Searchable SeThreads Table Description

The Searchable SeThreads table shows the SeThreads compendium in a searchable tabular form.

Click the Column Visibility button to see a list of all the columns in the table. For a better viewing experience, I’d suggested hiding the last four columns (People, Topics, Topics of Note, and Topic Top Picks) by clicking on those buttons. I am sorry that I do not know how to set those columns non-visible by default and at the same time have those columns be searchable. I’ve set the links to open in a new tab by default so that you do not have to worry about resetting the Column Visibility each time you return from visiting a link. This will result in more tab management for you, but that seemed the better option.

The table is searchable. When an entry is made in the Search box, the table is filtered to show only those rows that contain the entered word or words. All columns are included in the search. For a specific phrase you might try putting the phrase in quotation marks, otherwise you may get unexpected results.

People: I read through each SeThread and listed all people that were mentioned in the thread in the People column. Typically, only last names are listed. However, for some, first and last names are used. When two people share the same last name, generally both of them are identified by their first and last names. Examples include Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton as well as Emin Agalarov and Aras Agalarov. The many Trumps are identified as follows: Trump, Trump Jr., Ivanka, Eric Trump, Melania, and Ivana. When I started this endeavor, I didn’t list reporters, then decided I should. So, sometimes reporters mentioned are listed, sometimes they are not.

Topics: Topics that are mentioned in a SeThread are listed in the Topics column. These topics may only have been mentioned in passing and not covered in any depth in the SeThread.

Topics of Note: Topics that are discussed in more detail in a SeThread are listed in the Topics of Note column.

Topic Top Picks: For a SeThread that was found to be particularly illuminating regarding a topic that it covered, that topic is listed in the Topic Top Picks column.

The available categories for each of the three Topic-related columns are listed below. Use these categories to help with searching. For example, to search for SeThreads that provide more than just passing mention of the Mideast Nuclear Deal, enter “Nuclear List” (with quotes) in the Search box. To search for SeThreads that were deemed most illuminating regarding the Mayflower topic, enter “Mayflower Top Pick” (with quotes) in the Search box.

Topics Topics of Note Topic Top Picks
Steele Dossier Dossier List Dossier Top Pick
Shearer Dossier Shearer List Shearer Top Pick
True Pundit Hoax Hoax List Hoax Top Pick
Miss Universe Moscow 2013 Miss Universe List Miss Universe Top Pick
Trump Tower Moscow Deal Tower Moscow List Tower Moscow Top Pick
Rosneft Deal Rosneft List Rosneft Top Pick
Mideast Nuclear Deal Nuclear List Nuclear Top Pick
RNC Platform Change Platform List Platform Top Pick
TIHDC NatSec Meeting TIHDC List TIHDC Top Pick
Mayflower Meeting Mayflower List Mayflower Top Pick
I Love It Meeting I Love It List I Love It Top Pick
Back Door Meeting Back Door List Back Door Top Pick
Comey Firing Comey Firing List Comey Firing Top Pick
Nunes Unmasked Unmasked List Unmasked Top Pick
Nunes Memo Memo List Memo Top Pick
Legal Legal List Legal Top Pick
CA PsyOps CA PsyOps List CA PsyOps Top Pick

Observation: I’ve noticed that sometimes, at least for the longer threads, twitter only shows the first tweet. The behavior is not consistent. One might click on a link to a long SeThread in the morning and only be shown the first tweet, then later in the day click on the same link and be served up the entire thread. For SeThreads that are 10 tweets are longer, I have linked to “unrolled” threads that were unrolled using the Thread Reader application ( Older threads cannot be unrolled by the Thread Reader application.

The goal in creating the Searchable SeThread table, frankly, was to reduce the work load involved in updating and uploading the various PDF versions as Seth posted new threads. Unfortunately, I am not a webspert, and have struggled to find a way to present the data in a tabular form that functions as desired. The Column Visibility Button is an example of a useful function that I like very much, but am not quite smart enough to get it to work exactly as desired. I’d like to be able to set it to default on hiding the last four columns. Perhaps a future project.

For now, I will continue to update the Searchable SeThreads table and the full SeThreads PDF version, but do not plan to update all of other PDF versions. Perhaps at a later date I will learn to created PDFs (that included the links) from the Searchable SeThreads table. (Thus far, I only see a way of creating a PDF that does not retain all the links which was the whole point!)

There are still a number of topics that should be included, such as Hacked Emails, WikiLeaks, Social Media Attack, Yates’ Warning, Transcripts, and Journalism. These, and others, will be added in the future.

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