flynn, Manafort
Vlad’s girlfriendAugust 17, 2017“(THREAD) In 2002, Donald Trump crowned Vladimir Putin's girlfriend Miss Universe. Now it's possible that Mueller's probe will look into it.” [99]Trump, Putin, Mueller, Oxana Fedorova, Trump Jr., Steele, Sarka, Marla Maples, Melania, Barack Obama, Sekulow, Vladimir Golubev, Igor Leytis, Howard SternFavorite, Steele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromat, SC Investigation, Miss Universe 2002Pravda, NY Daily News, Rolling Stone, Trump Org, eTurboNews, NYPost, BBC, CIA, MI6, HuffPo, BI, Express, NY Daily News
Honest TrumpAugust 15, 2017“Trump's rant today was the most HONEST he has ever been about who he is. Listen to his intonation, cadence, diction—this WAS the REAL TRUMP.” [2]Trump , Billy Bush
Broadly rightAugust 15, 2017“Trump is right in a *broad* sense: not *every* alt-rightist is a Nazi/KKK, and Antifa *is* a dangerous, lawless (miniscule) left-wing group.” [6]Trump, those on the leftNazis, KKK, Antifa
Ad-Lib EditsAugust 15, 2017“(THREAD) EXCLUSIVE: Trump's Ad-Lib Edits to His April 27, 2016 Mayflower Speech Confirm the Speech Was Intended for Sergey Kislyak—and Putin” [50]Trump, Kislyak, Putin, Sessions, Manafort, Papadopoulos, KushnerSteele Dossier, Mayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, JournalismRosneft ListWaPo, NPC, University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), RNC, Rosneft
Ongoing effortAugust 14, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING—Washington Post Says Spring 2016 Trump Campaign Emails Confirm Ongoing Effort to Set Russia Meetings (See thread for more)” (unrolled) [110]Trump, Manafort, Kushner, Kislyak, Sessions, Miller, Trump Jr., Gordon, Steele, Putin, Richard Burt, Bud McFarlane, Walid Phares, Page, Papadopoulos, Clovis, Corey Lewandowski, Igor Sechin, Kubic, Putin, Ivan Timofeev (RAIC), Leonid Reshetnikov (RISS), Gates, Team TrumpFavorite, Steele Dossier, Mayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Moscow, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, RNC MeetingRosneft ListWaPo, NPC, CNI, Rosneft, MI6, Politico, Alfa, RNC, NatSec, NATO, RIAC, RISS, Reuters, WaPo, RNC
North Korea PutinAugust 14, 2017“BREAKING: North Korea Another Russia Story? Vladimir Putin May Be Behind North Korea's Sudden Missile-Launch Success” [2]Putin, TrumpNYT
Disagreeable enemyAugust 13, 2017“Trump has started to term all Americans who disagree with him as "enemies"—in both press conferences and TV spots. It's BY DESIGN and SCARY.” [20]Trump
Warrant aggressionAugust 11, 2017“Only men who exclusively rep the rich would say a warrant 3 months—arguably 13—into an investigation is "aggressive."” [11]Mueller, Hillary Clinton, Gordon, Manafort, Epshteyn, Priebus, Spicer, GoldstoneNPR, FBI
Know the differenceAugust 11, 2017“(THREAD) You MUST know the difference between a cooperative witness and a "cooperating individual"—I'm here to help.” [21]Trump, Manafort, Trump Jr.Newsweek
Distract and delayAugust 11, 2017“BREAKING: China Says It Will Stay Neutral If US Acts in Self-Defense Following DPRK First Strike, Will Go to War With US If US Strikes First” [10]Trump, Kim Jong UnCNN, MSNBC, Reuters
Media thinkpiecesAugust 11, 2017“The ratio of Trump-Russia thinkpieces to breaking Trump-Russia news has reached the point where it's clear media knows where this is headed.” [40]Trump, Peter King (R-NY), Phil Mudd (CNN), Manafort, Putin, Mueller, Flynn, Kushner, Page, mediaFlynn Plea, Impeachment, Journalism, LegalVanity Fair, New Yorker, CNN, FBI, WaPo
Gorelick? conflicted?August 10, 2017“I disagree w/ @ maddow on Manafort: if Gorelick had a conflict, Manafort should've lost his attorney too—right then. Both were cover stories.” [3]Manafort, Gorelick, Brand, KushnerLegalMSNBC
Moment of ZenAugust 10, 2017“Your Moment of Zen: May we all be "brought to our needs" in the same way Trump's attorney John Dowd claims the FBI brought Manafort to his.” [2]Trump, Dowd, ManafortFBI
Oh Lord, not funnyAugust 10, 2017“I'm not saying Lord is an anti-Semite. I'm saying it's COLOSSAL bad judgment to tweet this—ESPECIALLY with no clear, same-space explanation.” [5]Jeffery Lord (CNN), TrumpCNN, MSNBC, Reuters
Attorneys withdrawAugust 10, 2017“Two of Trump's attorneys, and Kushner's attorney, have chosen to withdraw. I suspect that's happening here. Telling.” [8]Trump, Kushner, Manafort, Corallo, Mike Warren (Weekly Standard)LegalNYPost, Weekly Standard, WilmerHale
Clovis offered jobAugust 10, 2017“Can we also talk about the fact that Clovis appears to be the guy who brought *Carter Page* into the Trump campaign?” [5]Clovis , Page, TrumpCNN, USDA
Manafort tamperingAugust 10, 2017“(THREAD) President Trump is almost certainly still in touch with Paul Manafort and tampering with him as a witness.” [25]Trump, Manafort, Dowd, Flynn, Trump Jr., Kushner, Comey, Yates, Josh (journalist?)FNC, FBI, Congress, Twitter, TPM
Home raidAugust 9, 2017“BREAKING: FBI Raids Paul Manafort's Home, Seizes Docs Related to Russia Probe” [33]Manafort, Trump, Kushner, Trump Jr., Priebus, Hillary Clinton, LewandowskiMayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, RNC Platform Change, FBI Raid, Clinton kompromatFBI
Obscene provocationAugust 9, 2017“BREAKING: North Korea Is "Seriously Examining" and Will "Finish" Its Plan to Strike Guam in Less Than a Week” [2]Kim Jong Un, TrumpCNN
Slow moving concernAugust 9, 2017“A thing I've written about a few times on this feed is my fear Mueller's moved too slow to prevent mass destruction of inculpatory evidence.” [2]MuellerSC Investigation
Grand juriesAugust 8, 2017“Dersh says "no defense attorney" would disagree with him. Well, *I* do. Mueller *didn't* "move" jurisdictions. He just used *the right one*.” [5]Dershowitz , Mueller, Maxine Waters, Flynn, Trump,Hill, FNC
Pathological dangerAugust 8, 2017“I've seen Trump's pathology before—in some defendants I worked for as a public defender. It should've never been allowed in the White House.” [11]TrumpImpeachmentWaPo
Trump’s red lineAugust 8, 2017“Hours after I did a thread on the possibility, Trump made a deadly gaffe. Threats are *DPRK policy*; Trump's is a red line Kim *will* cross.” [11]Trump , Kim Jong Un, JesusNBC, CNN
Now that’s alarmingAugust 8, 2017“North Korea has 60 nuclear warheads ready for ICBM miniaturization and ICBMs that can reach NYC. END YOUR VACATION and STOP TWEETING, Trump.” [37]Trump, Barack Obama, Mika Brzezinski, James Mattis, John Kelly, McConnell, Ryan, Tillerson, Haley, Kim Jong Un, Putin25th AmendmentGOP, Twitter, WaPo, CNN
Search for SteeleAugust 7, 2017“BREAKING: Facts suggest President Trump, not Republican leadership in Congress, is secretly trying to get to Steele.” [21]Trump, Steele, Nunes, Schiff, Putin, MuellerSteele Dossier, Nunes Unmasked, Nunes Search for Steele, JournalismDossier List, Search for Steele ListSearch for Steele Top PickGuardian, MI6, HPSCI,
Trump TVAugust 6, 2017“(THREAD) Trump's "Real News" show—Trump TV—is state-sponsored propaganda like what Kim uses in North Korea. It's vile. RETWEET if you agree.” [1]Trump, Kim Jong Un
Conference callAugust 6, 2017“Question: I've heard Trump has one-way conferencing capacity (including audio-only) with certain Trump Tower conference rooms. Is this true?” [17]Trump, Manafort, Kislyak, Mueller, Trump Jr., Flynn, Epshteyn, Priebus, Kushner, SessionsI Love It Meeting, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, ImpeachmentI Love It List
Most uncomfortableAugust 6, 2017“No one who saw Young Gargamel answer questions on his cockamamie immigration bill could possibly think he should be Communications Director.” [3]Miller, Jim Acosta (CNN) CNN
Steele wantedAugust 6, 2017“BREAKING: Both Democrats *and* Republicans Now Want Chris Steele to Testify (NB: though only the GOP will regret it)” [3]SteeleSteele Dossier, Nunes Search for SteeleCNN, Dems, GOP, HPSCI
Tweet 2August 5, 2017“Sure. And then they woke up, put on their big-boy pants, put country before party, and got over their feckless real-politik BS right quick.” [2]DemsPolitico, Dems
Turkey = RussiaAugust 5, 2017“Flynn-Turkey *is* Flynn-Russia. Mueller wants charges on Flynn over Turkey to get him to roll on Trump over Russia on his (Mueller's) terms.” [2]Flynn , Mueller, Trump
Cell concentrationAugust 5, 2017“Did you think it suspicious the Russians were *so* keen to say Manafort paid no attention at the 6/9 meeting? Me too.” [21]Manafort, Priebus, Trump, Hillary Clinton, Mueller, Kushner, Trump Jr., KislyakMayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Clinton kompromat, I Love It ListSlate, CNN, RNC
State propagandaAugust 4, 2017“Fox News ISN'T right-wing anymore—it's state propaganda. Its daily assault on truth and rule of law is DANGEROUS. Please share if you agree.” [2]Fox NewsJournalismFNC
Three fifthsAugust 4, 2017“(THREAD) I was asked by the BBC, CBC and others about the possibility Manafort, Kushner or Don Jr. will plead the Fifth. Here's what I said.” [31]Manafort, Kushner, Trump Jr., Trump, Flynn, Dana Boente, MuellerI Love It MeetingBBC, CBC, GOP
Scary SteeleAugust 4, 2017“BREAKING: House Republicans staged secret plot to find and discredit Chris Steele (NB: whose dossier terrifies them)” [21]Steele , Mueller, Trump, Putin, Erovinkin, Sechin, SarkaSteele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Mayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Trump kompromat, Nunes Search for SteeleDossier ListPolitico, GOP, Dems, FNC, House, Fusion GPS, Orbis, MI6, DOJ, FBI, SSCI, Rosneft, Senate
Basis for collusionAugust 4, 2017“US media needs to stop saying Mueller has moved "beyond collusion"—as the financial ties he's looking at would be the *basis* for collusion.” [3]Mueller, TrumpTrump kompromat, Journalism
Powerful imaginationAugust 3, 2017“BREAKING: FBI Sources Say Obstruction Case "Powerful—Stronger Than Trump Ever Imagined" (some *ahem* did imagine it)” [4]TrumpImpeachmentVox, FBI, GOP
Not alreadyAugust 3, 2017“Can't believe I even have to say this, but anyone spreading the claim tonight that there's *already an indictment* against Trump is a liar.” [6]Trump, CHRIST, Mensch
End not near enoughAugust 3, 2017“Will the Russia probe end Trump's presidency? Yes. But as I and other attorneys have been saying from the start, it'll take 12 to 18 months.” [19]Mueller , Trump, Gordon, Rosenstein, Brand, Pence, Ryan, Hatch, Mensch, Taylor (aide), Richard PainterImpeachmentDOJ, Congress, House, Senate
G. Jury impaneledAugust 3, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING: Special Counsel and Former FBI Director Bob Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in the Russia probe. Here's what it means.” [51]Mueller , Flynn, Trump, Kushner, Manafort, Page,I Love It Meeting, ImpeachmentFBI, CNBC, WSJ, CNN, DOJ, Congress, WH
Puppet’s ployAugust 3, 2017“CONGRESS DIDN'T HACK OUR ELECTION TO INSTALL A RUSSIAN PUPPET” [2]Congress, TrumpCongress, WH, FNC, GOP
Hannity in the HouseAugust 3, 2017“It's clear, given Hannity's recent trip to the White House to discuss "political strategy," he and Trump are conspiring on Mueller's firing.” [11]Hannity, Mueller, Seth Abramson Rich, Trump, GOPSC Investigation, Fake NewsWH, FNC, GOP
HUMINT, not LIARAugust 2, 2017“If someone asks you for your "theory" on Trump and Russia, say, "I don't have a theory. I just believe MI6 HUMINT over a pathological liar."” [10]Trump, MI6 HUMINTSteele Dossier, Trump kompromatMI6, BBC, CIA, WH
Tantrum paragraphAugust 2, 2017“Every paragraph in this document EXCEPT ONE was written by an adult. The other was written by a child. Can you find the "tantrum paragraph"?” [2]TrumpCongress, Treasury
Phantom call?August 2, 2017“I hope this isn't true. On the list of things Trump could NOT do in response to the sanctions bill, secretly calling Putin is near the top.” [2]Trump, PutinRussia SanctionsWH
Drafting falselyAugust 1, 2017“Attorney Painter is 100% correct.” [10]Richard Painter, Trump Jr., Trump, Putin, Josh MarshallI Love It Meeting, Back Channels, Russia SanctionsI Love It ListG20
May not signAugust 1, 2017“BREAKING: Trump Aide Says Trump May Not Sign Sanctions Bill, Let It Become Law Without Him (NB: what he'd do if Putin were blackmailing him)” [2]Trump , PutinRussia SanctionsWH
Disinfo campaignAugust 1, 2017“Media should consider my legal analysis that Trump coordinating a *national disinfo campaign* on Russia IS, legally, Obstruction of Justice.” [3]TrumpLegal
Cult projectingAugust 1, 2017“I'm an attorney and will *never* support anything but peaceful, lawful, constitutional, process-oriented resistance to this Administration.” [7]Trump, Trumpists
Trumpist cultAugust 1, 2017“It's clearer today than it ever has been that Trumpism (as distinguished from Republicanism) is a cult. And it's an extremely dangerous one.” [4]Trump, TrumpistsGOP
Corallo resignsAugust 1, 2017“(THREAD) Trump's legal spokesman's resignation raises, in hindsight, concerns Trump attended or knew of the infamous June 9, 2016 meeting.” [25]Trump, Mark Corallo, Trump Jr., Hillary Clinton, Manafort, Kushner, Putin, Seth Abramson Rich,I Love It Meeting, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Clinton kompromat, I Love It ListPolitico, Kremlin, WaPo, CNN
NK Nuke TargetsJuly 30, 2017“Per CNN, the DPRK might now be able to nuke Boston. We're looking at being led into our biggest war since WWII by our worst president ever.” [1]Trump, Kim Jong Un, Pence, Ryan, Gen. Dunford, Mueller, Putin, Baghdad Bob, Dems, Barack ObamaImpeachment, 25th AmendmentCNN, DOJ, WH, Dems, GOP, CBS,
Early sanctionsJuly 28, 2017“Why does it seem Putin knew Trump would sign the sanctions bill before America did? He retaliated well before Trump announced his decision.” [2]Putin , TrumpRussia SanctionsKremlin
Priebus outJuly 28, 2017“BREAKING NEWS: PRIEBUS OUT” [2]Priebus , TrumpNYT, WH
On American soilJuly 28, 2017“Putin has crossed another red line: he is now brutally murdering Russian officials *on American soil* to keep them from talking to the feds.” [2]Putin
A lotJuly 28, 2017“BREAKING: Vladimir Putin has likely killed another Russian related to the Trump-Russia probe. That makes it... {counting}... a *lot*.” [13]Putin , Trump, Page, Flynn, Mikhail LesinBack ChannelsBuzzfeed, FBI
Dossier is ~MI6 intelJuly 28, 2017“This apparently must be stated near-daily: Fusion GPS had nothing to do with the compilation of the Steele Dossier. It is MI6-derived intel.” [2]SteeleSteele DossierFusion GPS, MI6
Clear directiveJuly 27, 2017“(THREAD) The recent response of the U.S. military to a clear directive from its Commander-in-Chief was extraordinary. We need to discuss it.” [66]Trump, Gen. Joe Dunford , SpicerWH, Twitter, Joint Chiefs of Staff, NBC, Politico
Military responseJuly 27, 2017“(I'll do a thread on the military's response to Trump later on. I don't want to cause undue alarm before we've seen how all this plays out.)” [6]Trump, MilitaryWH
ManbabyJuly 27, 2017“To journos saying Trump wouldn't veto the sanctions bill because he knows a veto would be overridden: do you still not understand this man?” [2]TrumpRussia Sanctions
Cyber-toolJuly 27, 2017“If Trump vetoes sanctioning Russia for cyber-attacking a U.S. election he is all but admitting that he is a tool--wittingly or no--of Putin.” [2]Trump , PutinRussia Sanctions, Russia Cyberattack
