I’ve been following @SethAbramson’s Trump-Russia threads on twitter. They appear to be well-sourced and somewhat “ahead” of the major news organizations. I found myself wishing there was a compendium of links to the first tweet in each of his Trump-Russia threads with brief descriptions so that I could more easily find threads of interest. While there may exist such a compendium somewhere, I haven’t yet found it, so I decided to put one together myself. Sheesh, is it time-consuming! He tweets a lot and does a lot of research. He must not sleep. I know I’ve not been able to sleep since that day. You know the one.

Check out SeThreads here or from the main menu under Resources –> SeThreads. Note that it is a 217 page PDF document.

In addition to the full compendium, there are also several categorized compendia available.

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