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To get the most out of the Searchable SeThreads table, please check out notes and suggestions here. Only the full SeThreads PDF compendium will be updated. All other SeThreads compendia will no longer be updated, though they are still available here.

I’d suggested hiding columns via the Column Visibility button for a better viewing experience. If I knew how to set that as the default, I would.

I am in the process of adding additional Topics and another category (Organizations) for searching. Only the most recent SeThreads have been updated thus far with the additional Topics and Organizations. Once completed, the list of searchable Topics below will be updated.

Topics for the Topics of Note and Topic Top Picks columns are generally shorter than in the Topics column as you will need to append either “List” or “Top Pick” to the topic to search for these. It may help to use quotes in the Search box. For example: “Dossier List” or “Mayflower Top Pick.”

Topics for the Topics column: Steele Dossier, Shearer Dossier, True Pundit Hoax, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Rosneft Deal, Mideast Nuclear Deal, RNC Platform Change, TIHDC NatSec Meeting, Mayflower Meeting, I Love It Meeting, Back Door Meeting, Comey Firing, Nunes Unmasked, Nunes Memo, Legal, Favorites, Gates Plea, CA PsyOps

Topics for Topics of Note and Topic Top Picks. Dossier, Shearer, Hoax, Miss Universe, Tower Moscow, Rosneft, Nuclear, Platform, TIHDC, Mayflower, I Love It, Back Door, Comey Firing, Nunes Unmasked, Nunes Memo, Legal, CA PsyOps

Append “List” to the topic to find a Topic of Note. Example: “Dossier List”

Append “Top Pick” to the topic to find a Topic Top Pick. Example: “Mayflower Top Pick”

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