Like brothersJuly 26, 2017“Scaramucci is the kind of friend who says you're "like brothers" on Monday & by mid-week is asking the FBI to pin felonies on you. @ Reince45” [2]Scaramucci , Priebus, TrumpFBI
Ethically dastardlyJuly 26, 2017“The most politically influential, ethically dastardly and wholly illegal leaks of THIS DECADE were leaks by the FBI to this man in October.” [2]GiulianiTrue Pundit HoaxFBI, DOJ
Why so sneaky?July 26, 2017“I can't get past it: if Kushner didn't think meeting with Kislyak in December was wrong, why did he sneak him past the press at Trump Tower?” [20]Kushner, Kislyak, Trump, Gorkov, Trump Jr., Veselnitskaya, Eric CantorMayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Banker Meeting, SF-86Senate, DIA, GOP
About GiulianiJuly 24, 2017“As Donald Trump considers firing Jeff Sessions and replacing him with Rudy Giuliani, now's the time to re-read this:” [3]Giuliani , Trump, Sessions, PrinceTrue Pundit Hoax, Clinton kompromatHuffPo, FBI, Axios
Quotable PutinJuly 24, 2017“Trump comparing U.S. intel agencies to "Nazis" then quoting Putin would be like Hillary quoting the Ayatollah and calling the FBI "commies."” [2]Trump, Putin, Clinton, AyatollahImpeachmentNazis, FBI, GOP, House
Definitely knew herJuly 24, 2017“I'll summarize the BREAKING NEWS from THE GUARDIAN: Natalia Veselnitskaya is Kushner's business partner's lawyer and he DEFINITELY knew her.” [11]Kushner, Veselnitskaya , MagnitskyI Love It Meeting, Back Channels, Russia SanctionsI Love It ListGuardian
Kushner’s Sen. letterJuly 24, 2017“(THREAD) We don't know if Kushner's Senate letter is true, or if he'll revise it repeatedly like his SF-86. But here's what's wrong with it.” [48]Kushner, Kislyak, Sessions, Gordon, Page, Dmitri (CNI), Trump, Manafort, Aras Agalarov, Emin Agalarov, Sen. Wyden, Kyle Griffin (media)Mayflower Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, SF-86Senate, SSCI, CNN, Reuters, CNI, NPC
Sanctions every timeJuly 24, 2017“So—per Jared Kushner—Kislyak brought up sanctions every time he talked with Sessions, with Page, and with Gordon, but not ONCE with Kushner.” [7]Kushner, Kislyak, Sessions, Page, Gordon, Dmitri SimesMayflower Meeting, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions
Extremely carefulJuly 23, 2017“Trump says he was "extremely careful" in Moscow—acting like a man who thought there was a camera in his bedroom. So:” [8]Trump , Sarka, Putin, Putin’s translator, Paul Wood (BBC)Steele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatUS Magazine, CIA, BBC
Interview requestJuly 23, 2017“An American journalist needs to book a flight to Hungary to interview Kata Sarka about Trump's "careful" behavior in Moscow in November '13.” [3]Trump, Sarka, Putin, Steele, EpshteynSteele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatBoy Scouts
Where’s our media?July 23, 2017“What journalism looks like? The BBC—not U.S. media—tracking down Emin Agalarov and treating this story as *urgent*.” [4]Emin Agalarov, Trump, Goldstone, Steele, mediaJournalismBBC
CLAIMS he believesJuly 23, 2017“What Trump claims he believes is IMMATERIAL. For legal purposes, he was on notice of Russian hacking on August 17th.” [4]Trump , Scaramucci, mediaWikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, JournalismCNN, Senate
History of lyingJuly 22, 2017“BREAKING: Trump continues his LONG history of lying about the weekend Chris Steele says the Kremlin collected kompromat (blackmail) on him.” [11]Trump, Steele, Schiller, Sarka, Aras Agalarov, Goldstone, Phil Ruffin, Source E, EpshteynSteele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromat, JournalismKremlin, NYT, MSNBC, HuffPo, MI6, WH
ZERO doubtJuly 22, 2017“BREAKING: There's ZERO doubt Trump is the target of the Russia probe. Manafort WAS a target—now he's sought as a CI.” [2]Trump, ManafortReuters
Kazowitz outJuly 22, 2017“(THREAD) In easily missed BREAKING NEWS yesterday, CBS reported that Marc Kasowitz is "out" as Trump's attorney. It matters, and here's why.” [31]Marc Kazowitz , Trump, Mark Corallo, Jay Sekulow, John Dowd, Mueller, Rachel Maddow, PreetCBS, MSNBC, Propublica
Not Fusion, OrbisJuly 21, 2017“Now THIS is # fakenews. Fusion is not "the firm behind the dossier." They had nothing to do with it except buying it.” [4]Trump, Glenn Simpson, Steele, GOPSteele Dossier, Fake NewsDossier ListFNC, Fusion GPS, Orbis, NYT
Sanctions inducedJuly 21, 2017“NO. "Interference" ISN'T the issue. The Trump campaign induced Russian assistance by promising sanctions aid PERIOD.” [3]Trump, SessionsRussia Sanctions, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromatABC
Sessions-KislyakJuly 21, 2017“(THREAD) I first wrote of Sessions having contact with Kislyak at the Mayflower in March. WaPo is now confirming it. Read on for details.” [51]Sessions, Kislyak , Kushner, Manafort, Trump, Grant Stern (journalist), Gordon, SteeleSteele Dossier, Mayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, RNC Meeting, JournalismMayflower ListWaPo, NPC, Rosneft, CNI, RNC, CNN, BBC, NYT, Congress
Overdue evidenceJuly 21, 2017“1) That Trump campaign surrogates talked sanctions with Russia and that that was collusion was discussed on this feed and others for months.” [8]Trump, Team TrumpKislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Russia SanctionsCongress, Trump Campaign
Circling of wagonsJuly 21, 2017“NOTE: As Trump considered Scaramucci, Steele Dossier "Source E," former Trump spox Boris Epshteyn, made a surprise visit to the White House.” [5]Trump, Scaramucci, Steele, Source E, EpshteynSteele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013WH, MI6, CNN
General amnestyJuly 21, 2017“We grudgingly accepted Ford's Nixon pardon because the time period of the general amnesty had ALREADY BEEN INVESTIGATED. Trump forgets that.” [2]Ford, Nixon, Trump
Pardon strategyJuly 20, 2017(THREAD) Tonight it was revealed that Trump and his attorneys are busy creating a "pardon strategy." Want to know what it is? I'll tell you.” [42]Trump, Mueller, Rosenstein, Hillary Clinton, Trump Jr., SessionsRussia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Impeachment, Pardon, SCOTUS, Congress, DOJ, BBC
OppoProbeJuly 20, 2017“You should know that on the radio today Rush pushed talking points to the effect that Mueller's probe is a Dem oppo research front for 2020.” [2]Rush Limbaugh , MuellerSC InvestigationDems
Good-faithJuly 20, 2017“(1) If the feds are looking at possible Trump offenses beyond their statute of limitations, that's proof this is a good-faith investigation.” [2]Trump, fedsOSC
We’re solid, BroJuly 20, 2017“Not sure people have picked up on the fact that the hand gesture Trump gave Putin at the G20 is "bro" for "we're solid" or "let's be solid."” [2]Trump, PutinG20
Fair warningJuly 19, 2017“I've said before I'm not at all convinced that Trump *can* fire Mueller *unless* he can get an Acting AG at the DOJ to do it. Fair warning.” [8]Trump, Mueller , RepublicansSC InvestigationDOJ, Hill, Congress, GOP
Feed is two thingsJuly 19, 2017“This feed is two things: legal analysis from an attorney and tweets based on top-shelf MI6-derived intel. Conspiracy theories? Go elsewhere.” [8]Seth Abramson, Trump, SteeleSteele Dossier, Seth Abramson, Journalism, LegalMI6
Patriotic disgraceJuly 19, 2017“This poll result is a disgrace. It's also the entire GOP permanently repudiating a half-century of "patriotic" and "law-and-order" rhetoric.” [3]Trump, Trump votersHill, GOP, Dems
Secret meetingJuly 18, 2017“When POTUS violates protocol via a long meeting with an enemy with no U.S. witness, read-out or press disclosure—yes, it's a secret meeting.” [7]Trump, Putin , Ian BremmerBack ChannelG20
Listening distanceJuly 18, 2017“Given the video, someone explain the physics of this. WP: "The meeting was held in full view—but not listening distance—of others present."” [4]Trump, PutinJournalism, Back ChannelWaPo
Someone is lyingJuly 18, 2017“Now we know *someone* is lying. MEDIA: hour-long private meeting with only three attendees. WHITE HOUSE: "brief" chat, with Melania present.” [4]Angela Merkel, Trump, Mrs. Abe (wife of Japanese Prime Minister), Mrs. Macri (wife of Pres. Argentina), Melania Trump, Putin, Putin’s translator, mediaBack ChannelWH, G20, NYT
Secret July 7 meetingJuly 18, 2017“BREAKING: ATTENDEES AT SECRET JULY 7 MEETING” [3]Trump, Putin, Putin’s translator , TillersonBack Channel
Russian agentJuly 18, 2017“BREAKING (THE HILL): Trump and Putin held a second, secret, one-hour meeting at the G20 they didn't disclose. Story:” [12]Trump, Putin, Putin’s translator , Ian Bremmer (media)Back ChannelG20, Hill
While in dad’s houseJuly 18, 2018“The OFFICIAL White House position is Don hid from dad that he held a summit with dad's business partners in dad's house while dad was there.” [3]Trump Jr., Trump, Kushner, Manafort, Goldstone, Veselnitskaya, Kaveladze, AkhmetshinI Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsI Love It ListI Love It Top PickWH
SummitJuly 18, 2017“THE TRUMP-AGALAROV SUMMIT:” [3]Trump Jr., Trump, Kushner, Manafort, Goldstone, Veselnitskaya, Kaveladze, Akhmetshin, PutinI Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsKremlin
Shared lawyerJuly 18, 2017“BREAKING: NYT confirms Balber represents the Agalarovs. These Kremlin agents (Agalarovs) are Trump business partners & have the same lawyer.” [3]Balber, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, TrumpTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013NYT, Kremlin
Shared LawyersJuly 18, 2017“BREAKING (h/t DM): Scott Balber has represented both Donald Trump and alleged Russian money launderer Ike Kaveladze.” [3]Scott Balber, Trump, Kaveladze, Aras Agalarov, Emin AgalarovTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Miss Universe Moscow 2013Above the Law, Kremlin
Reliable stoogesJuly 18, 2017“BREAKING: Samochornov (Russian) wasn't supposed to be at the 6/9 meeting. It was meant to be all reliable Putin stooges.” [3]Samochornov, Putin, Trump Jr., Kaveladze, Goldstone, Veselnitskaya, AkhmetshinI Love It Meeting, Back Channels, I Love It ListHill, Kremlin, KGB
Whose kompromat?July 18, 2017“(THREAD) We must consider the *possibility* the intel dossier Don received on June 9, 2016 *wasn't* Clinton kompromat—but *Trump* kompromat.” [21]Trump Jr., Hillary Clinton, Trump, Manafort, Priebus, Steele, Aras Agalarov, Emin Agalarov, Kushner,Steele Dossier, I Love It Meeting, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromatNYT, FNC, Kremlin
January 1, 1970
Money laundererJuly 18, 2017“I can't believe that just TWO DAYS after the general election began, Trump's campaign invited a RUSSIAN MONEY LAUNDERER to Trump Tower. WTF!” [2]Kaveladze, Akhmetshin, Trump Jr., TrumpI Love It Meeting, Back Channels, Russia CyberattackI Love It List
Kaveladze meetsJuly 18, 2017“BREAKING NEWS: It's confirmed: "Ike" is Irakly Kaveladze, a 1991 Russian immigrant alleged to have been laundering Russian money in 2000.” [4]Kaveladze, Trump, Trump Jr.I Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsI Love It ListNYT, Congress
Ike is Crocus VPJuly 18, 2017“BREAKING NEWS ON JUNE 9 MEETING:” [5]Trump Jr., Kushner, Manafort, Kaveladze, Goldstone, Veselnitskaya, Akhmetshin, Samochornov, Emin Agalarov, Aras AgalarovI Love It Meeting, I Love It ListNYT, Congress, Kremlin, Crocus
Eighth participantJuly 17, 2017“NEWS: The eighth meeting participant is an American male whose background Trump Jr.'s attorney doesn't know and is a rep for the Agalarovs.” [2]Trump Jr., Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Priebus, KislyakI Love It Meeting, Back Channels
Lawyer gave Don Jr.July 17, 2017“Remember: one of the meeting participants ALREADY SAID that Veselnitskaya gave Don Jr. a dossier of anti-HRC intel.” [2]Veselnitskaya, Trump Jr., Hillary ClintonI Love It Meeting, Back Channels, Clinton kompromat, Russia SanctionsDaily Beast, DNC
$50K out of the blueJuly 15, 2017“You don't pay $50,000 to Don's lawyer out of the blue unless you know you'll need his help defending against (accurate) charges of collusion” [2]Trump Jr., Trump Jr.’s lawyer, Trump campaign, TrumpPolitico, Trump Campaign
He’ll be impeachedJuly 15, 2017“The question I get far more than any other: what if Trump pardons all his co-conspirators? My answer is always the same: he'll be IMPEACHED.” [3]TrumpSC Investigation, Pardons, ImpeachmentGOP
Tower-BakuJuly 15, 2017“ABC says Emin was related to Azerbaijan's corrupt president through *2015*—not 2013. It matters, given Trump's Trump Tower-Baku shenanigans.” [2]Emin Agalarov, Trump, IIham Aliyev (Azerbaijam President), Aliyev’s daughter,ABC
Why a crimeJuly 15, 2017“(THREAD) An attorney explains why the June 9 meeting Trump Jr., Kushner and Manafort hosted at Trump Tower was a CRIME. Please RETWEET this.” [56]Trump Jr., Kushner, Manafort, Trump, Goldstone, Emin Agalarov, Chaika, Aras Agalarov, Hillary Clinton, Rhona Graff (long-time Trump assistant),I Love It Meeting, Back Channels, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Legal, SF-86Legal List, I Love It Meeting ListLegal Top Pick, I Love It Meeting Top PickKremlin, Cornell Law, Politico, Congress
Meeting AttendeesJuly 15, 2017“JUNE 9” (Attendees) [6]Trump Jr., Kushner, Manafort, Goldstone, Veselnitskaya, Akhmetshin, Samochornov, AgalarovI Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsCrocus International, NYT
The eighth is?July 15, 2017“The source isn't NBC—so I'm skeptical—but News Australia says an Agalarov family member was the eighth. (Daughter?)” [4]Trump Jr., Sheyla Agalarov, PutinI Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsNBC, New Australia
ID last personJuly 14, 2017“This is everything right now. Rumor has it it's someone connected to the Agalarovs. Actually wouldn't be stunned if it were a family member.” [2]Aras Agalarov, Emin AgalarovI Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsNYT
Hyper-vigilantJuly 14, 2017“This is the weekend Trump said he was being hyper-vigilant, Steele says kompromat was recorded, and Miss Hungary says Trump made an advance.” [3]Trump, Steele, Sarka, Emin AgalarovSteele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatDaily Intelligencer, NYMag
Nothing to see hereJuly 14, 2017“Phew! Thank god. Mueller can pack up his things then. Because no one from the Trump camp has lied about any of this.” [2]Mueller, Trump, Caputo, ManafortCNN
Don’t overreactJuly 14, 2017“Don't overreact to this; Gorelick's conflict was due to Brand, who'll oversee the probe when Rosenstein recuses. (It's not a Mueller issue.)” [3]Gorelick , Brand, Mueller, Kushner, TrumpHill
Eight, not fiveJuly 14, 2017“BREAKING on CNN: There were AT LEAST EIGHT PEOPLE at the June 9, 2016 meeting. Remember, Don Jr. reported ONLY FIVE.” [2]Trump Jr., Manafort, Kushner, Akhmetshin, Veselnitskaya, Goldstone, translator, one moreI Love It MeetingCNN
Not just a pop starJuly 14, 2017“So Emin Agalarov, POTUS' good friend, set up a meeting between Trump's campaign and Russian intelligence. Still think he's just a pop star?” [3]Emin Agalarov, Trump, Trump Jr., PutinMiss Universe Moscow 2013, I Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsI Love It List
Texts constantlyJuly 13, 2017“CNN says Emin and Don text "constantly." Emin's attorney says they also have a "phone relationship." Emin sees POTUS "several times a year."” [4]Emin Agalarov, Trump Jr., Trump, PutinCNN
