Site Plan: Trump-Russia Resources

My goal for this website is to make it a repository of Trump-Russia resources. Thus far, the site includes a compendium of links to Trump-Russia Time Lines and a “Nobody is Above the Law” Rally planner.

Planned additions include:

  • Compendium of links to Trump-related documents (US Constitution, Steele Dossier, Indictments, Charges, Plea Deals, Congressional Letters, relevant sections of US Code, Magnitsky Act, the Russia sanctions bill, etc.)
  • Assessment of Steele Dossier allegations, whether confirmed/discredited/pending
  • Collection of links to notable individuals warning about the danger this Presidency is posing to our democracy (See, for example: Masha Gessen to Samantha Bee)
  • Ode to a free independent press highlighting the journalists and news organizations uncovering the Trump-Russia stories
  • An examination of corruption in this administration (and Congress?) with individuals profiled (Profiles in Swamp Creatures)
  • Profiles of the Russian Oligarchs associated with the Trump-Russia saga
  • Profiles on other notable Trump-Russia related characters (Roger Stone, Julian Assange, etc)
  • Assessment of things that need to be fixed to ensure democracy can withstand similar attacks in the future (non-binding norms, a complicit Congress, corrupting influence of unchecked Russian money laundering, devaluing education, devaluing truth, gerrymandering, voter suppression, Electoral College?, proliferation of Fake News sites, threats to independent journalism, etc, etc….)
  • Opinion piece on courage as it relates to Republican legislators standing up to the President to protect our democracy.
  • Lighter fare – admirable Presidents from movies and literature

Wow! That ought to keep me busy!

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