Emin, Kremlin agentJuly 13, 2017“Emin Agalarov is LEGALLY a Kremlin agent. He was in 2013—as a Trump-Putin go-between—& was in 2016. I was first to say it—won't be the last.” [4]Emin Agalarov, Trump, Putin, Trump Jr., Goldstone, Steele, Aras AgalarovSteele DossierKremlin, MI6
Judge for yourselfJuly 13, 2017“Judge for yourself: did he mean adoption was mentioned at some point, or the June 9 meeting? I think the sentence after suggests the latter.” [2]Trump Jr., Trump, Hillary Clinton, Maggie Haberman (NYT)I Love It Meeting, Back Channels, Clinton kompromatNYT
Minority viewJuly 13, 2017“Sargent is really the minority view on this. Look at what CNN reported—suggesting Trump clearly was speaking of the meeting ( @ neeratanden):” [2]Sargent, Trump, Hillary Clinton, Neera Tanden (@neeratanden), Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS)I Love It Meeting, Back Channels, Clinton kompromatCNN
Multiple tapesJuly 13, 2017“BBC: The CIA told our top Russia correspondent Paul Wood, in January, that the Kremlin has multiple Trump sex tapes.” [25]Paul Wood (BBC), Trump, Putin, Aras Agalarov, Emin Agalarov, Sarka, Trump Jr.Steele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatBBC, CIA, Kremlin, Atlantic, New Republic, Buzzfeed, HuffPo, MI6
Blackmail fileJuly 13, 2017“What @ peterbakernyt misses is the June 22 speech—written June 9. Trump references "an enemy's [HRC] blackmail file."” [2]Peter Baker (NYT), Hillary Clinton, Trump Jr., TrumpI Love It Meeting, Clinton kompromatNYT, Politico
Oleg’s body liesJuly 12, 2017“As the GOP tells the uninformed Steele's sources were "Kremlin," Oleg Erovinkin's body (murdered by Putin December 2016) lies in the ground.” [3]Oleg Erovinkin , Putin, Steele, TrumpSteele DossierGOP, Kremlin
Attorneys winningJuly 12, 2017“Yesterday we had non-lawyers on TV saying Jr. didn't break any laws and lawyers like me saying he may have. Today the attorneys are winning.” [7]Trump Jr., TrumpI Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsNYT
Good, butJuly 11, 2017“I'm saying as an attorney and ex-criminal investigator these emails are good but NOT the ones the FBI needs. Those are between Don and Emin.” [3]Trump Jr., Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Goldstone, Veselnitskaya, TrumpI Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsFBI
Campaign summonsJuly 11, 2017“BREAKING (h/t @ DebraMessing): Trump Campaign Summoned Veselnitskaya to Trump Tower in 2016, Not the Other Way Around” [2]Debra Messing, Trump, Veselnitskaya, Trump Jr., Emin AgalarovI Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsAxios
Direct channelJuly 11, 2017“With this graphic from earlier tonight, CNN is getting close to understanding that EMIN AGALAROV is the President's direct channel to Putin.” [4]Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Trump, Ivanka, Eric Trump, Trump Jr., Veselnitskaya, Kushner, Goldstone, Manafort, PutinTrump Tower Moscow Deal, I Love It Meeting, Clinton kompromat, Back ChannelsI Love It ListCNN, Crocus, Kremlin
Always AgalarovsJuly 11, 2017“I'll put this here and move on: what Goldstone gave us, if we only see it, is that Trump's DIRECT channel to Putin was ALWAYS the Agalarovs.” [5]Goldstone, Trump, Putin, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Veselnitskaya, Trump Jr.Back ChannelsKremlin
Kremlin agentJuly 11, 2017“Disappointing to see non-attorney pundits call "not a smoking gun" a series of emails confirming a close friend of POTUS is a Kremlin agent.” [3]Trump, Goldstone, Trump Jr., Emin AgalarovBack ChannelsKremlin, CNN, MSNBC
Junior’s emailsJuly 11, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr.'s Emails to Rob Goldstone Confirm That President Trump Met With a Kremlin Agent During the 2016 Election” [56]Trump Jr., Trump, Goldstone, Hillary Clinton, Chaika, Aras Agalarov, Emin Agalarov, RhonaMiss Universe Moscow 2013, I Love It Meeting, Clinton kompromat, Russia Cyberattack, WikiLeaks Leaks, Back Channels, Favorite, Legal, JournalismI Love It ListI Love It Top PickKremlin, WaPo, NYT, WH
Acts of WarJuly 11, 2017“I said a month ago that Russian cyberattacks legally constituted acts of war. I was derided. Senator Blumenthal (D-CT) just said it on CNN.” [3]Sen. Blumenthal, TrumpWikiLeaks Leaks, I Love It Meeting, Russia CyberattackCNN, Senate, GOP, Dems
Big mastermindJuly 11, 2017“Sorry Don and Russian co-conspirators, the man who posted THIS photo the day after the election is NOT the big mastermind you need him to be” [2]Trump Jr., GoldstoneI Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsInstagram, FB
Hang him out to dryJuly 11, 2017“I wonder if Goldstone and his attorney realize that Jr., Kushner, Manafort, Emin Agalarov, and Aras Agalarov are ALL hanging him out to dry.” [2]Goldstone, Trump Jr., Manafort, Kushner, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, VeselnitskayaI Love It Meeting, Clinton kompromat, Back Channels
AccessorizeJuly 11, 2017“Adam Schiff is, to attorneys who are listening and know the elements, making the case for Accessory After the Fact on national TV right now.” [2]Schiff , Trump, Trump aides
Putin used AgalarovsJuly 11, 2017“WP reports confirm PUTIN used the AGALAROVS to communicate w/ TRUMP in 2013. It's now clear TRUMP used THEM to communicate w/ PUTIN in 2016.” [7]Putin, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, TrumpBack ChannelsWaPo
TTM - MayflowerJuly 11, 2017“What sunk the Trump-Agalarov "Trump Tower Moscow" venture were the *very sanctions* Trump promised Kislyak he'd nix at the Mayflower Hotel.” [3]Trump, Aras Agalarov, Kislyak, Kushner, VeselnitskayaTrump Tower Moscow Deal, Mayflower Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels
Social media saysJuly 11, 2017“What we learn from Veselnitskaya's social media is she was in NYC in January, February and June of 2016. And was there both June 9 *and* 10.” [4]Veselnitskaya, Goldstone, Trump Jr., Kushner, ManafortI Love It Meeting, Back Channels
An obvious lieJuly 11, 2017“The Kremlin could've said "we didn't send Natalia Veselnitskaya." Instead they decided to tell an *obvious* lie: "we've never heard of her."” [2]Veselnitskaya , TrumpI Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsKremlin
Junior confirmedJuly 11, 2017“(1) Jr. confirmed everything we all were saying yesterday: it was Aras, not Emin; afternoon meeting; she was a Russian government attorney.” [20]Trump Jr., Aras Agalarov, Emin Agalarov, Veselnitskaya, Hillary Clinton, Goldstone, Trump, Kushner, ManafortI Love It Meeting, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Russia Sanctions, Back ChannelsI Love It ListKremlin, NYT
Checked inJuly 10, 2017“(h/t @ RyanEGraney) Goldstone, who said he didn't speak with Don from Nov 9 to Jul 8, checked in at Trump properties after the Flynn affair.” [2]Goldstone , Trump, FlynnI Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsKremlin
Witness tamperingJuly 10, 2017“WITNESS TAMPERING is where this goes next. NYT: "Goldstone spoke to the Trump Org over the weekend, before giving his account to the media."” [4]Goldstone, Trump Jr., Trump Org.I Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsNYT, Trump Org
Russian Gov IntelJuly 10, 2017“BREAKING: As discussed on this feed throughout the day today, NYT now confirms that the Intel given to Don Jr. was RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT INTEL.” [13]Trump Jr., Putin, Hillary Clinton, Trump, Goldstone, Mueller, Kushner, ManafortI Love It Meeting, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Back ChannelsI Love It ListKremlin, NYT
Junior’s chargesJuly 10, 2017“(THREAD) Jr. now has a attorney. Here's a list—from an attorney—of charges he COULD face arising from his 2016 meeting with a Kremlin agent.” [25]Trump Jr., Hillary Clinton, Trump, Kushner, Manafort, George BushI Love It Meeting, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Russia Sanctions, Back ChannelsI Love It ListI Love It Top PickKremlin, FBI, Secret Service
Trump camp lineJuly 10, 2017“We must stop saying "Goldstone set up the meeting." That's the Trump camp line. The *truth* is Putin's close friend Aras Agalarov set it up.” [2]Goldstone, Trump, Putin, Aras Agalarov, Trump Jr.I Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsNYT
What we knowJuly 10, 2017“Here's what we now know: on June 9th, 2016, Putin tried to get his kompromat ("blackmail file") on Clinton to Trump through an intermediary.” [17]Putin, Hillary Clinton, Trump Jr., Manafort, Kushner, Aras Agalarov, Veselnitskaya, TrumpI Love It Meeting, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Back Channels, Hacked emailsI Love It ListNYT, GOP
Yes, collusionJuly 10, 2017“(THREAD) Yes, yesterday's bombshell about a June 9, 2016 Trump campaign-Russia meeting DID prove Trump and associates colluded with Russia.” [28]Trump, Trump Jr., Sessions, Kushner, Flynn, ManafortI Love It Meeting, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Back Channels, Hacked emails, Senate Office MeetingI Love It ListFBI
After the factJuly 10, 2017“Democratic pundits saying now that we have evidence of willingness to collude but NOT collusion need to look up "conspiracy after the fact."” [4]TrumpWikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Back Channels, Hacked emailsDems
Junior signaledJuly 10, 2017“Ex-CIA agent on CNN: just by showing up at the June meeting Don Jr. signaled to Russia the Trump campaign wanted ANY help Russia could give.” [2]Trump Jr., Trump CampaignI Love It Meeting, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Back ChannelsCIA, CNN
Assistance wantedJuly 10, 2017“We can now say, without fear of Trump or his allies disagreeing, that the highest levels of the Trump campaign *wanted Russian assistance*.” [5]TrumpI Love It Meeting, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Back Channels
Evidence suggestsJuly 10, 2017“In fact, ALL THE AVAILABLE EVIDENCE suggests a very high probability that Trump HIMSELF met with an agent from the Kremlin on June 9, 2016.” [3]Trump, Comey, Barack ObamaI Love It Meeting, Back ChannelsKremlin, WH
Don smugglesJuly 9, 2017“Are we to believe *Goldstone* arranged for a translator? Because Don Jr. says he, Jared and Manafort didn't know who they were meeting with.” [2]Goldstone, Trump Jr., Kushner, Manafort, Veselnitskaya, translatorI Love It Meeting, Back Channels
June 9 meetingJuly 9, 2017“(MEGA-THREAD) Here's everything we learned today about the June 9, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between Trump's campaign and a Russian agent.” [57]Trump, Trump Jr., Hillary Clinton, Veselnitskaya, Magnitsky, Putin, Kushner, Manafort, Kislyak, Goldstone, Steele, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Mueller, Dr. Dena Grayson (tweeter)Steele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Mayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromat, Kislyak call, Hacked emails, RNC Meeting, Banker MeetingI Love It ListI Love It Top PickKremlin, RNC, GOP, Politico, Pulse, WikiLeaks, FBI
Speech timingJuly 9, 2017“If FBI finds the meeting was in the early morning of June 9—though evidence says otherwise—it means Trump announced anti-HRC speech *after*.” [25]Trump, Hillary Clinton, Goldstone, Emin Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Putin, Veselnitskaya, Trump Jr., Manafort, Kushner, AssangeMiss Universe Moscow 2013, I Love It Meeting, Back Channels, Russia Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromat, Social Media fan sites, Speech mention timing, Hacked emails, Alfa Bank pingingI Love It ListFBI, Youtube, Instagram, FB, People, Politico, Reddit, RNC, Alfa Bank, CNN, Slate
At the Four SeasonsJuly 9, 2017“On June 9, Manafort was w/ Trump at the Four Seasons, across the street from Trump Tower. He met with a Russian before or after. Trump knew.” [2]Trump, ManafortI Love It Meeting, Back Channels
Pageant judgeJuly 9, 2017“(1) Rob Goldstone (the fifth Beatle at Jr.'s secret meeting) was a judge at the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow” [2]Goldstone, Trump Jr., Anatoly Gutman (Ukraine), Vladimir Vladimirov (Russian)Miss Universe Moscow, Penn Live
A fifth personJuly 9, 2017“BREAKING: Don Jr. says a fifth person was in the room. Someone he met in Moscow in November 2013—the weekend Steele says kompromat was made.” [2]Trump Jr., Steele, Kushner, Manafort, Veselnitskaya, 5th person, Hillary Clinton, TrumpDNC
Plot thickensJuly 9, 2017“BREAKING: The plot thickens. Read this section from a May 25, 2017 Politico story. Now recall what Don Jr. said the Russian agent told them.” [2]Trump Jr., Manafort, other Trump allies, PriebusPolitico, FBI
Trump in NYC June 9July 9, 2017“BREAKING: Trump was in NYC on June 9, 2016 meeting w/ Priebus, Christie, Lewandowski and MANAFORT. He *knew*, folks.” [5]Priebus, Trump, Christie, Lewandowski, Manafort, Hillary Clinton, Kushner, Trump Jr., VeselnitskayaI Love It Meeting, Back Channels, Clinton kompromat, Russia CyberattackNBC, GOP
Way too smartJuly 9, 2017“Kushner's way too smart to come out and confirm Trump Jr.'s account of the Trump Tower meeting. I'm sure he's talking with his attorney now.” [2]Kushner, Trump Jr.I Love It Meeting, Back Channels
Met Kremlin lawyerJuly 8, 2017“BREAKING:” (NYT: Trump team met with Kremlin lawyer during campaign) [9]Trump, Trump Jr., Manafort, Kushner, PutinI Love It Meeting, Back Channels, Kislyak contacts, Russia sanctionsNYT, RNC, Trump Org, WH, FBI
Explicit quid pro quoJuly 8, 2017“What Trump did yesterday was make EXPLICIT a quid pro quo with Putin: if you hack us only the way I want you to, I'll end sanctions on you.” [2]Trump, PutinHacked Emails, Russia Cyberattack, Russia Sanctions
Treasonous talkJuly 7, 2017“LAVROV: "Trump mentioned in the US some circles still fuel—though they can't prove anything—allegations of Russian meddling in US elections"” [2]Lavrov, TrumpRussia Cyberattack
BromanceJuly 7, 2017“Trump said his meeting w/ American foe Putin would be 40 minutes. It's been way over 90 minutes. That's a slap in the face of all Americans.” [2]Trump, Putin , MerkelWH
MisreportingJuly 6, 2017“(THREAD) Here are five news stories the media is MISREPORTING as President Trump prepares to meet with Vladimir Putin at the G20 in Germany.” [16]Trump, Putin, Barack Obama, Tillerson, Lavrov, translatorsRussia Cyberattack, WikiLeaks leaks, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emails, JournalismG20
Hacking motiveJuly 6, 2017“BREAKING: Trump's claim that Russia might not have hacked our election is a lie that *must* have an ulterior motive.” [2]Trump, ClapperRussia Cyberattack, WikiLeaks leaks, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emailsCNN
So you'll never learnJuly 6, 2017“Today we learned the Trump-Putin meeting tomorrow has been set up so you'll never learn what was said. Retweet if you're not okay with this.” [2]Trump, Putin, Tillerson
ShenanigansJuly 6, 2017“This fact, in itself, is evidence of shenanigans. Only the two most pro-Russia Americans are allowed in the room.” [3]Trump, Putin, Tillerson, LavrovAxios
Spreading dezaJuly 5, 2017“Somebody look into Erik Prince's interview with Breitbart in early November. He was a Trump adviser spreading deza.” [3]Prince, Trump, Weiner, Hillary ClintonTrue Pundit Hoax, Fake News, JournalismBreitbart, Guardian, NYPD
Putin pressJuly 5, 2017“As predicted. "Putin has signaled he'll press Trump to lift sanctions imposed on Russia for its Crimea annexation."” [2]Putin, Trump, SteeleSteele Dossier, Russia sanctionsNYT
Oh, so friendlyJuly 4, 2017“Their embassy trolls us; foreign ministry warns of "retaliatory measures"; Kremlin says "losing patience"—and Trump asks for "deliverables."” [3]Trump, PutinRussia sanctionsKremlin
Pre-fireworks AMAJuly 4, 2017“(THREAD) This is a pre-fireworks AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the Trump-Russia probe. I'm an experienced criminal attorney. Please RT/ask away.” [3]
About that feedJuly 3, 2017“How stupid is The New Republic? I suggested suspending—not banning—one (not both!) of Trump's feeds. Get it right.” [3]Trump, Seth AbramsonNew Republic, CNN, Twitter
Trump’s Twitter feedJuly 3, 2017“(TWEET 1 OF 2) If you want to know how Twitter's Terms of Service apply to Trump's feed, read these two brief texts (some commentary added).” [3]TrumpTwitter, CNN
WH concedesJuly 3, 2017“In saying that Trump will discuss the Ukraine with Putin, the White House concedes Trump will negotiate sanctions with Russia at the G20.” [2]Trump, Putin , SessionsMideast Nuclear Deal, Kislyak contacts, Russia sanctionsG20, WH
Call for suspensionJuly 2, 2017“Twitter explicitly looks at course of conduct when determining whether to suspend an account. My critique looked at a year of Trump's feed.” [3]TrumpTwitter
25th Amendment talkJuly 2, 2017“I think it's time to have that talk (as do 25 Congressmen publicly and others privately). But it'd have to be a *very* deliberative process.” [2]Trump25th AmendmentCongress, WH
Imperiled dangerousJuly 2, 2017“Please RETWEET THIS if you want Twitter to suspend Trump's account for repeated crimes, civil offenses, and violations of terms of service.” [3]TrumpTwitter, CNN
Prima facie evidenceJuly 2, 2017“A reporter got to see a Trump tax return: Eric's (from his Foundation). How fast did he find prima facie evidence of a crime? *Immediately*.” [3]Trump, Eric TrumpLegal,Tax ReturnsForbes, Eric Trump Foundation
Dates of interestJuly 1, 2017“FBI Investigators now know the dates they should look at most closely: 4/15 to 4/30; July; 9/1 to 9/15; 11/1 to 11/8; 12/1 to 12/15. # Russia” [3]Page, Sessions, Kislyak, Prince, Giuliani, Comey, FlynnTrue Pundit Hoax, Mayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Kislyak contacts, Back ChannelsFBI, RNC
Obviously not true?June 30, 2017“Hi @ jacobwe: SLATE calls the January BBC report on there being "multiple tapes of a sexual nature" with Trump "obviously not true." Sources?” [8]Paul Wood, @jacobwe (SLATE)Trump kompromat, JournalismBBC, Slate
Impeachable updateJune 30, 2017“UPDATE on CURRENT impeachable offenses (PRIMA FACIE) by Trump: Obstruction, Witness Tampering, Emoluments Clause violations, Abuse of Power.” [12]Trump , Manafort, Kushner, Page, Flynn, Sessions, StoneClinton kompromat, ImpeachmentFBI, HPSCI, SJC
Abuse of powerJune 30, 2017“(THREAD) Misogynistic tweets AREN'T impeachable offenses—but what two public figures accused Trump of today IS. The FBI MUST investigate it.” [15]Trump, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski , MuellerFBI, Harvard Law School, Slate, National Enquirer, WaPo
Changes everythingJune 29, 2017“NOTE: If the WSJ story on Flynn colluding with Russia is true, Trump *knew* Russia was hacking in *Summer 2016*. Which changes *everything*.” [2]Trump, Flynn, Peter Smith, Hillary Clinton,WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emailsWSJ, NY Daily News, GOP
It goes WAY UPJune 29, 2017“RUSSIA BOMBSHELL. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL may have just found PROOF of Trump-Russia collusion, and it goes WAY UP:” [7]Trump, Peter Smith, FlynnRussia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emailsWSJ, MJ, Trump Campaign
Infrastructure attackJune 28, 2017“If anyone you know doubts that it's ILLEGAL for Trump to collude with a foreign power as it attacks our infrastructure, RETWEET THIS THREAD.” [23]Trump, FlynnRussia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emails, Russia sanctions, WikiLeaks leaksFNC, FBI, MI6, CNN
Dubbed confessionJune 26, 2017“BREAKING NEWS (addendum to pinned tweet): A reader notes RT DUBBED OVER Page's *confession* to meeting with Rosneft:” [2]Page , TrumpRosneft DealRosneft ListRT, Youtube, Rosneft
With the FBI on thisJune 26, 2017“This feed has *always* been based on the Steele Dossier and *no other* HUMINT-supported Trump-Russia theory. IOW *I'm with the FBI on this*.” [2]Steele , TrumpSteele DossierFBI, BI
ALL OVER the dossierJune 26, 2017“A day later, we KNOW the answer to this question: right-wing media heard that the FBI is ALL OVER the Steele Dossier now. They're TERRIFIED.” [2]Steele , Trump, PageSteele DossierFBI, BI
Five interviewsJune 26, 2017“BREAKING: Russian state television (RT) appears to have deleted from its website much of its coverage of Carter Page's 2016 trips to Moscow.” [27]Page , Trump, Sechin, Steele, Manafort, Prince, Cohen, Chris Hayes (MSNBC), PutinRosneft Deal, Russia sanctions, Clinton kompromat, Russia CyberattackRosneft ListRT, WaPo, Rosneft, Youtube, FBI, NatSec, MSNBC, NBC
Standard of proofJune 26, 2017“As impeachment and removal must precede indictment—and impeachment is political not criminal—the standard of proof can be higher *or* lower.” [4]TrumpImpeachmentCongress
Dereliction of dutyJune 26, 2017“Here's what no one is saying: Trump could be impeached SOLELY for refusing to defend America in the face of a massive cyberwarfare campaign.” [2]TrumpImpeachment, Russia Cyberattack
Classified briefingsJune 25, 2017“Trump began getting classified briefings in AUGUST. He says only OBAMA was briefed on Russian hacking pre-election. Was HE? Media MUST ask.” [6]Trump, Barack ObamaWikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat,
Trump on RussiaJune 24, 2017“(THREAD) Given Trump's recent attacks on Barack Obama, Today is a GREAT day to recap all the things TRUMP did PRE-ELECTION regarding Russia.” [22]Trump, Barack Obama, Prince, Manafort, Sessions, Kushner, Kislyak, Putin, Page, Flynn, StoneFavorite, True Pundit Hoax, RNC Platform Change, Hacked emails, Fake News, RNC Meeting, Clinton kompromat, Russia Cyberattack, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia sanctions, Back Channels, Moscow, Hungary, Kislyak contactsRNC, Nazis, RT, FBI, Alfa Bank
Feed worth readingJune 23, 2017“Thanks to everyone for your kindness and grace. You guys are great—and I'll keep working as hard as I can to make this a feed worth reading.” [4]Seth AbramsonImpeachment
No strings reliefJune 23, 2017“Nope—he knew it was Russia in Summer 2016, when he was secretly negotiating *no-strings sanctions relief* with them.” [4]Trump, PutinRussia Sanctions, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromatBuzzFeed
Surrogate misinformJune 23, 2017“(THREAD) Trump surrogates are misinforming America about Obstruction, Perjury, and Witness Tampering to protect Trump. Here's the truth.” [42]Trump, Dershowitz , Comey, Gingrich, Nixon, Ainsley Earhardt (FNC), MuellerComey Firing, Comey TestimonyComey Firing ListFBI, DOJ, Hill, FNC, Twitter, Congress, Cornell Law
Wrong on factsJune 23, 2017“Alan Dershowitz is wrong here on the facts, the law, criminal procedure, and American history. And I'm afraid that's become a pattern.” [3]DershowitzComey FiringHill
Comey’s friendJune 22, 2017“In an interview airing Friday, Trump says he's bothered Mueller is friends with Comey and will "have to see" if Mueller must recuse himself.” [2]Trump, Mueller , ComeyComey FiringHill, FNC
Rich justiceJune 22, 2017“I represented everyday Americans as a public defender. I refuse to discuss criminal statutes the way lawyers who only represent the rich do.” [4]Trump, attorneys for rich
Tweet intentJune 22, 2017“Attorneys on TV saying there's no chance Trump tampered with a witness haven't read Newt's comments about the intent behind Trump's tweet.” [3]Gingrich, TrumpComey FiringFBI
Voter data alteredJune 22, 2017“BREAKING: Hackers SUCCESSFULLY Changed Voter Data in At Least One County During 2016 Election (h/t @ justinhendrix)” [2]hackers, TrumpRussia Cyberattack, Voting HackTime
Poor jailed for…June 22, 2017“Every day, poor people go to jail for what Trump has publicly done and what Alan Dershowitz wrongly calls the "criminalization of politics."” [3]Trump, Dershowitz
Yanukovych paymentJune 22, 2017“(1) A payment from Yanukovych is a payment from Putin; (2) this is big news—now we know Mueller can roll Manafort.” [1]Yanukovich, Putin, Mueller, Manafort, TrumpWaPo
Won’t sayJune 21, 2017“BREAKING: The Assistant Director of Counterintelligence at the FBI refuses to say whether Trump is a Russian agent.” [2]Trump, Assistant Director of Counterintelligence at FBIMJ, FBI, Senate
Oh say can you seeJune 21, 2017“America, if you can't read the news and see Trump promised sanctions relief to Russia last summer to induce continued hacking, god help us.” [15]Trump, Sessions, Page, Manafort, Gordon, Kislyak, FlynnHacked Emails, Russia Cyberattack, WikiLeaks Leaks, Clinton kompromat, Russia SanctionsState
Hacks will stop whenJune 21, 2017“Trump DID admit Russia hacked us. He ALSO implied collusion—saying the hacks would stop *as soon as he became POTUS*.” [3]Trump, MuellerHacked Emails, Russia Cyberattack, WikiLeaks Leaks, Clinton kompromat, Russia SanctionsWaPo
Russian tiesJune 21, 2017“BLOOMBERG: Trump has ties to Russian mafia and many recent ventures were partly funded by Russians "close to Putin":” [2]Trump, PutinRussian mafia, Bloomberg
Concerning onlyJune 20, 2017“The message Democrats should take from tonight: Trump and the GOP have convinced America the Russia probe is concerning—*not* disqualifying.” [4]Trump, GOP, DemsDems, GOP
Contradictory ployJune 20, 2017“The worst criminal offenders make sure there's a record of them saying *many* contradictory things so they can't be nailed down. Thus Trump.” [5]TrumpImpeachment, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat
Meeting of the mindsJune 20, 2017“All a conspiracy requires, by law, is an illegal purpose, a meeting of the minds, and an "act in furtherance"—however small—BEFORE or AFTER.” [30]Trump , Kushner, Flynn, Sessions, David Brooks, Jesus, MuellerHacked Emails, Russia Cyberattack, WikiLeaks Leaks, Clinton kompromat, Russia Sanctions, Back Channels, Kislyak ContactsGOP
Media BoycottJune 19, 2017“Please RETWEET if you agree U.S. media should BOYCOTT the White House if they continue to block all audio and video.” [8]Jim Acosta, Spicer, we the people, TrumpJournalismYoutube, WH, CNN
Job promotionJune 19, 2017“As Spicer gets closer and closer to the FBI calling him in for an interview, Trump offers him a promotion despite terrible job performance.” [2]Spicer, TrumpHill
Why no article?June 18, 2017“I'd like make my thread on Trump colluding with Russia via sanctions relief an article. But pitching outlets blindly is something I *hate*.” [3]Trump, freelancersJournalism
Horror-showJune 18, 2017“(THREAD) The interview Trump's attorney just gave to FNC was a horror-show. Watch it and then hear ten reasons why.” [14]Trump, Sekulow, Mueller, Comey, RosensteinComey FiringFNC, WaPo, NBC, DOJ
Wildly misstatedJune 18, 2017“Watching Jake Tapper interview Jay Sekulow, I can confirm the latter hasn't read the Witness Tampering statute. He just wildly misstated it.” [3]Jake Tapper (CNN), Jay Sekulow, Hillary Clinton, TrumpComey FiringCNN
Secret tapes?June 18, 2017“BREAKING: Trump attorney says Trump will reveal this week whether secret White House tapes exist and testify under oath for Mueller if asked” [2]Trump, Mueller, Trump’s attorneyComey FiringWH
No-collusion canardJune 17, 2017“(THREAD) We DO have PROOF Trump and Russia colluded. This thread PROVIDES it. Please read and RETWEET so we can end the no-collusion canard.” [103]Trump, Hillary Clinton, Kislyak, Sessions, Flynn, Gordon, Manafort, bots, Hillary Clinton,Favorite, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Hacked email, RNC MeetingWaPo, FBI, NBC, DNC, HuffPo, GOP, Twitter, Hill, State, NatSec, Google, RNC, Congress, BBC, Youtube, Politico, Dems, Daily Beast, DOJ, Atlantic
CriminallyInculpatoryJune 16, 2017“BREAKING: CBS news' legal expert confirms my allegation that Trump's "witch hunt" tweet is *criminally inculpatory*.” [4]Trump , Rosenstein, Stone, Turley (CBS?)SC InvestigationCBS, WH
Witness tamperingJune 16, 2017“BREAKING: In tweeting an implicit threat to fire Rosenstein, Trump is WITNESS TAMPERING. Rosenstein's a WITNESS in Trump's Obstruction case.” [11]Rosenstein, Trump , media,SC Investigation, JournalismSJC, Twitter
Rachel BrandJune 16, 2016“(THREAD) Here's EVERYTHING you need to know about Rachel Brand—the Acting AG on the Russia case when Rod Rosenstein finally recuses himself.” [51]Rachel Brand , Rosenstein, Mueller, Trump, Blumenthal, Ted Cruz, Jamie Gorelick, Kushner, Comey, Dana Boente, Kasowitz, PreetSC Investigation, ImpeachmentSJC, ABC, DOJ, Dems, Chamber of Commerce, WH, GOP, RNC
Helping Cruz stealJune 16, 2017“Brand gave a max contribution to Ted Cruz AFTER Trump clinched the GOP nom. That means she was trying to help Cruz steal the nom at the RNC.” [3]Ted Cruz , Trump, Brand SC InvestigationGOP, RNC
Longtime Cruz friendJune 16, 2017“1) A fact about Brand you'll hear a lot about in the media when she becomes Acting AG is that she is a *longtime* friend of the Cruz family.” [5]Brand, Cruz , Kushner, GorelickSC InvestigationDems, Harvard Law
Recusals galore?June 16, 2017“Not sure Turley realizes if Mueller has to recuse due to Comey, Rosenstein's successor Brand has to recuse due to friendship with Gorelick.” [2]Turley (?), Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, Brand, GorelickSC InvestigationHill
BombshellsJune 15, 2017“(THREAD) Yesterday, in a 100-tweet thread on the Russia probe, I made a number of predictions. Already, a handful—bombshells—have come true.” [12]Rosenstein, Brand, Blumenthal, Sessions, Trump, Hillary Clinton, Richard BurtSJC, Congress, FBI, RNC, Guardian
More stupid tweetsJune 15, 2017“BREAKING: Trump tweets more stupid self-incriminating things that will eventually get him impeached” [2]Trump, Hillary ClintonDems
More PerjuriesJune 15, 2017“BREAKING: More Sessions Perjuries Confirmed; AG Hosted Russia Pipeline Lobbyist and Lied About It (h/t @ ericgarland)” [3]Sessions , Eric Garland, Burt, TrumpMayflower Meeting, Back ChannelsMayflower ListGuardian, FBI
Soon-to-be-ActingJune 15, 2017“Q: Is soon-to-be Acting AG Brand close ENOUGH friends with Kushner attorney Gorelick she'll recuse herself from overseeing his prosecution?” [2]Rosenstein, Brand, Kushner, GorelickSC Investigation
Talking points memoJune 14, 2017“(THREAD) The RNC just released its most important talking points memo of the last 25 years. Every word is false. These 100 tweets prove it.” [103]Trump, Mueller, GOP, Dershowitz, Turley (attorney), Hillary Clinton, Flynn, Comey, Manafort, Kushner, Page, Steele, Preet, Giuliani, Sater, Lynch, Barack Obama, Kislyak, Lavrov, Sanders, Spicer, Lester Holt (NBC), Putin, Stone, Putin, Sechin, Gorkov (VEB banker), Sen. Risch, Sessions, ChaffetzSteele Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, Comey Firing, Back Channels, Moscow, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emails, Fake News, SF-86RNC, FBI, NatSec, WaPo, WH, NBC, BBC, CIA, Congress, GOP, NRO
MegathreadJune 14, 2017“(2) Tempted to do a 100-tweet megathread refuting every Republican talking point on today's WaPo story but even *I* know that'd be overkill.” [1]Trump, Mueller, GOPRNC, WaPo
Under investigationJune 14, 2017“(THREAD) WaPo CONFIRMS President Trump is under FBI investigation for an impeachable offense, Obstruction of Justice. Here's what it means.” [29]Trump, Bill Clinton, Mueller, Sessions, Spicer, Priebus, Bannon, ConwaySC InvestigationWaPo, FBI, GOP, DOJ, WH, Congress, The Week
AG handed worst dayJune 14, 2017“(THREAD) Lost in today's horrifying breaking news is the fact that yesterday AG Jeff Sessions handed Trump the worst day of his presidency.” [43]Sessions, Trump , Mueller, Kislyak, Comey, Nixon, Manafort, Flynn, Stone, PageKislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Sessions Testimony, Hacked emailsSessions Testimony ListSessions Testimony Top PickCongress, WH, FBI, DOJ, WaPo
Trump knew, offeredJune 13, 2017“Why is it not being pointed out EVERY DAY that the Trump campaign KNEW Russia was attacking us and SIMULTANEOUSLY offered to drop sanctions?” [3]Trump, Putin, SessionsKislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Hacked Emails
Lied under oathJune 13, 2017“(THREAD) AG Sessions just lied repeatedly—under oath—on topics that STRONGLY point toward collusion with Russia. Please read on and RETWEET.” [41]Sessions , Trump, Kislyak, lynn, KushnerMayflower Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Hacked Emails, Sessions Testimony, RNC MeetingMayflower List, Sessions Testimony ListSessions Testimony Top PickMI6, FBI, Congress, CNI, NatSec, RNC, GOP, Dems, State
Wondering whatJune 12, 2017“(THREAD) Wondering what happens if Trump tries to fire Special Counsel Bob Mueller? BEDLAM. I break down the consequences in this thread.” [43]Trump, Mueller, Rosenstein, Sessions, NixonSC InvestigationCongress, DOJ, SCO, GOP, WH
Will try to blockJune 12, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING NEWS: Trump will try to block Sessions' testimony in an illegal assertion of executive privilege. Here's why it's illegal:” [19]Trump , Sessions, Comey, Coats (DNI), Rogers (NSA), Mike Levine (ABC), SpicerMayflower Meeting, Comey Firing, Sessions Testimony, Coats Testimony, Rogers TestimonySSCI, WH, Senate, Twitter, Congress
Mayflower hourJune 12, 2017“NO ONE thinks Trump's chief foreign policy adviser went to a 24-person cocktail hour at the Mayflower with Kislyak and DIDN'T talk to him.” [3]Trump, Kislyak, SessionsMayflower Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels
Accurate interceptsJune 11, 2017“A KEY FACT about Kislyak that's been reported but the media keeps forgetting—his intercepts historically have been ACCURATE. BAD for the AG.” [1]Kislyak, SessionsKislyak contacts, Back Channels
Sessions’ QuestionsJune 11, 2017“(THREAD) AG Sessions will testify before the Senate Intel Committee on Tuesday. Please read, ADD TO, and RETWEET these 20 QUESTIONS for him.” [33]Sessions , Comey, Trump, Mueller, Kislyak, Page, Manafort, Gordon, Kushner, Gorkov, Prince, Stone, Epshteyn, McFarlane, Burt, SaterMayflower Meeting, Comey Firing, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Sessions TestimonySessions Testimony ListSessions Testimony Top PickSSCI, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, WH, Congress
Eventually? TreasonJune 9, 2017“Mueller already HAS Trump on Obstruction and maybe Witness Tampering. Now he wants him—and will get him—on Perjury too. Eventually? Treason.” [2]Mueller, TrumpTreason
Shame on DershJune 9, 2017“Shame on you for your FNC piece, @ AlanDersh. My first 40 years as a Jew, I was called a kike ONCE. Since Trump's election? OVER FIFTY TIMES.” [4]Dershowitz , TrumpFNC
Most quoted (sic)June 8, 2017“(1) MEDIA TAKE NOTE: One of the most quoted moments from today has a "[sic]" in it: Comey meant Trump threw *VP MIKE PENCE* out of the Oval.” [3]Comey, Pence, Trump, Sessions, Priebus, Kushner
He should testifyJune 8, 2017“He should. Then he can perjure himself, as he did (and we know for a fact he did) in a civil suit while discussing business partner Sater.” [3]Trump, Sater , ComeyTrump TestimonyHill, Dems
Bombshells emergedJune 8, 2017“(THREAD) The GOP falsely says today was a win for Trump. In fact, here are some of the BOMBSHELLS that emerged from James Comey's testimony.” [23]Trump, Comey , Sessions, Mueller, Flynn, Kushner, Priebus, SteeleSteele Dossier, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromat, Comey TestimonyComey Testimony ListComey Testimony Top PickGOP, FBI, DNI, SCO, Senate, MI6
Reportedly a theoryJune 8, 2017“Found this online—besides the fact I'm actually an attorney & law/journalism professor, can anyone explain how a *BBC report* is a "theory"?” [2]Seth Abramson, Wil Wheaton, Trump, Paul WoodSteele Dossier, Trump kompromat, Seth AbramsonBBC, CIA
Totally inexplicableJune 8, 2017“This hearing was artificially short. No second round of questions. Only three minutes per Senator in closed session. *Totally* inexplicable.” [3]Senate, GOP
On Texas’ SenatorJune 8, 2017“And now for questions from the worst Senator in the United States: John Cornyn of Texas.” [2]John Cornyn (Sen, R-TX)Senate
Corrupt persuasionJune 8, 2017“Senator Risch is *wrong* in saying the word "hope" exculpates Trump. The standard is "attempt to corruptly persuade." *And* context matters.” [3]Sen. Risch, TrumpComey Firing
Phase 1June 7, 2017“We're in Phase 1 of the Russia investigation. Phase 2, the JD Gordon/Boris Epshteyn phase, will underscore just how BIG this whole thing is.” [2]Gordon, EpshteynCongress
Legally irrelevantJune 7, 2017“Whether Trump was or wasn't under investigation this spring or even now is LEGALLY IRRELEVANT to the question of Obstruction of Justice. OK?” [2]Trump, ComeyGOP
What’s with Dersh?June 7, 2017“I studied under Alan. Alan gave me an A+ in Criminal Law (yes, really). And while a straight-up genius, Alan's dead wrong on the Trump case.” [15]Dershowitz , Trump, Comey, Nixon, ClapperComey Firing, ImpeachmentCNN, FBI, CIA
ObstructionOfJusticeJune 7, 2017“(THREAD) Do NOT watch tomorrow's historic Senate hearing without understanding Obstruction of Justice. This thread explains it—please share.” [27]Trump, Comey, Bill Clinton, MuellerComey Firing, ImpeachmentComey Firing ListComey Firing Top PickSenate, GOP
Perjured Dan?June 7, 2017“BREAKING: Ron Wyden (D-OR) just implied on CNN that DNI Dan Coats may have *perjured* himself on Trump obstruction in either March or today.” [2]Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), Dan Coats (DNI), TrumpCNN
ContemptOfCongressJune 7, 2017“(THREAD) All four men now testifying before Congress—the FBI Director, Deputy AG, NSA head, and DNI—should be found in Contempt of Congress.” [33]McCabe, Rosenstein, Coats, Rogers, Trump, Comey, Sen. Angus King, Sen. Mark Warner, Burr, Mueller, John McCainMcCabe Testimony, Coats Testimony, Rosenstein Testimony, Rogers TestimonyFBI, NSA, Congress, WH, SCO, DOJ, Senate, GOP, SSCI
Wray RosneftJune 7, 2017“BREAKING: Trump FBI Director Nominee Wray Is Partner at Law Firm Representing Russia's National Oil Company Rosneft” [3]Christopher Wray , SteeleSteele Dossier, Rosneft DealRosneft ListFBI, Rosneft
Rhetorical questionJune 6, 2017“So if Flynn wasn't behind the administration's bizarre Russia policy, is there anyone above him that might've been?” [2]Flynn, TrumpRussia SanctionsDaily Beast, WH
Shady dealingsJune 5, 2017“(THREAD) For Jared Kushner to be innocent of shady dealings with Russia, he'll have to give Congress an excuse no one has ever given before.” [23]Kushner , Flynn, Kislyak, Putin, GorkovBack Door Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Banker Meeting, Back Channels, Russia SanctionsCongress, WH, DIA
Openly spewing hateJune 5, 2017“A day after Trump was caught lying about the mayor of London's reaction to the terror attack, he's tweeted ANOTHER lie about the SAME THING.” [3]Trump, London MayorSCOTUS
Perjured during OathJune 5, 2017“(THREAD) Trump saying America needs to have "riots" and "total hell" to be "great again" suggests he perjured himself in his Oath of Office.” [21]Trump, Bannon, Lenin, PutinFNC, Dems, GOP, Daily Beast, Breitbart, EU, NATO, MSNBC, DOJ
Proof of bad thingsJune 4, 2017“The tweet below contains PROOF that the president WANTS bad things to happen to America so that his policies can be enacted. Please retweet.” [4]TrumpFNC
When we were greatJune 4, 2017“2/10/14: "When America goes to hell, and everything is a disaster, you'll have riots to go back to where we used to be when we were great."” [2]Trump
Within 1 voteJune 2, 2017“Johnson was a bad POTUS. He came within 1 vote of post-impeachment conviction after firing a Lincoln hire—less serious than Trump's actions.” [2]Pres. Andrew Johnson , Lincoln, Trump, Ulysses GrantImpeachmentWH
Near-term focusJune 2, 2017“This is why Russia is still THE story. POLITICO: "Trump’s move won’t have much impact on emissions in the short term or even the long term."” [2]TrumpPolitico
Trump publicly cavedJune 1, 2017“(THREAD) Today's big story ISN'T Paris; when Trump is gone we'll re-up. The story is Russia PUBLICLY threatened Trump and he PUBLICLY caved.” [21]Trump, PutinRussia Sanctions, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Trump kompromat, SC Investigation, ImpeachmentSputnik, CIA, BBC, CNN
Three dammitJune 1, 2017“In March, I was on a crusade to get Sessions charged with perjury due to the Mayflower meeting. Two months later...” [2]Sessions, Kislyak, ComeyKislyak contacts, Back Channels, Mayflower MeetingCNN, FBI, Dems
Sanctions liftedJune 1, 2017“BREAKING: Trump's decision to return Putin's compounds comes less than 10 days after Russia threatened him publicly.” [4]Trump, Putin, Barack ObamaRussia SanctionsWaPo
Private encounterJune 1, 2017“NBC confirms my work: "There was some sort of private encounter between Trump and his aides and Russian envoy Kislyak [at the Mayflower]."” [4]Trump, Kislyak, Kushner, SandersMayflower Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Kislyak Call, JournalismNBC, Hill, WH
Mayflower attendeesMay 31, 2017“(THREAD) Here's a list of key people who were at the Mayflower VIP event (or in the crowd) and available for sideline meetings with Russia.” [24]Trump, Kislyak, Kushner, Manafort, Sessions, Trump Jr., Miller, Gordon, Phares, Armando Varricchio (Italian Ambassador), Sechin, Putin, Philippine Ambassador, Duterte, Singaporean Ambassador, McFarlane, McFarland, Lewandowski, Richard Burt, Jacob Heilbrunn, Trump’s speech, Flynn, Grover Norquist, Nunes, Rick Wilson (journo)Favorite, Mayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia SanctionsMayflower List, Rosneft ListMayflower Top PickReuters, Congress, RNC, Rosneft, CNI, NatSec, GOP
SurrealMay 31, 2017“It's so surreal. I'm watching CNN "break" as "news" research that I did a *fifty-tweet mega-thread about* in March.” [4]Seth AbramsonMayflower Meeting, JournalismCNN
Trump kompromatMay 30, 2017“Multiple Russian officials, at different dates/times, unaware they were being recorded, *confirmed* Steele's intel: there's Trump kompromat.” [5]Trump, Putin, Steele, Paul Wood (BBC)Steele Dossier, Trump kompromat, JournalismHill, CIA, BBC
Kislyak in AprilMay 29, 2017“Scott Dworkin has picked up my reporting from March on Kushner, Sessions, Manafort, DJT2 and Lewandowski meeting with Kislyak in April 2016.” [2]Scott Dworkin, Kushner, Sessions, Manafort, Lewandowski, Kislyak,Mayflower Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Kislyak callReuters
Weird light newsMay 29, 2017“Spicer says the lights were an ambulance in Lafayette Park. Uh, so there's NEVER been an ambulance there before? Because the lights are NEW.” [7]Spicer, ambulanceWH, NYPost, NBC, FNC
Weird AFMay 28, 2017“Here's a link to the best video of those flashing red lights at the White House. And I'll tell you what: weird AF.” [2]lightsWH, FB
Light-saber battle between the forces of good and evilMay 28, 2018“Here's another view of those lights. Apparently this is real, and unexplained. My favorite proposed explanation so far: "Orb malfunction."” [2]Barack Obama, TrumpFNC, WH
Use a Russian SCIFMay 28, 2017“ACTUALLY, in the FULL vid, Secretary Kelly says he'd be worried about the Russians compromising our security if Kushner used a Russian SCIF.” [2]Secretary Kelly , KushnerBack Channels, Back Door Meeting
Lindsey leaks liveMay 28, 2017“BREAKING: Lindsay Graham appears to leak classified intelligence live on CNN about what Jim Comey told the Senate Intel Committee last July” [13]Lindsey Graham, Comey, Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Trump, McCabe, Dana Bash (CNN)True Pundit Hoax, JournalismCNN, SSCI, Senate, GOP, FBI, HPSCI,
Credulously repeatMay 26, 2017“Here's the NYT credulously repeating whatever story re: the TT meeting Kushner and Flynn gave to Trump staff. Lame.” [2]Kushner, Flynn, Kislyak , TrumpBack Door Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back ChannelsNYT, WH
Can't recall who allMay 26, 2017“Trump's camp said it couldn't recall which four ambassadors were invited to Trump's Mayflower event. But Kushner was CALLING ONE that month.” [2]Trump, Kushner, KislyakMayflower Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Kislyak callMayflower List
120 hours afterMay 26, 2017“NOTE: Russia closed the largest oil deal in its *history* 120 hours after Kushner asked Kislyak for an *immediate* private channel to Putin.” [2]Kushner, Kislyak, PutinBack Channels, Kislyak contacts, Kislyak call, Rosneft DealKremlin
Content a crimeMay 26, 2017“As a criminal attorney, I know that the most obvious reason to lie to law enforcement about a communication is the content concerns a crime.” [2]KushnerBack Channels, Kislyak contacts, Back Door Meeting
Wasn’t freelancingMay 26, 2017“Readers have noted an obvious point: Jared *wasn't* freelancing; Trump ordered the meet. Would he say, "Meet him downstairs without me?" [2]NO.”Kushner, TrumpBack Channels, Kislyak contacts, Back Door Meeting
Ample reasonMay 26, 2017“(THREAD) There's ample reason to believe Trump secretly met with Russian spy Sergey Kislyak in Trump Tower in December. Here's what we know.” [22]Trump, Kislyak, Kushner , Flynn, Putin, McFarlaneFavorite, Back Door Meeting, Back Channels, Kislyak contactsBack Door ListBack Door Top PickWH, New Yorker, WaPo, Congress, FBI
WAS TRUMP THERE?May 26, 2017“Per THE NEW YORKER, Kushner has *already lied* about who was at his December meeting with Kislyak. WAS TRUMP THERE?” [3]Kushner, Kislyak, TrumpBack Channels, Kislyak contacts, Back Door MeetingNew Yorker, FBI
Makes ZERO senseMay 26, 2017“Sorry, this makes ZERO sense. Lynch RECUSED herself after Bill accosted her on the tarmac. She PUT Comey in charge.” [5]Lynch, Bill Clinton, Comey, Dana Bash (CNN)CNN, FBI
KushnerKislyakMeetsMay 26, 2017“The FBI is onto two Kushner-Kislyak meets—the "back-door" (12/16) and Mayflower (4/16)—I've been tweeting all year.” [2]Kushner, KislyakMayflower Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back ChannelsFBI, Bustle
Investigative interestMay 25, 2017“Today the FBI told THE WASHINGTON POST that an event I meticulously researched 2+ months ago is "of investigative interest."” [2]MayflowerMayflower MeetingFBI, WaPo
DeconflictionMay 25, 2017“(THREAD) The most important word in America's political lexicon tonight is DECONFLICTION. But our media is MISLEADING US on how it applies.” [42]Mueller , Sessions, Trump, Rosenstein, Oliver NorthFavorite, LegalLegal ListLegal Top PickSSCI, HPSCI, SCO, DOJ, Executive, FBI, Legislative, Congress, GOP, Senate, House
Recused herselfMay 24, 2016“Actually, Lynch recused herself, deferring to Comey, after "the tarmac incident." No evidence this doc was a factor.” [3]Lynch, Comey, Bill ClintonWaPo, FBI
Extremely strongMay 24, 2017“An Assistant United States Attorney is on MSNBC saying what I've been saying here: the Obstruction case against Trump is "extremely strong."” [2]Trump, Assistant US AttorneyImpeachmentMSNBC
Scheduling first dateMay 23, 2017“We're in the target-voluntarily-turns-over-docs phase of # Russiagate. You can't get much earlier than *that*, folks.” [3]Manafort, FlynnCNN, SSCI, Congress
Depressing timesMay 23, 2017“(THREAD) I'm an experienced criminal investigator and attorney. Here's a SIMPLE FACT that will TRANSFORM how you see Trump's Russia scandal.” [51]Trump, Louise Mensch, Sean Spicer, Comey, Rogers, Brennan, Page, Stone, Gordon, Flynn, Yates, Pence, Mueller, GOPFavorite, Legal, ImpeachmentLegal ListLegal Top PickFBI, WH, GOP, Congress, SCO
Asserting the FifthMay 22, 2017“Flynn hasn't been indicted. His assertion of his Fifth Amendment privilege *does* anticipate FARA/MFS indictments (I've said it for months).” [7]FlynnFavorite, LegalLegal ListLegal Top PickDOJ, FBI, SCO, Congress
Toward endingMay 18, 2017“(THREAD) As predicted, Republicans today moved toward ending the Congressional # Russiagate investigation. Read on to see how they did it.” [21]Hillary Clinton, Mueller, Rosenstein, GOPFavorite, LegalLegal ListGOP, Congress, SCO, HPSCI, SSCI, DOJ, FBI, House, Senate
HURTING the causeMay 17, 2017“I tweet about this disinformation because it is HURTING the cause. Anything that HURTS *must* be exposed, I'm sorry.” [2]Louise MenschObserver
Special ProsecutorsMay 17, 2017“(THREAD) DAG ROSENSTEIN has appointed MUELLER Special Counsel to investigate TRUMP. Please RETWEET this crash course on special prosecutors.” [32]Rosenstein, Mueller, Trump, Sessions, Nixon, Archibald Cox, Flynn, McCarthyFavorite, Legal, ImpeachmentLegal ListLegal Top PickDOJ, SCO, WH, Congress
Keep his neck clearMay 17, 2017“Trump's pardon power IS his consciousness of guilt. He could pardon Flynn, but WON'T. It'd look BAD. He needed someone else (Comey) to help.” [2]Trump, Flynn, ComeyComey FiringFBI
Walk-off WednesdayMay 17, 2017“We could effectively impeach Trump TODAY if scores of senior White House aides would just WALK OFF THE JOB and refuse to work for a madman.” [3]Trump, WH employeesImpeachmentWH
When CAN we sayMay 17, 2017“JUST HEARD on CSPAN (1/2): "Members are reminded to refrain from engaging in personal attacks toward the president, including allegations...” [2]TrumpImpeachmentCSPAN
Trump’s bud beatsMay 16, 2017“I'm being told this vid shows bodyguards of Trump's buddy, Turkish dictator Erdogan, viciously beating up Americans in DC today. Is it true?” [5]Trump, ErdoganDCPD
Memorialize convosMay 16, 2017“For those less familiar with the CJS: know that it is COMMON to memorialize important or controversial conversations. I did it all the time.” [3]Comey, TrumpLegalLegal ListFBI
Secretly leaked intelMay 16, 2017“(THREAD) Trump secretly leaked Israeli intel to Russian spy Sergey Kislyak. Now ALL PRIOR CONTACTS between the two men must be investigated.” [28]Trump, Kislyak , Manafort, Gordon, Sessions, Kushner, Flynn, Lavrov, PutinFavorite, Mayflower Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Senate Office Meeting, Back Channels, Kislyak contactsRNC, TASS, FBI, GOP, Dems
Was Trump there?May 16, 2017“The media now MUST ask Trump whether he JOINED Flynn and Kushner in meeting with Kislyak at Trump Tower in December.” [4]Trump, Flynn, Kushner, KislyakBack Door Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back ChannelsBack Door ListNYT, WH
Did the best I couldMay 15, 2017“FWIW. My life through the eyes of a reporter for the Chronicle of Higher Education. The good, bad, ugly. I only know I did the best I could.” [2]Seth AbramsonFavorite, JournalismChronicle of Higher Education
Ignore what he saidMay 15, 2017“BREAKING: The Trump Administration's attorney is on CNN right now arguing in court in Seattle that nothing Trump said as a candidate matters” [3]Trump, Trump attorneyCNN, Trump Admin
Not from CJS sourceMay 15, 2017“(1 of 2) Another sign a story *doesn't* come from a CJS source: it confuses "indictments" and "arrests." Two *completely* different things.” [3]non-CJS sourceLegalLegal ListLegal Top PickTwitter
Summons timingMay 14, 2017“Did Trump summon Comey to the White House to take a loyalty oath AFTER Sally Yates had told Don McGahn--and McGahn, Trump--about Mike Flynn?” [5]Trump, Comey, Yates , McGahn, Flynn, SpicerComey Firing, Yates Warning, JournalismWH, FBI
Not how FISA worksMay 13, 2017“Uh... not how the FISA court works. At all. Signed, An Actual Attorney” [3]Louise Mensch, Claude Taylor, Seth AbramsonLegal, Impeachment, FISALegal ListPatribotics Blog
As bad as I’ve seenMay 13, 2017“As someone who worked in the CJS, I watched John Cornyn screw up criminal justice issues for years. He's as bad on the subject as I've [3]Sen. John Cornyn , Ana NavarroFBI, CNN
No Russian ties?May 12, 2017“No Russian ties? FORBES in March: Trump Tower Moscow would be under construction NOW had Trump not run for the WH.” [2]Trump, Aras Agalarov, Emin AgalarovTrump Tower Moscow DealTower Moscow ListForbes, WH
About his feedMay 11, 2017“FYI #1: I'm an attorney; don't claim to have private sources; don't cite Mensch, ShareBlue, Palmer—only major media.” [8]Seth Abramson, Mensch, Palmer (?), SteeleJournalismShareBlue, Palmer, New Republic, Twitter, FBI, CIA, FISA
It means nothingMay 11, 2017“Don't be surprised if Comey DID tell Trump he WASN'T a target. Why? He likely isn't—YET. So Comey could honestly say "no." It means nothing.” [2]Comey, Trump, FlynnComey Firing, LegalLegal ListFBI
Recused and defersMay 11, 2017“We can only be sure the WH has NO involvement in the FBI investigation if we're CERTAIN Sessions is recused *and* the DAG DEFERS to the FBI.” [2]Sessions, RosensteinSC InvestigationWH, FBI
Strongly implyingMay 10, 2017“Watch that Sarah Huckabee Sanders presser. She's strongly implying Rod Rosenstein is now running the FBI investigation and will end it soon.” [2]Sanders, RosensteinSC InvestigationFBI, WH, Dems
Won’t happen, WOWMay 10, 2017“BREAKING: Today Laura Ingraham, of all people, floated MERRICK GARLAND as a good choice for the next FBI director. It won't happen, but WOW.” [2]Laura Ingraham, Merrick Garland , TrumpFBI, WH
LovedInTrumplandiaMay 10, 2017“Sure, Rudy's headed to the WH today, and is *beloved* by "Trumplandia" within the FBI, but no, he's not a candidate!” [2]Giuliani, ComeyTrue Pundit HoaxWH, FBI, Newsweek
Screaming imageMay 9, 2017“The image of a POTUS screaming at a television over allegations of treason he's done zero to dissipate is troubling.” [2]Trump, Comey, Hillary ClintonComey FiringPolitico, FBI
Grand Jury questionsMay 9, 2017“To answer questions I'm getting: a GJ has subpoenaed docs; that doesn't mean they've a) completed their work, or b) have issued indictments.” [6]Comey, Flynn, GJLegalLegal ListCNN
A Trump stoogeMay 9, 2017“If Yates' testimony was enough # Russiagate heat to get Trump to fire Comey ASAP, there's no WAY Comey's replacement WON'T be a Trump stooge.” [2]Yates, Trump, Comey , Christie, GiulinaiComey Firing, Yates Warning
Toobin is rightMay 9, 2017“Toobin is right. Now that Trump has shown a willingness to fire his FBI director, no future FBI investigation can be held to have integrity.” [2]Jeffrey Toobin (CNN), Trump, ComeyComey FiringFBI, CNN
Tomorrow, LavrovMay 9, 2017“BREAKING: Trump, not Tillerson, to meet TOMORROW with the Russian (Lavrov) who, per ex-MI6 Steele, *ran* Putin's election-hacking operation.” [4]Trump , Lavrov, Tillerson, Steele, Putin, Comey, Lavrov, PutinSteele Dossier, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromatMI6, WH, Reuters, Kremlin, Foreign Ministry, FSB
JUST 4 QUESTIONSMay 8, 2017“(THREAD) Yates sets emergency WH meeting; reveals Flynn is compromised; urges action; Trump talks to staff; they ask Yates JUST 4 QUESTIONS:” [15]Yates, Flynn, McGahn, Trump, Putin, Abe, Pence, Barack Obama, ClapperFavorite, Yates Firing, Yates WarningWH, DOJ, FBI, NatSec, WaPo, GOP, Telegraph
Potential targetsMay 8, 2017“BREAKING: Blumenthal to Yates: Are "officials at the highest level," including POTUS, "potential targets" of the FBI? Yates: "Potentially."” [2]Blumenthal, Yates, Trump Yates WarningFBI
Seth answers ?’sMay 8, 2017“(1) Yes, assuming the testimony wasn't compelled via a grant of immunity or other means, though a defendant might object if a question...” [3]TrumpLegalLegal ListSSCI, HPSCI
Tax return retweetMay 8, 2017“(THREAD) Want to see Trump's TAX RETURNS? Well, we now know who can get them and how he can do it. Read on for more and please RETWEET this.” [25]Trump, James Dodson (Golf Magazine), Eric TrumpTax ReturnsGolf Magazine, Wikipedia, WBUR-FM, Guardian, Trump Org, Forbes, NYPost, BET
Eric inadvertentlyMay 7, 2017“BREAKING (and this is HUGE): Trump's Son Eric Inadvertently Confirms Trump Lied About His Financial Ties with Russia” [4]Eric Trump, TrumpIndependent, Forbes
Pre-Brexit GriftersMay 7, 2017“DAILY BEAST: Louise Mensch, Milo Yiannopoulous, and Sebastian Gorka Are Pro-Brexit UK Grifters Taking Us for Suckers” [4]Louise Mensch, Milo Yiannopoulos, Sebastian Gorka, Trump, FarageDaily Beast, WH
HEY INTERNETMay 5, 2017“(THREAD) HEY INTERNET: Help identify the 24 VIPs entering here straight from Trump's pre-Mayflower Speech reception.” [19]Trump, McFarlane, Flynn, McFarland, Kislyak, Sessions, Gordon, Armando Varricchio, Putin, Cohen, Manafort, Hillary ClintonFavorite, Mayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, RNC Platform Change, Russia Sanctions, Back Channels, Kislyak contactsMayflower List, Rosneft ListYoutube, Rosneft, RNC, GOP, ENI, DNC, BuzzFeed, CNN, Trump Org, Ilgiorni
Snuck Kislyak inMay 5, 2017“NOTE #1: It now seems likely Kushner and Flynn snuck Kislyak into Trump Tower in December to evade U.S. surveillance. What did they discuss?” [5]Kushner, Flynn, Kislyak, Trump, Page, HicksBack Door Meeting, Back Channels, Kislyak contactsBack Door ListFBI, AP, WH
Slow the rollMay 4, 2017“Those saying many indictments are coming on Trump-Russia collusion need to slow their roll: Feinstein says no such evidence "at this time."” [2]Trump, FeinsteinCNN, Youtube
Dutch investigationMay 4, 2017“BREAKING: Dutch TV broadcasts program accusing Trump of association with criminal conspiracy, Trump refuses comment:” [11]Trump, Sater, Bill Clinton, Steele, Paul Wood, PutinSteele Dossier, Trump kompromatVara, CIA, BBC
Comey contradictsMay 3, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING: In his FIRST answer to Congress today, FBI Director Comey CONTRADICTS all prior reporting on his infamous "Comey Letter."” [12]Comey, Hillary Clinton, WeinerComey LetterFBI, Congress, Dems
Face up to 30 yearsMay 2, 2017“BREAKING (Dutch media): Trump, Giuliani, Sater implicated in money laundering scheme, face up to 30 years in prison:” [6]Trump, Giuliani, SaterVara, Trump Org, PBS
Not run-of-the-millMay 2, 2017“The WP has been *obsessed* lately with noting, in its Russia coverage, that most CI cases "don't result in charges."” [3]traitors, FBI, FBI sourcesWaPo, FBI, WH
Page cooperatingMay 2, 2017“Page says he's "cooperating" with investigators. What does that mean? Not much, if he doesn't have charges over him.” [2]Page , TrumpLegalLegal ListFNC, SSCI
The ONLY conspiracyMay 2, 2017“(THREAD) The ONLY Trump-Russia conspiracy was the one reported by MI6 sources in Russia: oil/LNG access and hacking for an end to sanctions.” [41]Trump, Steele, Sarka, Sessions, Spicer, Comey, Clapper, Spicer, Chaffetz, Seth AbramsonSteele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Mayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Russia sanctions, FISA, Dossier List, Rosneft ListMI6, FBI, Rosneft, GOP, WH, NatSec, FISC, Congress, Bitcoin, Twitter
League of VillainsMay 1, 2017“The 2000s had THE AXIS OF EVIL. The 2010s have THE LEAGUE OF VILLAINS. Please RETWEET so the world can see exactly who the new baddies are.” [17]Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Le Pen, Duterte, Kim Jong-Un, Assad, Orban, Farage, MerkelEU, WH
Sink any lower?May 1, 2017“56% of Republicans now see Russia, America's chief geopolitical adversary, as an ALLY. Could the GOP sink any lower?” [2]Trump, PutinGOP, MSNBC
Who lied on Russia?April 29, 2017“Who lied on Russia? A list: KUSHNER, GORDON, COHEN, SESSIONS, PAGE, MANAFORT, STONE, FLYNN, HICKS, MILLER, CONWAY, SPICER, PRIEBUS, SANDERS.” [2]Trump, Kushner, Gordon, Cohen, Sessions, Page, Manafort, Stone, Flynn, Hicks, Miller, Conway, Spicer, Priebus, SandersUSA Today
Trump in two wordsApril 28, 2017“UPDATE: This is pretty amazing; here's how over 2,000 Americans describe the Trump administration—in just two words.” [2]TrumpMedium, Twitter
Case for attorneysApril 27, 2017“(1 of 2) As # Russiagate turns more toward _legal_ matters, I hope folks will turn to trained criminal investigators/attorneys for analysis.” [3]journalists, CI, Attorneys, Seth Abramson
Lying TrumpistsApril 26, 2017“(THREAD) Here's a list of Trumpists who LIED about contacts with the Russians and who Congress must therefore SUBPOENA for public testimony.” [16]Kushner, Gordon, Stone, Sessions, Manafort, Page, Epshteyn, Flynn, Prince, Cohen, Spicer, Nunes, Trump Jr., Giuliani, Burr, Conaway, Assange, Artemenko, Wilbur Ross, Yanukovich, Tillerson, Sater, Kislyak, Viktor Vekselberg, Putin, TrumpCongress, SSCI, HPSCI
See you at the pollsApril 25, 2017“Republicans in Congress want to drag out the # Russiagate investigation for as long as they possibly can? Okay. See you at the polls in 2018.” [5]Trump, GOP, Resistance GOP, Congress
We need BrennanApril 25, 2017“The Clapper and Yates testimony will _not_ move the ball on Russiagate. What we need is BRENNAN (CIA) publicly testifying about summer 2016.” [6]Clapper, Yates, Brennan, Page, Manafort, Flynn, Gordon, Stone, Sessions, Kushner, Epshteyn, Cohen, Sater, Assange, Tillerson, Spicer, LewandowskiCIA, Congress
Everything doneApril 24, 2017“(MEGA-THREAD) Please RETWEET this thread summarizing _everything_ the U.S. government has done to investigate # Russiagate since summer 2016.” [52]Trump, Page, Nunes, Rogers, Comey, Clapper, Yates, Brennan, Rep. Stefanik, Flynn, Brennan, Coats, Gordon, Kushner, Sessions, Stone, Manafort, Page, Steele, Prince, Erovinkin, Gorkov, citizensSteele Dossier, Rosneft Deal, Nunes Unmasked, Back Channels, Kislyak contactsFBI, CNN, Congress, Senate, Daily Beast, SSCI, FNC, MSNBC, HPSCI, CIA, GOP, Dems, BI, DNI, DOJ, WH, House, MI6, Rosneft, FSB, Alfa Bank, Trump Org, MJ
Choose your newsApril 24, 2017“OK, choose your news source. CNN: "Not enough evidence to show crimes were committed" in Russiagate. Louise Mensch: "Dozens" to be indicted.” [5]CNN, Mensch, Trump, Page, Seth AbramsonJournalismCNN, FBI
Hungary painsApril 22, 2017“(THREAD) If even _part_ of this explosive HFP report is accurate, I get why # Russiagate is taking so long to investigate. Read on for more.” [27]Dr. Andras Gollner, Arthur Finkelstein, Gorka, Trump, Putin, Tony Fabrizio, Manafort, Gordon, Kislyak, Page, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Hungary, RNC Meeting, WikiLeaks LeaksHFP, FSB, WikiLeaks, Budapest Business Journal (BBJ), Politico, FBI, UPI, Guardian, GCHQ, GOP, FNC, WH, Atlantic, Indrastra, NatSec, Heavy, RNC, DNC, NYT, WaPo, CNN
Quid pro quo videosApril 22, 2017“(2-TWEET THREAD) Two minutes of two _public_ videos are all you need to watch to fully understand the Trump-Putin quid pro quo on sanctions.” [4]Trump, Putin , BurtMayflower Meeting, WikiLeaks leaksMayflower ListYoutube
Dossier is HUMINTApril 22, 2017“FYI: The _only_ "conspiracy" I believe in is the one a former MI6 Russia-desk head used grade-A Russian HUMINT to substantiate. _Full stop_.” [5]SteeleSteele DossierMI6, FBI
Dossier for July FISAApril 18, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING NEWS: As reported HERE last month, the FBI DID use Steele's dossier to get a FISA warrant in July.” [27]Steele, McCain, Putin, Erovinkin, Comey, Trump, Putin, Page, Manafort, Epshteyn, Seth AbramsonFavorite, Steele Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, Back Channels, Moscow, Comey Letter, FISADossier ListFBI, DOJ, CNN, NYFO, CIA
Proof given to FBIApril 17, 2017“European intel agencies have given proof of Trump-Russia collusion to the FBI; Congress must now hold PUBLIC hearings. RETWEET if you agree.” [8]Trump, Brennan, KushnerFBI, Congress, Guardian, GCHQ, CNN, NYT, CIA, AOL, Trump Admin, MJ
Active measuresApril 17, 2017“(THREAD) Erik Prince, a top Trump adviser, used Russian active measures on U.S. voters before Election Day. Read on.” [36]Prince, Comey, Hillary Clinton, Weiner, Trump, Huma Abedin, Giuliani, Bannon, bots, Betsy DeVos, Rachel MaddowFavorite, True Pundit Hoax, Comey Letter, Fake News, EmailsHoax ListBreitbart, FBI, NYPD, NYFO, NYT, Congress, HuffPo, NBC, Blackwater, FNC, MSNBC
Reason to doubt itApril 16, 2017“(THREAD) Did former UK MP Louise Mensch just break # Russiagate wide open? I earnestly hope she did, but here's a _major_ reason to doubt it.” [23]Mensch, Trump, Putin, Page, Steele, Sechin, Hillary Clinton, Manafort, EpshteynHacked Emails, Back Channels, Moscow, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, MSNBC, FBI
10 things on PageApril 12, 2017“(THREAD) Here are 10 things about the explosive Washington Post story on Carter Page that only lawyers and # Russiagate analysts would catch.” [36]Page , Steele, Putin, Trump, Comey, Clapper, Flynn, Kislyak, Manafort, Anderson CooperFavorite, Steele Dossier, Rosneft Deal, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Rosneft ListWaPo, DOJ, NatSec, FBI, RNC, MSNBC, Esquire, DNI, DIA, Regus, NYT, Youtube, Rosneft, AP
Ever-evolvingApril 11, 2017“(THREAD) Do not, under any circumstances, believe Trump's ever-evolving explanation for his Syria conversion. It is domestic disinformation.” [12]Trump , Assad, Xi, Ivanka, Eric Trump, Stone, Kushner, Flynn, PutinBack Door Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back ChannelsNYT, CNN, ABC, Reuters, Salon, Telegraph, FNC, CBS, MSNBC
Pleas, investigateApril 10, 2017“(1) I don't know what happened with Trump and Putin. Don't even have a unifying theory. I have concerns, questions, pleas for investigation.” [3]Trump, Putin
Did Russia threaten?April 10, 2017“(THREAD) Did the Russian government just publicly threaten American and British bloggers writing about Russiagate? Read on for more details.” [17]Louise Mensch, @funder, Gatsby, Nick, Putin, Trump, TillersonJournalismRussian Embassy (UK), Youtube
Pathetic strikeApril 8, 2017“I'm going to say what millions are thinking: that was the most pathetic, embarrassing, ineffectual military strike a POTUS has ever launched” [3]Trump
Empty gestureApril 7, 2017“(THREAD) The evidence that Trump's completely ineffectual military strike on Syria was just an empty political gesture is now overwhelming.” [17]Trump, Putin, Assad , Nunes, KushnerNunes UnmaskedGOP, Congress, Reuters
One-tweet SyriaApril 6, 2017“(1) Trump emboldens Assad (2) Assad uses chemical weapons (3) Trump sees light on Syria, gets his pretextual war-cum-Russiagate distraction.” [1]Trump, Assad
Russiagate METAApril 4, 2017“(META-THREAD) Click here to see the largest archive of # Russiagate threads on Twitter. And please RETWEET this tweet if you find it helpful” [16]Trump, Putin, Steele, freelance journalists, Flynn, Epshteyn, Source E, Matt Taibbi, Parscale, Prince, Page, Manafort, Favorite, Steele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, True Pundit Hoax, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Mayflower Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Legal, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Moscow, Russia sanctions, RNC Platform Change, WikiLeaks Leaks, Yates Warning, Russia Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromatTwitter, MI6, GOP
Need to stand downApril 3, 2017“(THREAD) # Russiagate is real. So here's why Matt Taibbi and others in media now speaking of "Putin Derangement Syndrome" need to stand down:” [41]Matt Taibbi (media), Putin, Louise Mensche, Trump, Page, Cohen, Manafort, Flynn, Sessions, Kushner, Prince, Burt, Kislyak, Putin, Gorkov, Stone, Sarka, Steele, Tillerson, Trump Jr., Yates, Sessions, NunesMiss Universe Moscow 2013, Nunes Unmasked, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Steele Dossier, Seychelles, RNC Platform Change, Yates Warning, Trump kompromat, Hacked Emails, Banker Meeting, Alfa Bank PingingDems, GOP, Gazprom, MI6, Trump Org, Alfa Bank, NATO, WH, Congress, HPSCI, FBI
Payments Flynn hidApril 1, 2017“(THREAD) Today's discovery that Mike Flynn hid payments from Russian propaganda and cybersecurity outfits may be bigger news than we think.” [36]Flynn , Steele, David Corn, John McCain, Trump, Putin, Prince, Giuliani, Sechin, Erovinkin, Steele, Ruslan StoyanovSteele Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Kaspersky Labs, Hacked emails, Voting Hack, Dinner with PutinMI6, GOP, FBI, HuffPo, Daily Beast, KGB, Telegraph, Forbes, Kaspersky, Hill, New Yorker, DOJ, HPSCI, SSCI, CNN
Legal implicationsMarch 31, 2017“(MEGA-THREAD) RETWEET if you or anyone you know wants to understand the legal implications of Mike Flynn seeking immunity from prosecution.” [34]Flynn , Trump, Manafort, KushnerFavorite, LegalLegal ListLegal Top PickFBI
20 freelance factsMarch 29, 2017“(THREAD) Here are the 20 most startling # Russiagate facts that freelance journalists have reported but the mainstream U.S. media has missed.” [27]Sessions, Kislyak, Manafort, Page, Sarka, Putin, Trump, Giuliani, Prince, Comey, Flynn, Kushner, Cohen, Burt, McFarlane, Page, Yates, Erovinkin, Steele, Clapper, Millian, Source D, Source E, Epshteyn, Stone, freelance journalistsFavorite, Steele Dossier, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, True Pundit Hoax, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Back Door Meeting, Rosneft Deal, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia sanctions, WikiLeaks leaks, Yates Warning, Russia Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromat, Comey Letter, Journalism, Alfa Bank pinging Rosneft ListFBI, FSB, CIA, BBC, NYPD, WH, KGB, Rosneft, Trump Org, Alfa Bank, DNI, Congress, Moscow Times, SSCI, NBC
Sloppy readersMarch 28, 2017“(1) Carter, I agree. It's been troubling me lately and I've been thinking a lot about how to handle it. One problem is...” [2]readersJournalism
Citizen journalistsMarch 28, 2017“(THREAD) RETWEET if you want to discuss the role citizen journalists play in reporting on # Russiagate, the great scandal of our generation.” [26]citizen journalists , Trump, Putin, Comey, ClapperJournalismCongress, CNN, CIA, BBC, WH, Twitter
Just 3 twitter threadsMarch 27, 2017“RETWEET if you want a complete # Russiagate primer in just THREE Twitter threads (attached).” [4]Steele, Trump, Source E, Epshteyn,Favorite, Steele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Mayflower Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia sanctions, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromatMI6
Source E: Epshteyn?March 27, 2017“(MEGA-THREAD) "Source E" is the Deep Throat of the # Russiagate dossier. The internet is abuzz with claims Source E is Boris EPSHTEYN. Is it?” [56]Source E, Epshteyn , Millian, Erovonkin, Putin, Trump, Steele, Eric Trump, Sater, Page, Cohen, Manafort, Sarka, Craig Melvin (NBC), MenschFavorite, Steele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Trump kompromat, Clinton kompromatDossier ListNYT, Mediaite, CNN, BuzzFeed, FSB, MSNBC, GOP, MI6, CIA, BBC, Sun, People, Daily Mail, WH, Smoking Gun, Politico, HuffPo, Daily Beast, NBC, Newsmax, Hollywood Reporter
Two ?s for KushnerMarch 27, 2017“MY TWO QUESTIONS for KUSHNER: (1) What dates did you meet with Kislyak in December of 2016? (2) By what entrances did he enter the building?” [3]Kushner, Kislyak , TrumpBack Door Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Rosneft ListRosneft
Steele’s storyMarch 26, 2017“MEGA-THREAD: MI6 agent Chris STEELE, author of history's most explosive intel dossier, will soon testify against TRUMP. Read his story here.” (Sometimes get the whole thread, sometimes not?) [53]Steele , Trump, David Corn, John McCain, Comey, Giuliani, Prince, DeVos, Flynn, Putin, Sechin, Erovinkin, Page, Millian, Deripaska, Rep. Himes, Cohen, SarkaFavorite, Steele Dossier, Rosneft DealDossier List, Rosneft ListDossier Top Pick, Rosneft Top PickMI6, GOP, FBI, Guardian, NYFO, HuffPo, Daily Beast, Rosneft, FSB, Daily Sabah, BuzzFeed, WSJ, NYT, Guardian, KGB, CBS, Daily Mail, Dems, SSCI, Daily Caller, Kremlin, MJ, WaPo, HPSCI, Yahoo,
You’re fired!March 25, 2017“Today, Trump fired a Russian-born adviser who (1) worked for years for Russia-affiliated interests, & (2) insists Putin didn't annex Crimea.” [1]Trump, Putin, Epshteyn
Kayyam’s storyMarch 25, 2017“(THREAD) Read this thread for an UPDATE on the Juliette Kayyam story many (including me) posted this morning on the # Russiagate scandal.” [22]Juliette Kayyam, Flynn, Trump, NunesFBI, National Enquirer, Congress, HPSCI, NatSec, CNN,
Thread’s missing 1stMarch 25, 2017“(2) You don't roll a target of an investigation, & Flynn is clearly that, to get a lesser target. Your note on that is strange.” [2]FlynnAtlantic
Doesn’t threadMarch 25, 2017“(2) The FBI flips witnesses, turning them into cooperating individuals, _only_ when they can help secure conviction of a bigger "target."” [3]Harvard, CNN
Could tear openMarch 25, 2017“(THREAD) Here are 10 ways the upcoming public, televised testimony of Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, & Carter Page could tear open # Russiagate.” [12]Manafort, Stone, PageWikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromatCongress, WH, Dems, GOP
Began at MayflowerMarch 23, 2017“(MEGA-THREAD) The plot to sell America's foreign policy for foreign oil _and_ steal an election in the bargain began at the Mayflower Hotel.” (sometimes threads, sometimes does not?) [51]Manafort, Trump, Kushner, Heilbrunn, Sessions, Kushner, Lewandowski, McFarlane, Kislyak, ambassadors for Italy (Varricchio), Singapore, Philippines, Burt, Putin, Phares, Trump Jr., Miller, Grant Stern, SteeleFavorite, Steele Dossier, Mayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, RNC MeetingMayflower List, Rosneft ListRosneft Top PickNYMag, Trump Campaign, CNI, Politico, NPC, GOP, Rosneft, WSJ, Slate, Alfa Bank, Salon, Kremlin, Congress, HuffPo, RNC, Youtube, AP, FNC, Twitter, Reuters, NYT, Dems, MI6, BuzzFeed
Page: up to 5 yearsMarch 22, 2017“(THREAD) BREAKING: The FBI may already have Carter Page on a major crime: 18 U.S.C. § 1001, punishable by up to 5 years in prison. Read on.” [13]Page, Comey, Chris Hayes (MSNBC), Sechin, TrumpRosneft Deal, Back Channels, Moscow, Rosneft ListFBI, WaPo, Rosneft, MSNBC, Youtube
BREAKING: evidenceMarch 22, 2017“BREAKING: Rep. Schiff now says there's "more than circumstantial evidence" of Trump-Russia collusion. (Was this _post_-classified briefing?)” [1]Schiff, TrumpHPSCI
Nunes must recuseMarch 22, 2017“(THREAD) RETWEET if you agree that, after today, Rep. Nunes must recuse himself from the Intelligence Committee's # Russiagate investigation.” [13]Nunes , Trump, SessionsNunes UnmaskedNunes Unmasked ListUnmasked Top PickHPSCI, GOP, Dems
Popular whoppersMarch 21, 2017“(THREAD) Every night now, the Republicans are on national television lying about # Russiagate. Here's a guide to their most popular whoppers.” [23]Barack Obama, James Clapper, Comey, Rep. Stefanik, Trump, Putin, Stone, Flynn, Manafort, Page, GOPSteele Dossier, Back Channels, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, ImpeachmentGOP, FBI, Congress, House, Senate, NATO, MI6, CNBC
Manafort hides $March 21, 2017“So it seems Manafort would launder $750,000 through companies in Belize to hide his ties to Russia. Think he wouldn't lie to _you_, America?” [1]ManafortCNN
Coincidence?March 20, 2017“Is it COINCIDENCE that during the 72 hours in which the Rosneft sale at the heart of # Russiagate happened, Roger STONE visited Trump Tower?” [3]Stone, Kislyak, Trump, McFarlaneBack Door Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Back Channels, Kislyak contactsRosneft ListRosneft
Construction phaseMarch 20, 2017“BREAKING: Trump, Who Claims "No Ties" to Russia, Would Be in "Construction Phase" of "Trump Tower Moscow" w/o WH Run” [2]Trump, Emin Agalarov, Aras AgalarovTrump Tower Moscow DealWH, Forbes
10-pt Viewing GuideMarch 19, 2017“(THREAD) Here's your 10-point Viewing Guide for tomorrow's 10AM testimony by FBI Director Jim Comey before the House Intelligence Committee.” [13]Comey, Barack Obama, Trump, Flynn, Manafort, Sessions, Page, Phares, Gordon, Kushner, Trump Jr., Burt, Stone, Sater, Prince, Giuliani, Cohen, Mercer, Bannon, Miller, Ryboloblev, Steele, Sechin, Lewandowski, ErovinkinRosneft Deal, Russia sanctions, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Comey TestimonyComey Testimony ListComey Testimony Top PickFBI, HPSCI, GOP, Dems, Trump Org, FISC, Alfa Bank, Gazprom, Rosneft, Spectrum Health
Domestic plotMarch 18, 2017“(THREAD) A key point re: the # Russiagate plot is that it _failed_. These 10 tweets explain the _domestic_ plot that saved the day for Trump.” [16]Trump, Putin, Steele, Hillary Clinton, Comey, Prince, GiulianiFavorite, Steele Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, Russia sanctions, Comey Letter, EmailsHoax ListFBY, NYPD, HuffPo
3 years effort / 1 dealMarch 18, 2017“Based on his 2005 income, it would've taken Trump ~3 years to earn globally what just 1 deal--the # Russiagate deal--promised ($281 million).” [8]Trump, Flynn, Manafort, Kislyak, Sessions, Putin, Steele, Jon Sweeney, SaterSteele Dossier, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia sanctions, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emailsGOP, Congress,,BBC, Youtube, Reuters
Conspiracy in 10March 17, 2017“(THREAD) This thread explains the Trump-Russia conspiracy ( # Russiagate) in ten tweets. The theory & facts of the scandal aren't complicated.” [25]Trump, Burt, Putin, Steele, Page, Sechin, Kislyak, Flynn, Sessions, Kushner, Carl BernsteinMayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, National Prayer Breakfast, Moscow, Russia Sanctions, Senate Office Meeting, Alfa Bank PingingMayflower List, Rosneft ListRosneft Top PickGazprom, Rosneft, RNC, Reuters, GOP, Politico, Daily Beast, Kremlin, BuzzFeed, WaPo, FNC, CNN, Trump Org, Alfa Bank, Youtube
Libeled a citizenMarch 15, 2017“(THREAD) The President of the U.S. just libeled a citizen (who happens to be a Pulitzer Prize winner) on Twitter. Why no media coverage?” [21]Trump, Barack Obama, David Cay Johnston, Bill Clinton, Jones (Hillary Clinton V Jones),Tax ReturnsTwitter, NBC, GOP, Congress
Not a non-storyMarch 14, 2017“(THREAD) Here is why tonight's release of a portion of Trump's tax returns actually _matters_. Don't be fooled into thinking it a non-story.” [17]Trump, Maddow, Borger (CNN)Tax ReturnsWH, FEC, CNN
EveryoneHasRussiansMarch 14, 2017“BREAKING (h/t @ Anthony): Monica Crowley, Trump's Pick for Deputy NSA, Registers to Lobby for Russian Ally Pinchuk:” [21]Monica Crowley, Ally Pinchuk , Trump, Putin, Flynn, McFarlane, Manafort, Clara JefferyBack Channels, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emailsEuromaiden, FNC, HPSCI, SSCI, Politico, GOP, CNN, NYMag
Liars, all.March 14, 2017“Ladies and gentlemen, introducing WAYNE TRACKER (nee Tillerson) and JOHN BARRON (nee Trump), your Secretary of State and POTUS respectively.” [11]Wayne Tracker, Tillerson, John Barron, Trump, Manafort, Manafort’s daughter, Conway, Spicer, Flynn, DeVos, Price, Mnuchin, Team TrumpRNC Platform ChangeGOP, Dems
Retweet or ReadMarch 13, 2017“(THREAD) RETWEET if you think # Russiagate is a big deal. And read this thread if you don't.” [31]Hillary Clinton, Pence, McCain, Romney, George W. Bush, Sessions, Kislyak, Trump, Manafort, Flynn, SteeleSteele Dossier, RNC Platform Change, Kislyak Contacts, Back Channels, Moscow, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromatRolling Stone, Vanity Fair, NY Review of Books, GOP, WH, Senate, Congress, Dems, NATO, Armed Services Committee, MI6, ISIS
Here we go, folksMarch 11, 2017“We've been waiting for evidence of Trump-Russia collusion to begin impeachment proceedings. Well, here we go, folks.” [1]Trump, StoneWikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emails, ImpeachmentNY Daily News, FBI, DNC
America, sold outMarch 10, 2017“RETWEET this 12-word summary of # Russiagate for any beleaguered news consumers: "America has been sold out to Russia over oil & gas access."” [1]
McFarlane’s journeyMarch 10, 2017“(THREAD) Here's some key background info on Robert "Bud" McFarlane & his circuitous journey to Trump Tower & a possible role in # Russiagate.” (follower comments removed) [38]Robert “Bud” McFarlane, Carson, Kasich, Trump, Kislyak, Manafort, Trump Jr., Phares, Kushner, Miller, Sessions, Lewandowski, T. Boone Pickens, KT McFarland, SteeleFavorite, Mayflower Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, Mayflower List, Rosneft ListRosneft Top PickNATO, ISIS, Youtube, NPC, CNI, FBI, Rosneft
Who sat with KislyakMarch 8, 2017“BREAKING: Who sat w/ Russian spy Kislyak at Trump's now-infamous Mayflower speech on 4/27? ROBERT MCFARLANE: Trump's Foreign Policy Advisor.” (tweets interspersed with follower comments, making it difficult to read) (follower comments removed) [55]Kislyak, Trump, McFarlane, James Baker (error), Sessions, Manafort, Kushner, Trump Jr., Lewandowski, Page, Miller, Phares, KT McFarland, Don McGahn, Erovinkin, Steele, Putin, Tillerson, SechinFavorite, Steele Dossier, Mayflower Meeting, Rosneft Deal, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia SanctionsMayflower List, Rosneft ListMayflower Top Pick, Rosneft Top PickWSJ, NATO, WH, Japan Times, Fuel Freedom, Getty Images, Politico, Rosneft, Alfa Group, Reuters
Clandestine meetingMarch 8, 2017“Kislyak was _smuggled_ into Trump Tower in December--so the Kushner/Flynn meeting _was_ clandestine. Why do it at TT? So Trump could attend.” [2]Kislyak, Trump, Kushner, FlynnBack Door Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels
Biggest SpeechMarch 7, 2017“Biggest speech of his life; largely on Russia; its ambassador was VIP, in front row, shook his hand. He forgets? NO.” [1]Trump, KislyakMayflower Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back ChannelsIBT
Trump met KislyakMarch 7, 2017“BREAKING at THE HUFFINGTON POST: Trump Lied, Personally Met with Russian Ambassador and Spy Kislyak During Campaign:” (tweets interspersed with follower comments, making it difficult to read) (follower comments removed) [35]Trump, Kislyak, Stone, Page, Phares, Gordon, Sessions, Manafort, Kushner, Flynn, Putin, Barack ObamaFavorite, Mayflower Meeting, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Russia Sanctions, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromatMayflower ListHuffPo, CNI, SASC, Youtube, NATO, ISIS
Dragging their feetMarch 7, 2017“(THREAD) Here's an explanation for why the Republicans are dragging their feet on investigating Trump. It's more complicated than you think.” (follower comments removed) [16]Trump, GOP, John Schindler (former NSA), Page, Flynn, Sessions Phares, Manafort, Gordon, Kushner, CohenImpeachmentNSA, HPSCI, SSCI, GOP, WH, Congress, Dems
Committing perjuryMarch 4, 2017“(THREAD) Here’s what you need to know about Attorney General Sessions committing perjury to hide his meetings w/ Russian spy Sergey Kislyak:” (follower comments removed) [40]Sessions, Kislyak , TrumpRNC Platform Change, Kislyak contacts, Back Channels, Hungary, RNC Meeting, WikiLeaks Leaks, Russia Sanctions, Sessions TestimonyPlatform ListSASC, Senate, WaPo, GOP, Congress, NatSec
Sessions must resignMarch 1, 2017“I'm an attorney. This is what perjury before Congress looks like. There's no gray area here: Sessions MUST resign.” (follower comments removed) [12]Sessions , Kislyak, Trump, Sen. Al FrankenKislyak contact, Back Channels, Sessions Testimony, RNC Meeting, Senate Office MeetingCongress, RNC, FBI, Senate, GOP
Dominoes to fallMarch 1, 2017“BREAKING: House Agrees to Investigate Possible Trump-Russia Collusion. (The dominoes begin to fall now...)” [1]TrumpReuters, HPSCI
How convenientFebruary 27, 2017“Rep. Devin Nunes (R), House Intel Committee Chair, appears to have _less_ knowledge of the Trump-Russia affair than anyone. How convenient!” [1]Nunes , TrumpHPSCI
Special ProsecutorFebruary 25, 2017“BREAKING: Trump supporter/hard-right Congressman Darrell Issa supports a Special Prosecutor for Trump-Russia affair.” [1]Trump, Congressman Darrell Issa, PutinPolitico, Congress
Preserve all recordsFebruary 19, 2017“NOTE: The Senate Intelligence Committee directed federal agencies to preserve all Russia records _immediately after_ meeting with Jim Comey.” [2]ComeySSCI, FBI
Priebus on MTPFebruary 19, 2017“If you just watched Reince Priebus on MTP, and if you know the timeline of events in the Flynn scandal, _nothing_ Priebus said made sense.” [26]Priebus, Flynn, Pence, TrumpBack Channels, Russia SanctionsFNC, WH, FBI
Trump fully briefedFebruary 16, 2017“BREAKING: Fox News is reporting Trump was fully briefed on the Flynn call with Russia after it happened--and allowed Pence to be lied to.” [3]Trump, Flynn, PenceBack Channels, Russia Sanctions, Post Sanctions Holiday ChatFNC
Fired over RussiaFebruary 15, 2017“The president has now had to fire _three_ of his most powerful advisors due to their inappropriate contact with Russia. That's "fake news"?” [1]Trump, Manafort, Flynn, PageBack Channels, Russia sanctions, Fake News
Guilty behaviorsFebruary 15, 2017“I was a criminal attorney for many years. Ask any criminal attorney: the president is engaging in _all_ the behaviors a guilty person would.” [9]TrumpFavorite, LegalLegal ListLegal Top Pick
Russian Spy ShipFebruary 14, 2017“Putin putting a spy ship near Delaware & illegally placing cruise missiles? 2 win-wins: he gets his way & falsely looks unfriendly to Trump.” [1]Putin, Trump
Fates of Five MenFebruary 13, 2017“{NOW AVAILABLE for syndication.} THE HUFFINGTON POST: "The Fates Of Five Men Connected To The Trump-Russia Dossier":” [1]Trump, PutinSteele DossierDossier ListHuffPo
Countdown beginsFebruary 10, 2017“The countdown to impeachment begins today. I'll have a new story on the Trump-Russia dossier up soon. Stay tuned!” [1]Trump, SteeleSteele Dossier, ImpeachmentCNN
Smell the treasonFebruary 2, 2017“When will you get it, America? Trump is cozying up to Putin now to ensure Russia hacks our _next_ election, too. Wake up, smell the treason.” [1]Trump, PutinVoting Hack, Hacked Emails, Russia Cyberattack, Treason
Story that wasn’tJanuary 22, 2017“OMG... NEW YORK TIMES: "Trump, Russia, and the News Story That Wasn’t":” [1]Trump, PutinJournalismNYT
Love democracy?January 17, 2017“THIS IS THE STORY that matters, explained in under 2,000 words. If you love democracy, for god's sake retweet this.” [1]god, Trump, Prince, Giuliani, ComeyTrue Pundit HoaxHuffPo, FBI
Guiliani and PrinceJanuary 17, 2017“. @ RandySchoenberg The 2 men in a position to blackmail Comey were Rudy Giuliani & Erik Prince. You should read this:” [2]Giuliani, Prince, Comey , Weiner, Randy Schoenberg, DeVos, TrumpTrue Pundit Hoax, Comey LetterBreitbart, NYPD, , CIA, Intercept, Blackwater
Fading from viewJanuary 17, 2017“Please FB share and retweet! The Russia story is fading from view, which means this development is going to be lost.” [1]Trump, Steele, SarkaSteele Dossier, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump kompromatFB, HuffPo, MI6
Dragging their feetJanuary 13, 2017“Why are American media dragging their feet on the Trump/Russia story?” [1]Trump, PutinJournalismHuffPo
Dripping fondnessJanuary 13, 2017“Here's a supercut of Trump (you know, the President-elect) dripping with fondness for Vladimir Putin and Russia.” [1]Trump, PutinYoutube
An award from PutinJanuary 13, 2017“And here's Tillerson (who, you know, will be running our foreign policy toward Russia) getting an award from Putin.” [1]Tillerson, Putin
Russia takeoverJanuary 13, 2017“I've never been a conspiracy theorist, but this whole Trump, Flynn, Tillerson (&c) nexus is really starting to feel like a Russian takeover.” [1]Trump, Flynn, Tillerson
Rings frighteninglyJanuary 12, 2017“The leaked Russia-Trump dossier rings frighteningly true | Andrei Soldatov” [1]Trump, Putin , Andrei Soldatov, SteeleSteele DossierGuardian, Kremlin
It’s an emergencyJanuary 12, 2017“It's an _emergency_ that you read this article. Seriously. ROLLING STONE: "The Russia Story Reaches a Crisis Point":” [1]Trump Rolling Stone
What happens nextJanuary 12, 2017“Russia dossier: what happens next – and could Donald Trump be impeached?” [1]TrumpSteele Dossier, ImpeachmentGuardian, Kremlin
Unanimously agreedJanuary 12, 2017“CHICAGO TRIBUNE: U.S. Intelligence Agencies _Unanimously_ Agreed to Brief President on Trump's Russia Problem” [1]Trump, Barack ObamaChicago Tribune, FBI, CIA, DNI, NSA
Just got much worseJanuary 12, 2017“BREAKING on THE HUFFINGTON POST: "7 Reasons Trump's Russia Controversy Just Got Much Worse":” [1]TrumpHuffPo, BBC
Why no lies?January 11, 2017“. @ CNN Trump today said he has NO ties of any kind to Russia. On-air today CNN has said ZERO times that's a lie. Why?” [2]TrumpTime, CNN
Know and don’tJanuary 11, 2017“What We Know and Don’t Know About the Trump-Russia Dossier” [1]Trump, SteeleSteele Dossier, Trump kompromatNYT
Alibi tries don’t flyJanuary 11, 2017“Sorry, but Michael Cohen's lame "last-week-of-August-in-LA" alibi attempts don't really fly, given that _this_ is what the memo says:” [2]Cohen , TrumpKremlin
The Steele DossierJanuary 10, 2017“HERE THEY ARE: the memos detailing Russia's ongoing cultivation and blackmail of Donald J. Trump. (h/t Buzzfeed.)” [1]Trump , Mark SchoofsSteele DossierDossier ListDossier Top PickBuzzFeed
Blackmailing TrumpJanuary 10, 2017“I REALLY HOPE everyone understands what happened a hour ago. The media is confirming Russia is blackmailing Trump.” [1]Trump , Comey, Clapper, Brennan, RodgersSteele Dossier, Trump kompromatDossier ListDossier Top PickCNN
Bear witnessDecember 22, 2016“AMERICA, BEAR WITNESS. This was _before_ the rogue agents in the FBI _had even told Comey_ of the Abedin emails.” [4]Comey , Abedine, Giuliani, MaddowTrue Pundit HoaxFBI, Youtube, MSNBC, FNC
What’s preventingDecember 22, 2016“What's the (perceived) political, professional, or social danger that prevents pols & journalists from sharing this?” [2]Giuliani , TrumpTrue Pundit Hoax, JournalismHuffPo, FBI
Tossed from NATODecember 19, 2016“{Warning: Graphic} The Alt-Right, in bed with Russia, says "Big Daddy" will take care of this. How? By demanding Turkey be tossed from NATO?” [1]Trump (Big Daddy?)NATO
Repeated contactDecember 18, 2016“Uh...on November 10th, Reuters reported that the Trump campaign _repeatedly_ had contact with Russia. Google "Trump," "Russia," & "Reuters."” [1]Trump, ConwayBack ChannelsHill, Reuters
Experts believe soDecember 18, 2016“RETWEET ASAP! SLATE: "Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia? Cyber Experts Believe So."” [1]Trump , Franklin FoerAlfa Bank pingingSlate, Alfa Bank
An open questionDecember 18, 2016“Trump team collusion with Russia an 'open question,' says Clinton aide” [1]Trump, Hillary ClintonRussia CyberattackReuters, GOP, Dems
In touch w/campaignDecember 16, 2016“Wait... WHAT? "Russia says it was in touch with Trump's campaign during election":” [1]TrumpBack ChannelsReuters
Stop focusing onDecember 15, 2016“MEDIA: STOP FOCUSING ON RUSSIA. The smoke, fire, and _provably election-result switching behavior_ is AT THE FBI.” [1]Trump True Pundit Hoax, JournalismFBI, HuffPo
Where’s the MSM?December 15, 2016“Over 38,000 shares on Facebook in just over 24 hours. Mainstream media coverage? Zero. _This_ is the problem.” [1]True Pundit Hoax, JournalismHuffPo, FBI, FB
RussiaHackingInquiryDecember 13, 2016“CNN: "Republican Senator Corker Plans to Launch New Russia Hacking Inquiry":” [1]CorkerWikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emails, Voting HackCNN, SFRC
Campaign was in onDecember 12, 2016“Holy. $#!+. "Harry Reid: The Trump campaign 'Was In On' Russia's Election Hacking":” [1]Trump, Harry ReidWikiLeaks leaks, Russia Cyberattack, Clinton kompromat, Hacked emails, Voting HackHuffPo, Senate
Critical questionsDecember 12, 2016“The critical questions to be asking your Trump trolls today: (1) "Why do you hate America so much?" (2) "When did you start adoring Russia?"” [1]Trump trolls
Biggest hackNovember 25, 2016“How Russia Pulled Off the Biggest Election Hack in U.S. History” [1]Trump kompromat, Voting Hack, Hacked emailsEsquire
Only see headlinesNovember 21, 2016“(2/2) policing the news are only seeing headlines. If a headline's flashy they decry it, even if the content's true.” [9]JournalismWaPo
It’s worse than thatNovember 21, 2016“(1/2) We're being manipulated on both Left and Right. But it's worse than that because even those who claim to be...” [1]JournalismWaPo
Enraged at RussianOctober 12, 2016“I'm enraged at Russian interference with our election. Question is, does that mean we can ask folks not to be angry over the leaked content?” [1]Hacked emails, WikiLeaks leaks

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